Title: Dastan and the mask of the wraith

Summary: Dastan has been keeping a secret, but now that his sister, the Gypsy Warrior, has been captured he would have to reveal everything as they face a foe that is set on ruling the world. Sequel to Dastan and the Gypsy Warrior.

Author's Note:

Chapter One


An arrow shot across the room, and hit its target as they made their way out of the castle doors, hitting the wall with a thud they continued to make their way out of the labyrinth that was the castle of Saray-Jük

The moonlight shone on the cold stones as they ran across it.

They hit another wall, and the wounded figure slid down the wall, whilst the other looked around for any more soldiers that could be following them.

Crouching low onto the wall Elika let out a small groan as she pulled an arrow out of her side, she felt the heat of someone next to her, and he looked at her as she threw the arrow across the courtyard floor.

It twanged loudly.

"Where are we to go now?"

She weighed the chances of getting out of the city alive, and without being caught, and she knew that in her state she would not make it across the city and to do so she would lose too much blood which would only slow them down.

How could this plan have failed?

Was she really getting too old for this?

Or was the world just getting smaller?

"The rest of the men are still in there" she said, determined, "We leave no one behind"

Elijah shook his head, "Mistress you can't go back in there, we have a better chance if we leave now, we can plan and then come back for them"

"No, a rescue attempt would prove useless if they're already dead" she said, a plan stirring in her head, she quickly reached for her dagger and held it up to Elijah, it shone and glittered in the moonlight, "Take this dagger to Alamut-"

Elijah looked at it, realising what she intended him to do, "No, Mistress I cann-"

"Elijah, if you are to prove yourself to us and the rest of the troupe, you will do this now" she shoved the dagger into his hand, "Take it to Alamut, seek an audience with Dastan only he can save us now, we have no more bargaining chips left"

"But –"

"They want the Gypsy Warrior Elijah" she said in an urgent tone, "It will take them seven days to get something out of me, be back by then"

"What if they don-"

They heard voices and she looked back to Elijah.

"Show them the dagger, if all else fails show Dastan the dagger, but above all else, they must not know who I am" she groaned slightly as pain shot through her side, "Now go"

With one last glance at the Gypsy Warrior Elijah fled the citadel, the cold air stung across his face as he ran across the rooftops and into the streets. Waking him up and allowing him to remember that this was not a dream, this was not a test.

He was their only chance.

Elika pressed down against her wound, in an attempt to hold the bleeding, but she stood up and raised her sword as the guards found her. Leaning against the wall she began to count to twenty, as many seconds head start as she could give Elijah.

She believed in his abilities and his strengths to get him out, but she still muttered a small prayer to whatever god that was listening that he would make it out of the city and find his way back to Alamut.

In a matter of seconds she was surrounded by soldiers, they all held their weapons against her, when they were pushed aside by the captain.

"Do not harm her!"

She looked at him, memorizing his face for later.

"Take her alive, we need some answers from her" the captain said, leaning down towards her "And we will get them"

She smirked slightly.

"You just try"