Hello everyone. Long time no hear, eh? Eheh... Please, stop throwing things at me. Seriously!

Ahem. Thank you.

So, you all are no doubt terrifically excited to be getting an update on this story, after - what is it now, 2 years? - of nothing on this. And you're probably just as excited to realize that what you're getting is not an update after all, but a dreaded Author's Note. To note, I abhor people who post author's notes as chapters, and when this issue is resolved, the note will be taken down and things continued as regular. I find ANs exceedingly annoying and distracting from the story, and the story should be just that - THE STORY, and nothing else.

But this instance calls for an author's note. This is a call for help, a call to arms if you will, of a sort.

After waiting for a reply from Rhia that has never come after our first few messages back and forth in January 2011, a slew of real life happenings going on on my end, and still avid readers pestering me quite regularly about BP, I've finally decided that it's a lost cause to hope that I'll ever hear from Rhia again, and to leave myself as pleasantly surprised should she ever come back. But, this leaves me a problem. The last I heard from her, we had broached the topic of co-writing BP together, as neither of us had the time or inclination at the moment to take in on wholly, but still felt indebted to the story. Rhia did feel she had more time and could come back to the Outcast's Alley universe, and we were both excited to be working in tandem together on something so important to both of us. Obviously, that never got off the ground.

I would still like to co-write BP though. There are things that are just beyond what I feel I can do alone and still do justice to the story. But then there are other things I have planned and characters I have made that it would make me terribly sad and disappointed to never see come to life. And since they were written specifically for the BP, I really can't see them working anywhere else with the degree of perfection they would in BP itself. Perhaps this is just my own insecurities talking about the former, and I could do it alone; but I'd like to try and find a co-writer for Bastard Prince.

Now, this is not saying that I absolutely will co-write this story with someone. This is simply a call-out to see if there's anyone who would:

1) Be interested in co-writing.
2) Have a good handle on the Outcast's Alley universe and where, both short-term and ultimately, the story as a series is heading.
3) Have a good sense of how to write, and their own style and voice.
4) Work well with me and actually accomplish something should we sit down and write something together.

Writing is an incredibly lonely career. It is something you do alone. Co-writing is something that is hard to manage, and as such doesn't happen often. But, I am willing to see if there is some such person out there that might actually fit with me and we can make magic together. Literally. This may not be for long term - it may only last until I feel I can get things off the ground; or, if things really take off it may last through till Part III (yes, there is a third installment planned, far off and in the distant future). There will be ground rules. There will be things I will stand firm on, and are non-negotiable. There will be other things I'm very flexible with. That's all something that will come, after talking with someone extensively.

Rhia would have worked great as a co-writer, I have no doubt. I am not holding out any hope that I will get another person who could work as well with me as her, but I figured it was my duty to at least put out a message and try. You never know until you try, after all.

If I don't find a co-writer within the next couple of months, please take note that I am currently in my Senior Comprehensive - like a Senior Thesis for college, if you're familiar with the term. This means I am writing a book. Yes, a full-fledged book. Out of my head. To maybe be published one day...maybe even sooner than later. I have to pass in order to graduate, and it is definitely my first priority over any other sort of writing. It is a certain thing that there will be no chance of an update until January at the very earliest if I don't pick up with a co-writer this semester; if I have to write alone, updates aren't happening until after my Sr. Comp. I'm giving in more than I should by even looking for and opening up to a co-writer while in my Sr Comp. My friends who graduated last year tell me I'm crazy. I tell them I'm devoted.

I am devoted to Bastard Prince. I will not let it die. The same goes for ITD. I will update it, and I will finish, even if it takes me until I'm 60. And you, my devoted readers, I'm sure will stick around until then.

If you are interested in co-writing, please send me a private message. Tell me about yourself, why you want to co-write, why you think you would be good at co-writing BP, how you expect co-writing to work, any must have's and must have not's about you and your writing, and then two truths and a lie about you. Any non-responses on my part after two week's time should be taken as a 'no' from me.

Serious inquiries only.

Forell Flammink