Dear Ryan Murphy, I know you've got this brilliant idea to keep Brittany on for another season because she fails the school year. Here's a little tip: don't do that. Why? Because then Santana will go off to college and leave Brittany, and you can't have Brittany without Santana, just like you can't have Dick Grayson without Bruce Wayne, Jack Spicer without Wuya and Chase Young, Ash without Pikachu, Cat without Jade, Buffy without Willow (and pretty much all the Scoobies for that matter). Are you noticing a pattern, Ryan? You can't have these things without the other. Don't fuck this up, keep Santana and Brittany together. Thank you.

Okay, back to the point of this fic…well, now that we're on topic (but are we ever REALLY on topic with these author's notes?) I feel I need to address some things you guys might be wondering about this story, so listen up, BCUZ DIS IZ ABOT 2 GIT SUPER FOR REALZIES. Also, seeing as I have to address these few things, this author note may be longer than usual (AKA really fucking long, like, over nine hundred words :O ), so to those of you who hate these author's notes, this one is longer than most of them, so feel free to skip. But it does contain some info on stuff you may wanna know, so…just saying.

So, some of you have asked me about how long this fic is gonna go. AKA, when do I plan to end this fic? And to be honest, I have no idea how I'm gonna end this fic. I mean, what first would be appropriate to end a series like this? Certainly not First Death, no, fuck that, that's not happening, trust me. So you may still be asking, at what point in the timeline will this story end? Will it go until Britt and San are in their thirties, forties, or even fifties? Like I said, I have no idea. But one thing I can assure you is this: this fic isn't ending anytime soon. I have so many ideas for Firsts, and with the support of you guys, how could I stop this? So basically, this fic is gonna keep going for years. Yeah, I said years. With all the shit I've planned, I'm not ending it anywhere close to here. To be honest, I expect myself to be writing for this still when I'm in college, and I'm fourteen now so you can expect that to be a ways away. So don't worry, this fic is gonna last for a LONG time, and I will NEVER give up on it, no matter how long it takes me to update. Unless I die, then I can't update…but let's hope that doesn't happen.

Second thing I wanna address (I think it's safe to say that so far this is longest A/N ever) is some of you guys want me to add other ships in this fic. Some of the ideas for ships to add in have been Faberry, Tike, Quick, Klaine and others. Okay, first off, by add a ship in, I mean like, have it as a side ship, you know what I mean? Like, a ship that would appear in the background, interact with Brittana sometimes, and just be kinda cool to see. Brittana will always be the main focus, so if I add in a ship, don't expect me to add in a storyline for that ship, just think of it as a supporting ship, kind of like a supporting character. Make sense? Hope it does. Now, as for the suggestions, I love Klaine (yeah, used to hate it, now I wuv it, long story, don't ask) so yeah, later on there may be some Klaine and Brittana interaction :) Seeing as Mike's a supporting character in this, you guys have been wondering if I'll include some Tike into this. No, I won't. Why? I hate Tina. Hate her with a burning passion. Least favorite character on the show. I have my reasons…so yeah, probably no Tike. Quick, eh, I'll add Quick hints, but I don't think I'll add them as a legit ship, simply because I prefer Puck to be with a certain girl who's got a big ass heart ;) But to the haters of that ship, like I said, it's only a side ship, so don't worry. Now, the most obvious one is Faberry… -sighs- How can I say this? I'm not…really a fan of…Faberry… -dodges the fruit that's being thrown at him- Ow! Stop! Yeah, I know, Brittana shippers always ship Faberry too, but…I just don't. Why not, you ask? Because I dislike what they did with Quinn in S2, I mean, in S1 she went through this character arc and stuff and then next season it seems she's forgotten some of the lessons she'd learnt last year. WTF? So because of this, I don't really care for Quinn. I don't hate her, but I don't like her that much either. So, I'll add Faberry hints, but not really as a ship. And if you hate me 'cause of this, just because I don't like a certain ship of yours, oh well. But you guys SHOULD expect a fuckload of Pezberry/Brittberry hints. Britt/San/Rachel is my OT3, all the way XD

OKAY, WOW THAT IS FUCKING LONG :O Really, sorry that's so long (over nine hundred fucking words, holy crap, am I on crack or something?), I just had a lot to say o.O Hope you guys don't mind. ANYWAY, time to get to the fic, bye.

Santana loved moments like this.

The Latina was in Brittany's bedroom, lying on Brittany's bed. The blonde herself was lying next to her, her head nestled in the crook of Santana's neck, while she cuddled up to her girlfriend. Santana couldn't help but smile in response to the close contact with Brittany. They had had a long day, they had hung out at Santana's pool, played at the park (Santana thought it was a bit childish to play at little kid's park, seeing as the girls were both fourteen, but Brittany loved it so Santana complied with her girlfriend's demands), gave Catcake a bath (something that Catcake absolutely hated) and now they finally had time to settle down. Santana was spending the night at Brittany's house, as per usual, and she was loving it, just lying there, unwinding after a long day with the girl she loved.

The girl she loved…the phrase was still fairly unfamiliar to Santana. Santana had never been in a relationship before the one she had had with Brittany, and she had never loved anyone like she had loved Brittany (she loved her family of course, but that was a different kind of love), so this feeling was new to her. But she had to admit it wasn't an unwelcome emotion. Santana loved being in love. It was so amazing, and yet she could never fully describe it. The feeling of love was simply indescribable, as cheesy as that sounded in her head. Some people described it as a butterfly feeling. Santana never understood that saying. What dumbass thought up an analogy about butterflies in your stomach equaling love? To the Latina, having insects inside your body sounded pretty fucking uncomfortable. The only thing that sounded worse was talking to Berry. Now that was torture.

Meanwhile, as the girls lied on the bed, cuddling like the adorable femmeslashy ship they were, Lord Tubbington was also having a bit of a cuddle on the other side of Brittany's bedroom. Not that he wanted to cuddle.

"Boss lady?" Tubs muttered.

"What is it, bitch?" Catcake mumbled sleepily.

"Why are you snuggling up to me?" Tubs asked, confused.

Catcake yawned. "Two reasons, one, you're fat and fluffy, therefore you make a good pillow, and seeing as I'm tired this is perfect. And two, it'll make the Cubbington fans flip their shit. Now shut up like a good little bitch and let me sleep on you."

Tubs rolled his eyes. "Can't you ever be nice?"

"Tried it once, didn't like it," Catcake mumbled.

Tubs sighed. "You're so rude, you know that? Sometimes I just want a little respect around here."

Catcake chuckled. "Yeah, that's not happening."

"Well…I just don't understand why we can't be friends!" Tubbington tried to reason.

Catcake yawned once more. "We are friends, dumbass. If we weren't friends, I wouldn't talk to you, I wouldn't touch you, I wouldn't look at you, I wouldn't acknowledge your existence. That's just how I do things. But I do acknowledge your existence, and I take precious time out of my day to talk to you. You're loyal to me, excluding some of the backtalk you sometimes provide, you're kind of unintentionally funny, and you're pretty damn fat. Don't ask why your fatness is a plus, it just is. So we are friends."

Tubs blinked, confused. "So…we are friends?" Catcake nodded, nuzzling into his fur tiredly. "But I'm still your bitch?"

"Pretty much, bitch," Catcake yawned out.

"This is an odd friendship…" Tubs muttered.

"Yeah, but that makes things interesting," Catcake said, finally closing her eyes and fell asleep. Tubs shrugged, closed his eyes as well and followed his boss lady in suit.

Now that this chapter has had its decent dose of Cubbingtonness, back to the stars of the show.

Brittany cuddled up closer to her girlfriend. "Hey San?" she said in a tiny voice.

Santana smiled and moved her head to look into Brittany's eyes. "Yeah Britt?"

Brittany, before responding, gave Santana a little kiss on her lips. She pulled away, grinning. "Wanna go out and do something?"

Santana looked at her strangely. "Um…Britt, it's like, one AM. Like, in the morning. We can't go out."

"Why not?" Brittany asked innocently. "I'm kind of bored, not that I don't like cuddling with you. I just wanna go out."

"Brittany, we've been out all day…" Santana began tiredly. The Latina really wasn't in the mood to go out in the middle of the night gallivanting around Lima. She just wanted to cuddle up and sleep.

"Pweeeeeeeease?" Brittany begged, making her eyes wide, giving her girlfriend the puppy dog look.

Santana sighed. I am so whipped. "Sure Britt, let's sneak out of the house late at night and go do something. Because that's such an awesome idea."

Brittany giggled. "Yay! I'll go get the stuff ready for our picnic!" Brittany hopped up off the bed and slid out of the room, quietly going downstairs to the kitchen to get the supplies.

Santana rolled her eyes. This will be interesting… she thought.

"Come on, over here!" Brittany called out to Santana, who was trailing behind her.

Santana didn't like this idea. She was scared that one of Brittany's parents would check on their room and find them missing and freak out. Plus the thought of being outside, alone in the middle of the night unnerved her. Then again, this wasn't some place like New York City where if you walked around at night you were likely to get mugged. The biggest crimes that happened around Lima were unarmed robberies at convenience stores or someone's house getting vandalized. So really, Santana didn't have much to worry about.

Santana ran towards her girlfriend, trying to catch up with the quick blonde. "Isn't it a perfect picnic spot?" Brittany asked as Santana finally caught up to her.

Santana couldn't help but smile a little bit. She recognized the spot that Brittany was referring to. It was a long grassy area that was on the edge of a lake, surrounded by trees. It was just near the park where Puck had given Santana the advice to go after Brittany. Santana recalled mentioned to herself that she someday wanted to take Brittany to this spot. It seemed Brittany had beaten her to that.

Brittany slid the backpack she was carrying off her shoulders. She knelt down in the grass and unzipped the pack. She reached inside and pulled out a large red blanket. Brittany set the red blanket down next to the backpack. She then pulled out two plastic Ziploc bags, each holding two peanut butter sandwiches. Brittany stood up and handed one of the bags to Santana. "Here you go," she said happily. "I made them myself. I wanted to make a real feast thingy, but recipes kind of…confuse me. So I just made peanut butter sandwiches. And I know how you love peanut butter."

Brittany sat down on the blanket, and Santana joined her, sitting beside her. "I do love peanut butter," Santana said, chuckling.

"I hope you like it, I made them specially for us," Brittany said seriously, as if making peanut butter sandwiches was on the level of cooking a gourmet meal. Then again, this is Brittany we're talking about.

Santana opened the baggie and grabbed one of the sandwiches. Not hesitating at all, she took a large bite out of the sandwich and grinned as she chewed. "Mmmmmmmm," Santana gave an appreciative moan. "Pretty fucking awesome Britt. You're a natural cook." Santana shot Brittany a smile, to which the blonde returned.

"Thanks!" she said giddily. "I'm glad you like them. Hey! Since you like my cooking, maybe one day when we have a house and stuff, I can cook for us. I could bring you breakfast in bed, and later, when you get home from NASA, I could make us dinner."

"NASA?" Santana questioned.

"Well, I've always pictured you as an astronaut type," Brittany muttered sheepishly.

Santana laughed. "I don't know if I'm gonna work at NASA, Britt. I don't really know what I wanna be when I grow up."

Brittany shrugged. "I know what I wanna be when I grow up. I'm gonna own a dance studio. Then I could teach people and kids how to dance as awesomely as I can dance. Wouldn't that be cool?" Santana nodded, finishing off her first sandwich. "Do you think I'll have my own dance studio someday?"

Santana nodded. "I'm sure you'll have one someday. I mean, with you're amazing moves, it's almost inevitable that you'll have one."

"My moves are amazing, aren't they?" Brittany asked, giggling.

"Totally," Santana agreed, chuckling. "Hey Britt? You mentioned something about us having a house one day. Did you mean that?"

"Sure, why wouldn't we have a house?" Brittany asked, as if it was something obvious. "We're in love, San. I wanna spend the rest of my life with you. I wanna live in a house with you. I wanna marry you, someday, and have the prettiest wedding ever." Brittany smiled. "And…I wanna have your babies! Get serious like crazy!"

Santana laughed at the blonde's sudden song, and squeaked out in surprised as Brittany tackled her to the ground. Santana, still giggling, looked up into Brittany's eyes, and gasped as the girl slid a hand up her shirt. Brittany's hand quickly found Santana's bra clad breast. The blonde pinched Santana's nipple through the fabric causing Santana to moan slightly, arching upwards. Brittany leaned down so her lips were so close to Santana's own, and yet they weren't touching. Brittany was just out of the Latina's kissing range. Brittany loved teasing Santana.

"I wanna have your babies, I see them springing up like daisies," Brittany sang in a sultry voice.

Santana bit back another moan. "Are you seriously feeling up my tits while singing Natasha Bedingfield?"

"Pretty much," Brittany said, holding back a laugh. Before Santana could respond, the blonde leaned down and finally (much to the Latina's enjoyment) locked lips with her. Brittany's tongue collided with Santana's, causing the girl on the bottom to moan, loving the feeling of Brittany's kisses. It didn't help that the blonde's hand, which had previously been focused on Santana's breasts, was now traveling downwards until it reached the hem of her jeans.

Brittany deepened the kiss, and began to slip her hand inside Santana's jeans. Brittany dug her hand deeper into the Latina's pants, rubbing her fingers against the girl's panties. Santana gasped into the kiss as she felt Brittany rub against her clit through her panties. She grinded her hips upwards, begging for more friction.

Brittany pulled away from Santana's lips, causing her to whimper a little. "San…you're so wet," Brittany said, smiling.

"No shit I'm wet, I have the hottest blonde ever on top of me, kissing me and rubbing me up down there, how could I not be wet?" Santana gasped out, leaning upwards, hoping to lock lips once again. Brittany, being the tease she was, pulled away.

"You think I'm the hottest blonde ever?" she asked, grinning.

"No, hottest person in general. Ever. Now give me a fucking kiss!" Santana growled.

Brittany laughed, and before Santana could say anything else, she crashed her lips with her girlfriend's own. Brittany kissed her hungrily, lust taking over her brain. But just because her mind was full of lust didn't make her lose track of the fact that she had to tease Santana a bit. Teasing was one of the most fun things to do, at least it was for Brittany. She didn't know why, but seeing Santana be teased and begging for her to do things to her was incredibly hot. So, being the tease she was, she continued kissing Santana, but completely stopped her rubbing routine.

Santana, albeit reluctant about it, pulled away from the kiss. "What are you doing? Keep rubbing!"

Brittany smiled devilishly. "Beg for it."

"Excuse me?" Santana asked incredulously. "No, no, no way. Brittany, I don't do begging. I make you beg while I'm on top, that's just the way it works."

Brittany's eyes changed from a playful glance to an angered stare. She didn't like Santana automatically assuming that she herself should be on top and in control all the time, making Brittany the one to beg. "Oh really? Well, you're not on top now."

"This is an exception, Britt. But let's face it, I'm the top and you're the bottom. You do the begging, not me," Santana said arrogantly.

Brittany glared at her girlfriend. She was sick of Santana acting as though she was naturally the top and how she was above begging. If Brittany could beg, so could Santana. "Is that so?" Brittany asked. Without warning, Brittany wiggled her fingers inside of Santana's panties and suddenly inserted two fingers into the Latina's core. Santana almost screamed in sudden pleasure from the surprise intrusion. Brittany smirked, happy with the reaction. "Now come on San, you can't be top all the time. And if I have to beg sometimes, so do you. That's only fair, right? Now, I'm in control now, got it? So if I ask you to beg, then you should beg, for me. It's just fair. So please Santana, beg for it."

Santana, being the defiant teen she was, shook her head at first. "No, Britt, I don't be- - -oh fuck yes!" Santana moaned out as Brittany shifted her fingers inside her, hitting one of Santana's sweet spots.

"Now, if you want me to keep doing that, just do a little begging." Brittany looked at Santana and saw that she still didn't want to. "Okay San, listen up. Beg or I pull out and you're not getting any for the next two days."

Santana's eyes bulged in horror. "No! Wait! Fine, I'll fucking beg! Jeez…"

Brittany smiled at a job well done. "Good girl," Brittany chirped, giving Santana's nose a little kiss. "Now, beg." Brittany then began to slowly scissor her fingers in and out of Santana's sex.

Santana moaned a little bit, finally giving in to Brittany's requests. "Oh Brittany, yes…please, fuck me…"

Brittany rolled her eyes. "That's a little weak, San. You can do better."

Santana moaned more as Brittany continued her fingering. "Oh Brittany…please fuck me. Faster, fuck me faster, harder! Come on! Oh god yes, keep fucking me like that, finger me, yes! Fuck my pussy, harder! Harder!"

Brittany smiled at the begging. Now she gets it.

And at this point, Brittany pulled her hand out of her pants and rolled off of Santana, standing up beside her girlfriend.

And at this point, all the readers have now pulled their hands out of their own pants and are screaming "WTF?" at their computers at the abrupt halt of the hot lesbian sex.

Santana, breathing heavily, stared up at Brittany, her eyes wide in confusion. "Britt…what? Why? Wh-what? Where?" Santana almost felt lightheaded at this point. She blinked a few times, and suddenly got her thinking back. And now she was mad. She stood up and glared at Brittany. "What the fuck Brittany? Why? Why the fuck would you do that? Are you insane? Are you high? Has Catcake given you illegal drugs…again?"

The whole "Catcake giving Brittany weed" is another story for another day…

"Nope," Brittany said simply. "I just don't feel like having sex in the middle of a park at night. Plus I'm getting cold, so let's head back home. And now that you know the art of begging, the sex back at my house tonight can be so much awesomer. And before you ask, yes, I will be on top, and yes, you will have to beg. Got it?"

Santana, still a little angry, nodded anyway. She was angry, but at least she was being promised awesome sex when they got home. "Fine, deal."

"Good," Brittany said giddily, reaching down and picking up everything she had brought. "Well, come on, let's go home." Brittany began making her way out of the park, while Santana followed behind her.

Brittany giggled to herself. I have the most whipped girlfriend ever…life is good.

"And at this point, all the readers have now pulled their hands out of their own pants and are screaming 'WTF?' at their computers at the abrupt halt of the hot lesbian sex." OH COME, YOU KNOW THAT'S THE TRUTH, DON'T DENY IT XD JK

Yeah, I ended it there. I FREAKING ENDED IT AT THAT SPECIFIC POINT. Because I'm eeeeeeevil. But don't worry, there will be a smut chapter soon. Not next chapter, but soon. Basically, the moral of this chapter was: When Brittany tells you to beg, you better fucking beg XD


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Next chapter, First Surprise: Brittany wants to get Santana the best gift ever (not really any special occasion, she just wants to). A gift that can sum up her love for the Latina. But she's completely broke :( What's a girl to do?