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Santana was in complete awe of her girlfriend at this point. It had been half an hour ago that the duo had hurriedly rushed out of the girls' locker room to get to Brittany's house. Santana was still dizzy from Brittany's seductive promises. Tonight, you're my girl, and my bitch, pretty much, Santana remembered the blonde's sensual words. The very thought made Santana weak in the knees.

Which was odd, considering that Santana was naturally not a bottom. Santana thought of herself as the top and she thought of Brittany as the bottom. It wasn't to demean Brittany or to put herself on a pedestal, it was just the truth. Santana loved being in control, she enjoyed being in powerful positions. She was just one of those people who liked being the boss, it was in her nature. Plus, she watched porn regularly (don't judge her, she can kick your ass, fictional character or not) so she considered herself to be pretty sex savvy. So in the Latina's mind, she was more equipped to be on top. Sure, she had bottomed to Britt before, but it was always after Santana had topped Brittany. That was what they usually did, alternate. Santana on top of Brittany first, then switch. It was a pretty good system, seeing as they both got to get off. But she was never strictly on the bottom.

Santana's mind couldn't help but drift off to the night when she and Brittany had gone on their late night picnic. Santana would like to inform the readers that that was chapter thirty four, to the readers who suck with continuity. The picnic had turned into a hot make out slash feeling up session. The most distinct memory was of Brittany being in total control, and forcing her to beg. Santana had never begged like that, before or after. She thought begging during sex was a sign of weakness, and she felt less in control when she begged. But holy hell was it hot. Santana had thought she'd hate the feeling, but it was wonderful. Letting Brittany just have her way with her, it was amazing, and she still had no idea how the blonde had had that kind of control over her. But thinking about that night made Santana realize that maybe being on the bottom wasn't too bad. This thought made Santana even more excited for what was about to occur.

Santana snapped from her thoughts and began to recognize her surroundings. She was on her and Brittany's street, and Brittany was in front of her, strutting with confidence, leading the way to her house so they could get down to business. Santana quickened her pace until she was walking alongside Brittany instead of behind her.

"Hey," Santana said, her mind not capable to come up with any other word due to the fact that she now had many dirty images in her head.

The lithe girl turned her head to Santana, smiled, and she just had to wink, as if Santana wasn't already in heat enough. "Hey babe," she said.

Santana blinked, mesmerized by her girlfriend's eyes. They had always been strikingly gorgeous, but they looked different. Instead of the innocent glint Santana usually saw in Brittany's eyes, she saw confidence and lust. Lots of lust. Santana felt thoroughly eyefucked, and she was close to moaning a little, but she thanked the skies that she was able to hold it back.

Brittany turned to the right and Santana realized they had arrived to their destination. Brittany spun around to look at her girlfriend, causing her blonde locks to fly around a bit. "My parents are both at work until late. So you better get inside, otherwise you're not getting laid."

Each word dripped with seduction, and Santana fully believed Brittany's threat. So the Latina speechlessly sprinted up past the blonde and inside the house. Brittany couldn't help but smirk at how, with only a few words, she already had Santana just where she wanted her. She followed Santana inside. Closing the door behind her, she looked up to see her small girlfriend standing there expectantly. Brittany licked her lips, making sure Santana saw, just to tease the girl even more. She noticed Santana bite her lip and try to look away. It worked, Brittany thought devilishly.

"Go wait upstairs in my bedroom, I need to check on the cats," Brittany ordered, and Santana disappeared up the stairs.

As she watched Santana ascend the staircase, Brittany couldn't help but be proud of herself. She was achieving what she wanted, to be in control for once in the relationship. Santana had always seemed to "wear the pants", both in bed and out. Brittany had never really mentioned it to Santana, but she didn't like that. Brittany didn't like always being on the bottom in bed, she didn't like how Santana always had to be on top. And as for outside of the bedroom, Brittany didn't much enjoy how often Santana insisted on being control of everything. Santana had always told Brittany about how much of a control freak that Rachel girl was, but Brittany was starting to realize Santana was accountable for that as well. The blonde was noticing that her girlfriend was especially controlling over her, and she always had been really. She constantly tried to force decisions upon Brittany, such as their high school classes. Santana had made it so they would take all of the same classes. Brittany didn't really mind that, but for one, she did like some breathing room once in a while, and two, she got to miss out on a really cool art class because Santana didn't want to take it. Brittany also remembered how Santana was always trying to control who Brittany would hang out with. The first instance she could remember was when Santana got incredibly protective over her friendship with Mike, and that almost ruined their relationship. Their were other instances of that too, such as when Santana specifically told Brittany to stay away from Rachel because she was crazy, even though Brittany thought Rachel was nice. Then the time that Brittany had asked Artie Abrams to help her out in Algebra, Santana had physically pulled her away from him and said that she herself would tutor her. And there were plenty of moments where Santana would mention how she detested the fact that Brittany and Puck had become close friends. It was becoming more and more evident to the blonde that Santana was too in control of her, and she wanted that to stop.

Brittany walked into the kitchen, and saw Lord Tubbington sitting on the floor, looking peculiarly sad. Brittany squatted down and scratched his head affectionately. "You okay big guy?"

Tubbington did his best human impression of a shrug. "To be honest Brittany, not really. Catcake's been avoiding me. We got into a fight awhile ago in chapter thirty seven. I said some mean things, and I think I hurt her feelings. I guess I should be happy that she's not around to bug me, but, I guess I kind of miss her. She really is my only friend, excluding you. And I just want my friend back, ya know?"

Brittany smiled, oblivious. "Lemme guess, you want some food don't you?"

Tubs sighed. "You know Brittany, sometimes I wish you could understand me so we wouldn't have these one sided conversations…"

Brittany just stood up and opened up one of the kitchen cabinets, pulling out a bag of Cheeto Puffs. The blonde tore the top open and placed it on the floor next to the overweight cat. "There you go Tubs. I gotta go upstairs, and don't come in my bedroom. You're too young to see me and San…uh…play games." With that, Brittany hopped over Tubbington and disappeared out of the kitchen.

The large feline sighed sadly and pushed away the bag with his paw. "I'm too distraught to eat."

Santana was waiting in Brittany's room, standing there, anxiously awaiting Brittany's return.

"How long does it fucking take to check on two goddamn cats?" Santana growled irritably. The girl couldn't remember a time when she had been this wet. Seriously, she wouldn't be surprised if it was beginning to show through her pants. She no longer cared about who was on top or bottom, she just needed to be fucked, badly. Was that so much to ask for?

Unexpectedly, the door opened and in entered Brittany, smiling lustily as she shut the door behind her. "Miss me?" Brittany asked. And for added affect, another wink.

Santana didn't respond with words, but instead pounced forward and crashed her lips roughly against Brittany's own, holding the blonde's face in her hands as if she hadn't been able to kiss her in years. But what shocked Santana is that Brittany reached up and pushed her away from her.

Santana blinked rapidly, confused. "W-what?"

Santana was worried for a second that Brittany was upset with her in some way, but Brittany's wide grin washed away that feeling.

"You don't get to be in control Santana," Brittany said, shaking her finger at her girlfriend. Brittany then walked over to the Latina, grabbed her and pushed her up against her bedroom door. Santana sucked in a deep breath as she hadn't expected for Brittany to pin her up against the wall. Brittany leaned down and whispered into Santana's ear, "I do."

Santana was suddenly thankful for Brittany holding her up against the door, otherwise her knees would've surely given out from quivering with arousal.

"Now what do you say baby?" Brittany whispered cheerily with an undertone of lust in her voice.

"Sorry?" Santana tested, not sure of what to say.

Brittany smiled. "Good girl, you should be." After a second, Brittany seductively pressed her body up against Santana, making sure their breasts pressed against each other, and she leaned down to drag her teeth lightly over Santana's neck, making the girl shiver. "You do as I say, Santana. I'm in charge. You don't get to do anything to me unless I say so. If you don't listen to me, I'll stop, completely, and you won't get laid. Got it?"

Santana moaned freely now that they were in the right position for it and just nodded, not trusting herself to form actual words.

Brittany grinned. "Good girl," she repeated.

Brittany continued down to Santana's neck. She began to kiss and suck on a specific area on her neck, biting a little every now and then, making sure to leave her mark on her girl. Santana wanted so badly to reach around and feel up Brittany's ass, but she hadn't already forgotten Brittany's threat. She wasn't to make a move on Britt unless she said she could, and Brittany hadn't given her permission yet so she just kept her hands at her sides, as hard as that was for her. Especially considering that Brittany was really fucking good at this.

Brittany then altered her attention from Santana's neck to her lips, sensually kissing her girlfriend. Brittany, while deepening the kiss, began to grind her hips into Santana's, and it took every bit of willpower for the Latina not to grab Brittany's hips and grind back. Brittany sensed Santana's struggle and couldn't help but smile into the kiss. Santana moaned as Brittany's tongue entered her mouth, running its course along her own tongue. All of Santana's senses were on fire. The feeling of Brittany's body up against her, the taste of Brittany's tongue, the musky scent given off by both of the girl's arousal, the little sounds Brittany was making as she kissed Santana, and the sight of Brittany having her pinned up against the door. Santana was in paradise.

Brittany bit down sexily on Santana's bottom lip before pulling away from the girl completely, causing her girlfriend to groan at the lack of contact. "Shirt, off. Now," Brittany commanded with a forceful tone that was foreign to Santana, until now. Santana, without hesitation, took off her shirt as quickly as possible "Bra too," Brittany said. Santana sighed a little. She really just wanted to get down to the sex. But she complied with Brittany's demand and removed her bra, dropping it at her feet.

"Mmm…" Brittany mewled a little in appreciation, her eyes raking over Santana's taut stomach and her nicely shaped breasts. "Have I ever told you how much I love your body babe?"

"Yeah, plenty of times," Santana replied, wishing Brittany would hurry up. The way the blonde was dragging everything out was torturous.

Brittany shook her head and got a wicked little grin on her face. "No, I mean really told you." Brittany walked lightly forward, and got just as close to Santana as she had been before. Her hands dragged over Santana's stomach, until they met her breasts. Brittany caressed each breast a little, making it a priority to pinch both nipples teasingly. Santana sucked in a breath at the sudden touch, and moaned a little. "Because let me tell you baby, your body is so perfect." Brittany's hands left Santana's breasts and trailed down to the button on her jeans. She unbuttoned the pants and unzipped them, sliding them off with ease. "Your stomach, your legs, your ass, your tits…" Without warning, the taller girl slid her hand inside of Santana's panties and rubbed her finger up against her clit. "…and I especially love your pussy…" Brittany whispered into Santana's ear, making sure to emphasize every point.

"Unng! Fuck Britt!" Santana bucked her hips forward into Brittany's hand, desperately urging her on for more.

"Quiet," Brittany said coldly. Santana bit her lip to keep from any more words escaping her lips. "And don't buck, unless I say so."

"W-why?" Santana stuttered out breathlessly, and she mentally kicked herself at realizing she had just talked.

Brittany removed her hand from Santana's panties and then glared at the girl. "I didn't say you could speak. And I told you not to buck because you do as I say. I thought that was clear?"

Santana frowned as the wonderful sensation of Brittany's hand left her. "I'm sorry Brittany…I just…this is torturous!" Santana exclaimed.

Brittany chuckled a little. "But you can't deny that you're extremely wet and super turned on right now, can you?" Brittany smirked with a lusty look in her eye. "I mean, I should know, after all…" Brittany licked her fingers, the fingers that had just been rubbing up against Santana.

Santana almost drooled at the sight of Brittany licking off her fingers. "Well…yeah, but you're being such a tease!"

Brittany giggled. "That's the point, honey." Brittany suddenly grabbed Santana by the hips and forcefully pulled her up against her, holding her closely in her arms. Santana bit back a moan at the tight embrace. "But maybe you have a point," Brittany mused, licking her lips once more knowing it'd send Santana into a tizzy. "Maybe I've been too much of a tease. But then again, it's so much more fun that way…how about I make you a deal?"

"A deal?" Santana said quizzically, trying not to look down in Brittany's shirt.

"Yeah, a deal. If you let me do what I want and you do as I say, I'll make it worth your while," Brittany promised, adding a wink.

Santana gulped at just how sexy Brittany was being right now. It was ridiculous. "O-okay…" Santana agreed.

Brittany smiled happily. "Good. Now how about you take off your panties and lie down on the bed. Quickly, if you don't mind."

The sultry tone in the blonde's voice urged Santana on enough to remove her panties in record time and climb into Brittany's bed, lying on her back. Brittany smirked, taking in the sight of Santana's body. Her eyes trailing up from her feet, to her legs, to her pussy, and she pretty much stopped there, looking at it longingly, unable to believe how wet it was. It practically was glistening there, just waiting for her tongue.

Brittany had almost forgotten that she was still wearing all of her clothes while Santana was bare naked. Guess that isn't very fair…but a little teasing wouldn't hurt… Brittany thought. And oh, did she have a very evil, teasing idea.

Brittany slid off her sweatpants with ease, but she did it slowly. Painfully slowly in fact. Teasingly dragging it out, showing a tiny bit more skin each second, and all the while Santana watched, wishing she could jump up and pull the damn things off herself. But she had promised the blonde that she would do as she said, so Santana stayed still and awaited for Brittany to continue.

After what seemed like an eternity, Brittany finally kicked off her pants, much to Santana's delight, because now she had a full view of Brittany's long, smooth legs. Santana gulped as Brittany teasingly turned around and swayed her hips, giving Santana the nicest view of her panty-clad ass. Then, with her back still turned to her girlfriend, Brittany lifted up her shirt over her head and tossed it away. In retrospect, she'd wished she'd done it a little more slowly to tease Santana, but then again, Brittany herself was getting a bit anxious.

"Britt…please…I'll do what you want but just…fuck, please stop teasing me…" Santana begged.

Brittany turned back around and grinned a little. Santana was begging. She was begging. Santana Lopez was begging her. And it was hot as hell.

"Why should I stop teasing you babe?" Brittany asked seductively. She then added, "What do you think I should do?"

"Me!" Santana exclaimed helplessly.

Brittany giggled and stepped closer. She leaned down over the bed and looked at Santana. "Be more specific."

Santana gulped. "I want…you to eat me out. So badly. Please babe. I'll do anything. I need you. No more teasing…please."

Brittany grinned and stood up. She reached behind her and unclasped her bra, letting it drop to the floor. She did the same with her panties, and luckily for Santana, she did it quickly enough that Santana wasn't being tortured. Brittany crawled into the bed and slid atop Santana, hovering over her, supporting herself by her hands, looking down at her girlfriend. "Alright then, beg for it."

Santana stared at her. "What?"

"You heard me," Brittany said confidently. "You have to beg if you want it. Bonus points if you're really dirty about it."

"But Britt- - -"

Brittany shook her head. "Don't even Santana. You better beg, otherwise, I leave. I could be doing so many other things right now. I could be making myself some food, I could be checking on Catcake, I could be blogging about Mean Girls on Tumblr. But no, I'm here with you, pretty close to fucking your brains out. So if you want it to stay that way, you better beg for me to eat you out. That's only fair right?"

Oh fuck it, just do it, Santana thought. "Fuck…Brittany…please, I need you…"

"Keep going," Brittany urged.

Before Santana could even say anything else, she felt Brittany reach down and began to rub her clit once more. Santana moaned and, remembering what the blonde said earlier, tried her hardest not to buck into her. Santana was too dazed to even speak, all she could focus on was Brittany rubbing her faster and faster.

Brittany sighed. "I said," Brittany, without warning, slid a finger inside Santana's center, "keep going."

"Fuck!" Santana cried out, bucking up into Brittany's hand. "Fuck me! Please Britt! Fuck me harder. Faster! Oh my god…"

Brittany grinned. Now Santana was getting the picture. "You're doing better." She added a second finger, scissoring them into Santana's slit, faster and a little more roughly, something which Santana appreciated very much.

Santana moaned wildly. "Unng, oh my fucking god! Yes Britt! Yes! Go…go down. Go down on me. Lick my pussy. Fuck me. Anything! I don't care! Oh god, I want it so much! Fuck!"

Santana's words spurred Brittany on a lot more than she expected them too. "As you wish, sexy," Brittany said airily, and with that, she crawled down to Santana's center. She still had two fingers inside Santana, driving them in and out at a rapid pace. Brittany took in the scent of Santana's wetness and almost moaned herself, but she suppressed it. Brittany removed her fingers pretty easily, due to all the wetness. Santana didn't mind much though, because the fingers were instantly replaced with Brittany's tongue.

Brittany began lapping up Santana's juices, dragging her tongue along the Latina's slits, always making sure to flick the clit after each lick. Brittany pushed Santana's legs apart to give herself more room to do her dirty work. Santana was going wild, thrusting upwards into Brittany's face and moaning like she'd never moaned before. She was sure that it was the foreplay and the dirty talking before that had made her act like this. Santana was now kind of glad that Brittany had been such a tease with her. The build up had made the actual sex so much more satisfying.

To add insult to injury, or in this case, euphoria to pleasure, Brittany once more inserted two fingers while continuing her ministrations of licking away at Santana's pussy. She drove the fingers inside of her hard and deep, knowing Santana enjoyed it like that. And Brittany made sure to hit Santana's sweet spot over and over again with her fingers, while licking her clit. The good thing that comes with screwing a person for months, is that you find out all their weaknesses and their little areas that drive them wild. Brittany had found Santana's g-spot a while ago, something she was actually proud of, seeing as she had heard from so many guys that for them it was impossible to find. Maybe it was because Brittany was a girl and that was why it was so easy for her to find. She just assumed that's how it always was. Bitches get stuff done.

Santana was moaning uncontrollably now, humping upwards desperately, and she knew that with the combined efforts of Brittany's tongue and Brittany's fingers that climax was coming very soon. Oh, coming, bad choice of words.

Santana, thrusting upwards, moaned out, "Britt! I'm…I'm close!"

Brittany took this as a sign to continue even harder and faster. She relentlessly pounded her fingers into Santana and licked along her pussy like there was no tomorrow. Santana groaned and moaned, urging the blonde on, and then, the inevitable happened. Santana came, and she came extremely hard, at that. A sensation that felt like a tidal wave roared throughout her body, and her toes curled at just how amazing the feeling was. She had never had an orgasm like that before, not while watching porn, and not with Brittany, until now. Brittany continued licking, loving the overflowing taste of Santana's juices. The taste was so sweet, as always. Santana thrust up into Brittany's face a few more times, riding out the waves of her orgasm, moaning as she did, until finally, it was over. Brittany slowly removed her fingers and licked at Santana's slit a little more, sucking up the last of Santana's wetness.

"Oh my god…holy shit…Brittany…dear god…is your tongue on steroids?" Santana asked dizzily.

Brittany crawled off of Santana and laid down next to her. "Nah, pretty sure my tongue hasn't been taking any illegal substances." Brittany slung her arm around Santana's waist and cuddled up to her. She then remembered something. "Hey San? Can we talk?"

Santana, still recovering from her orgasm, took a few deep breaths. "About what babe?"

"Well…" Brittany thought for a minute to make sure her words came out right. "You know how I did this because I wanted to take control? The sex I mean."

"Yeah, so? What about it? The fact that it was awesome?" Santana turned over to look at Brittany and smile.

"No…" Brittany then shook her head and quickly said, "I mean, it was awesome. Don't get me wrong. But that's not what I wanted to talk about. The reason I sort of…wanted to dominate you like that…" Brittany began to blush at the statement, but tried to ignore it. "The reason I wanted to do that stuff to you is because sometimes…I feel like you're always in control of everything in our relationship."

Santana's face fell. "W-what do you mean?"

"I mean like, how you always freak out whenever I hang out with other people. Or how you chose all of my classes for me and didn't give me much say in the matter. Or how you always tell people to leave us alone at lunch until it's just you and me," Brittany listed off the reasons.

Santana frowned. "I'm…I'm sorry baby…I didn't know that that bothered you."

Brittany could see it in Santana's eyes. Santana felt sad. She felt like she had fucked up, badly. Brittany was one of the few people to know how emotional Santana could get. Little did everyone know, Santana was an easy cry-er and even when she didn't cry she still could get very emotional. Brittany remembered getting into a fight with Santana recently over something really stupid, so stupid Brittany couldn't even remember what the fight was about. Brittany had said some harsh words to Santana, nothing extremely hurtful, but still mean spirited. And the blonde remembered how Santana had teared up within seconds. Brittany spent the rest of the night consoling her and telling her she was sorry. Then there was that time that Santana tried to hide the fact that she cried while watching "A Walk to Remember" with Brittany. She said she just had something in her eye, but Brittany knew better. She was a genius, after all.

Brittany instinctively placed a light kiss upon Santana's lips. "Don't be sad, please don't."

Santana appreciated the kiss. It made her feel a lot better. "I'm sorry though. I guess I'm over protective. Do you want some space from me?"

"No!" Brittany insisted. "I love being around you. All day, everyday. I just, want you to be a little less protective. And ya know, try not to control everything. It's not like I'm gonna leave you for someone else just because I talk to them."

Santana chuckled a little. "I guess you're right…I overreacted."

"So, promise you'll try to get better with all of that?" Brittany asked, pulling Santana back into her arms.

"Yeah, yeah, I promise," Santana said, kissing Brittany.

Brittany smiled into the kiss, but then pulled away. "Alright, enough of this mushy stuff, there's something else you need to do."

"What's that?"

"Well, I went down on you, so it's only fair that you return the favor, right?"

"Britt, I like the way you think."

"Duh, I'm like, the best thinker ever. But seriously, go down on me. Now."

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