Okay, did you guys see the latest episode of Glee? HOLY HELL BRITTANA IS SO FUCKING ON! Thank you Ryan Murphy for making Brittana on. Okay, well, I'm not sure if RM initiated their onness, but I'm pretty sure he had a hand in getting them on. Ya know, I think RM gets too much hate from the community. Yeah, I know he's made a lot of stupid decisions in the past, but think of it this way, without him, we wouldn't have Glee, or at least it'd be drastically different than what it is now, and I don't know if that would be a good thing. So, all I'm saying is, give Ryan Murphy (and the rest of the behind the scenes crew of Glee for that matter) a little slack, after all, they DO make the show that we all know and love. :P

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I'M GETTING SO SIDETRACKED! Okay, well, time to get to the hot Brittana lesbian smex.

Brittany yawned, her eyes fluttering open. She was lying in a comfy bed, her head resting against a soft pink pillow. A stream of sunlight shined through the window, lighting up the room. Brittany turned over on the bed to see Santana sleeping beside her. The blonde smiled, remembering she had invited Santana over for a sleepover last night. Waking up to Santana was one of the most wonderful things in the world. Even if it was kind of funny how Santana snored really loudly in the mornings.

Someday, I'm gonna wake up to San everyday…when we're married, Brittany thought pleasantly.

Brittany recalled that she and Santana had plans today. Today was one of the last few days of summer left, there were only about four or three days left of freedom before the girls entered high school together. And Brittany was gonna make sure that those last few days were full of adventure and excitement, and she had the whole day planned. She was gonna take Santana out on the best date ever. They'd go out to the park, chill there for a while, go to the movies, then afterwards get some ice cream and finally come back home and relax. It was gonna be the best day ever, but there was just one problem. Santana was still asleep, and everyone who knew Santana knew she was a heavy sleeper. If you were to wake her up, she'd kill you. Brittany was a different case, she'd never harm Brittany. But when the blonde had tried getting Santana up in the past she had only succeeded in getting Santana to grumble a couple phrases such as "Go away", "Fuck off", "Britt, I love you, but if you don't let me sleep I'm going to…I dunno…do something mean". There were times where Brittany was able to successfully get Santana up by bribing her with sex later that night, and that idea crossed Brittany's mind at the moment. But then, she got an even better idea.

Brittany crawled closer to Santana, snuggling up to her under the covers. This'll wake her up for sure, Brittany thought evilly. With that thought, the blonde ducked under the covers, slithering her way until she found Santana's long sexy legs. Santana was only clad in a t-shirt and panties, leaving a very nice image for Brittany. The blonde girl slid closer, lying in between Santana's legs (which were conveniently spread open) until she was up close. Now was the difficult part, removing the panties. Brittany didn't think about how hard it could be to take off Santana's panties in this position. But Brittany Susan Pierce was not a quitter. She slid her fingers in the panties and began to slowly pull them off, maneuvering it in a way that allowed her to do this a lot easier than she thought. She was careful not to wake or disturb Santana. She couldn't do that…yet. Finally, the panties were off, and Brittany gave herself a mental pat on the back for her accomplishment. She shoved the panties off the bed, and then crawled forward, now between Santana's legs once more.

Brittany stared straight at Santana's pussy, suppressing a moan. This was going to be very fun. Brittany leaned forward, and with her outstretched tongue, licked along the slit of Santana's entrance. The Latina stirred a little, still asleep. Brittany held back a giggle. Brittany licked her once more, running her tongue up and down slowly. Santana was still sleeping, but Brittany could tell she was getting turned on because she noticed Santana was getting wet. Brittany licked Santana's pussy once more, tasting her juices and savoring how delicious it tasted. Brittany continued licking, sliding her tongue every which way, trying to slide it in between the Latina's folds. Santana, still asleep, moaned a little and subconsciously bucked upwards slightly. Brittany just smiled and continued her tongue's pattern, and just to be even more evil, she began to rub Santana's clit with her thumb, pressing down a little, causing Santana to become even wetter.

Santana moaned again, her eyes blinking open slightly. "Huh? What?" she muttered groggily. "B-Brittany? Is that you? What are you do- - -ohhhhhhhh fuck!" Santana was cut off by her own moan as she felt Brittany go to work on her most sensitive area. She didn't know why Brittany had chosen to awaken her like this, but at this point, she was really glad she did. Santana moaned, bucking upwards into Brittany's skillful tongue. "Oh baby…you're so good…don't stop…yes, right there, lick my pussy, oh fuck!"

Brittany grinned at Santana's dirty talk. She absolutely loved Santana's dirty talk. On one hand, it turned her on, and on the other, she also go to learn new dirty words thanks to her girlfriend's foul mouth during sex. Brittany, spurred on by Santana's hot words, began to lick harder, moving her tongue around faster. Brittany moaned, loving the taste of Santana's sweet juices, it was seriously almost as good as red cherry Dum Dum suckers. Almost, that is. But still delicious. Brittany licked harder and harder, going as fast as she could, urging her girlfriend to cum. And it seemed like with how skillful her own tongue was, that Santana wasn't that far off from her breaking point.

Santana moaned out, "Keep going Britt. Please! Faster, please don't stop!"

Brittany was so pleased with herself. After all the times of being called dumb and useless by the meanies at school, it was nice to be good at some things, like dancing, or singing, or pleasing a certain Latina. So, wanting to do the best job possible, Brittany continued her ministrations, applying more pressure on Santana's clit and flicking her tongue over her pussy a little harder.

Santana bit back a scream. "Holy fuck don't stop! Keep licking baby, lick my pussy…holy fuck I think I'm gonna cum! Keep going babe, yes, yes, yes!" And with a sudden shake, Santana came hard. Brittany gasped a little as she felt Santana cum shoot out at her, but she quickly calmed herself and continued licking, swallowing Santana's juices as they shot out of her. Brittany found it a little difficult to swallow all of it, but she thought she was doing a good job. Santana bucked upwards a few more times, riding out her orgasm against Brittany's tongue, until finally stopping, squirting out her last little bit of cum. Once Brittany realized Santana was finished, she licked around Santana's pussy, cleaning her girlfriend up a bit, then wiped her own chin off and crawled out from under the covers.

"Hey babe," Brittany said simply as she popped her head out from the covers.

Santana, still recovering from her earth shattering orgasm, tried to catch her breath. "Holy…what the fuck…oh my god that was fucking awesome…why Britt?"

"Why?" Brittany repeated, and when Santana nodded, Brittany thought of an answer. "Because I had to find some way to get you up, silly! You're such a heavy sleeper that I thought if I gave you head you'd wake up. Pretty smart, huh?"

Santana giggled, leaned in, and kissed her girlfriend on the cheek appreciatively. "Very smart indeed babe. You can be really clever sometimes, ya know that Britt?"

Brittany held back a squeal. "Really?"

Santana nodded approvingly. "Hell yes! You're really smart Brittany."

Brittany's face fell. It was nice to hear, but she didn't believe Santana. "I'm not smart…I'm dumb…"

Santana frowned and cuddled up close to Brittany. "Brittany, look at me." Brittany obediently looked her girlfriend in the eyes. "You are not dumb. Yes, you get confused sometimes on certain things, and you need help in school, but that does not make you dumb. You're sweet, kind, beautiful, innocent, and you are smart. You're smart in different areas, that's all. Yeah, okay, you can't solve an equation to save your life, but you can learn a complicated dance by just watching someone do it once. You may not be able to understand some big words in books, but you can memorize things really well, like how you can name every Pokemon off the top of your head. You may not know what a nucleus is, but you know how to cheer people up. See? Could a dumb person do those things? Nope, I don't think so. So don't listen to the jerks, the snobs, the bitches, the assholes, the haters, or whoever, when they call you dumb, because you are not. You are smart, and even if you may not be the smartest person in the world, I'd pick you over some brainiac any day. Okay?"

Brittany smiled, her eyes watering. "Do you really think that?"

"Brittany, do you really think I would've given that big cheesy speech if I didn't believe that?" Santana said, smirking.

Brittany giggled. "I guess not…hey, get up! We've got plans today!" Brittany jumped up from the covers, grabbed Santana, and tugged her out of bed. "Come on, we gotta go!"

"Brittany! I don't have pants!" Santana cried, pointing to below her waist. "Notice the lack of pants?"

Brittany blushed. "Oh yeah…" She reached over, picked up Santana's panties, and handed them to the Latina. "Those are yours."

Santana slipped her panties on, and grabbing the shorts she was wearing last night, she slipped those on as well. Santana stretched her arms, yawning, trying to wake herself up. "So, what are these big plans of yours?"

Brittany smirked, tugging Santana out of her room. "Well, I had a little date in mind…"

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So, was the smex sexy? Have I lost my smutty touch? I hope not :O

One thing I really want people to pay attention to this chapter though, is not the sex, but the speech that Santana gives on how Brittany isn't dumb. And that's exactly how I feel on the topic. Brittany ISN'T dumb, she just isn't smart in school, she's just intelligent in certain areas that people don't appreciate. I really hate when people describe her as dumb. Yes, I know she's the "dumb blonde" character. But at this point in the show she's been developed into more than that, so I really detest when people say she's dumb, or stupid, or an idiot. She IS NOT stupid, like I said, she's just smart in different areas, such as her dancing. I may be harping on this issue too much, but it just bugs me. Whenever a character on the show calls Brittany dumb, I wanna punch them. I forgave Artie because I like Artie, and he sort of had a right to be angry at Brittany (not that that makes it okay that he called her dumb), and when Finn did it, I wanted to kick his ass. Guys, come on, don't call Britt dumb, she really isn't. So what if she isn't good at schoolwork? Just because someone isn't book smart or school smart doesn't mean they're automatically dumb. Yes, there are moments where she has her brainfarts, such as the forgetting her middle name and believing in baby cannons, but like I said, she's not dumb, per say, she just gets confused and manipulated sometimes. So please, don't call her dumb, or describe her as stupid. Sorry, that's just a pet peeve of mine.

GOD I NEED TO SHUT UP! :O Sorry for bitching about that, I just REALLY hate when people call Britt dumb XD -hugs Brittany- It's okay Britt, you're not dumb, just confuzzled…

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Next chapter, First Day of High School: Brittany and Santana venture into high school, with new teachers, new friends, and new opportunities…