Hey guys, this is my first crossover of the Land Before Time and Twister, you are about to go on an adventure of romance, action, and twister fun, I have you like it, so enjoy the ride.

After Jo and Bill, got the Data, from the F5 Tornado, they got from their weather sensor called 'Dorothy', the storm chaser, build their new lab, and after getting the approval, they are now working on their new advanced Tornado warning system, while that was going on Jo and Bill got remarried, and are now husband and wife again, Jo is no longer, obsessed like she was before, but she still would get a little obsessed from time to time, despite Jo getting obsessed from time to time, the team are making their brand new 'Dorothy' weather sensors and also new 'Dorothy' radar that can track storms much better than the original Doppler radar, after they got, the new 'Dorothy' weather sensors and the new weather radar done and test they were ready for the new Tornado Season, and Today, was going to be their lucky day.

Jo, Bill, and the rest of the team, were wondering if they well ever chase a Tornado, just like they did, years before, and They finally got their answer, when they heard a voice coming from a bus called the 'barn burner', " We got one baby, Oh F2, just about 30 miles south outside of Wakita."

they knew that the voice belongs to Duty, one of the members of the storm chasing team, after they heard that they got their equipment, loaded the new Dorothy's and their new radar on their vehicles, and got in their vehicles, and Jo and Bill, got in their rebuild red Dodge, they had found, after the F5 Tornado die down, Jo got in then Bill got in, then Jo asked, "Rabbit, what route do we take?"

Rabbit, another member of the storm chasers tells directions to find a tornado, and also tell them where the tornado is going to come from, he said, "We will pass the fire station, and turn lift on highway 214."

Bill takes the radio and says, " If you know, any short cuts, tell us."

After that, the vehicles started to move out of the Garage, and on the streets of Wakita, team made, Wakita their home area, for their lab, and after the F4 Tornado that hit Wakita that night, the town was rebuild, and it is now cleaned and fixed, and after they lift Wakita, they were heading to where the tornado is when they were about close to see the Tornado, and Bill says, "Look at the sky it is really dark."

they saw black clouds in the sky, which they knew that they were close by, then rain poured down heavily, then quarter sized hail poured, with the rain, and damaging wind followed, along with lightning and thunder, the team knew they, were definite close, Jo said, "Damn, the rain, hail and wind have picked up, fast, Rabbit where is the Tornado?"

Rabbit says on radio, " If you are still going south than it should be on your right, you pass those trees." then after the team passed the tree, they saw the moment they have been waiting for was showed, to the right about two miles away from the road, was the F2 Tornado they were looking, Jo was taking pictures until she saw that the F2 tornado became two F2 Tornadoes, Jo says to bill who was driving, " Bill, the tornado have became two tornadoes."

Bills looks out the two tornadoes and said, " It looks like we got sisters again." payed attention to the road, years before when they were trying to get their first four 'Dorothy's' into a tornado, they saw the two tornadoes on a dirt road, but when they tried to stop, tornadoes spin the truck around in a circle, then at the end, the tornadoes died out.

Jo then noticed that something was wrong, Jo noticed that the Tornadoes were slowing their speed down, then Beltzer and Haynes said, "Jo, Bill, the tornadoes are shifting, they are heading this way, we got to get out of here." after hearing that Bill slams his foot on the gas paddle, and his truck went fast, just when they were about out the tornadoes got to them, Bill says, " Oh shit, hang on!" and blow their cars off the road, and get lifted into the tornado, while the team were inside the tornado in the air, they begin to feel dizzy and the team were unconscious.

Then the team woke up, to see trees around them, even thou they are still in their vehicles, they were surprised to see trees everywhere but standing perfectly up, and not blow down by damaging wind, what they saw next was something very unsuspected, they saw dinosaurs, around them, Jo was the first to see and say, " What on Earth?"

Bill asked, "What?"

Jo then said, " Bill, there are Dinosaurs around us."

When Bill then saw the dinosaurs, he was surprised to little dinosaurs around their Vehicles, when Duty saw them, he grabbed the Radio and said, " Jo, Bill, where are we?, did we ended back in the time of dinosaurs?"

" Yes, and I think we should, get out and show are self's to them them." Jo said to the team by radio.

Then Bill says, " You maybe crazy, but alright, and I would like to look at dinosaurs for the first time."

after that the team, open their doors of their vehicles and got out of vehicles, to meet the little dinosaurs, when they got out, they meet seven little dinosaurs, Jo was surprised to see them, and said, " I always wanted to see dinosaurs, but I never thing I would actually see dinosaurs right in front of me."

Than Jo heard a young male voice that said, calmly, " What do you mean?"

After the team heard that voice the team looked around, for the source, of the voice, but all they saw, was the little dinosaurs in front of them, then Bill asked aloud, " Who said that?, we can hear you, but we don't see you, where are you?" then the longed-necked dinosaur walked to them, the team looked at the dinosaur, the dinosaur said, " I did, and I'm right here."

Jo, Bill, and the team, eyes widened when they saw the dinosaur talk, Laurence another member of the storm chasing team, was surprised to hear the dinosaur talk and said, " This is incredible, a talking dinosaur."

The lead Dinosaur then said, " Who are you?" the little dinosaur was curious.

Jo smiled and said, " I am Doctor Jo Harding, leader of the team." then the rest of the team followed.

Bill then said, "I'm Bill Harding, second leader of the team.", Bill hugged his wife, while the dinosaur knew that they were mates.

"I am Robert Nurick, know in my team as 'Rabbit.', in charge of directions for the team" Rabbit said.

"I am Allan Sanders, but please call me sanders, I am 'Rabbit's driver." Sanders said.

Then two people came to the dinosaurs, and said, " I am Tim Lewis, know in the team as 'Beltzer', I keep track of what going on inside the storm, for the team." then the other one said, " Hello, I am Haynes, I help Beltzer out with the tracking."

Then a guy wearing cross on his neck, say, "Hello, there, I am Jason Rowe, know in the team as 'Preacher', I make sure that everybody in the team is okay."

Then two more people came up and said, " I am Joey, I keep track of the storms directions, for the team." then the other came up to them and said, " I am Laurence, I am Joey's driver, and help him out track the storm."

Then last person came up to the dinosaurs, and said " I am Dustin Davis, know in the team as 'Duty', I also keep track of the storm for the team." then the after the Duty introduced himself, the young dinosaurs said, " I'm Littlefoot."

Then another dinosaur with a suspicious look on her said, " I am Cera."

"Hello there, I am Ducky." another dinosaur said.

Then a flying dinosaur flew to them and said, " Hello, Me, Petrie."

Then two more dinosaurs came to them and said, " Hello, I'm Ruby."

Then the other one said, " I am Chomper."

After that they saw one more dinosaur, that came up to them, and Jo asked "what's your name?"

The dinosaur named Ducky came to, Jo and said, " His name is Spike, but he does not talk, oh no no no."

Then Cera asked, "What are you?, and where did you come from?" she asked the team.

Bill says, " We are humans, and we come from the future, and we come from a state called Oklahoma., what are you?"

Littlefoot says, " I'm a Longneck."

Then Cera says, " I'm a Three-Horn."

Ducky walks up to the team and said, " I am a Swimmer, and Spike is a Spiketail." she then walks back and hugs Spike.

Petrie fly's down to the team and hovers in front of them and says, " Me, a flyer."

Ruby and Chomper came up and Ruby said, " I am a fast runner." then Chomper says, " I am a Sharptooth, but I am friendly." The team were really grateful to meet them, "you must meet my grandparents, they will get you guys, settled." Littlefoot said to the team, and Jo said, "get in our vehicles, kids, Littlefoot, your are with us, the rest of you go with, the rest of my team." Littlefoot and His Friends nodded and followed Jo, Bill and their team to their cars.

When Littlefoot and his friends got in the vehicles, Littlefoot in Jo and Bill's truck, noticed something in the back of the truck, and asked, " What is that, in the back?"

Jo and Bill turn around and saw 'Dorothy' in the back of their truck and said, " That is are weather sensor, we will explain, when we get your nest, we will show you how it works, okay?"

Littlefoot agreed, then he asked, " So how did you get here?"

Jo and Bill then told their story to Littlefoot and said, " We were in a small town called Wakita, then he spotted a severe storm just south of Wakita, then we lift Wakita to chase the storm, then when we got near the storm, the clouds turned black then it started to heavily raining and hailing, with lightning and thunder, and damaging wind, when we passed a couple of trees, we saw what he have have been waiting for about 2 years, a F2 Tornado ..." Jo was interrupted by Littlefoot.

"Sorry, for interrupting you, but what is rain, hail, and most of all, what is a Tornado?" Littlefoot asked, while he apologized to Jo for interrupting her.

Jo smiled and said, " It okay, but please, don't interrupt somebody, it's rude." then Bill says, " and for your questions, rain is water that comes from the sky, and hail is just like rain but it is frozen and it's hard, and a tornado is a funnel cloud that come from the sky and touches down to ground, and it destroys anything in it's path."

Then Littlefoot says, " We have those to, but we call rain 'Sky water', and call this white stuff that stick to the ground for like a few days then turns into water later and hail 'Frozen sky water', and we call a tornado, a 'whirling wind'."

Then Jo said, " I guess we have lot of names for a lot of things, and the 'white stuff' that falls from the sky, then sticks and stay for a few days, then melts away and turns into water is what we call 'Snow' and I thick Bill can you the rest of the story, Bill?"

Bill nodded and smiled, while he said, " when we saw the tornado, it than made two tornadoes, then it slowed down then it came to us and pick us up and we were inside the two tornadoes and we were in the air, we pass out, and we woke up, and you know the rest."

Littlefoot nodded, and said, " I will tell you how you got in the Great Valley, we were playing in playing toss the seed, until we saw your …. vehicles, coming from the sky, and when we came to you we were shocked to see you, because we never seen you guys, here before in the Great Valley, oh and I almost forgot, to ask you, besides being humans, what else are you and what do you do?"

Jo says, "Well, besides being humans, we are Meteorologist."

"What is a Meteorologist?" Littlefoot asked, being curious.

Bill says, "A Meteorologist is a Scientist, who study the weather for everybody, and we are Storm chasers, we chase storms that are severe, and see where it is going, and to alert everybody to keep everyone safe, from the storm.", Littlefoot nodding to Bill for understanding.

While Littlefoot was talking to Jo and Bill, the gang talks to the team of storm chaser, and at the end they learned learned more stuff then they have ever known.

When they arrived at the Great Valley, Littlefoot showed the way to his nest, and when they got there, they stopped, got out of their vehicles, and followed Littlefoot to his Grandparents.

When they found Littlefoot's Grandparents, Littlefoot walked up and said, "Grandma, Grandpa."

When Littlefoot's Grandparents heard Him, they turn their heads to Littlefoot and smiled, " Hello, Littlefoot, how are today?" Grandma said.

Littlefoot smiled and said, " I am good, Grandma and Grandpa, we have some newcomers, that have just arrived."

Grandpa and Grandma, were surprised about the news of newcomers arrival and Grandpa asks, "where are they Littlefoot?"

"They are waiting for me to come back, can I go and bring them here?" Littlefoot asked, his Grandparents.

"Alright Littlefoot, Bring them to us." Grandpa said, and Littlefoot toke off and ran to get the team of storm chasers, and when Littlefoot came back, with the storm chasers, Littlefoot's Grandparents were surprised and happy to see the newcomers, Grandpa said, " Hello their, I am Littlefoot's Grandpa."

" Hello, I'm Littlefoot's Grandma." Grandma said.

"Hi, their I am Doctor Jo. Harding, and this my …. mate, Bill Harding, and this my team."

"When did you, get here?" Grandpa asked, Jo.

Jo said, "We don't know how we got here, we came from the future and we were chasing a storm until we were in it and we ended up here, and we have no way back."

" Well until you and your team, find a way to get back to your time, you can stay in the great valley with us." Grandpa said, with hope.

Jo then said, "Thank you, very much."

"Your welcome, now do you have a place to sleep?" Grandpa asked.

"We will be sleeping in are vehicles, we just came in until, we find a place to sleep." Bill said.

Then Grandpa turned serious and said, "We will have a meeting tomorrow morning, so I suggest that you get some sleep, good night."

After that the team went to their vehicles, they went to sleep, to wake up in the morning, what they don't know is that this going to be another storm chasing adventure, that they had not had in years.

So good so far, see what happens next time, on Twister 2: the land before time.