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A comlink. It's like a cellular device in many ways. It's a way to communicate with someone when they are not around. Jazz grinned, absently bopping his head as he listened to Sideswipe's new prank. Sunstreaker was splayed out on the berth, a bored expression on his faceplates. "And then, we hook up the music to the comlinks, so the music plays when we call someone!" Sideswipe finished, eagerly looking between his best friend and brother.

"And how..." Sunstreaker had eased forward to watch his brother carefully. "Did you possibly come up with this stupid plan?" Sideswipe beamed.

"Well, I wanted tickets to go see some Halloween concert they were giving away on the radio and when I called a lady come on and told me to enjoy the music while I was waiting and music suddenly came on and stayed on till they answered!" He explained, then pouted. "I was caller 3.." Sunstreaker facepalmed while Jazz laughed.

"You are an idiot." Sunstreaker growled. Jazz punched Sunny lightly in the arm before walking over to Sideswipe.

"He ain't an idiot. He's a genius. I love his idea." He proclaimed, putting an arm around Sides' shoulder. "So, which songs you pickin'?"

An hour had passed. Jazz and Sideswipe were sitting cross legged on the floor, picking out songs for each Autobot based on their personality. Sunstreaker was asleep. "So, we got all the Autobots so far except for Optimus, Ratchet, Prowl, Me, you and Sunny." Sideswipe muttered, looking through the list of songs.

"Hm...well I want Rock That Body as mine." Jazz grinned. Sideswipe laughed and added it to the list. "How 'bout for Prime we do The Touch by Stan Bush?" There was a pause. Jazz looked over to see Sideswipe giving him an odd look. "What?"

"The Touch? Really? It doesn't fit him at all!" Sideswipe exclaimed. "How about something like..." He flipped through the song book, "Faith Of The Heart?" Jazz rolled his optics under his visor.

"Whatever, man. Sunshine's will be This Moment." Sideswipe grinned.

"Hell yea." He exclaimed. "Now what about Hatchet?" Jazz thought for a moment.

"Something doctor-y."

"I KNOW!" Sideswipe exclaimed. "How to save a life!" Jazz nodded in agreement. "And now, mine." Sideswipe picked a song, his grin widening.

"...I don' like that look Siders. What song did you choose...?" Sideswipe held up the piece of paper, causing Jazz to groan.

"Really?" He asked. "The song that gets on everybody's nerves?" Sideswipe nodded. "I ain't callin ya." Jazz looked through the song list.

"And now, for Prowl's..." Sideswipe's grin turned evil. Jazz held a hand up.

"I'll do Prowler's." He laughed, patting Sides on the shoulder before getting up to leave. "See ya later." Jazz walked out, grinning to himself. 'Prowler, get ready for a little suprise.'

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