The waves hit the bay with a patient rhythm. The sun was just about to set, and the final minutes of light were put into place. To the left, in the distance, was a boardwalk carnival that never moved from its popular location. The sounds from this place were so faint the waves lapped them away, just as it lapped at the sand.

My left side ached from football tryouts, where once again I failed. I can't catch, I can't throw, I can hardly tackle, but every year all the boys have to try out here at "Silverman Boarding". I liked it here, there was the beach, the silence, and the boardwalk, but it's so damn preppy and full of rich jerks. My only company was the ocean, and Stephen, a good friend of mine.

I looked at where the sand meets the water, the slow convergence calmed me down, and I didn't have to think, just observe. Each grain of sand was turned over and swept away, as a new grain took its place.

I sat on the smooth, white sand. I thrust my fist into the smoothness, and buried it in a hole, feeling the grains rub against my hand. The feeling was something I've felt too often nowadays, and each day was worse. I wanted to take a knife and commit mass murder. In our society, feelings must be confined to you and never let loose. That's my problem, because there's no one I can show my feelings to and be understood at the same time. No one, no way, so as you can tell Stephen isn't what you say the "understanding" type. He's one of the guys who wips you into shape, the hard way.

Finally, when I took my hands out of the sand, I heard someone behind me. I didn't look back, only stared at the flowing ocean coldly. Stephen stood next to me, with a coke in each hand. "You want one?" Stephen said as he sat down. I just took one out of his outstretched arm and didn't say a word. Opened the can and took a large swig. "So how was football?"

"You can guess" I replied.

"I probably can" He said. He opened his own coke and started drinking. "I tried my best to suck, so it looks we got summer to ourselves, girls, and our guitars."

"Yes we do." I answered, solemnly. I stared at the sand once more, and took another swig of the bubbly soda. The carnival noises became apparent to me, and I breathed in a breath of that beautiful lively smell. "You know, I think we're going somewhere this year Stephen."

"So you're finally over that Lauren girl?"

"I never said that." I said with a laugh.

"Well dude, we are going somewhere." Stephen said, patting me on the back. "We're going where no man dares go, known as… Girl parties."

"Oh my god Stephen" I chuckled. "You are such a pervert."

"But I'm good at it right?"

"Yes you are." I said, I stood up, still holding my coke, and we turned away to the dorms. The sound of waves crashing on the water.

World watch out, because I'm back.