Chapter 2: the Meeting and the first Tornado chase

Morning came in the Great Valley, the sun was shining as another day came, Jo, Bill, and the storm chasing team woke up from inside their vehicles, they then heard someone was knocking on the door of their cars, they opened their doors and saw Littlefoot and his friends including Chomper and Ruby, in front of their cars, as Jo says, " Good morning kids, what's with the wake up call?"

Ducky asks, " Did you forget?"

Bill asks, " Forget what?"

Cera says, " There is a meeting today, about you and your things, were are going to be late."

Jo and Bill remembered about the Meeting, that Littlefoot's Grandfather, told them about, they than ate breakfast, which was Pop-tarts, then after they ate, Littlefoot and his friends got inside Jo, Bill and the teams vehicles, then the team started to drive to the meeting area of the Great Valley, when they arrived at the meeting area, the residents of the valley and the gangs parents were here, when they got out of their cars with Littlefoot and the gang, the residents and their parents gave Jo, Bill, and their team, a look of distrust, Jo and Bill understood that, then Grandpa Longneck says, " Good Morning, Jo and Bill and to your team."

Bill says being polite, " Good morning to you too, Sir."

Grandma Longneck says, " We understand that you came here to the Great Valley yesterday and you don't know how you got here, But the residents want to know, who you are, what kind of creatures you are, where did you come, when did you get here, why are you here, and how did you meet the children."

Jo then turns to the crowd and says, " Everyone, I am Dr. Jo Harden."

Bill says, " I am Bill Harden, Jo's husband, but in your terms, I am her mate, and these are our friends and are storm chasing team, there names are Rabbit, Sanders, Joey, Beltzer, Haynes, Preacher, Laurence, and Dusty."

The team all say, " Hi."

Then Cera's Dad says, " What is that thing on that red thing?"

Jo and Bill look at Dorothy and says, " This is are weather sensor named Dorothy and she is made for one propose."

Ducky and Spike's Mom asks, " What would that be?"

Bill says, " To study Tornadoes."

Petire's Mom asks, " What is a Tornado?"

Bill says, " A tornado is a severe storm, that comes from the sky and touchdown on ground, it destroys everything in it's path with very strong and fast winds."

Grandma Longneck says, " I know you are talking about, we don't call them tornadoes, we call them whirling wind."

Bill says, " Littlefoot has told us about that yesterday, about what things you call around here."

Jo says, " Anyway, in are time, Scientist has been studying tornadoes forever, but still nobody know how a tornado really works, we have no idea what is going on inside, because no one has been able to take scientific measurements from inside what we call the rotation part of the storm, the funnel, that is what she is going to do."

Ducky asks, " Like how?"

Jo says, " We put her up inside a tornado, she opens" Jo pushes a button, the glass opening almost hit Bill in the face but was able to get out of the way in time, Jo takes four of the sensors out and and says, " and releases hundreds of these sensors that measure all parts of the tornado simultaneously." she hands the four to Ducky, Petrie, Chomper, and Ruby, they look at them, then they hand them back to Jo.

Bill says, " You see everybody, it's like this" Bill holds a sensor in his hand spins the sensor around a picture of the tornado as he enplanes, " These sensor go up the funnel and radio back information about the internal structure, wind velocity's, due point temperature, we can learn everything in 30 seconds than in the past 30 years in are time, it can profile a tornado for the first time."

Littlefoot asks, " And what would that do?"

Bill says, " If we knew how a tornado really worked we can design an advanced warning system."

Chomper asks, " Are there tornado warnings in your time?"

Jo says, " Yes, but there not good enough, there nowhere near good enough, right now it is three minutes, if we can get new information we can increase, the warning time to fifteen minutes."

Bill says, " To give everybody any chance to get to safety, that is what we are trying to do."

The team clapped their hands as Bill says, " I can't believe we still have it."

Jo says, " I am glad we still do."

Ruby asks, " How do you get it in tornado?"

Bill turns to her and says, " Well you got to get in front of the tornado put it in the damage path, then get out before it picks you up too."

Dusty whisper's her ear, " Which is the suck zone."

Then Haynes says, " Jo, Bill, we got major action, there is a storm going this way and we spotted a rotation."

Jo and Bill look at each other, then Jo says, " Alright lets go."

Joey says, " Alright were moving."

Beltzer says, " It's fatty time." the team run and get their equipment ready and got in their cars, then they lift the meeting area, after they lift, the grown ups show the kids were gone to, then they realized that Jo, Bill, and the team, toke off without knowing that the kids are with them, they than followed the team, in the truck, Jo picks up the radio and says, " Rabbit."

Rabbit on the radio says, " Yeah boss."

Jo again says, " Do you know where the storm is?"

Rabbit says on the radio, " the storm is coming in from the west, we should head for the west entrance, but after that I don't know where to go."

Bill says on the radio, " Okay, just follow us."

What Jo, Bill and the team don't know is that Littlefoot and the gang got inside their vehicles and are trying to see what these humans call a tornado.

The grown ups were following the storm chasers, not only are they trying to get there kids back but they want to see how the chase a tornado, to the residents it is their first and ever storm chase they will ever see.

Beltzer and Haynes see a tornado touching down, Beltzer pick up a radio and says, " Jo, Bill look to your lift."

Jo and Bill did so and the tornado they are looking for, as Bill says, " Lets begin."

Team were searching for a spot for them to capture pictures and a video of the tornado, and track it for Jo and Bill, when they found the spot for them, the team then saw the kids, as Beltzer says, " What are kids doing here? You should back in the Valley."

Chomper says, " We want to see what you can do."

Joey then says, " Wait a minute, is there another of you kids?"

Cera says, " Yeah Littlefoot, he is with Jo and Bill."

the team tried to reach Jo and Bill, but they were out of reach of radio communication.

At the red dodge pickup truck, Jo and Bill were getting closer to the tornado, Littlefoot that is in the back of the truck, hiding from Jo and Bill, saw the tornado for the first scene he was saved from one of those by Doc the lone dinosaur, but now he is seeing the tornado again but this time with Jo and Bill, when the truck got close enough to the tornado, but not too close to the tornado, Jo and Bill got out of the truck to get Dorothy ready, but to find Littlefoot, in the back, Jo asks, " What are going here, do you know did right here is a dangerous place to be right now?"

Littlefoot says, " I want to help you."

Bill says, " Alright, but listen to what we say, do you understand?"

Littlefoot says, " Yes."

Bill says, " Littlefoot, help me until the straps."

Littlefoot and Bill untie the straps, then after they were untied, Jo and Bill got Dorothy in front of the tornado, while they were putting it in place, a piece of debris, flew over them, it was a small branch, then Jo, Bill and Littlefoot got in the truck and backed up, to head back to the team, they watched Dorothy to see if it could fly but a big branch hit it and it fell over, Jo and Bill failed, but it is not about sensors, it about they're lives now, they got to get outta there before tornado picks them up to, they avoided every branch, then the tornado died out and disappeared into the sky above.

With the team, the kids saw the tornado, they asked questions about what those things are inside the tornado, the team told them that it was debris, they told what debris is and now the kids know what they are, then they saw the tornado died out and disappear into the sky, two minutes later Jo and Bill arrived with Littlefoot, the gang asked Littlefoot what it was like, Littlefoot says, " It was really windy."

Dusty says, " Windy, that intense."

Then Joey says, " Guys look."

The looked and saw that it is residents of the Great Valley and the Gangs parents and Littlefoot's Grandparents, they reunited with their families, they then saw the destruction from the tornado, Residents saw Dorothy on the ground got hit by a branch, they have also seen the tornado, they have figured that now it is even possible that another tornado could one day streak the Great Valley, but this time, it will be even more deadly then the last one that hit the Great Valley, Grandpa Longneck says, " After seeing the damage from this disaster, outside our home, I ask you Jo, Bill, and your team to be the Great Valley's first storm chaser."

Jo, Bill, and the team were excited about this and they haven't been chasing tornadoes for years, scene the F5 tornado chase two years ago in their time, Jo says, " We would like to be your storm chasers."

Then Mr. Threehorn says, " But there a catch."

Bill asked, " What's that?"

Mr. Threehorn says, " You will have to take are kids on their first tornado chasing adventure."

Littlefoot and the gang were excited about being with Jo, Bill, and their storm chasing team, after they went back to the Great Valley, Jo, Bill, and the team trained Littlefoot and his friends, how to track storm's by using a radar, to talk into the Radio to communicate to other members, and they also learned how to get the Dorothy 2 ready for the next tornado, and after they were trained they became the members of the storm chasing team, Littlefoot and their friends were ready for their next tornado.

Littlefoot and his friends are now storm chaser for Jo, Bill, and their team and Jo, Bill, and the team are the Great Valley's Storm chasers, that first tornado is just only the beginning of the first Outbreak Tornadoes in the past, RichardTerminator signing out.