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Dean/Cas & Sam/Gabe & Other Un-Cannon Pairings.


Castiel Novak had a stalker.

Or so Anna and Ruby swore.

Castiel himself hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary, and he didn't recognize any one face wherever he went, but his sisters pressed that just because he was oblivious to everything didn't mean people were oblivious of him. And that he he had a stalker.

And they were a little miffed with him.

Apparently, both of his sisters thought his stalker was rather hot and were annoyed that the guy was stalking him and not them.

"If Cas really has a stalker you should be contacting the police, not gushing over the psychopath." Michael, their eldest brother, announced with a frown as they gathered around the table at Castiel's home-which never seemed large enough for his ridiculous amount of siblings.

Their parents had been strict Catholics, and had not only not indulged in birth control, but their children had had to suffer bearing angelic names. The girls (Anael and Ananchel) had had their names changed upon their eighteenth birthdays, changing them to Anna and Ruby respectively.

While Anna's changing her name had been a shock, no one had been surprised at Ruby changing her name, as their parents had always considered her the 'demon' of the family, the black sheep who'd scandalized their parents by declaring herself agnostic from the age of ten.

"Why get the cops involved when I can deal with him?" Gabriel, the third-born, wanted to know, chewing on a Twizzler.

"We don't need you getting locked up because of another of your tasteless pranks turning sour." Luc, who'd never legally changed his name from Lucifer to everyone's surprise, was the second oldest and by far the best looking of the whole Novak family. They'd once asked their parents why they would name Luc 'Lucifer' considering how deeply religious they were, and the Novaks had explained that Lucifer was the most perfect being in heaven, and they were naming their son after the perfect, unfallen angel, and not after the fallen Satan. "Just the fact that the police know you by an alias by now should say something, Trickster."

Gabriel grinned brightly, quite proud to be a rogue.

"You're forgetting that there mightn't even be a stalker." Raphael reminded from where he'd returned from raiding the kitchen, holding a pack of chips. "It could just be the girls being girls."

"Hey!" Anna and Ruby exclaimed, the redhead and blonde glaring at their older brother.

Azrael, a year older than Raphael, sighed from where he was nursing a hangover against the table's surface. "Not so loud, please."

"You really shouldn't drink so much when you go out." Castiel shook his head at his older brother. "You know that you can't hold your liquor."

Then again, Anna and Ruby were the only ones younger than him, so all of his brothers were older.

"Jess likes to party and I have to keep up with her if I'm going to keep some of my manly dignity." Azrael groaned, referring to his pretty girlfriend, before his face went green and he rushed away towards the bathroom.

Ruby snorted, pulling a strand of long blonde hair out of her face. "The girl is what? Ninety pounds? And she totally outdrinks him." She grinned. "I really like her."

Anna rolled her eyes, not liking Jess as much as her younger sister.

"What he needs to do is marry the girl and settle down." Michael scoffed, leaning back in his seat. "Best thing I ever did was marry Amelia and have Claire."

"Not everyone settles down and marries their high school sweetheart." Gabriel rolled his eyes. "Some of us actually have a life."

Luc slapped slapped Gabriel up the back of his head. "Show some respect to your older brother you heathen."

"Fuck!" Gabriel cried out, rubbing the back of his head and glaring at Luc. "You're a real abusive bastard, you know that?"

Luc rolled his eyes.

"How did we end up straying from the subject of Cassy's stalker?" Rapahel wanted to know, chewing loudly on the chips. "I thought that was the reason why we decided to invade his home?"

"I don't have a stalker." Cas rolled his eyes, standing. "I think that Anna and Ruby have overactive imaginations."

"If it was a thing of fantasy, he'd be interested in us." Anna shook her head. "He's gorgeous."

"Hearing that...doesn't it make you curious, Cassy?" Gabriel teased, eyebrow raised. "I mean, Madison's always trying to hook you up with all the cute guys from her work and-."

Cas groaned.

He liked Madison, he did, because who else could actually tolerate Gabriel enough to live with him-but she was always trying to set Cas up with guys and it got a little embarrassing after a while.

"Maybe it's time you forgot about Uriel and maybe started seeing someone." Ruby announced in her straightforwards way. "Like I am."

That made everyone to turn towards their baby sister, the males narrowing their eyes in protective worry and Anna in jealousy.

"You whore." Anna glared. "Why haven't I heard of this before?"

Ruby grinned brightly. "Because up until last night it was really just fucking."

Cas winced, their older brothers all growling, except for Azrael who was probably still vomiting his guts into Cas' toilet.

Anna turned towards her sister, all jealousy gone, replaced by excitement. "Who is he? Is he hot-of course he's hot-you're superficial."

Ruby laughed, leaning back against the set. "Remember the new guy who started coming to the bar a month ago?"

And Anna looked like she wanted to throw something at her. "I hate you right now. Him?"

Ruby grinned and nodded. "His name is Adam Winchester, he's a pre-med student, and he's sweet."

Anna bit down on her bottom lip, a dreamy expression on her face.

The brothers continued looking displeased, and a little nauseated.

"When will we be meeting this Adam Winchester?" Michael wanted to know, voice letting them all know that he was really ordering Ruby to introduce him as soon as possible or else.

Ruby, never intimidated, just grinned. "His mother has invited us all for dinner this sunday, so you're all going to come and invade her home and be on your best behavior."

"Why did you look at me when you said that last part?" Gabriel gasped, bringing his hand to his chest in mock hurt. "I behave."

Ruby snorted.

A little bit of Michael's disapproval when he realized that the guy's mother was inviting them over.

That said a lot about what the guy thought of Ruby.

Luc nodded, smiling softly. "We'll be glad to come, and we'll bring the wine."

"And the tacos!" Gabriel grinned, obviously getting over his 'hurt'.

As if the words 'tacos' had been a trigger, they could hear Azrael hurling once more in the bathroom.

They ignored him.

"So, what's he like?" Cas asked, much more open than the rest of his brothers, to the thought of their baby sister having a relationship.

Ruby grinned brightly and began telling.

Cas sighed, listening, more and more sure with each word that this guy seemed enamored with his sister.

Actually, to be truthful, it sounded like the guy was whipped and Ruby enjoyed cracking said whip.

Cas leaned his cheek against his fist, wondering when he was going to meet someone like that.


Dean Winchester shared an amused look with his younger brother Sam as they watched the youngest Winchester, Adam, have a mini nervous breakdown as they made last minute cleanups and such, making sure that everything was perfect for when Adam's girl and her ridiculously large family arrived. Adam had been fixated with this bartender ever since he'd stumbled into the bar she worked at to celebrate a friend's birthday, and if it wasn't for the fact that Dean loved seeing his brother so happily he'd be jealous as hell.

The baby of the family had found his girl and was doing great, bringing her to meet everyone.

And Dean?

The eldest of the three sons?

Well, he couldn't even get the courage to go up to the guy he'd been basically stalking for over three months and ask his name.

Well, Dean wasn't exactly stalking him, but the guy with the impossibly beautiful blue eyes always ate his lunch at the same restaurant at the same time every day, and Dean found himself eating there almost daily just so he could watch him.

And what was worse?

The guy didn't notice him!

At all!

They'd basically been in the same place almost every day for three months and the guy hadn't looked in Dean's direction once.

It did a number on Dean's usually unfailing ego.

The only thing that made Dean feel a little bit better was the fact that Sam was just as miserably single as him.

"They're late." Adam looked down at his watch and then out of the window. "She's never late." He sat down, a bag of nerves. "What if this was too soon for her? What if I'm going way too fast for her? What if she felt pressured? What if-?"

"Will you calm down?" John Winchester chuckled, shaking his head at his youngest son. "What car does she drive? I'll keep watch for her for you. You'll go bald if you don't stop worrying."

"Ruby doesn't drive." Adam sighed, leaning back hard against the seat and looking up at the ceiling. "She likes the freedom of subways, tolerates buses, and gets a taxi when she's celebrating something or just feels like it-or went shopping."

"Oh God, you're whipped!" Dean rolled his eyes.

"Behave Dean." Mary Winchester scolded softly, smiling dreamily at her youngest son. "He's in love."

Just then the sound of a car pulling into the driveway caught their attention, and they turned to see a black minivan pull into the yard, followed by a bright pink sports car.

A redhead drove the sports car, a blonde in the front driver's seat, two males sitting in the back, one talking on the phone and the other putting away his ipod.

"She's here." Adam stood up immediately, taking in a deep breath and straightening his clothes before hurrying to the door.

Mary and John exchanged amused expressions before following after their youngest son at a more sedate pace.

"Is Ruby the redhead or the blonde?" Sam wanted to know, curious. "I'm guessing the blonde, since Adam says she doesn't drive."

"Who cares? They're both out of your league, Samantha." Dean smirked.

"Jackass." Sam rolled his eyes. "And for your information, they're not my type."

He huffed away.

Dean rolled his eyes at Sammy's easily offended sensibilities and followed, thus didn't see the other four men who exited the minivan.

"It's so good to finally meet you." Mary Winchester was hugging the blonde girl tightly, smiling at her. "Sam has told us so much about you that I feel like I know you already."

"Thank you ma'am." She smiled brightly, sending an amused look in an embarrassed Sam's direction, before turning to her large brood of siblings. "I'd like you to meet my family. This is Michael, my eldest brother and the patriarch of our family. He raised most of us after our parent's death." She motioned to a tall, dark haired male with serious brown eyes who thanked John and Mary for inviting them to dinner, handing them two bottles of extremely expensive wine. "Then there's Luc," she pointed to a blonde with blue eyes who looked serious and yet not half as serious as Michael. "Then there's Gabriel, Azrael, Raphael, Castiel, and my sister Anna."

Each of the men had shaken hands with them when introduced, but Dean's mind had gone out of the window when he'd come face to face with him.

It was his blue eyed obsession.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Castiel." The man smiled, shaking his hand, voice sinfully gravelly. "It was nice of your family to have us here."

Dean couldn't get his mouth to work, and didn't notice as suddenly Anna got a good look at him and her eyes went wide.

"Oh my god." Ruby gasped as she finally looked at Dean. "It's Led Zeppelin Shirt Guy."

Anna sent her sister a horrified look.

Dean felt just as mortified.

These girls, they'd been with Castiel during some of the times Dean would spy on him.

They must have seen Dean ogling their brother!

He wanted to curl up and die.

"You know each other?" Castiel asked, curiously, tilting his head slightly.

"Ah, no. Not really." Ruby shared a look with her sister before shaking her head. "He sometimes eats at your favorite restaurant, Cas, and Anna and I noticed his love of Led Zeppelin shirts and we got into an argument because she doesn't understand the genius that is Led Zeppelin. It's why I remembered him."

Dean stared at Ruby in shock.

Either she really hadn't noticed the fact that he'd been undressing her brother with his eyes during every lunchtime or...or she was covering for him.

He eyed her curiously, especially when she flashed him a grin that said 'damn, I'm good.'

Dean blinked.

He decided he kinda liked Adam's girl.

"Not much for the Zeppelin myself." The shortest of the brothers announced, flinging an arm around Castiel's shoulder, a lollipop sticking out between his lips. "Though Cas and I always had a little fondness for Stairway To Heaven."

So his nickname was 'Cas'.

"Enough with the Zeppelin talk." Anna announced, turning to Mary and smiling, complimenting her own her garden.

Ruby (who wasn't much into gardens it would seem) and the men entered the home, and somehow Dean made it so that he was behind Cas in the informal line, and he might have leaned forwards a little to get a whiff of his scent.

He muffled the groan that threatened to escape his lips.

Castiel's scent was fresh and sweet, not like cologne but more like soap.

They all went to the large Winchester living room and Ruby and Anna helped Mary serve the wine they'd brought with them, just sipping a bit and talking while the food was finishing cooking. Dean knew that he was usually more talkative than he was now, but he didn't think his father and brothers noticed, all laughing and getting along surprisingly well with the males of Ruby's family. Dean would get to know them better later, right now all he could do was watch Castiel, the man with the intense blue eyes. Out of all of his brothers Cas seemed the most introverted, pulled back from everything and everyone, but now and again his eyes would flash with amusement at whatever antics his brothers (especially the pipsqueak, Gabriel) were getting into at the moment.

When dinner was served, Dean didn't know why God was suddenly on his side, but he wasn't going to complain or waste his time wondering about his change of luck. Instead, he cleared his throat and turned to Castiel, who was sitting next to him, just as silent.

"So..." Dean tried to remember how completely at ease with the whole flirting thing he'd used to be, and tried to channel that confidence as he smiled at Cas. "What do you do?"

"I write." Castiel responded with a small smile. "Fiction."

"About angels." Gabriel chuckled, leaning forwards across from them. "He writes about an angelic family who left heaven because they wanted free will and to live amongst humans, being as they are. The characters are based on all of us." Gabriel smirked. "Of course I'm the star."

Cas raised an eyebrow. "No you're not."

"I'm the fan favorite." Gabriel shot back, not at all put down.

Cas sighed. "He might be right with that one."

"I totally am. Don't you look at your fan websites? I beat everyone in the polls." Gabriel scoffed, reaching for the desert. "Remember how everyone was so pissed off at you when they thought I'd been killed off saving everyone in the last book?"

Cas sighed, looking completely worn. "I had to write a miracle to get you and your host back into the series. The letters I was getting from everyone were...scary."

Dean blinked, surprised by this. "Your readers were that pissed?"

"I'm the shit." Gabriel puffed his chest, smirking crookedly. "And the great Trickster wasn't going to go down that easily. Readers knew that. And made sure Cassy knew it too."

"Wait." Suddenly Sam interrupted, on Gabriel's other side. "You're not talking about the Paradise of the Fallen book series, are you?"

Cas looked up, eyes wide. "You've heard of my books?"

Dean frowned.

Sam knew of Cas' books?

"Heard of them?" Sam shook his head, eyes wide. "Dude, I own every single book in the series!"

What? Dean frowned darker.

Cas blinked, looking honored.

"And I have to admit-I might have voted on that poll." Sam chuckled, looking embarrassed as he admitted that. "So Trickster is going to come back in the next book? Really?"

"Course." Gabriel answered for his brother, grin wide and mischievous. "Cas here can't kill off his own brother. Not if he wants to continue being able to continue using my store as his writing haven."

"So you own a store." Sam turned towards the much shorter man, curious.

Gabriel grinned mischievously and pulled out two business cards, passing them to both Sam and Dean. "I am the proud owner of Trickster's Emporium of Tricks & Treats. You two should stop by one day, I'll give you a family discount." He almost seemed to be speaking to Dean as he added. "Cas is there almost every day, writing on one of the back tables and eating me out of my goods."

"I pay for what I eat." Cas replied, voice an embarrassed grumble.

"Technicalities." Gabriel assured the brothers.

Sam bit down on his bottom lip to keep from grinning.

Dean frowned, feeling really out of place, and annoyed that he was the only one in the conversation who had no idea about Cas' books except for the fact that they were about Angels.

He was going to have to steal some of Sammy's books.

"That's awesome!" Sam was grinning brightly at something Cas had just said.

"Why don't you bring them tomorrow to the store?" Gabriel asked. "You and Dean can come visit my awesome little kingdom, and Cas will sign them for you."

Dean blinked.

Apparently Cas had agreed to sign Sam's copies of his books.

"That'd be cool, right Dean?" Sam asked, turning that look at Dean that had a smile, and yet his eyes were narrowed in a 'just say yes and don't bitch about it' way.

Usually Dean would challenge that look if only on the basis that he didn't let his younger brother boss him in any way, but this suited Dean's interest, so he just nodded and smiled. "Sure."

Sam blinked in surprise, as if shocked that Dean hadn't been a dick about this, before his smile grew more genuine. "We'll come after work then. I just need a quick detour to grab my books and we'll be there."

Gabriel smiled somewhat cunningly.

Dean would have been worried, or at least wary, if Castiel wasn't smiling at him at that very moment.