Ianto rested his cheek on the top of Andrew's head and watched Jack's hands gesticulating. They were in Belle's room so that he could tell them both a story at the same time, with Belle tucked up in bed and Andrew wrapped in his duvet in Ianto's lap, snuggled against his chest. Mica was just inside the doorway, watching all of them.

"And do you know what I found?" Jack asked. He'd just got to the point in the story where he activated the teleport device – although he made it sound less accidental than it had been. Belle shook her head and blinked, fighting to stay awake. "There was nobody there. An empty building, with all sorts of machines that hadn't been used for many, many years. And none of it worked, so I couldn't find my way back."

"But Tad found you." She smiled up at Jack and he brushed a stray curl back off her face.

"Yes he did. He came looking for me, fixed the machine and brought me home. Just like he always does," he told her. "And now you need to sleep."

"But..." she was nearly asleep already, and didn't protest for long. Jack bent down to kiss her goodnight and she smiled. "Night night Daddy."

"Sweet dreams, Angel." He turned to Ianto and held his arms out for Andrew, who wriggled forwards to cuddle up to him and let Ianto up. "I'll get this one settled."

Ianto nodded and looked over his shoulder to see that Mica had already gone. Jack carried Andrew out of the room and down the hall to his own bedroom, and Ianto stood up to straighten Belle's duvet and tuck her in carefully. "Sleep well carina," he whispered, kissing her forehead.

She smiled up at him and closed her eyes. "You're my hero," she told him.

He blinked away the stinging in his eyes and swallowed hard, watching her slip into sleep as carefree as any child her age should be. He'd worried so often that they were damaging their children with their lifestyle... "I'll always be your hero," he promised.

When he paused in the doorway of Andrew's bedroom, it was to watch Andrew watching Jack, who was sorting out Andrew's school uniform for the next day, setting his shoes neatly together with a pair of socks in them, all ready for him to get dressed in a hurry in the morning. He pushed away from the door frame and sat on the edge of Andrew's bed, leaning down to kiss his forehead. "Sleep well."

"You too." Andrew raised his arms for a hug and got one, tightening his arms around Ianto's neck and resting his cheek against his chest. "I love you, Tad."

"I love you too." Ianto hugged him tightly for a moment, then eased him back into bed and tucked him in again. "There we go. Sleep now, okay?"

"Uh huh."

Ianto smiled down at him and got up, joining Jack in the doorway. He turned the light out and closed the door, then reached up to wind his fingers in Jack's hair and pull him in for a deep, slow kiss. They leaned together with Ianto's hands in Jack's hair and Jack's hands on Ianto's waist, lips pressed together and tongues stroking gently. "I'm glad you're home," he whispered, pulling back to brush his fingertips down to Jack's jack. "And safe."

Jack smiled and brushed feather-soft kissed across Ianto's cheek. "So am I. I knew you'd come for me."

"Always." Ianto chuckled at him and passed up the opportunity for innuendo. "Come to bed."

Jack released him long enough for them to get into the bedroom and strip down, then they curled together in bed, unable to touch each other enough or get close enough. He'd nearly lost Jack on his trip, a teleport device that old could have gone fatally wrong and there would have been no return. But he was here now, so alive and happy and loving in Ianto's arms, and it just served to remind him of how lucky they were to have each other.

Later, when Jack slept, having spent the previous night looking after Ianto, he returned the favour and watched over him, his way of giving thanks for everything that Jack had given him.

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