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Artemis looked her worried lieutenant in the eyes, "What do you know of Hercules?"

Thalia frowned, momentarily caught off guard by the question, "Zoë helped him. That's why she was kicked out of the Garden of the Hesperides. Then he dumped her and she became your lieutenant. I remember Annabeth telling me about him having to complete the twelve labors to benefit mankind. He was also the star of a Disney movie from the 90s."

Artemis felt a flicker of a smile grace her lips at her lieutenant's comment but the smile passed just as quickly as it came, Artemis still wasn't sure how she was supposed to tell Thalia that she had killed Hercules.

"That's partially true, but do you know how he died?" Artemis asked.

Thalia shook her head, "No."

Artemis sighed, and prepared to explain when a loud crash followed by screaming could be heard coming from outside. Artemis and Thalia jumped up and ran out of the goddess's tent, bows in hand.

Hunters were running around trying to put out the fire that had erupted out of a few of the tents, a result of Apollo parking too closely to Artemis's campsite. Apollo hopped out of the sun, and grinned at the hunters that were either just waking up, or already rushing to put the fire out.

"Brother! Will you be more careful as to where you park the sun?" Artemis said.

Apollo grinned, "Sorry 'sis, you know I'm forgetful."

Before Artemis could respond, Kelly, one of Artemis's hunters walked over to her, "Um, Lady Artemis, is there anything you could do about the fire?" she asked.

Artemis shook her head, "Right," she gave a wave of her hand and the flames instantly went out; the tents not even charred.

Apollo grinned, "See no harm no foul."

Artemis scowled at her twin's obvious lack of discipline, "Apollo what do you want?"

Apollo shrugged, "I wanted to talk to my little sister."

Artemis ignored his last comment, "And whatever you wanted to talk to me about couldn't have waited until morning?"

"Technically it is morning, it is 3:10, and besides, I never see you and I wanted to spend some time with my baby sister." Apollo said.

Artemis scowled, "Apollo- ugh never mind, look, now is a bad time so please just-"

"- Make it quick? Yea no problem." Apollo said, stopping his sister from sending him away, "So, shall we adjourn in your tent, it's rather cold out here."

Artemis sighed, but invited Apollo into the warmth of her tent anyway. "What do you want?" she asked tersely.

"I needed to talk to you, about a premonition I had." Apollo said suddenly very serious.

Artemis frowned, "What kind of premonition? Did you have a dream?"

Apollo nodded, "Yes, but it started with a visit from our dearest cousin." Apollo said sarcasm dripped from his voice at the mention of their cousin.

"Hecate visited you?" Artemis asked.

"Yes, and she was surprisingly pleasant."

"That is odd for her." Artemis noted.

Apollo agreed silently, "Yeah and she really wanted to see you."

Artemis frowned, that was indeed odd of Hecate. She and Artemis had been constantly butting heads since early childhood. They never ended a meeting without arguing. "Why would she want to see me?"

"I actually wanted to know the same thing." Apollo said, and though his tone remained friendly, Artemis couldn't help but notice the accusation in his words.

"What exactly are you here to accuse me of Apollo, because I would love to hear your thoughts?" Artemis said coldly.

Apollo held up his hands in surrender, "I'm not accusing you Ar, I was just curious, I'm well aware of your bitterness towards Hecate, and I was just… shocked, to see her so eager to talk with you."

Artemis nodded and Apollo could tell that she was still irritated by his remark, "I'm sorry, I'm just concerned is all, this premonition was, well, it was about you."

Artemis looked up sharply and stared her twin in the eyes. "What do you mean it was about me?"

Apollo shook his head, his blue eyes troubled, "I'm not sure. It was strange, the world, it was blackened, and dark. I saw people running and screaming as dark shadows followed them. Olympus was destroyed and the last thing I saw before I woke up… it was a full moon."

Artemis frowned, unsure of what to make of Apollo's dream. She couldn't help but wonder if his dream had anything to do with the return of Hercules. "What if the full moon was symbolizing a date not me?"

Apollo shrugged, "I considered that, but- I don't know, maybe I'm just being to overly protective."

"Have you told anyone else about your dream?" Artemis asked.

Apollo shook his head, "I didn't want anyone to get the wrong conclusion. I wanted to run it by your first."

Artemis nodded, but was still unsure about the meaning of the premonition. Why did it bother her so much? Apollo seemed to notice his sister's discomfort, "Artemis, is there anything you wanted to talk to me about?"

Artemis froze, should I tell him? She wanted to tell him, let someone else no her secret, but she still hoped there would be some way to avoid admitting her mistake to anyone, so at the last minute she shook her head, "No, I have nothing to say."

"Okay, well I guess I'll see you tomorrow then." Apollo said as he got up to leave.


Apollo nodded, "Yeah, didn't Hermes tell you? Apparently Hercules is back and so Zeus is holding a big meeting on Olympus."

Artemis nodded and bade Apollo farewell, completely lost in thought. Hercules was going to tell everyone. Then what would Zeus do?

Once Apollo had left, Thalia entered the goddess's tent, "Lady Artemis, you never finished answering my question. How did Hercules die?"

Mind still reeling, Artemis answered, "I killed him."