Poor Todd, Copper cheated on him, Will Todd forgive him or not, find out in this third chapter

Pairings: Copper/Todd, Todd/Chief, Copper/Chief

Rated: K+

While Copper was chasing after Todd, Chief was following him, Todd ran through the wood as fast as he can

When he saw the water, he ran to it, he stopped and stared at the water and he remembered the first time him and Copper met, Copper was the most beautiful dog he had ever seen but it was too late now cause he and Vixey were mates, he started to cry

Meanwhile Copper and Chief was looking for Todd all around the woods

"Chief, I feel like this all my felt, I betrayed my best friend" He said feeling guilty

"Don't worry, Copper we'll find him" He said trying to make him feel better

Back at the water, While Todd was staring at the water, Vixey came along and saw Todd crying, so she went to his side and nuzzled him, it brought sivers down his spine

"Todd are you okay? Vixey to his mate

"Uh Vixey, can we talk" He said in depression

"Sure" She said smiling

"I decided who my true lover is" He said looking at her

"Really, oh Todd, I love you too" She said with glee

Vixey was about to nuzzle but Todd stopped him leaving her confused

"Vixey, Stop that, your not the one I truly love" He said shouting at her making her back up a little

"What? She said as she began to tear up

"I'm gay, Vixey" He admitted to her now ex-mate

"But-" She started

"Look, Vixey we had been mates for 2 years but it's time we went our separate ways besides your to girly for me, I need someone who would protect me" He explained

"I don't keep you company? She asked lowering her ears

"No, you don't" He stated making the vixen blew the bomb

Vixey was so mad at him that she had knocked him into the water

"If that's the way you feel then we're though" She shouted

Todd was coughing cause Vixey pushed him hard

Vixey closed her eyes, lifted her head up and turned then walked away

"Fine, I don't need you anyway" He said with anger in his voice

Meanwhile in the woods

Copper was still looking for Todd along with his mentor

"Were is he? He said looking around

"Maybe he went to his owner's house" He guessed

"No way Chief, I had known Todd since we were kids, maybe he's got to be in here somewhere" He replied to Chief

"Whatever you say" The gray hound said rolling his eyes

Suddenly The two was Vixey

Copper and Chief walked over to her and asked her witch way to go

"Vixey, have you seen Todd" He asked

"You mean the good for nothing male, he's by the water" She said pointing his direction

"Thanks" He said smiling

"Whatever I got to go" She said before running off deeper in the woods

"The water, Copper you know were that is" Chief said resulting to the past

"Yes I do...follow me and stay close that bear might still be around" He said

Chief nodded and Copper lead the way with his mentor following him

When they reached the water, that's when they saw Todd

They rushed to his but they behind the tree

"Chief, stay here until I give the signal" He ordered him

Chief nodded and stayed behind the tree, Copper went over there

he sat by Todd, he was also staring at the water

"You okay, Todd" He said looking at him

Todd:" I don't understand why would you do this after all way have been though" He said looking at his reflection along with his friend's

Copper sighed

"Todd listen, Chief is my other boyfriend" He said saying that having more them one boyfriend is not that bad

"You're just saying that to make me feel better" He said depressing tone

"No, I'm not, Chief will explain" He said

After he said that Chief came out, Todd was him and he was frightened so he backed up

Todd tried to run but was stopped by Copper

"It's okay Todd, he's not going to hurt you" He said telling him that he's changed

"H-he won't, but you hate me" He said to the gray hound

"True but Copper told me to give you a chance, I'm usually nice once you get to know me" He explained

"But I don't understand, why would Copper help me, we didn't talk for 2 years" He pointed out

"Cause during that time we couldn't be together" He explained

"Oh" Todd said getting in

"Look Todd, What Copper was trying to say is that he loves you" Chief said to the fox

Todd looks at Copper and turned and faced him

"Copper, do you really like me like that? He said sitting on his butt

" Yes, when we were friend that's all I wanted to be but now that we're older, I have these feeling for you" He explained

Todd smiled at him

"So, do you love me? He said hoping he'll forgive him

"Sure, I mean I was going to tell you 2 years ago but your master and Chief tried to kill me" He pointed out

"Sorry about that" Chirf sais apologizing

"Copper...you love me, right" He said to the hound

"Sure" He said licking his cheek

"But what about Chief" He said resulting to his cheating

"He can be apart of it" He said smiling

"Are you sure about that?" The hound asked

"Yes" The fox smiled

"But what about your master, he'll kill me if he saw me with you and Copper" He said worrying

"Don't worry Todd, Your boyfriends will keep you safe, isn't that right Copper" He said as a leader

This is what Todd ever wanted, to feel safe

"Right, after all we're still friends" He said sitting by Tood's side

"Yeah" He said nuzzling his neck

Copper placed his paw in, Todd put his paw on top of Copper's and Chief went last, when all paws were in Copper began to make a small speech

"Don't forget, we're friend, nothing will chance that" He said giving a speech

"Never forget" Copper said

"Never forget" The gray hound said after him then they broke up

"Well, now that that's taken care of, why don't we go back to our home, Chief" Copper said not wanting to get in trouble

"I think we should, I don't want our master to come looking for me" Chief stated

"Yeah, I don't want to get in any more trouble" He said after laughing

"Yeah, we have to go" He said

"Can Todd come too, Chief" Copper said

"Sure, but don't let him out of my sight" He said making it clear

"Got it" He said

"Chief, thank you" The brown hound said before licking him on the cheek

"Yeah,Yeah" He said rolling his eyes

"Uh, Chief" Tood said looking at him

Chief turned to the fox

"Yes" The gray hound said looking at him

"I hope you don't mind me asking you this but when I saw you and Copper doing things I was happy, I just hid my feelings" He explained

" What are you trying to say?" He confusingly said

"Would you mind accepting two boyfriends" The fox said

"Well Todd, I have to ask Copper" Chief said

Chief turned his head to Copper

"Chief...it's okay, I think that the three of us could get along" He said smiling

"Yeah" The fox said

"Okay" The gray hound said

"Thank, uh may I" He said nervously

Chief nodded and pushed out his lips waiting for a kiss

Todd got close to the gray hound, he pushed out his lips then they locked lips

Copper didn't seem to care, They did this for about 5 minutes then they pulled away

" Todd, I never knew you were such a good kisser" He said sounding amazed

"Well, Copper and I had kissed a couple of times" The fox stated

" Okay, now we really have to go" He said sounding worried

"Let's go" Todd and Copper said, they then rushed though the woods and back to the house

So, Todd had accented Copper's forgiveness, will Chief decide to let Todd stay and be apart of their family also will Todd accept or not, will Todd handle two boyfriends or remain with Copper, find out in the next chapter also give feedback

P.S sorry for making Todd break up with Vixey, they wouldn't make a very good couple anyways.