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Brittany awoke that morning prepared.

The blonde sixth grader didn't miss a beat as she leapt out of bed, hitting her alarm clock off and racing deftly over to her dresser. Pulling what she thought were her cutest outfits, she tossed three outfits on her bed. Brittany quickly chose one, took it and raced to the bathroom, taking no notice to her father asking her why she'd be up so early, at six o'clock in the morning.

Brittany locked the bathroom door, dropped her outfit to the floor, ripped off her pajamas and hopped into the shower. She quickly washed herself then left the shower and grabbed the towel that hung from the hanger that jutted out of the wall. Drying herself off, she grabbed the brush and hairdryer, taking a decent amount of time to get her hair just right for her.

Brittany smiled as she pulled on her outfit, checking herself in the bathroom mirror. She dug inside her jeans pocket, pulling out a pink rubber band and tying her hair back into her trademark ponytail. Brittany, dried and clothed, unlocked the bathroom door and walked down the hall and descended the staircase, making her way in the kitchen, where her mother had just began to start making breakfast.

"Hey sweetie." Mrs. Pierce flashed Brittany a grin. "You're up earlier than usual."

Brittany ignored her mother, needing to brush her teeth. She opened the refrigerator, pulled out a can of Doctor Pepper and chugged it down. All better, Brittany thought happily.

Mr. Pierce entered the kitchen, dressed in his work clothes with a newspaper in his hand. He kissed Brittany atop her head and took a seat at the dining room table next to her. There was silence, as Mr. Pierce read the local newspaper and Brittany sat waiting for her mother to finish making her eggs and bacon.

"Daddy?" Brittany began.

Mr. Pierce looked away from his paper. "Yes dear?"

Brittany shifted a bit in her seat, blushing. "Do I like pretty today?"

Mr. Pierce chuckled. "Of course you do!" He was about to go back to reading his newspaper when he returned his attention to his daughter. "Why do you ask?"

Brittany blushed more, her face looking as though it'd light aflame with how red it was getting. "Well…there's this…" Brittany chose her words carefully, not wanting to tell her father there was a girl she liked. "…person at school who I really like. So I just wanted to make sure I was pretty."

Mr. Pierce's eyebrows furrowed as he looked questionable about it. "So you like him?"

Brittany was far from a genius, but she knew that it wouldn't be wise to correct her father on their gender, so Brittany just nodded. "Yes."

Mr. Pierce shrugged. "You really shouldn't be worrying about boys at your age, dear."

"Why not?" Brittany asked, a bit of anger in her tone. I'll like who I want, Daddy, Brittany thought.

"Eh, boys are…well, they can be mean to girls and they can be very insensitive," Mr. Pierce explained.

You don't have to worry about a boy.

Brittany shook her head. "Nope. He's different!" Brittany smiled at her father, reassuring her statement.

Before Mr. Pierce could object, Mrs. Pierce walked in, handing both of them their breakfast. "Oh honey," she said to Mr. Pierce. "It's completely alright to like a boy at her age. And plus, can you blame her? It's Valentine's Day. Everyone's supposed to love somebody on Valentine's Day."

Brittany flashed Mrs. Pierce a smile, silently thanking her for the save.

Mr. Pierce continued on how boys were never to be trusted and that Brittany shouldn't date until she's in her late twenties. Brittany ignored him though, eating her breakfast and finally getting up and racing out to the school bus.

Mr. and Mrs. Pierce watched their daughter as she entered the bus, sitting next to, of course, Santana Lopez.

Mr. Pierce sighed. "You really shouldn't have encouraged her like that."

Mrs. Pierce huffed, crossing her arms. "Oh why not?"

"You know how boys in middle school are like," Mr. Pierce explained. "Hell, I'd feel more comfortable if Brittany decided to date a girl."

The school day couldn't have been any slower for Brittany.

First hour, Brittany had to endure that class without Santana, and it was terrible. More kids picked on her and her teacher, like all other teachers, were oblivious to her pain. They never noticed the jerks who threw crumpled paper at her or the mean kids when they called her stupid or a dumbass. Second hour, fortunately, had Santana in it, so Brittany was okay. Every time the teacher turned and someone tried to poke Brittany, Santana was right next to her, ready to take the person's hand and twist it until they asked her to stop, which didn't take long. Third hour was as dull as any other class, but Brittany was lucky enough to have Santana there to help her when she got stuck on a math problem.

Finally, lunch came, and Brittany couldn't have been more ecstatic about it. Grabbing her bag lunch and Santana's pinky, she made her way to the cafeteria and sat with her best friend at an empty table. Their pinkies never strayed from each others.

Brittany and Santana opened their lunches, eating and smiling at each other.

"Hey San?" Brittany piped up.

"Hm?" Santana looked up from her sandwich.

"I was wondering," Brittany began, desperately trying to hide her blushing cheeks. "Do you want to hang out after school?"

Santana smiled. "Sure Britt. I'd love to."

Brittany's smile widened and she continued to eat her lunch with love on her mind.

Brittany giggled as she led Santana over to a nearby playground that was only a couple minutes away from the school. Santana had questioned Brittany multiple times on where they were going and why Brittany seemed so happy.

"Just a couple more minutes," Brittany assured giddily, continuing to drag Santana by her arm to their destination. Usually, if someone tried to drag Santana, she'd growl, pull away and knock the idiot out. But then again, Brittany was her best friend for life, so she was willing to put up with it.

Finally, the playground came into view. It was completely empty, save for two children swinging on the swing set.

"Come on." Brittany smiled, giving Santana a tug.

Santana groaned, irritated. "Yeah, yeah, I'm coming," she said.

Brittany let go of Santana's arm, skipping over to the red slide and sitting at the bottom. Santana trudged over to her across the woodchips, sitting next to the blonde girl.

"So…why did you need to drag me here?" Santana asked.

Brittany smiled. "I've got a secret, and I want to tell you."

"Kay, shoot."

You can do this Brittany. You'll be fine. Don't worry, play it cool or hot…or whatever.

"I think I love you and not in the best friend way!" Brittany let it all out in one big jumbled mess of a sentence, so much so it was practically incomprehensible.

Santana thought she heard it correctly, but it couldn't be what Brittany actually meant. She couldn't love her like that, right? "Um…what was that Britt?"

Santana frowned. Please don't be what I think it means.

Brittany shifted a bit in her seat on the big red slide. "I said, I think I'm in love with you."

The words 'oh shit' came to Santana's mind immediately.

How could this have happened? Santana thought they had just been friends for years, but now Brittany was saying she was in love with her? Santana had never seen Brittany act affectionate in that way towards her. It was way too weird for Santana's brain to process. How could Brittany like another girl? Santana once heard her mother of the phone saying something about girls liking girls messed up and ugly. But Brittany was Santana's best friend, and she wasn't messed up or ugly at all. Was her mother wrong? Right? Was Brittany playing some kind of joke? A trillion more thoughts and questions raced like sports cars inside Santana's head, almost making her dizzy.

"You can't love me," Santana blurted.

"But I do!" Brittany said, nodding. "It's Valentine's Day, and Mom said that everyone loves someone on Valentine's Day. And I love you."

Santana jumped up from her seat. "I don't care what your mom said!" Santana cried angrily. This was too much for her to handle right now. "Brittany, you're a girl. You can't like other girls."

"Why not?" Brittany asked, perplexed by Santana's sudden outburst. Had she made a mistake in her preparation plans?

Santana placed her hands on her hips. "Because it's messed up! Girls like guys. That makes sense."

Brittany could feel the tears welling in her eyes. Suddenly, sadness transformed into anger, and Brittany stood from her seat, glaring at Santana. "Why is it messed up? Who made that rule? That's stupid! I can like whoever I want!"

Santana sighed. "But I don't like you back! I'm not a lesbian, Brittany!"

Brittany's tears began to fall freely from her cheeks. "So? Why can't we still be in love?" Brittany was trying her best to reject the thought of Santana not having the same feelings. "You promised you were my best friend, and that'd we'd get married! Remember, when we caught the unicorn?"

Santana glared at the blonde, which made Brittany back up in fear. Santana never glared at her. "First off, I never said I'd agree to marry you. I said maybe, and that was because I didn't know any better. And second, it wasn't a fucking unicorn!" Santana shouted the last part, causing Brittany to cry silently even more. "It was a dog! Why would you think it was a unicorn? And that time you said your cat was reading your diary. Or how that wheelchair kid Artie is a robot. I've always defended you when other kids call you dumb. Maybe I was wrong."

Brittany let out a choked sob. "Why…why are you so mean?"

Santana let out a frustrated sigh. "Because I'm pissed! I don't want my best friend to be in love with me! It's weird, it's messed up, it's just wrong."

Brittany noticed that Santana continued on how bad it was, but she couldn't hear her anymore, since she had began to run away. Brittany raced home, as fast as she could. Her heart thudded in her chest and her sides hurt, but she ignored it. She made it to her house, opened the door and ran to her room crying. She locked the door and sunk down in the corner of the room, sobbing.

I'm so stupid. I got all pretty and ready for her, and she just pushed me away. So, so stupid.

Brittany was never prepared for this kind of heartbreak.

And that just made the pain ten times more agonizing.

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