Title: Dastan and the mask of the wraith

Summary: Dastan has been keeping a secret, but now that his sister, the Gypsy Warrior, has been captured he would have to reveal everything as they face a foe that is set on ruling the world.

Author's Note:

Chapter Thirteen

Elika opened her eyes, although they felt made of lead, and attempted to rise from the bed.

"Do not move," a voice said, as a hand pushed her down, "Although I am glad to see you awake."

"Julnar? What happened?"

"You fell unconscious as soon as you escaped with Elijah, we brought you to Persia as soon as possible, we did not think you would make it." He said, "Elijah said we had little faith."

"How long..."

"Almost three months," he said, and she looked at him, astounded. "He never doubted for a minute."

"I am giving him the name you know," she said looking at him.

"I know," he said, "The men have no doubts or reservations that he would carry your name out and into the history books. You will finally have your rest."

The door opened.

"The guards have informed me that she's- "

"Awake." Elika said as she saw Elijah in the doorway, she could barely see the boy that she had once saved in the markets one day, a man stood in front of her now.

"I shall leave you two." Julnar said.

Elijah walked towards her, "Your brother has told his family about your history, the mask is to be kept here with the sands, under the watchful eye of Queen Tamina."

"As am I," she said.

"You... you are remaining here?"

"You already know the answer to that, Warrior." She said, and he smiled.

"Thank you."

She closed her eyes and let out a deep breath, "Is there anything else I should know before you disappear into the shadows of the desert?"

"In the time you were asleep, you became an auntie."

She smiled, "Normality, this will take some getting used to."

The End.

most people have stopped reading this, but I thought i'd post this up because it's been sitting in my computer for a while.