High School Never Ends

Chapter 1 Our Characters


Okay now that that is over with I am here to announce this new fanfiction that I want you guys to tell me if it is a good idea or not. Please be warned that I was home alone with soda and candy and whatever else was in that box that my dad left on the counter and I was extremely bored. I also know that I have a request to do but please wait a little longer on that if you are reading this. I haven't had time to get all of the notes for it yet.

Okay, this came to my mind when I was listening to High School Never Ends by Bowling for Soup. I think that this is pretty much crack and I find it running through my head and not going away. It is a high school setting, will contain no OCs and almost all if not all of the Straw Hat crew. I also changed some of their looks to how they look know even if the age is different and I genderbended because I like doing so. I will give you a list of them all and info about them and the next chapter will be the official first chapter if you like this idea.


Monkey D. Luffy: female (I have been in a major female Luffy phase) 16 and 2nd year at Grandline High. Outgoing and mostly annoys other people. New kid in town and knows how to play the guitar and sing. She likes to ride her skateboard.

Portgas D. Anne: female (because I can) Older sister to Luffy and 20. Goes to an art college and plays soccer. More serious than her younger sister but still childish.

Roronoa Zoro: male (I was debating) 18. Captain of the kendo team and one of the 'popular' kids but is rather scary and not that popular.

Sanji: male (Might change) 18. Captain of the soccer team and is the most popular guy. (Huge crush on Nami and Anne)

Nami: female (no Namizo) 17. Class president and most popular girl. Loves money and is also the most beautiful girl in Grandline high.

Marco: male (not changing) 20. Best friends with Anne and goes to same college. Looks at Anne like a sister but has a crush on Luffy. (I love this pairing too much)

Shanks: male. 35 and principal of Luffy's school. Often comes to school drunk much to the vice principal's displeasure.

Ben: male. 40 and vice principal of Luffy's school. Luffy and Anne's uncle and they live with him. Responsible for Shanks and is Shanksness. (my new word to describe what Shanks does)

Chopper: Luffy's pet cat which she fell in love with and denies letting it go. I still don't know if it should be a girl or a guy.

Brook: female (Hell to the Yeah) 88. A skeleton lady who teaches music and often helps Luffy out with her guitar and is in charge of the music club. She likes to look at guy's underwear and will do so against their wills; this makes Shanks laugh so Brook is allowed to.

Smoker: female (once again because I can) 25 and police officer for Grandline school district. Very strict and tries to catch Luffy whenever she rides her skateboard too dangerously. (Fails to catch her even though she's in a CAR!)

Saix: I don't know if I have anybody else I want to add to be main characters but if you have anyone in mind tell me things like who they are and I'll just make a list.




Occupation (high school, college, job):

What they do (play an instrument, sports etc.):

P.S. these have to be OP characters remember, no OCs. I hope you like this crack fic idear and it will be a basic high school setting with a lot of comedy.