Episode 1 Awakening

Gerland: Dang it! Problem with development of Project Nightmare resulted in red quails turning to dark blue. Her eye color has become a blood chilling red.

Maria: Grandpa…

Gerland: Yes Maria?

Maria: When will you wake those two up?

Gerland: Project Shadow needs about one more hour…

Maria: And Nightmare?

Gerland: I can wake her up right now and I probably should…

Maria: Why?

Gerland: She learns while she's awake.


Project Nightmare: Ow I have a headache.

Gerland: "Chuckles" I'm happy to see you worked out right.

Maria: Hi there Night.

Night: Hello Dr. Gerland. Hello Maria.

Gerland: Night actually fits her better then Nightmare. You two go play now.

Maria: Okay

Night: Roger!

Gerland: Oh wait I almost forgot. Night here is your shades.

Night What?

Maria: To keep people from being scared of your gaze.


Maria: You called for us?

Night: Shadow is that really you?

Shadow: Night…

Gerland: Yes and I see Night realized why.

Maria: How do they recognize each other?

Gerland: They were semi aware while in stasis.

End of part 1

Xetreme: Yep new mini series is up.

Maria: Cute I'm a hedgehog!

Xetreme: Maria is a hedgehog in this fic to begin with.

Chaos: Great you like that pairing.

Start of part 2

Night: Can't you keep up?

Maria: Gerland was nuts when he gave you two your speed. I can run in short bursts but that's it.

Shadow: It's good to see you two…

Maria: What's wrong Shadow?

Shadow: Night and I are suppose to start combat training today…

Maria: It's not that bad. Even I know how to fight.

Night: Even though you're a pacafit?

Maria: Pacifist and yes.

Shadow: "snicker" Why would you have to fight?

Night: Pacafit, Pacifit, Pacifist.

Maria: I'm a hedgehog so I need to know how to fight. You finally know how to say pacifist.

Shadow: Do you still have combat training?

Maria: Yep, my next stop is training.

Shadow: That's when we have it!


Night: Nightmare Rush!

Shadow: Ouch! Chaos Blast!


Gerland: Shadow try not to pull the training room apart!

Night: That was mean!

Shadow: So what are you going to do about it?

Night: Try to keep up!


Shadow: Wait up!


Gerland: Ouch! That's why I don't let them run.

Maria: Shadow can't keep up and he's using his skates while Night isn't!

End of Part 2

Xetreme: Next part introduces Bio.

Maria: Joy!

Xetreme: And one of the ARK incidents.

Part 3

Maria: Ughh two more halls…

Shadow: Stupid Gizod.


Night: Yikes! I wish I had grabbed a Draco instead of this machine gun!

Gizod: I have a headache…

Shadow: Maria make a run for it! We'll deal with Ermil!

Maria: Okay!

Night: Tactic 20, Shadow!

Shadow: It's worth a shoot!

Night: Nightmare Rush!

Shadow: Chaos Control!


Shadow: Chaos Blast!


Ermil: That stung a little bit. My turn!

Night: Huh? Let go of me!

Shadow: Grrr…


Shadow: Grumble… Can you get up?

Night: Ow… I don't think so…

?: Not ssso fassst Ermil!

Ermil: Wha…


?: That ssshould take you down a ssstep.

Night: Bio!

Shadow: Chaos Control!

Night: Owch… That was mean!


Night: Perfect!


Ermil: An energy weapon!


Bio: Whoops!

Night: Why am I always the one that gets hit.

Ermil: Back down or the girl gets it.

Shadow: Shoot!

Bio: No!

Night: That should deal the final blow.


Night: Look what was powering him.

Shadow: A Chaos Emerald!

Bio: Get a medic!

Shadow: Why?

Night: I still can't move my legs.


Shadow, Ermil, and Gerland are owned by SEGA.

Maria current form, Night, Bio, and Chaos Final Form owned by me.

Written by Xetreme.