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Warnings: Jazz is sneaky.

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Doorwings twitching, Prowl ran through the list of songs and artists that started with the word Lady in it. "Ugh! How hard is it to find a song? I should know this! Jazz is my best friend after all." Frowning, Prowl looked towards the list again, noting the top song. "Lady Gaga? Humans have such wierd names." He muttered before listening to the top song.

'I'm your biggest fan,

I'll follow you until you love me,


Baby there's no other super star-'

Prowl shut the song off there. He knew it. It was the one Jazz was singing when he snuck into his room the day before. "Alright, so I know the artist. Now I have to find the song."

"You want me to WHAT?" Blaster asked, blinking at his friend's request. "I don't know man, it's already set!" Jazz pouted.

"But he's so close to finding out! We have to change it before he does!" He protested. Blaster considered for a moment. "Please...?"

"Give me 3 high grades and I'll do it. But it has to be AFTER he finds out the song." Jazz's visor almost fell off.

"Why after?" He asked.

"Because, if he thinks he's completely off, he might crash...again. And then Ratchet will chew our skidplates. AGAIN." Blaster explained slowly, pointing to the security camera. "And Red's probably crashed a few times as well."

"Glad I gave him the song Paranoid, huh?" Jazz laughed, trying to distract his friend from the negatives.

"You want a love song?" Blaster asked, changing the subject completely. Jazz looked through his music files.

"Of course. But something that has meaning to it, ya know?" Blaster nodded in agreement, flipping through his storage of music. He made a triumphint noise when he came across the file he was looking for.

"Jazz, I think I just found your new song."

"SIR!" Prowl ran into his leader's office, a small human CD in his hand. "I believe I found the song." His face was completely red, much to Optimus's amusement.

"Really?" Optimus took the CD from Prowl. "Oh, I see. Well, you have the artist right, Prowl. But did you get the song right?" Prowl nodded.

"I believe so." Prowl pointed to a song. Optimus laughed.

"Sadly I can't tell you if that's the right song." Prowl's face fell. "BUT, I'll tell you your on the right track. Maybe you should talk to Jazz about this." Nodding, Prowl bolted out of the room. "And the chase begins?"

"Gotta find Jazz, Gotta find Jazz." Prowl kept muttering, running into the third in command's room, only to find he wasn't there. "Dammit, Jazz." Prowl spun on his heel, nearly running into the door as it shut.

"Hey, Prowler." Jazz came out of the washracks, water glistening on his armor. Prowl blinked trying not to stare. Jazz noticed. "Like what ya see?"

"Jazz, this is important. I know you know the song. And I believe I have found out what it is." Jazz smirked at that.

"Alright, Prowler. What is it?" Jazz leaned against the door, cocking a hip as he look at Prowl.

"Love Game by Lady Gaga." Jazz laughed, walking over and patted his friend on the shoulder.

"Sorry, Prowler. I changed it this morning. You WOULD be right." Prowl's doorwings twitched.

"I will be right back." Prowl turned, intent on finding out what the new song was.

Hello People! Anyone who guess the song "Love Game" By Lady Gaga, you were correct!

But now, there is a new song. And will Prowl begin to play Jazz's game? Well, we'll just have to find out!