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He knew this was a disgustingly male thing to do, and he knew his poor mama was looking down from heaven with tears in her eyes. Her own boy, a peeping tom with no class!

But as ashamed as Sokka was, he couldn't stop himself from watching.

The way she threw her legs in the air, whisked her fists up and down. How those gold fans flew through breezes and sliced through air. The way her sunset hair bobbed around those closed, happy brown eyes.

He had never seen someone dance, so…passionately.

It was addicting.

He had first seen her, watched her dance with such luster, when he was out walking. His bothersome sister had picked another fight with their grandmother, and he got out of the house fast. He usually walked the same route, saw the same dark houses and closed curtains every few nights. Although tonight the yelling had gone louder then ever before, and Sokka was tired of the same old thing.

So he took a different turn.

He found himself on a glittering, busy street, sounds coming from every direction, but all the light was escaping past heavy curtains and thin windows, all of shine having to force itself to the street. Except for one lonely little house at the end of the road. There was she, her lights blazing like the moon on a starless night.

For the weeks after that first dance, he would discover that she had a young family, she the eldest followed by a litter of young ones. On the nights when the stars blinked and her family stayed inside their cozy little house, she danced very little. They were harsh rigid moves, obviously a routine of some kind, and the sight of her rehearsed body made a cold night colder.

But, at least once a week her little family was off somewhere, he had no idea what they were doing and he couldn't care less. All he cared for was seeing the way her body moved, how she let go of those choreographed positions and did was she felt. She would pick up those bright big fans and thrust them this way and that, a rhythm of life pounded into the floor.

The way she threw her head back and laughed, made his heart yearn to hear the voice that used that smile.

So finally, after another day of nothing but blackboards, had come home to more screaming. As he walked away from his creaky little house, he decided he needed some sunset hair and happy smiles in his life.

He let himself take one last look at her body, the way it sang with the invisible music, before shaking the snow off his shoulder and walking up to her door.

He rang the doorbell, a soft twittering filled the air, there was a goofy smile on his lips. His heart pounded in his chest as he heard her soft footsteps echoing across the wooden floor.

As the door opened, he realized he was going to seem very very creepy.