A/N: Eclipse implies that Kim's character is passive and quiet. I saw her as weak when Jacob mentioned when Jared and Kim had no drama — I find that hard to believe. Quite frankly, I'd be pissed if I was crushing on a guy who never paid attention to me before and then starts stalking me because of some wolf-bond connection related to none other than genetics.
But that's another story. I am staying within the story, so this Kim will be passive (That's how SM loves to write her women...pfft) Anyway, Kim will be quiet/weak, but I cannot resist the imprint angst, so I'm juicing up her self-respect.

In this story, Kim has many opinions and ideas and objections, but she will never act on them.
That said, this will not have a picture-perfect imprinting ending, so if you're looking for one of those, you might as well hit the back-button.

Anyway, enjoy!

Thirsty, black eyes.

With one swab of my head I would see two slanted, yet large and thirsty, black eyes, always. I could go to ends of the earth, and you would always be there. Your gaze left me uncomfortable most of the days, and the fierceness of your stare often left me prancing away, clutching my books for fear of failure. You'd trap me, and I'd feel caged...I'd feel so stuck that I was afraid I'd never break free, and the only response to that was to run.

And that's what I did. I ran. Whenever I saw you, I would run. And the scary thing was, I'd see you everywhere.

I mean everywhere. The lunch room, the library, outside my house, next to my car — everywhere. And always in the back of my mind, I find myself dreading the usual three second conversation you would engage in with me.

"Hello, Kim"

"Hi, Jared"

"How was your day?"

"It was good," at this point, my eyes always flit away from your contact, your fearlessness. "How about yours?"

And then you would grin, the simple upturn of your lips would send shivers in all directions through my spine. "It just got better"

And I would smile back, walk past you and run. I've never ran so fast in my life, Jared. You never ask why I run, you just simply, magically just know where I am after words. Always.

I remember a time, so vividly when I couldn't even get you to look at me, but now, all of a sudden I can't shake you off. Everywhere I go, I see you. I see those thirsty, black eyes.

I remember a time when you were a scrawny and five foot seven honest basket ball player. But after your little departure from our school, you suddenly gained six more inches and fifty pounds of muscle.

You also took a sudden interest in me, Kimberly Connweller — awkward and shy, Kim. You found me worth your time. From some unfathomable reason, you liked me.

And I have yet to figure it out, Jared, but my patience is thinning. My wall is shattering and every inch of resistance I initially pledged is wasting away with every single breathless moment I spend watching your thirsty, black eyes.

My heart pumps out of chest and leaps right in your hands, and I make myself vulnerable. My mind argues logically, you aren't worth my time. Why should I give you a chance, when I knew just weeks ago you didn't even know I existed?

The thing is, Jared...life ceases to be logical. The day you left from the day you came was the shifting of meek, shy and quiet Kim to the self-righteous Kim, who knew her place. Who knew when to walk and when to talk, who knew when a boy didn't love her, for her.

And I've made this clear to you, Jared. On so many different accounts. You've asked me out seventeen times, and I've denied you all the while. Yet you keep pestering.

You keep mentioning bonfires, beach parties, and tribal gatherings, and the same sad glint of hope shines in your eyes. I almost want to fold, but I swallow the words and tell you some lame excuse.

You look down and seem blue for the rest of the day, and I can never fathom why.

Why...why me? Why do you suddenly like me? Why do you suddenly follow me? I had the biggest crush on you, why didn't you talk to me then? Why couldn't you have loved me then? Why?

A boy like you could never take an interest in me, so why did it hurt so much when you told me you loved me?

I knew all along.

I just never knew a boy like you, would love a girl like me, for something as silly and animalistic as genetics.