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A women hockey player is an unfair advantage to the women's hockey league. She decides to try out for the NHL. No one can deny that she is good but can they really let a women play in this league? She gets in and is entered into the first round of the draft. The Minnesota WILD picks her up. She was only 18 fresh out of high school and she would defiantly have a long career. She is great. This is the story of her hockey life.

Chapter one- the first day of practice-

It was the day of my first practice with my new team. I had played hockey with guys my whole life. I knew that I wasn't going to be welcomed with open arms. I would have to prove myself to them.

I was driving to the Xcel energy center. I loved this place. When I was growing up, we visited here all the time. I can't belie that I'm finally going to be playing her all the time. I was living my dream.

I didn't bother putting my hair into my hat like I usually do when I'm going to play hockey. They knew I was a girl they had all been in a meeting before practice was to start. They had talked about how to behave with me joining the team.

I was going to prove to them that they didn't need to baby me. I had always been treated like one of the boys and I knew that other teams weren't going to have a problem checking me into the boards. I was going to show them that I'm strong and I can do whatever a boy could do.

It was weird walking into the arena by myself. My hockey bag was heavy on my shoulder. The wild were still trying to find a distributer for clothes that would fit me. So I brought my own stuff for practice today.

They all stared at me as I walk in. I felt even shorter then usual. At 5' 4", I was use to being looked down on but twenty men at least 5' 11" didn't often surround me. I don't think they realized how small I was. They were expecting a girl that plays hockey. They probably thought that I was going to be a lot more muscular then I am. I was only 135 lbs I didn't have big muscular arms but that defiantly didn't mean that I couldn't fend for myself. My senior year in high school I had been suspended from my team for three games because I got into a fight with a boy and broke his nose. But they didn't know that yet. I had to show them how strong I was.

A short stubby man raced forward with a hand extended he was the general manager of the Wild. He was the one who knew how good I was.

"Bella, Hi, how are you? We're so excited to have you join us. The boys have all been talked to they know how to behave around you. I hope that you have a great first practice with us" he said it all so fast that I had to lean in to make it out.

Was he nervous that I was going to be practicing with them?

" Hi, I'm doing just fine. I'm very excited to be playing for you guys. However telling the boys how to behave around me Id rather they treat me like any other teammate. No special treatment because I'm a girl" I replied back calm with appropriate pausing between all my words I wasn't nervous if anything I was excited this was my dream and I couldn't wait to start playing.

I looked around at all the players and raised my hand to wave.

"Hey guys, I'm Bella and please don't treat me like a girl on the ice. I want you guys to think about me as one of the guys no special treatment needed. So… when do we start practicing?"

One of the guys stepped forward he looked like he was in his mid twenties and he had brown curly hair. It was pretty shaggy and it fell in his eyes. I knew who all of theses guys were I watched all the games last year and the only guys I didn't know were the ones that joined this year like me.

This was Jasper Whitlock the backup goalie. He seemed nice.

"Hey Bella, I'm Jasper why don't you go change and we'll meet you on the ice"

"Well I'm going to need someone to show me where the locker room is."

"Your locker room is down the hall you'll have to walk through ours it'll be the next room on the left"

I walked to the locker room and set my stuff down and it was lonely in here. I was use to having my own locker room but this was so much bigger then the ones that I had used in high school. The room was huge it had leather benches around the room. There were cubbies all around. The floor had a huge picture of a rink on it. You could play a pretty legit game of floor hockey in here. Around the top of the room, there was a green stripe with inspirational words written on it in white. There was a TV hanging on a wooden cabinet in the middle and next to it was a play boarded I wasn't sure if this was the other teams locker room or if it was all mine.

I quickly changed into my gear and walked down the hall to the ice. I was ready to prove to the boys that I could play the hockey just as good as they could.