Bad Romance

Chapter 1: Naughty Girls

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Honestly I don't remember when it all began, but I do know that... Ah... Who the hell am I kidding? Of course I knew when it all began. You would never forget the day that changed the rest of your life.

Eleven years ago, fall semester of the 8th Grade at TSAB Academy.


Nanoha Takamachi chatted in half-interest with her two closest friends, Suzuka Tsukimura and Alisa Bannings, as they waited for Health class to begin. She wasn't looking forward to the class that day as it would be the beginning of "Sex Ed" week.

Really it was more like learning about the reproductive system, but it was also commonly accepted as Sex Ed week, similar to the popular Shark week marathon. The unit would end with the school Chastity Ball her mother helped plan with the rest of the PTA. It was safe to say that the ball was the stupidest idea ever conceived. You see its sole purpose was to chastise the student population about why they should save sex for marriage; they even handed out condoms just to emphasize their point .

The bell rang and students began taking their seats. At that moment an out of breath Fate Testarossa took her seat next to Nanoha not catching eye roll the brunette gave her. To the rest of the students it was a common knowledge that Nanoha Takamachi and Fate Testarossa harbored a deeply rooted "dislike" for each other. The only reason why they sat next to each other was because of the assigned seating chart from hell.

The blonde took a deep breath before turning in the direction of her desk mate, giving the brunette a swift nod and a soft, "Hey." She didn't want to say anything to the other girl, but unfortunately her mothers had instilled some manners in her. Secretly, she still held on to the belief that Takamachi had stolen her holographic Vulpix trading card in the fifth grade.

The blue-eyed girl took in a deep breath, and gathered her will to be civil; however, a barely audible "hey," was all she could muster out. Nanoha didn't really know why she held a grudge against the blonde, but she was convinced she'd think of a solid reason for it later.

And that was usually the extent their conversations went, but today would be... different.

The boys next to them thought it would be awesome to start "the penis game." The main objective of the game was to simply say the word "penis" the loudest. Fate shook her head in disgust at the growing whispers coming from the puberty party, while Nanoha rolled her eyes and tried to focus on the fascinating video about wet dreams.

The first time everyone else in the classroom heard "penis" the girls giggled while the guys smirked. Mrs. Kimura looked around trying to find the perpetrator, but when the murmurs settled down she turned her attention back to the television set.

As soon as it was quiet again Yunno Scrya said the word just a bit louder than the other boy did. Mrs. Kimura got up and scanned the whole room, but she had missed the origin of the voice. She narrowed her eyes dangerously and grabbed the ruler sitting on her desk, having forgotten her stress ball. The older woman sat back down and focused on the informational video highly suspicious of which student would break the peace next. The word was said four more times at the same volume and Fate was growing agitated with the group. She hoped one of them would just end it, but none of them had the balls to shout the word.

After shuddering from Yunno's pathetic attempt, Fate growled in irritation. She was going to put an end to this childish game once and for all. Gripping her pencil tightly, Fate shouted, "PEENIS!"

Nanoha was in a mild shock, but somehow felt compelled to compete against her burgundy-eyed nemesis. With that attitude she shouted the word out in a slightly louder voice.

Offended by Nanoha's attempt to show her up, Fate stood and shouted as loud as she could, "PEEEENNIISSSS!"

In the background, Mrs. Kimura's eyes had grown to the size of quarters, which was exceptional for the Japanese woman. She was both surprised and horrified at the anarchy taking place in her classroom.

Nanoha knew she couldn't compete against that scream, but she was a quick thinker and came up with the best possible way to end their battle. "VAAAGGGGINNNNAAA!" she screamed with a haughty grin. Nanoha crossed her arms and held her head high; she was the victor of this pubescent war. The girls duel must have been heard down the hall as another teacher came running in through door of the classroom with a shocked expression.

Fate stared at the smirking brunette and blinked. "I can't believe you just said that..." she muttered in a hushed tone. "Wow…"

Before Nanoha could reply a fuming Mrs. Kimura stomped over to the troublemakers. "Girls, I am appalled!" Mrs. Kimura's seethed fury. She held on to her ruler with an iron grip so strong the teenagers thought she would snap it in half. Only then did Nanoha and Fate realize that they were in the spotlight, both suddenly found the floor to be quite interesting. "Gather your things, ladies." Mrs. Kimura paused to briefly compose herself. These kids were going to be the death of her. "Both of you to the Principal's office right now!"

School ended while the girls received an in-depth lecture from the principal about self-respect, dignity and some other bullshit neither really paid attention to. And as further punishment, they both had to call their parents to explain what they had done in Health class in front of him.

Fate had blushed during the entire phone call to her mom; however, the older woman had spent the duration of the call laughing. During her tear-filled laughter Precia managed to say, "Your Mother is going to love this." The young girl didn't want to imagine what her mother and older brother would say, but she had a sinking feeling she knew exactly what would happen.

Unfortunately, Nanoha wasn't so lucky. When she called home, her mother, Momoko Takamachi, was furious. She warned her daughter about being grounded for a week and hour long bible study every night for the next month. Nanoha wasn't looking forward to the punishment, but didn't regret her victory over Fate Testarossa.

The girls stood outside waiting for the public bus since they had both missed the school bus. Randomly Nanoha said, "I hate you."

"You didn't have to say anything." Fate chided.

"And let you win? Yeah right, in your dreams."

"We weren't even competing!" the blonde replied with an exasperated sigh.

Narrowing her eyes, Nanoha said, "Then why did you yell louder. Huh? You could've just given up."

"To you? Hell no." After Fate's admission silence took over, only to be broken by the brunette.

"I still won."

"Ughh..." Fate didn't have the energy to argue with the headstrong Queen B.

While waiting in silence a couple across the street started making out in the alley completely ignoring their surroundings and those who passed by.

"Oh God, get a room." Nanoha huffed out, shifting her attention elsewhere.

"What jealous?" Fate snidely remarked with a smug grin.

Nanoha waved her hand towards the scene and shook her head. "Absolutely not. I just don't see why they have to flaunt it."

"No, you're just jealous. Probably because you've never been kissed before and never will be."

"Shut up!" Nanoha exclaimed, "Who are you to talk? You'll probably suck at kissing." Nanoha rolled her eyes and then shut them in a attempt to calm herself down.

Fate had enough. She was still pissed about being beaten earlier and now the same girl was saying that she couldn't kiss. That was the last straw. Fate fucking Testarossa loses to no one! She's a goddamn amazing kisser... even if she hasn't kissed anyone yet.

Nanoha didn't know what hit her, well that was understatement. She did in fact know it was the soft lips of one Fate Testarossa that tasted like strawberry chap-stick. She opened her eyes in shock, but immediately closed her eyes and tried her beset to resist the urge to kiss back as Fate eagerly sucked on her bottom lip. Fate's hands slipped to the small of the brunette's back, while Nanoha's hands ventured to the blonde's shoulders with the initial purpose of pushing away the other girl; however, when Fate ran her tongue along her bottom lip she instinctively let Fate in. Fate knew she probably shouldn't be enjoying exchanging saliva with the enemy, but damn it felt good. Nanoha tangled her hands in the other girl's long silky golden tresses, pressing her body flush against the taller girl.

Through the moaning and panting Nanoha heard the bus brakes and snapped out of her hormonal haze. She realized that she was sucking face with the enemy and snapped. Nanoha quickly broke the kiss, and in frustration with herself for wanting to continue slapped the stunned teenager across the face.

In a state of confusion Nanoha yelled, "I hate you! Never again!" With that she ran onto the bus telling the driver the other girl wasn't getting on.

Fate was stood like a statue at the bus stop trying to recover the memories of the last ten minutes. All she could do was look around touching the stinging red mark on her cheek. Nothing was clicking into place and all she could do was quietly say, "What. The. Fuck...!"

The girls never spoke to each other again until spring semester of their freshmen year in high school. Although talking doesn't describe the interaction accurately...