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So, I bet you're wondering what's gonna happen to Britt and San? Well, let's find out ^_^

For a while, all the two girls could do was stare at each other. Even though Santana had said they needed to talk, she didn't really have a speech planned. Brittany didn't know what to say, she was too scared to trust her voice to speak. Brittany opened her mouth to say something, but quickly closed it, knowing she would have nothing of intelligence to say. Santana racked her brain, looking desperately to find the right words to no avail. And so the silence continued to loom over them, like a dark cloud.

Santana managed to shake herself out of paralysis long enough to will her legs to move. She walked forward over to the couch where the blonde was sitting. Hesitantly, the Latina took a seat next to Brittany, and finally said something. "Uh…hey."

That was all it took for Brittany to break down crying. She released an uncontrollable sob and threw her arms around Santana. Santana gasped in surprise at first, but then began rubbing the girl's back, hoping it would calm her down. Santana wanted to say something to calm Brittany, but no words came to mind. I seriously suck with words…Santana thought glumly.

Finally, Brittany began to manage her sentences. "San!" she cried, and the Latina almost flinched at how heartbreaking her tone sounded. "I'm so sorry! I don't have some great apology or whatever, but I'm just sorry! I know you probably hate me forever and I know that you probably think I like Mike or something- - -"

"Brittany…" Santana tried to interrupt, but the blonde kept going on her with her ramblings.

"- - -but I don't even like him like that! He's just a friend, and I'm so sorry! I'll never ever drink again, and I'll never go to parties unless you want me to! I'll do anything to get you back- - -"

"Britt…" Santana said a little louder, hoping to stray the girl's attention to her. But instead, Brittany continued her apology while cling to the Latina's waist.

"- - -I'll watch any of the movies you want me to! And I'll never talk about Labyrinth or Teen Titans or any of the other stuff you hate watching! And we can have sex everyday if you want! I'll do anything, I just don't want you to leave me! I totally screwed up and I know I don't deserve you and you probably hate me but…I miss you and I want you back!" Brittany cried, her words getting lost in between the hiccups and the sobs.

"Brittany Susan Pierce!" Santana exclaimed, holding back a chuckle as she had just used Brittany's full name.

Brittany released her grip on Santana's midsection and looked up at the girl. "Y-yes?"

"It's okay," Santana said softly. "I forgive you. I thought about it, talked with Puck, I'll explain that later, and it wasn't your fault. I know that kiss with Mike didn't mean anything, I just got angry because I only want you kissing me. But…uh, I'm over it."

Brittany gave a small smile. "You are?" she asked hopefully.

Santana gave sort of a shrug. "Well I mean, I still don't really like it, but I'm willing to move past it. I still wanna be with you, and I…" Santana gulped a bit. "Britt, I have to tell you something. I've been thinking about it for a while now and I think I finally have a grip on these feelings I have."

Brittany looked at her, confused. "Feelings? What kind of feelings?" Brittany's heart began racing as she just realized what Santana might have meant by 'feelings'. Is she gonna say it? Brittany asked herself excitedly.

Santana took a deep breath and forced herself to look into Brittany's eyes. "Britt…Brittany, I love you. Like, love love. Not the friend love, the…um…relationship love…sorry, I kinda suck at this. But I really do. I love you, and I wanna be with you, and I don't want to let anything get in between us anymore."

Brittany's jaw dropped. Her heart raced faster with each passing second, and her brain had practically exploded by now. She loves me… Brittany grinned wider than she had ever grinned before and suddenly, she tackled Santana onto her back on the couch. Santana let out a little squeak of surprise, but Brittany silenced her with a chaste kiss on the lips. The blonde pulled away for a second and smiled. "Do you really love me? You want to be with me?"

Santana smiled a bit as well. "Brittany, I'm sure of it. I love you, and I totally wanna be with you, for as long as I live."

Brittany giggled happily. "That's a long time!" Brittany placed a kiss to the Latina's cheek. "Now say you love me again."

Santana leaned up for a kiss but Brittany pulled away teasingly. "I love you, Britt, more than anyone."

Brittany leaned down and aimed her next kiss on Santana's other cheek. "Again. Please."

Santana smiled. She knew how Brittany loved being a tease. "Brittany, I love you."

Brittany leaned down once more, and placed a tiny kiss on the tip of Santana's nose, and to be even more of a tease, ran her tongue over the Latina's lips before pulling back up. "Now say it three times!"

Santana let out a fake dramatic sigh, still smiling. "I love you, I love you, goddamn I really fucking love you."

Brittany giggled. "Now…say it in a baby voice."

Santana rolled her eyes. "Brittany- - -"

"Do it!" Brittany insisted. Then she began to pout. "Pweeeeeeeease?"

Santana sighed. "Fine…I wuv you Bwittany," she said in her best baby voice.

A second later, Brittany dived down and crashed her lips against the Latina's, her long blonde hair cascading over their faces. Brittany didn't hesitate to delve her tongue into Santana's mouth, something which the shorter girl had no problem with. Santana kissed back hungrily, feeling herself getting hotter. Suddenly, Brittany pulled away, much to Santana's annoyance.

"Sorry, I just have to say something," Brittany said. "I don't want to force you into an open relationship."

Santana blinked, having completely forgotten about that part of the argument, surprisingly. "You don't?"

Brittany shook her head, making her blonde hair flail around a bit. "Nope, I talked to Mike, and he said I should wait until you're ready, and I think he's right. I don't wanna make you do something you don't wanna do. So we can still be a super sexy secrety couple."

Santana smiled. "Thanks, Britt…I don't know what to say…" And she really didn't. She found no proper words to respond to her girlfriend giving up one of her hopes for her. She was willing to wait for Santana, and the Latina couldn't get the right words out to thank her for it.

"But I know what to say!" Brittany said, smiling. "I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, goddamn I really fucking love you." Brittany giggled at her use of a bad word, something she normally didn't too. Santana laughed too. She usually didn't like Brittany swearing since it was so unBrittanyish, but for one, it was kind of cute when she cursed, just the way she said the words. And two, she was realizing that Brittany was a teen (even though sometimes she had the mentality of a very happy eight year old on a sugar high) and that she had the right to say whatever she wanted. Plus, Santana wouldn't admit this, it was kind of a turn on to hear Brittany say things she normally didn't say. The blonde leaned down once more and placed a light kiss on her girlfriend's lips. "And I wuv you too, Santana," Brittany said breathily. Santana grinned, and was about to kiss her, until Brittany got off of her and stood up, beginning to walk towards the stairs.

Santana jumped up too. "Britt, what the hell?" Santana cried.

Brittany smirked, and without turning around, said, "What? I don't wanna have sex on the couch, I prefer my bedroom." With that, the blonde made her way up the stairs, most likely with the intent of going to her bedroom. Santana blushed a bit and quickly ran up to follow Brittany.

She totally has me wrapped around her finger, Santana thought.

I totally have her wrapped around my finger, Brittany thought.

They went through the hallway with their pinkies locked together, passed by Catcake and Tubs, and then disappeared into Brittany's bedroom.

Catcake gasped. "Tubs? Did you see that?"

Tubs nodded, smiling. "I know, they're back together! Not surprised though, those two can get through anything…so romantic," the cat said dreamily.

Catcake stared at him like he was an alien. "Seriously dude, you're gayer than a unicorn riding on a fucking rainbow. How did you not see that? The linked pinkies, the dreamy looks in their eyes, the giggling?"

Tubs shrugged his furry little body. "Yeah, what about it?"

Catcake once more stared at him weirdly. "Are you fucking blind? They're gonna have sex!" The white cat then suddenly sped off in the direction of the closed bedroom door. She jumped up a bit and began pawing at the door. "Let me in! I need to see this! Please! Just a peek at your boobs! I won't stare…well, not that much!"

Tubs just sighed. That cat will never change.

As soon as Brittany and Santana were inside the blonde's bedroom, the taller girl pushed the Latina up against the wall and kissed her hungrily. Santana moaned and her hands began to wander down Brittany's body until they finally reached her ass, to which she gave a nice squeeze. Brittany pulled back a little, causing Santana to whimper. "Say it again."

Santana moaned as Brittany began feeling up her breasts through her shirt. "I love you," she said breathlessly. As soon as she said that, Brittany rewarded her by pinching her nipples through the fabric of her clothes. Santana moved her hips forward, grinding them into Brittany's own. Brittany responded by grinding back while giving Santana another pinch.

"Again," Brittany said softly. It was a demand, and while Santana didn't like being bossed around, she didn't mind this time seeing as how hot this was getting.

"I love you, Brittany," Santana said. "I love you so much." Brittany once more rewarded Santana, this time by leaning down to the Latina's neck. Santana gasped a little as Brittany kissed her hard on the neck. Santana groaned as Brittany sucked a little on the spot. She had surely left a hickey. Santana chuckled a little. "Marking your territory?"

Brittany pulled away, smiled and nodded. "Yup, 'cause you're mine, and don't forget that," Brittany said giggling. "Now say it again."

Santana sighed a bit. "Is there a reason why I have to keep telling you I love you?"

Brittany grinned. "Simple. I've been waiting for you to say that for a long time, so I like when you say it."

"You know what I like?" Santana asked, and before Brittany could respond, she felt Santana grab her by the shoulders and spin her around, so now Brittany was up against the wall and Santana was holding her up to it. The Latina wasted no time in reaching for the hem of Brittany's shirt and lifted it up in seconds, exposing the blonde's bright pink bra. "Trust me Britt, I don't have to say it a billion times. When I say I love you," Santana started, and then leaned in and kissed Brittany softly, and then pulled away, "I mean it."

Brittany looked into Santana's eyes and saw the most sincere look. "You seriously love me," Brittany said in amazement. The fact of Santana's love for her was just starting to sink in. Finally, after all this time, she really loves me, Brittany thought happily. Brittany reached behind her and quickly unclasped her bra (Santana immediately wished it had been that easy when she first tried to take off Brittany's bra), letting it fall to the floor. The blonde then wrapped Santana in a hug and kissed her passionately, her uncovered breasts pressing up against Santana's own clothed ones. "Take me now," Brittany whispered.

Santana grabbed Brittany by the hips and pulled her towards the girl's bed. "No problem," the Latina said simply. Santana gave Brittany a little push towards the bed, to which the blonde lied down on her back, her breasts now on full display for her girlfriend. Santana quickly hopped onto the bed, hovering over Brittany. Brittany moaned as Santana dipped her head down and took one of her nipples into her mouth. Santana sucked eagerly on the protruding nub, while running her tongue around the girl's areola. Santana slid her hands past Brittany's taut stomach (the Latina always loved how fit Brittany's stomach was) and began to slip her hand down the girl's pants. Brittany bucked upwards as she felt Santana rub her sex through the fabric of her panties. It didn't help that Santana was still eagerly sucking on her breast.

"Wait, wait, stop," Brittany panted. "We need our clothes off. Like, now."

Santana groaned a little as she pulled away from Brittany's breast. "I hate when we have to stop for this shit. Seriously, clothes are fucking useless," Santana growled angrily.

Brittany stood up, unzipping her jeans. She giggled a bit. "You're pretty cute when you're mad," Brittany said. With that, she took down her blue jeans, revealing bright pink panties that went along with her discarded bra. Brittany gave Santana (who was staring) a little smirk. "You know, this goes both ways. You have to undress too."

Santana blinked and managed (somehow) to pull her eyes away from the visible wet spot on the blonde's panties. "What?" Santana said dumbly. "Oh…right. Sorry." Santana stood as well and pulled her shirt over her head, throwing it across the room, and her bra soon followed suit.

Brittany giggled as Santana threw her bra. "Oh, now you can take a bra off quickly?" she asked teasingly, referencing to when Santana was unable to get Brittany's bra off.

Santana frowned. "Thanks for reminding me," she said sarcastically as she pulled down her pants. Santana hesitated for a second, but then removed her panties, kicking them out of her way. Now she stood fully naked before the blonde. Santana stared at the unmoving Brittany. "You know, you can take off those panties anytime now, Britt."

"I know, but maybe I don't wanna," Brittany said deviously. She then dramatically sighed. "Oh, if only someone could just remove me of these silly panties…then they could do anything they wanted to me…" Brittany then swayed her hips a bit nonchalantly, as if to show off.

It was at this point where Santana flat out tackled Brittany onto the bed, crashed her lips to hers, and shoved her hand down the blonde's panties. Brittany moaned into the kiss as she felt Santana's fingers rub against her clit. Santana continued rubbing Brittany, feeling the heat from her core. Brittany began kissing the Latina back hungrily, desperately, as she thrust her hips upwards to meet Santana's fingers.

Santana pulled away. "You are such a tease," Santana muttered.

"You…love it," Brittany groaned in between her panting. "Please, San, oh god…stick it in…"

Santana wasted no time as she pressed her pointer and middle finger against the slits of the blonde's sex. Brittany squeaked as Santana two fingers both slid inside of her pussy. Brittany squeaked again as Santana began to slowly pump her fingers in and out. With Brittany being as wet as she was, even if her inner walls were clenching around the Latina's fingers, it was still easy for Santana to pump in and out of her. Santana began picked up speed, earning a loud, high pitched moan from Brittany.

"Add another…please…oh wow…" Brittany moaned.

Santana complied with her girlfriend's request and added another finger. Now she had three fingers sheathed within the girl, scissoring in and out of her pussy at a rapid pace. Brittany let out a slight scream as Santana went even faster and harder while at the same time returning to suck on her breast, her skilled tongue flicking over the blonde's nipples. At this point, Brittany knew she wouldn't last long, and it really didn't help that Santana was making sure to rub extra hard on her clit.

"S-Santana…I think…I might…" Brittany's words were lost in a slew of moans. Santana pulled away from the blonde's nipples and raised her head a bit. Brittany looked up and gasped as Santana leaned down and kissed her passionately. Brittany knew Santana's kisses were always hot and sexy and stuff, but this one was…different. It was forceful, yet not rough. It wasn't frenzied or desperate. It sent a tingle of electricity throughout her body. It was as if Santana was putting all of her emotion and soul into one kiss. Or maybe, she was putting in all of her love. That thought, the thought of Santana kissing her like she truly loved her, sent over the edge. Brittany moaned into the kiss, bucked up into Santana's surprisingly skilled fingers, and came hard into the Latina's hand. The blonde could feel her girlfriend smile into their kiss. Brittany bucked up a bit more while Santana rubbed her against her clit a few more times, riding out her orgasm until it finally ceased.

Santana pulled away, and pulled her dripping fingers out of the girl's core. "Ugh, my fingers hurt. Could you have fucked my hand a littler harder?" Santana asked jokingly.

Brittany was in a daze, her chest heaving as she desperately tried to get a hold of her breath. "That was…amazing…" Brittany said breathlessly. "I…" Brittany thought of something to say, but failed miserably. So instead, Brittany grabbed Santana by the shoulders and pushed her to the side, causing the Latina to roll onto her back. Before Santana could react and try to get up, Brittany rolled over too, now straddling the girl beneath her. Santana smirked up at the blonde.

"Someone's excited," Santana teased.

"Santana…you're so beautiful," Brittany whispered, leaning down and kissing her. Brittany tried to reciprocate the feeling that Santana had given her before when they had just kissed. Brittany kissed a little harder, hoping Santana had had the same feeling as her. Judging by the way Santana shuddered and then mewled, the blonde thought she had succeeded. Brittany pulled away and leaned down next to Santana's ear. "I wanna try something…new."

Santana sucked in a sharp intake of breath as she felt Brittany drag her tongue along her neck, down to her chest. Brittany gave Santana's nipples a little flick, but then continued dragging her ever so wet tongue past her breasts and now began going down across her stomach. Santana's eyes widened. Holy shit…is she gonna…?

"I've never done this before, so don't hate me if I suck," Brittany said. Santana looked down and saw Brittany holding her head between her legs. Before Santana could say anything, Brittany stuck out her tongue and tentatively licked her way up between Santana's folds. Santana squeaked louder than she ever squeaked. I just squeaked…oh, the things this girl does to me… Santana's thoughts were interrupted as she felt Brittany flick her tongue out once more, collecting up the Latina's flowing juices into her mouth. Brittany gave Santana a smile. "It doesn't taste that bad," she said happily.

"Oh Britt…yes…" Santana moaned. Her body was literally shaking with pleasure. The feeling of Brittany eating her out was amazing. The blonde continued lapping up the girl's juices as if her life depended on it. Brittany couldn't help but smile as she got a devious idea. She leaned forward a bit and pressed her tongue against Santana's clit. "Oh fuck!" Santana screamed. Santana couldn't believe how good this felt. It wasn't as if Brittany was skilled or had any experience in eating a girl out, and she had no rhythm or pattern to her licks, but damn she knew how to please her girl. Santana squeaked out once more as she felt Brittany's tongue slip in between her fold and enter inside her sex. Santana didn't know what came over her, but she suddenly blurted out, "Ugh, Britt…yeah, fuck me with your tongue!"

Did I seriously just say that? Santana thought. Her cheeks reddened considerably. She felt so embarrassed, and she feared Brittany would be confused and weirded by her dirty talk. But in fact, Brittany did just the opposite. Brittany pushed her head further into Santana, delving her tongue deeper into her wet chamber. "Oh yes yes yes yes!" Santana moaned. She could control herself no longer. She reached out and placed her hands on Brittany's head, holding her down against her pussy. Brittany didn't really mind, she found it kind of hot actually. Her tongue was admittedly getting a little sore, seeing as it was being clenched by Santana's inner walls, but she didn't care too much. This was her gift for Santana, and as they said, no pain, no hot lesbian sex, right?

"Britt…I'm gonna cum!" Santana screamed out. Keeping to her word, Brittany felt Santana shake beneath her, and soon, she felt a rush of Santana's juices flow out onto her tongue and around her mouth. "Yes!" Santana moaned, thrusting her hips upwards to meet Brittany's mouth. A few seconds afterwards, the Latina began to calm down, the waves of her climax settling. Santana pulled her hands from the mess of Brittany's hair and let out a contented sigh. Brittany pulled her tongue out of her core, causing Santana to whimper a bit. Santana, dazed and dizzy, watched as Brittany wiped the juices from her face onto her fingers, and then licked them into her mouth, efficiently cleaning her face off.

"You've got a dirty mouth," Brittany said, giggling, referencing Santana's uncontrollable dirty talk.

Santana sighed once more, then laughed. "Considering where your mouth has been, I'd say you're the one with a dirty mouth."

Brittany winked at her, then crawled up to her girlfriend and laid on top of her, resting her head on Santana's chest. "That really wore me out," Brittany muttered lazily. "Did I do a good job?"

"Britt…" Santana said, moaning a bit at the recent memory. "You were fucking amazing."

Brittany grinned up at the Latina. "Good, but next time, I want you going down on me. Can't believe you made me do all the work. Shame on you, San. Shaaaaaaaame." Both of the girls laughed, but before Santana could acknowledge Brittany's words, the taller girl piped up. "Hey San?"

"Yeah baby?" Santana whispered, too tired out to speak any louder.

"Could…could we watch…" Brittany couldn't get the words out. Why should I bother? She doesn't want to… Brittany thought sadly.

"I'd love to watch Labyrinth with you Britt," Santana said, smiling. "And then Teen Titans, and then Power Rangers, and then anything else you wanna watch."

Brittany's eyes widened, and it didn't take another millisecond for the blonde to jump off the bed and burst into a run around her room, looking for all the DVDs.

Santana sighed. Now I have to watch Labyrinth, and a bunch of other random crap…but it makes Britt happy. Santana couldn't help but giggle as she saw Brittany run around the room, naked, trying to find the films and shows she wanted. The Latina sighed. The things I do for love…


"No pain, no hot lesbian sex, right?" I'm pretty sure that's how the saying goes…

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