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If the tryouts for Cheerios were considered Hell, then the Cheerios practices were even more hellish.

Sue Sylvester was unrelenting in her commands for the girls. She ruled over the young women with two adamantium fists, because iron fists just weren't strong enough for her. Even a quiver of a knee would send Sue into a rage, where she would begin to berate whoever had chosen to try to ruin her chances at winning any upcoming competitions. She was especially tough on Brittany and Santana, which didn't help Santana's distaste for being a Cheerio. Anytime either of the girls had even breathed wrong, Sue would criticize their every move. It was causing Santana, and even Brittany a little, to regret their decisions about joining.

After an hour of being viciously verbally abused and physically destroyed, practice was finally over and Brittany and Santana were able to leave and go shower in the locker rooms. This was something else Santana wasn't looking forward to, the showers. How was she supposed to keep herself from jumping on that hot blonde piece of ass while she was washing her tall, smooth, sexy body? At the very least, Santana was going to find it extremely difficult to not even look. God this fucking sucks… Santana grumbled.

Santana entered the locker room, with Brittany following suit. Santana was looking down, trying to ignore any nakedness from any of the other girls, while Brittany was perfectly fine. The two girls walked over to their lockers (which happened to be right next to each other) and retrieved their bags full with their regular clothes. Santana and Brittany began to shed their uniforms, which was usually normal for them, as in undressing in front of each other, that is. But now they were in a public setting, so they (mainly the horny ass Santana) had to keep from looking at each other.

Alright Santana…just don't even look at her. Other people are here, they can't see you staring at her boobs…shit! I am totally staring! Okay, just…divert your attention to something else. Just look at her…ass. God that ass, the things I would…wait! No! Damn it Lopez you are weak! Stop staring. Just look forward. As far as anyone knows, you are straight. You are straighter than a ruler. You are straighter than a perfect line. You are straighter than Neil Patrick Harris…he's straight, right? I don't remember, but let's just assume for now that he's the most hetero heterosexual in the history of heteros who are heterosexuals. Well right now you are straighter than him. You hate boobs. You hate girl ass. You hate vagina. You hate all these things, and you shall never willingly stare at them 'cause you're just that fucking straight…oh fuck it I'm gonna stare at that ass all I want…

"San?" Brittany said, snapping Santana from her thoughts.

Santana blinked and looked up. "Huh? What? What is it?"

Brittany blushed. "You were…uh, staring at my ass…"

Santana's eyes widened, hoping nobody around them had heard her. Luckily, the coast was clear. "I was not…now…hush and go shower!"

Brittany just shrugged and turned around, walking over to the shower area. Santana, of course, stared at the girls ass. And what an ass it was…

Focus Santana, for fuck's sake…

Santana continued removing her clothes and then made her way to the shower area.

After showering thoroughly for awhile, both girls exited the showers and into the locker room. They had towels around their bodies, something Santana was thankful for because if not for those she'd probably still be staring at Brittany's body. The duo walked over to their lockers, grabbed their bags full of their regular clothes, and set them on the bench.

As Santana rifled through her bag, looking for her bra, she noticed that she and Brittany were the only two girls left in the room, except for another girl who was finishing up changing a few lockers down from them. The girl locked up her locker and grabbed her bag and backpack, but, as she walked out, Santana noticed the girl checked out Brittany's ass. Pretty blatantly, too, seeing as she thought she was in the clear, considering nobody else was in the room. After that, the girl disappeared and left the locker room, never to be seen in this fic again. True story bro.

Santana suddenly felt angry. Staring at Brittany's ass was her thing. How dare that tramp try to take that away from her!

"That bitch totally just stared at your ass," Santana muttered bitterly.

Brittany turned around to see no one. "You mean that girl that was just here?" Santana nodded. "So?"

Santana was taken aback a bit. "So? What do you mean so? Are you just gonna let any ho get away with that?"

Brittany rolled her eyes. "I can't control who stares at my ass San. Just like I couldn't control you staring at mine. You're overreacting."

Santana shook her head, crossing her arms. "I am not overreacting Brittany. You're my girl, not hers. I should be the only one who gets to stare at your ass."

Brittany looked around to double check that they were alone in the locker room. After the coast was officially clear, Brittany turned to Santana and gave her a devilish little grin. "Oh really? I'm your girl?" Brittany stepped forward and suddenly pushed Santana up against the lockers, lightly so as not to hurt her. The force made Santana's towel fall off, leaving her completely naked, and the cool metal of the lockers against her back made her shudder. Brittany leaned in close to Santana's face. "I always hear from you about how I'm your girl. Well, you know what Santana? I'm sick of it." Santana furrowed her brows in confusion, and shuddered again as Brittany dropped her own towel and suddenly pressed her body against the Latina's own. "I'm just so sick of you being in control, being the dominant one in the relationship. Why can't you ever be considered my girl, huh, babe?"

Brittany smirked almost malevolently. She knew how Santana was like putty in her hands sometimes, and she loved teasing the girl like this.

Santana's breath hitched in her throat. "I'm s-sorry baby…" Santana stuttered out.

Brittany batted her eyelashes sexily. "Oh don't be sorry baby…" Brittany suddenly leaned in and began suckling Santana's neck, making the smaller girl moan. Brittany trailed her hands lightly over Santana's breasts, ass and clit, just barely ghosting her delicate fingers over the Latina's sensitive areas. Santana bit her lip to suppress a second moan from escaping. Brittany then pulled away from Santana completely. Making the girl whimper. "But things are going to change, San. Because I wanna be in control sometimes too…and that's just what I'm going to do. Tonight, we're going to my house, and I'm going to be in control. Tonight, you're my girl, and my bitch, pretty much."

Now, Santana wasn't much for the idea of being anyone's bitch, but the way Brittany said the words, the way she looked into Santana's eyes, the way she sounded like it was a promise that she was going to keep, it was all just so fucking hot.

"F-fine, it's a deal. You can be in control, whatever…god you're so hot," Santana whimpered, feeling as whipped as ever.

Brittany giggled. "You act like I needed your approval," Brittany said seductively, making Santana's knees quiver in excitement. "Now come on, get your clothes on so we can go to my place to get them off again…"

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