Title: Cirque Du Degrassi

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"Dad burned my cereal today..."

"Mine too..."

"I wish mom was here."

"Can we not talk about it? Please?"

"Come on Caley, we all know it wasn't your fault!"

"I was in charge of the elephants though..." Korie stopped roller-skating and jammed her foot in front of her sister's rainbow skate-board, sending her sister to a halt. "What the heck did you do that for?" Korie grabbed her sister by the shoulders saying, "I know you're upset-so am I-but it was not your fault!" Caley opened her mouth to reply to her sister's statement, but Korie was too quick, "Can we not argue today? We should be on time for our first day at," She took a folded piece of paper out of her pocket, "Degrassi High School." Caley nodded and started skating away, followed by her sister. Caley and Korie. They were always together. They were born into the circus business and loved it there. Caley-as was mentioned before-is in charge of all the well-treated animals at The Cirque. Korie on the other hand, was an acrobat. It was all going great until their mother was in an accident during a practice show. It was an elephant accident. Caley has blamed herself ever since. Due to the accident, their father, Mr. Afia, moved the girls out of the circus and into an actual school, hoping to avoid another accident.

The girls arrived at Degrassi while some students were getting out of their cars. Korie knelt down, pulling up her rainbow knee-socks and changing into normal shoes, while Caley observed the people. They all had one thing in common: they were all wearing these-dare we say it- grey, red, and blue uniforms. Feverishly tapping her sister's shoulder, she gasped at her realization. "Oh my gosh Caley! What is it?" Her sister leaned closely to whisper the news to Korie, "They have uniforms!" Korie whipped her head around to observe her surroundings. Sadly, she realized that all students were indeed wearing uniforms. Caley and Korie looked at each other, opened their mouths, and screamed, running all the way to Principal Simpson's office.

"Principal-"Caley glanced at the name plate on his desk, "Simpson? How can there be uniforms here?" Korie looked up from her position on a chair in front of his desk saying, "I'm allergic to the color grey...and uniforms in general." Principal Simpson stared at Korie. Stepping in, Caley excused her sister, "You see, we grew up in the circus. We grew up with colorful costumes, not grey uniforms." Principal Simpson took a sit behind his desk and sighed, "I'm sorry girls, but ever since someone brought a knife to Degrassi and threatened one of our student, we can't take the risk." Korie gripped the handles of her chair. "But," Principal Simpson started, "You can accessorize, as long as it's appropriate." Caley and Korie both sighed, "I guess we can work with that," They said in unison. Simpson looked between the to girls: Korie, wearing rainbow knee socks, a blue tank top with a black music note on it, and jean shorts, and Caley, wearing earrings made out of paperclips, I heart the Cirque shirt and jeans. "Well girls. Here are your locker combinations and classes. Don't worry, your father kept you two together." The girls got up to leave when Simpson concluded, "Welcome to Degrassi." Korie and Caley rolled their eyes.

"I hate lockers," Korie stated, still struggling with hers for the umpteenth time. Frustrated she stamped her foot and growled. "Well," Caley started, "It's not like mine likes me either." They didn't need lockers in the circus, why do they need them know? "You girls need some help?" Korie and Caley whipped around to see two boys. One with brown hair covered by a navy blue hat, the other with black hair and green eyes. Naturally being ones to question Korie confronted them, "And... who are you?" The brown haired boy stepped forward, "I'm Adam," He addressed himself, clearly looking at Caley. Korie crossed her arms, "And you?" The dark haired boy simply answered, "Eli. And... who are you?" Eli asked mockingly. Caley turned away from her conversation with Adam and said, "My name's Caley." Korie gave up her act saying quickly, " I'm Korie. We're twins and new. We moved here from the circus, and I'm pretty sure everyone knows because they keep whispering about us. I hate uniforms, I miss my old home, and I can't get my flippin' locker open!" She sighed and slumped against the lockers pink streaked blonde hair fell in front of her eyes. Caley slumped with her sister , brown hair falling in her face, looking up at the boys saying, "Help?"

"Sure I'll help," Eli said simultaneously. "Anything for a damsel in distress." "FIY, we are perfectly capable of looking after ourselves!" Korie retorted.

"Way to be sexist!" Caley said at the same time.

"Lay off! I was just kidding!" Eli stammered, defensively.

"I thought it was FYI..." Adam said, trailing off at the end.

"No! FIY! It mean For Information Your!" Korie insisted.

"Okay, okay... why don't I help Caley, Eli you help Korie." Adam said, suddenly authoritative. Caley smiled, "I'm okay with that. I get the cuter one!" Caley said jokingly. "Nuh uh! I got the cuter one!" Korie replied, trying not to laugh. Meanwhile, the boys just continued trying to help these new additions in Degrassi.

"So, how was your alone time with Eli?" Caley teased Korie as they trotted off to class. Korie smirked, "I could ask the same thing of you!" Korie responded. Caley laughed, "Mine went great! I decorated my locker with all these awesome drawings and photos, etcetera. Adam really liked it too." Caley said. Korie stopped in her tracks,"Oooh! Caley has a crush!"

"Do not..." Caley replied, weakly.

"Do too!"

"Maybe just a little... but you so like Eli!"

"Not true!"

"Uh huh..."

"No really!"

"Oh-kay" Caley said, with a sing-song voice

Just then, Eli, Adam, and two other girls joined Caley and Korie as they skipped to lunch. "Hi! Who are you?" Korie asked the two girls. The one with the curly brown hair said, "I'm Fiona."

"I'm Clare," the shorter one with wavy ear-length hair said, "I'm Eli's girlfriend"

"Actually, as of yesterday, we're not talking right now." Eli explained.

"Oh?" Caley said, questioningly.

"She's a manipulating bitch" Eli mumbled. Clare-hearing this-stomped off

"And Fiona's my girlfriend" said Adam said, trying to break the tension.

"Awkward silence" Korie mumbled.

"What?" Eli said.


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