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For the last hour, all Brittany could do was pace around her room. She'd walk in circles, straight lines, zigzags, squares, and plenty of other patterns and shapes. When Mrs. Pierce came up to her room and asked her why she was pacing so much, Brittany looked like she was about to burst into tears. She took a seat on her bed, cuddled up to Catcake, and explained her pacing to her mom.

"I haven't heard from Santana in two days," Brittany said, sniffling. "I'm worried."

Mrs. Pierce sighed. "Honey, I'm sure Santana's fine."

"Mom! How would you know? Aliens could've eaten her! Catcake could've eaten her!" Brittany exclaimed. After a few seconds of silence, Brittany glared at her cat. "You better not have eaten her."

The cat gave a meow.

"Good," Brittany said.

Mrs. Pierce suppressed a chuckle. "Listen, sweetie, if you're that worried about her, how about I call her mom and see what's up with Santana, okay?"

"Okay," Brittany said.

After Mrs. Pierce left the room, Brittany took in a deep breath. "She's fine. Probably just broke her phone. That's why she doesn't answer. She couldn't have moved. Or flown away. Or something. Right, Catcake?"

Catcake, swishing her fluffy tail, meowed and curled up into a ball, trying to go to sleep.

"Catcake!" Brittany cried. "This is serious business! You can't just go to sleep!"

The cat raised a paw and waved Brittany away.

"No I will not leave you alone!" Brittany huffed.

Catcake ignored the blonde and closed her eyes.

Brittany glared. "You always do this!" With that, Brittany stormed off. As she neared the stairs, she could hear her mother talking on the phone to Santana's mother. Brittany, excited and scared of what she would learn, raced down the stairs and listened closely to what her mother was saying.

"Oh that's terrible," Mrs. Pierce was saying. "She hasn't been getting any better? Wow. That's just awful, to be that sick."

Brittany gasped. Santana was sick? How sick? From what her mother was saying, it sounded like Santana was really sick. Brittany's eyes widened. Was Santana going to die? Santana couldn't die! Brittany felt like her heart was about to pound right out of her chest. She needed to do something, but what could she do? She wasn't a doctor, she wasn't a wizard, and she wasn't a Squirbil, so there was no way she could help Santana if she was going to die.

Brittany, on the brink of crying, raced out of the house. She grabbed her bike, and pedaled as hard as she could. There couldn't have been much time. Brittany knew Santana's parents wouldn't be home as they always worked during the day. With nobody home, then nobody could take care of Santana. They didn't know how dangerous it was to leave her alone!

Finally, a tired, worn out Brittany reached Santana's house. She leapt off her bike and zoomed up to the porch. She threw the door open, shutting it behind her as she raced inside and up the stairs. She counted the rooms and opened Santana's door. The Latina's room was covered with tissues and Santana (who looked very sickly) was laying in her bed, wrapped up in covers, watching TV.

"You can't die!" Brittany cried, rushing to Santana's side and kneeling beside her bed.

"What the fuck?" Santana screamed at the sudden intrusion.

Brittany was close to sobbing. "Please, you can't just leave me! You can't die!"

"I'm not going to die! Now what the hell are you doing?" Santana asked, very freaked out.

Brittany sniffled. "My mom talked to your mom and they were talking about how you were super sick and stuff…" Brittany sniffled again.

"Well…damn, you didn't have to freak out." Santana then turned away and sneezed, followed by a groan. "I'm not dying, I just have a really, shitty cold."

Brittany looked at her secret girlfriend and then at all the tissues. "Ohhhhhhh…"

"Yeah, 'oh'," Santana said, chuckling a bit.

"So…you're okay?" Brittany asked hopefully, her eyes shimmering.

Santana smiled reassuringly at her. "Yes, Brit, I'm fine."

Brittany sighed, crossed her arms and huffed. "That's not fair! You shouldn't be sick."

"Ugh, tell me about it." Santana reached for the remote and flipped through the channels, finally landing on Fairly Odd Parents. Santana hated it, Brittany loved it. "Summer's almost over, and how do I get to spend my last days of freedom? Sick, alone and bored as fuck. Life sucks."

Brittany grinned at her. "Somebody's grumpy," Brittany said in her sing song voice.

Santana glared. "I'm not being grumpy."

"Whatever, Ms. Grumpy Face," Brittany said, smiling. Before Santana could even reply, Brittany cut in. "So, do you want anything, now that I'm here? Like soup? I heard once that soup sometimes helps colds or something. I dunno if it was true, I was half asleep when I heard it. And my foot was asleep too…so yeah."

"One, we don't have any soup," Santana said. "Two, I don't trust you with cooking."

"I'm the greatest cooker ever!" Brittany defended. "So what if all my meals end up getting burnt or chopped wrong…or burnt!"

Santana sneezed again, then coughed, then sneezed again. "You shouldn't even be here," Santana told her.

Brittany looked hurt. She had pedaled all the way here, and now her girlfriend was trying to kick her out? What had she done? Brittany thought Santana wasn't angry at her anymore, did she lie? "No, I don't wanna leave, meanie face." Brittany crossed her arms and glared at her girlfriend.

Santana sighed. "I'm not trying to be mean, Brit! I'm just saying, with me around, you'll probably catch what I've got. I don't want you to get a cold like me, it sucks."

Brittany shrugged. "I don't mind. Plus, I don't want to leave you all alone here. I mean, you're feeling terrible, so maybe I can be here to help you not feel terrible. I'm good at stuff like that. Mom says I rock at making people smile, so go ahead." Brittany looked expectantly at Santana. "Smile. I know you want to."

Santana turned to Brittany and saw that the blonde was staring at her with her tongue out. Santana couldn't help but laugh. "That's so stupid."

"If it's so stupid, why are you laughing?" Brittany asked, standing up and smirking at her girlfriend.

When Santana tried to reply, her smile faded and she erupted in a fit of coughs and sneezes. When it finally ended, Santana looked terrible. "Ugh! Fucking cold!" She grabbed one of her pillows and threw it at the wall in frustration. She looked like she could attack any living being within a thirty mile radius. Brittany was just glad that she was safe, seeing as she was dating the enraged girl.

"Oh, I know what to do!" Brittany said.


"I played doctor once with my cousin when she had a cold! So I can be your doctor, and you'll get better!" Brittany said excitedly.

"I don't think- - -" But before Santana could finish, Brittany had left the room. To be honest, Santana didn't trust Brittany with doctor duties. Her dad was a doctor, so she knew how the job worked, and she was one hundred percent sure that Brittany would not make a very good doctor. This worried the Latina as to how Brittany thought she would be able to cure the sick girl.

Brittany returned quicker than Santana thought she would have. The blonde was carrying a glass of water. She went over to Santana and handed her the glass. "Here, drink that," Brittany said. Santana did as she was told (even though she didn't like being told what to do, she decided for Brittany she'd just shut up about it. Also, she was too sick to fight about anything) and drank the water.

"Come on, chug it!" Brittany said, trying to rush her. "This is a delicate procedure!"

Santana stopped drinking. "Procedure? One, what are you talking about? Two, How do you know the word procedure?"

Brittany sighed. "One, I'm the doctor, remember? And two, I dunno. Thought it was a made-up word."

Santana shrugged and finished the water, ignoring Brittany's eccentric behavior. "Now what, Doctor Pierce?"

Brittany grinned at the use of her 'professional' name. "Now, we have got to make you comfortable and warm. Because apparently, that's really good for people with colds." Then, Brittany grabbed Santana's blanket and tucked the Latina in, then threw another blanket over her, and tucked her in a second time.

"It's hot!" Santana whined.

"That's the point, silly," Brittany said, giggling. Suddenly, Brittany hopped into bed with Santana, resting her head on the girl's shoulder. Santana wasn't complaining, this was nice, but also kind of confusing.

"What are you doing?" Santana asked her girlfriend.

"Step three of the procedure. Cuddling." Brittany then went on to cuddle up to Santana. "See, whenever I don't feel good, I cuddle up with Catcake and then I feel a lot better. So maybe it'll work for you. I dunno, I don't even have my doctor's license yet, so I might be wrong." Brittany shrugged, then cuddled closer.

Santana knew she should probably be worried about if her parents would come home and see them cuddling, or getting Brittany sick, but with Brittany this close to her, she honestly couldn't care. Plus, Brittany said she didn't care if she got sick, and Santana's parents didn't come home from work until late in the afternoon. So now, it was just Santana, Brittany and the television.

"I like this procedure," Santana said, smiling. Santana was beginning to realize how much more comfortable she was becoming with her and Brittany's relationship. When it first started, she would've felt awkward about cuddling like this. Now all she could do was smile contently and return the favor. Santana could not be happier that she was finally getting over her shyness when it came to liking girls.

All of these thoughts about getting over her shyness made Santana think about kissing Brittany. They hadn't had their official first kiss yet, the first one was just a fluke. An accident. And it had been so awkward. Santana wondered when she would be ready to kiss Brittany for real. She definitely didn't feel ready now, even after getting over most of her shyness. So when would she be ready? It seemed like Brittany was ready for kissing, and Santana didn't think it was all too fair for her to hold out on her girlfriend. She just hoped it wouldn't be too long before she was ready. What if she would never be ready? Was that even possible. Santana sighed and cleared her head, trying to forget about all of that stuff, for now, at least.

The Latina looked at Brittany. "So, is there a fourth procedure?"

"Definitely," Brittany said, smiling.

Santana couldn't help but smile back. "And it is…?"

"Watch Fairly Odd Parents!" Brittany said excitedly. With that, she turned to watch the TV. Santana couldn't help but laugh.

"Sounds like a plan."

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