First Cold Night in Hell

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The man's name was Dirk Fritz, a typical sleazy any dirty job type of guy with a gut bigger than a punching bag. He was always eating something and he was always dirty. The last time he showered was before he shot his mother in the face on mother's day when he was seventeen. He had to get the bloodstains off of him or maybe he was just being an obedient little boy to his mother's last command before he shot in the face. Perhaps she should have ordered him not to shoot her instead of telling him as he put the barrel of the gun to the back of her head, not even bother to turn around to think about what that strange metallic clicking was behind her until a shot rang out. I don't know what was going through his head, maybe it was because he was such an obedient boy in the eyes of his mother and he felt trapped by those eyes, trapped in that gaze of hers that always seemed to judge him, it cut his nuts off. Maybe he didn't want to kill her; he just wanted to get those eyes off of him, those eyes that stared at him all the time. Either way he killed her and he had killed other people.

His partner in crime goes by the name Delahunt, just Delahunt, nothing else, the same can't be said about his rap sheet. Multiple homicides with his name attached to them, but no evidence to put him behind bars, the man was a professional, clean, unlike his partner he was also quiet saying very little. I knew he was the worst of the two because he knew exactly what he was and what he was willing to do, but they were both just small time players in a big time crew. When you can hear everything you can hear the rumors that pass through the lips of the guilty after the release of the beer bottle. There was a bigger player on the streets, his name had long been carved into territories with blood starting from Hell's Kitchen, but he was now taking over everything from the interior to the exterior of the criminal empires. He was well financed and he only went by one name, Kingpin. Kingpin's reach spread throughout New York and into other areas as well. In fact it would not be a stretch to think that he controlled all crime in America, with every dirty mugger and every corrupt politician paying tribute to their mastermind. These two didn't belong to Kingpin though, they belonged to his biggest rival, The Owl, the one who had Hell's Kitchen in a veritable stranglehold and I was about to take his place on the top. I don't want his criminal empire I just want the status on the food chain to keep Kingpin out before I start dealing with him. Respect controls many things in this world of crime, though honor is a rare commodity.

I prowled over the darkness of the rooftops, smelling in the filth and booze that covered Fritz, and I could tell that they were walking in a darkness of their own. Criminals were like cockroaches, hiding in darkness, scattering in light. The things that man becomes when he turns away from the light of justice, they're sick and they don't even know it. All this crime and corruption is a disease that's poisoning Hell's Kitchen, the Devil's Kitchen, my Kitchen, and it's up to me to clean it all up. I made a strong cup of coffee, the smell was enough to wake me up and the taste would definitely keep me awake through the day. Today we were going to start our firm and hopefully Foggy had hired that assistant that we so desperately needed to keep track of things in the office. Foggy is about as orderly as anarchy and though i can have some picture of my surroundings I don't want to give away too much of my abilities less Foggy catch on.

I walked in nearly three hours late hoping that Foggy wouldn't be too mad at me, this was very important to me and he did walk me constantly from my apartment to the office, he nearly moved me into apartment above the firm since no one was renting it. There was another person in the firm, a female by the smell of her, though strangely enough she smelled very similar to someone I had met, I just couldn't place the scent.

"You should try to clean up, you'll get farther if you didn't smell like you crap through your skin," said Delahunt in a thick deep Irish accent that was devoid of any emotion. Some said that he was a former member of the IRA who came here to make money to send back home to his comrades.

"Please, what's the point of cleaning up if you're just going to get dirty again," replied Fritz. "Why confess to your priest if you're just going to go straight from the church to bang a hooker?"

"Maybe so you don't live like a filthy pig and more like a man."

"Hey as long as the boss puts up with it I don't need to get clean," replied Fritz as he opened the door to the hang out. Finally, I might find some evidence I can use to prosecute them, I just need to beat up everybody in there and call the cops. They bust in to check out the disturbance and find all the evidence laid out there. "Hey assholes, open up the door!'

"Elegant as always, Fritz," said the man on the other side of the door. "You brushin' your teeth with dog shit? My god the smell, no wonder the boss doesn't hand you your orders directly."

"Shut the hell up and just open the damn door," warned Fritz.

The other roof had a look out on it, but he was expecting someone to attack from the ground so he never noticed me jump across the roof nor did he notice me swing my billy club. He was armed with an AK-47, this was obviously a high level place, not bad for my first night, a way to make a name for myself. There were no others on the roof, he must have just been a lookout for police. No criminal would be stupid enough to cross the Kingpin, not unless he had enough men to start a war that would sweep through New York. I slapped some cuffs on him, old ones that I found were stored in the back of a bar that cops use to frequent before they started taking bribes. Now only honest cops go there and those cops are too smart to lose their handcuffs. THe inside is clouded with smoke that bounces off of everything telling me what the boundaries are. I know it's nothing that would make me wish I had eyes, but then again there was only one person who made me wish i could see and she wasn't here. I forced thoughts of her out of my head not even bothering to think her name or else it would bring the pain inside.

"Hey, take a beer up to Johnny, he's been out there in the cold for four hours," said someone from downstairs, probably another one of the guards.

The person who came up wasn't very lucky, he managed to walk right into my fist and fell right down the stairs before I could catch him. There went the element of surprise.I immediately threw myself down the stairs, using my hands to catch me and push myself into the group of enemies before they had a chance to draw their guns. These men are slow, some of them are thankfully drunk, but even drunk men can be dangerous, it depends on how angry they get. One picked up a chair and tried to hit me with it, but I easily ducked it, letting the man behind me get hit. I rose and grabbed the chair since it was still good to use, it takes a lot more to shatter a chair than what you see in Hollywood films. There were ten men there, each one trying to throw punches at me, but I danced around them all giving them backfists that sent them to the ground. These were just guards, not the two pros I was looking for.

"Who the fuck is this freak," asked Fritz as he walked out, pint in one hand and a knife in the other.

"This is the devil of Hell's Kitchen coming to deliver a message to The Owl," I told him with every bit of menace that I used with Fixer.

"Fuck you," he said as he moved to throw the pint at me, but I was faster and threw my billy club first. It hit him right in then nose shattering it. "Ow my god damn nose!"

Delahunt was a silent individual, he was known for being able to sneak right under people's noses, even killed a mob boss who had him marked for death by sneaking right into a party he held and shot him right in the face, right in front of his entire family before slipping out. His ability to be silent was legendary, but it wasn't enough. I could sense him coming at me with the knife and turned to grab his knife hand, twisting the knife out of his hand. I didn't want to get into a protracted fight that would make me seem like a vulnerable human so i punched him in the throat. He dropped, just like his partner was about to as soon as I found my billy club.

I woke up late the next morning due to my alarm failing to pierce the sensory deprivation chamber that I sleep in. I usually wake up before it, but due to my late night activities and patrols I'm going to have to condition myself to change my sleeping habits if I want to get up in time for work. I groaned as i realize that I was going to be late for my first day of work at a business that I co-owned with Foggy. I'd hate to let my bestfriend down on the first so I was going to have to make some excuse and hope that my natural handicap would cover for me. Some day I might have to tell him about all of this, before he finds out himself and the distrust ruins the best friendship I've ever had. Will I tell Elektra about this when I see her next? Muscles ached at the over use of them last night, I've never fought so much, but after every crime I foiled there was always another mugger. I could only hope that the fear I had inspired last night would be detrimental to crime. Crime would never fully go away, but you could certaintly weaken it greatly. Foggy was chatting her up so I knew that she must be a looker and from the mental image that I got of her form from the way her scent formed aorund ehr body she had a nice figure, not that I'm the time to go falling for a woman just because of her figure. Maybe I would, but I'm better at looking at personality than any man I know.

"Oh hey, finally here, I was worried about you Matt," said Foggy, I could hear the concern in his voice, which was a relief since I thought he might be pissed at me being late on my first day. I felt terrible for not thinking that he would be more worried about me getting lost. "Well since you're here I'll introduce you to that assistant you said we needed. Now even though I still respectfully disagree with your dismissal of my skills of order(would it be mean to laugh at you then Foggy.), but I think we're going to be famous for having the best looking assistant in Hell's Kitchen."

"Oh stop, you're being too kind," said the other woman, there was a rise in the heat on her face, indicating that she was blushing, but I was more taken aback by her voice. That voice I had heard before, it was the dancer who had helped me the ngiht Fixer had died, the one who risked a lot to do what she did. Foggy coughed to snap me out of my thoughts so I could shake the hand she had outstretched. i wonder what I looked like to them. "I'm Karen Page...have we met before?"

"Your voice is familiar but I couldn't remember where I had heard it," I said rather lamely, hoping that she wouldn't question any furhter. She didn't and the red was spreading across her face. I realized she was thinking of the one place I would recognize her voice from and was afraid her job was in jeopardy because of her past. "I think i heard you on the subway once and I might have accidentally bumped into you. I think you thought i was being rude about it. I'm Matthew Murdock by the way, but please call me Matt or Mr. Matt if you like, just not Mr. Murdock."

"Let me guess, Mr. Murdock is your father," she asked teasingly, she probably had heard that a lot from men who were trying to be more friendly.

"Yeah...he was...," I said soflty, remembering the great man I had called father, the great man who had been taken from the world by a wicked man. She could see that I was visibly saddended and she guessed why.

"I'm sorry did I bring up something that I shouldn't have," she asked, afraid that she had been digging in a wound that had not closed. She had, but not intentionally.

"It's alright, you couldn't have known," I reply warmly, hoping to reassure her that I'm fine and she isn't in trouble. I picked up my briefcase. "I'll just go get settled, but if you need anything just tell me."

"Okay then," she said as she watched me leave and then turned to whisper to Foggy, "did I accidentally talk about something I shouldn't have?"

"Well Matt's father passed away a month ago," replied Foggy, a bit sadly as he had also known my father who warmly greated the man, even use to ask him if he wanted to learn how to box. Foggy said that he someday would, just waiting for the right moment. "Mr. Murdock was a great man who was murdered by a boxing promoter, an evil son of a bitch that I'd like to strangle. Matt was going to testify against him, but the prosecution was either incompetent or bought and Fixer just walked away. I've been worried about Matt ever since and even more so now that Elektra's gone."

"Who is Elektra," asked Karen, keeping her voice down to a whisper so she didn't upset me. I could hear her clearly though.

"Look I shouldn't have told you that, you should really talk to Matt about that," he said feeling a little guilty to telling someone I had just met something very personal. I wasn't to worried about her though, she was a nice girl trying to make her dreams come true and I could tell she was going to do anything she could. "Though I will tell you this. I wish Matt wasn't blind."

"Why is that?"

"Well, Karen, I'd like to punch him for all the times I had to wait outside the dorm," he replied. Sorry Foggy.