Wow! I received a lot of good feedback this time around and I'm happy to say that I'll be posting Aurora later tonight. This is the final installment but, depending on your feedback, I may post a multi-chapter sequel aptly titled Horizons. But whether I do is up to you.

Although my friends have been super supportive of what I've written so far, I must thank the fantastic people that have reviewed me online as well! So thank you to Star, DarkAngel555 (thank you so much for your beautiful words! I really appreciate your kind feedback!), Kiomori (thanks! :D ), bkwrm19 (I always appreciate your kind feedback! I'll certainly amend the shortness should I post the multi-chapter fic – the first chapter alone is 5000+ words!), maythus (thanks!), Valor Grim (thanks!), Shimy (thank you for the kind words! I really appreciate the great feedback!), Leon Woon (thanks!), DragonflyonBreak (I definitely kept your advice in mind when editing Aurora – your review provided me with the insight to tone down the romance and keep it real. Thanks!), AzurexJen S., Sentimental Star (Thank you so much for your insightful review! I really appreciated reading what you wrote and it helped me finally finish Aurora!) and Inferno of the Damned (please don't die! Thanks!).

Keep your eyes peeled! I'll have Aurora up soon!

Love and fluff,