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Chapter 6: New Friends in Old Places

The summer before Lilly's second year at Hogwarts passed relatively uneventfully. Interspersed with visits to family and friends, doing her summer assignments, and a shopping trip to Diagon Alley to purchase her school supplies, she spent time with Severus, the two now having even more in common with their wizarding heritage.

It was during one of their meetings at the nearby park that Lilly accidentally mentioned Peter while playing absently with her necklace. Unsurprisingly, the reserved boy was highly skeptical of the information she provided of flying boys and fairies and other worlds...at least he was until she pointed out that they were now wizards who visited a hidden world and were learning to fly on brooms and had house elves serving them in the castle they lived in. After that, he was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

That night, when Peter stopped by to visit, Lilly posed the suggestion of Peter stopping by to visit Severus one night, explaining how she had accidentally slipped and told her friend about him. She explained that Severus was very reserved and quiet and had trouble making friends because of this. Peter stayed quiet for several long minutes, looking thoughtful before nodding and telling her he would think about it. She gave him directions to Sev's house, just in case he decided to follow through with it.

Two days later, just as soon as she'd finished breakfast and gotten dressed for the day, there was a knock on the door. To her surprise, Severus stood there, the most startled look on his face as he dragged her outside. The normally stoic boy was almost bouncing in excitement as he quietly exclaimed, "You were right! I apologize. He came…the boy, Peter… he stopped by my window last night and knocked. And the fairy! It...she...was so remarkable, exactly as you described. And he flew, I don't understand how, but he did! And we talked until almost dawn, he said he'd come back to visit and bring some of the plants that are native to his world for me to examine"

Lilly laughed lightly, so happy that she was able to do something to make her friend happy, and from the sounds of it, possibly made Peter a little happier as well. Of course the bit about the plants just made her laugh all the more; it was so typically Severus. He'd always been curious about plants and their properties and as soon as he'd discovered Potions at Hogwarts, he was in heaven. She really hoped that the two could become friends, they both could certainly use one besides herself.

The next time she saw Peter, she couldn't help but question him about his meeting with Sev, and was happy to hear Peter go on about the other boy almost as excitedly as Sev had about him. She simply basked in the warm feeling of a job well done as she listened. She knew that although she got along with both boys, there were certain things that boys would just have more in common with each other, and so she sat quietly, a gentle smile gracing her features as he continued before their conversation turned once more to her experiences while at school.


Soon enough, Lilly was saying her goodbyes to Peter and making sure she had everything she needed packed for her next year at Hogwarts. A part of her felt bad for leaving the boy, he'd gotten that lost look again and, coupled with the softly pouring rain outside as he left, she wound up worrying about him for the rest of the night. It also made her question the wisdom of introducing him to Sev, because now Peter was losing both of his new friends until the holidays came around again, and it wasn't like they could exactly write to him or anything. But then again, he'd seemed so happy during the summer, both the boys had, so she made herself stop obsessing over the "could have/should have's" and focus on not forgetting anything she'd need.

The next day she was at the station, saying tearful farewells to her parents, Petunia had decided to stay at home rather than be dragged along, and greeting her friends she hadn't seen all summer. When she got a chance during the trip up to the castle, she asked Sev if Peter had been by to tell him goodbye. He confirmed that indeed, their flying friend had stopped by for a brief visit in the rain, lingering only long enough to bid him farewell and wish him luck in his classes.

Lilly sighed softly, her fingers finding her star pendant once again as she wished for Peter to find lasting happiness. But her thoughts were soon dragged away from her far-off friend by the Sorting and the welcoming feast and then it was off to the dorms to get ready for classes the next day, even so she managed a glimpse out the window before she laid down for the night, finding Peter's home star twinkling in the night sky, though even it seemed not to be as bright as it was when he was with her.

School passed in a flurry of new classes and new friends, new aggravations from the Marauders and especially their leader, James. The insufferable boy just would not leave her alone, and to make it worse, the four boys seemed to take a special interest in taunting Sev which did nothing to help the prat's standing in her eyes. It did seem as though Sev had made a new friend in his own house though, a very aristocratic blonde named Lucius, and though his attitude toward her made her instantly dislike him, she tried her best to remain civil for Sev's sake.

The next thing she knew, the holidays were upon them once more and Lilly was back home for the traditional rounds to friends and families and shopping and late night conversations with Peter. After their first visit, the boy seemed much happier for the rest of her stay, they even traded Christmas presents again. This time she got him a selection of candies from Honeyduke's which he seemed to really like, especially the chocolate frogs as soon as he found out they actually moved, and she kept having to hush him as he kept breaking out laughing as the mindless confection hopped around the room and into things. Peter gave her a selection of beautiful feathers that the Indian tribe often used in their headdresses, figuring she could make use of them since she had told him she used quills while at school. She found out later that he'd given Sev another selection of plants and some random rocks and things he thought the budding Potions expert would find a use for. Sev had actually thought to give their new friend a small leather pouch that was spelled to withstand pretty much any damage as well as the elements.

Much to her dismay, the holidays seemed to pass as quickly as school had and she was once more saying her goodbyes to Peter, even more concerned for his safety as he left in a complete downpour, she could even see the sidewalks starting to cover over with icy sleet as the cold froze the rain as soon as it hit. She watched him as long as she could before the weather drove him out of her sight. With a heavy heart she finished packing and readied her things for her trip back to school.


Tink was about ready to toss that Lilly-girl to the pirates, as ineffectual as they were without the daunting Captain Hook with them. She'd thought it was good that Peter saw the human because he cheered up again, and then she introduced him to that boy Severus, and wasn't he a moody one, but it seemed to make Peter even more happy, so Tink went along with it, as always. And then they both left to go back to that strange school of theirs, and Peter was left alone once more, and she was left trying to console him. And NOTHING was working.

She tried to get him to go hunting with the Indians, he gave up and went home after the first hour. She tried to get him to outsmart the mermaids and claim another of their treasures, and wasn't that a horrible idea, it just seemed to make him think even more of his missing human friends. She even tried to get him to raid the pirates, he simply sighed and flew up to rest on a tree limb, staring at the locket that the girl had given him.

She was tired of the silence. She was tired of the moods. And blast it all she was sick to death tired of the blasted rain, she didn't think she'd ever feel dry again. And those stupid human months took so long, but she was left counting them, waiting for the one that would signal the return home of the two children and the return of Peter's good mood. Tink wondered how many of those "school years" the children had to go to, because she didn't think she was going to be able to withstand too much more of things the way they were going currently.

After what seemed like a grey, misty, depressing, forever, Tink went in search for her boy. Her boy! She was the one that had rescued him when he ran away, she was the one that helped watch over him. She was the one left to console him when all his friends left him alone. But she wasn't enough, was never enough, so she did the only thing she could and sucked in her pride and told Peter that the children were due back home that night, and felt like crying a little herself as the first real smile she'd seen since winter graced the boy's features as he flew up into the sky crowing his happiness and the first rays of sunlight to grace Neverland since before winter dared to peek through the grey clouds that had been lingering for months.