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Will be switching POVs for a while.

Chapter 1: Starting

He sees all the other first years as he walks along side them. But he doesn't know what this is all about. He heard what the other kids were saying but it doesn't make any sense to him. Uncle Vernon said there was no such thing as magic, yet here was a school to teach them how to use their magic. It doesn't make any sense.

An older lady comes out and talks to them. He doesn't comprehend what she is saying. He knows what the words mean, but it doesn't make any sense. He just follows the rest of the children into the large room.

This room was huge. There were tons of other children in there, older children. All watching them, all watching.

The older lady was talking again. She is holding this ratty looking hat. He didn't know hats could talk, let alone sing. He doesn't know a lot of things, He doesn't think.

The lady is calling names up. One by one the first years go up and get the ratty talking hat placed on their head. After a while, the hat yells something. He doesn't know what it is yelling, but the children seem to know. After the hat yells, the kid goes to a table, the table he or she goes to is cheering for them.

She calls out his name, but he doesn't go up. He didn't know this was his name, he was only called a few names in his life, but part of the name she calls he recognizes.

"Potter, Harry?" The hall goes quite, then whispering starts as no one goes up. "Potter!" He goes up. He recognizes that name. It was one of the few names his uncle called him.

He sits down on the stool. The lady places the hat on his head.

"Well, if it isn't Mr. Potter. I was wondering if I was ever going to sort you. Why didn't you up when your name was called?" Silence. "Mr. Potter?" He doesn't respond. He was never allowed to respond. "Now if you don't communicate with me, I will have a very difficult time sorting you. Nothing? Very well. I will just look into your mind." Darkness. "Mr. Potter? Can you hear me? Do you understand what I am saying? Are you there?" Silence.

"If you understand what I am to tell you, I need you to give me to Professor McGonagall." A flash of recognition. "Yes, the older lady who placed me on your head. Give me to her if you please."

He hands the hat over to the lady. Whispers start around the large room. She looks at him strangely and she takes the hat and places it on her head. Her eyes widen. She looks at him then over to the older man with the long white beard. She walks over to him and the whisper to one another. The older man's eyes widen somewhat and he looks from him to the older lady.

He nods and whispers one last thing to her. She walks over to the boy and tells him to stand over to the side while she continues with placing the hat on other children's heads. He stands there not seeing the looks coming from the darkly dressed man sitting behind him.

Snape POV

'This is the year the Potter brat should start.' Severus Snape thought as he was sitting at the teacher's table watching the Great Hall fill up with imbecile children. Why did he work as a professor at a school? He askes himself this everyday, and he only comes up with one conclusion, Dumbledore. He works for the man as a double spy against the now dead/missing Dark Lord. The only reason he went to Dumbledore was because he wanted to protect Lily, but in the end, no one was able to protect her.

McGonagall comes into the Great Hall with the new first years following behind her. Snape sees a child who looks alot like James Potter, but it couldn't be his child. Couldn't be Lilly's child. This kid no expression whatsoever. Just standing there as the other children are called up to be sorted.

"Potter, Harry?" The kid makes no movement.

'Perhaps it wasn't the Potter Brat."

"Potter?" The kid walks up to the stool and McGonagall places the sorting hat on him.

'So, does he think he can just make everyone wait for him to take his sweet time? It was almost like he didn't even know his name is Harry. What is taking that bloody hat so long?' Just as he thinks this, the boy stands up and takes the hat over to McGonagall. She places the hat on herself and not a moment later, her eyes widen. She looks at the boy then walks over to Dombledore.

They whisper a few things but the only things Snape can hear from his position at the teacher's table are, "Nothing, absolutely nothing."

"...you sure?"


"Very well ... to the side ... talk later ... "

McGonagall then puts the boy off to the side and finishes with the sorting.

'What made the sorting hat not sort this brat?'

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