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Chapter 13: Dialog

Harry had whispered, "Dea."

"Dea? What's wrong with her?" Severus asked. He is hoping that she didn't run off again.

Harry just shakes his head and starts pulling at Severus's sleeve. "Everyone, clean up your work stations and leave. No assignment for tonight. Be quick about it!"

Everyone quickly cleaned up and left. They were worried that if they stayed, Severus would assign a homework assignment.

Severus let himself be pulled through the corridors, quickly murmuring a locking spell on the classroom door as they left it. He was pulling into their chambers and pulled into the corner where Dea's cage was. Here, he saw what Harry was trying to tell him. Dea's eggs where hatching.

Severus looks down at Harry by his side. He his hopping up and down with a smile on his face. He looks up at Severus and just continues smiling. They both look back to the cage to see the first hatchling escape from their egg. A small black snake, the size of a worm, is the first to hatch.

Dea, who has been watching this whole time, hisses to Harry.

Harry whispers to Severus. "A male."

Severus just then realizes that Harry is speaking, for the first time. However, he doesn't mention it right now as another hatchling is introduced; another black snake, a little longer then the first one. Dea hisses to Harry and then he tells Severus, "A female."

Another one hatches, this time a short, fat, black snake; a male. The forth snake, however, was different. It was a pale white snake.

"A white snake?" Severus wondered out loud. He heard Dea hissing to Harry.

Harry whispers to Severus, "A female. Albino. Rare, but the male she was with had an albino mother."

"Ah, hereditary." Dea hisses to Harry and Harry responds to Severus, "She said it's too early for any of them to become familiars, but she'll let us know when I can have one as a familiar."

Harry then pulls Severus to the couch and they sit down. "Thank you for coming to get me Harry."

"I knew you wouldn't want to miss your familiar's big day."

"No I wouldn't." He wraps an arms around Harry's shoulders and pulls him in for a hug. "Thank you."

Harry nods. Severus decided to bring up Harry's talking now. "So, I realized you started talking to me."

Harry blushes, smiles, and then nods. "I knew you wouldn't leave the classroom unless it was something important. And Dea is important to you."

"She is, that she is."

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The next few days flew by for the both of them. Severus still took care of his classes while Harry stayed in the rooms, helping Dea whenever and however he could with the hatchlings. In the evenings, and after Severus takes care of grading papers and detentions, Severus and Harry sit around talking about anything and everything that comes to their mind.

Severs ends talking about why he became a death eater, what being a death eater is like, and more. Harry talks about his time with the Dursley's. At one point, Severus stood up angrily and started yelling.

"Severus, please. I'm okay now. It's nothing to get worked up over," Harry says to trying to calm Severus.

"Nothing to get worked up over? They abused you, physically and mentally! Not to mention neglected you! No wonder you are so small. You haven't been eating like a growing boy should have!"

"Yes, but I'm here now. I'm fine."

"But what of the summer? Bloody hell! You'll be going straight back there! All of your progress could be pushed back so much!"

"Then when the summer comes, I'll just go back. I've lasted this long with them; I can last a few more years until I am old enough to leave them for good."

Severus sighs, "But Harry, I'm worried for you. What if… What if we could find someone to watch you over the summers?"

"But who would want to watch me? Who would want to babysit me for an entire summer?"

"Harry, I would. You know I would, but during the summer I brew dangerous potions for the school-"

Harry interrupts, "Dangerous? Why would a school need dangerous potions?"

Severus chuckles, "The potions themselves aren't dangerous, but the brewing processes are. One wrong stir and they could become deadly. But that's not the point, if I can find someone who I trust to take care of you over the summer, would you go?"

"Yes!" Harry exclaims eagerly. "I'd do anything to avoid going back there!"

"Then it's settled. You will not be going back there, even if I have to lock you in a room while I brew," Severus says smirking.

Harry smiles then takes a big yawn. "I'm going to chat with Tom for a bit then head to bed."

"Alright Harry. Good night."

"Good night, Severus"

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