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This was originally supposed to be a one-shot, but I later changed it into a chapter story.

The King and his fox

Ichigo was walking to school when he spotted a golden head amidst the dark haired students calling out to him. Ichigo changed his direction and stopped by a small boy with hair as golden as the sun and eyes as blue as a clear sky who was walking with Uryu and Chad, the boy was Naruto Urahara, the new transfer student, they then started walking together to school. While they were walking, Ichigo started thinking about how he came to know Naruto, and the story was as farfetched as it was amazing.

Naruto actually comes from another dimension; he was a ninja who was sent to this world while fighting a man named Madara. Ichigo knew this because a month ago, Karakura Town was attacked by Aizen during the winter war. It was then that Naruto appeared from a vortex of swirling energy from above the town, tough he didn't look human. Instead, he looked like a giant, crimson, nine tailed fox and the moment he felt Aizen's power, he devoured him. Just like that, the man who had brought the whole of Soul Society to its knees, created an army of arrancar, and nearly became a god, was defeated by an unknown boy who merely stumbled upon the battle field. After having devoured Aizen, Naruto, still looking like a giant fox, started shrinking until he became a small, lithe boy. The moment Ichigo saw the little boy for the first time he couldn't believe someone so small could be so powerful.

Urahara had immediately taken the blond under his custody to check on him and see how he was able to defeat Aizen. What he revealed shocked everyone, including old man Yamamoto, a man who is rarely surprised by anything. The boy, who identified himself as Naruto Uzumaki after waking up, possessed a large amount of reiatsu, which would explain how he wasn't destroyed by Aizen's presence. But what shocked him is that his abilities weren't like those of Shinigami, Quincys or even Hollows. While Shinigamis and Hollows are composed of reishi and Quincys harness the reishi in the atmosphere, Naruto had, what Urahara called reiatsu veins, meaning that reishi existed in his body like blood and he had a network of veins that distributed reishi along his entire body. However, what was even more shocking, and on a certain level, frightening was that Naruto had a pocket dimension in his stomach that contained a large and horrible amount of energy that took on the form of the giant fox they saw devour Aizen. When old man Yamamoto heard this, he immediately assumed it was a hollow, but Urahara stated that it wasn't a Hollow because the energy was too dense and alive to be something as dead as a Hollow.

It was after Naruto woke up that the real trouble started. When Mayuri wanted to take Naruto back to Soul Society to dissect him, Naruto retaliated and threatened to castrate Mayuri if he ever came near him. This caused Mayuri to become furious and he even released his Zanpakuto's shikai and attack Naruto. This made Naruto form weird hand signs and clones of him started to appear and attack anyone who came close to him.

It was only thanks to his father, who was able to convince Naruto they weren't enemies, that the conflict was resolved. His father was also able to convince Yamamoto to let him stay in the real world since he was technically alive. After that, Naruto agreed to tell his story. That's when I learned his life, the tragedies and horrors he had to live through. He was hated, beaten, starved, burned and lynched in his village, and all because of the evil presence in his stomach that he said was called Kyuubi. What was worse, all this was caused by his father; his own father destroyed his childhood just so that he would become a shinobi with Kyuubi's power and destroy the megalomaniac Madara. Now, Ichigo's father may not have been the best father, what with attacking him all the time and lying about his Shinigami heritage, but at least, he waited until after he enjoyed his childhood before expecting him to save the world, and even then, he didn't abandon him to do it by himself.

He finished telling them about how he was fighting Madara and accidentally got in the way of his sensei's technique and got sent to this dimension. After being asked why he attacked Aizen, he explained that because he was channelling Kyuubi's power, he was able to sense negative emotions, so when he sensed Aizen's evil aura, he attacked him.

Because of this, people believed Aizen was now dead, but Urahara revealed that Aizen was still alive, though he was trapped within the pocket dimension in Naruto's stomach. When he revealed this, Soifon suddenly got angry and said that Naruto should be killed while Aizen is trapped. That's when Ichigo saw it, the immense sadness that suddenly appeared in those crystal blue eyes. Ichigo's heart constricted, he had never seen anyone so young look so broken, so lonely. It was then that Urahara defended him, saying that there was a converter in Naruto's stomach that slowly made the Kyuubi's reiatsu and now Aizen's reiatsu a part of his own. He stated this was similar to how Urahara attempted to destroy the Hogyoku through Rukia, but it will only increase Naruto's power instead of turning him into a normal human. He also said he accelerated the process so that both Kyuubi and Aizen will disappear within a year. With that, he was able to convince Old man Yamamoto to leave Naruto in his custody until then, and after they can check for themselves that Aizen is dead. After some negotiations, it was agreed, and that is how Naruto Uzumaki became Naruto Urahara and was enrolled as Ichigo's classmate. Now, Ichigo should have gotten used to strange things like this ever since becoming a substitute shinigami, but this was different. He felt weird when he was around Naruto, not an unpleasant feeling, but he felt over protective of Naruto, he didn't want people to hurt him and he actually admitted to himself that he may actually l…

"Hey, hey! Ichigo? ICHIGO? Snap out of it, Ichigo!" Ichigo's reminiscing was cut off by Naruto's voice.

"What…?" Naruto looked at him funny.

"We're here Ichigo. Are you ok? You've been in the clouds for a long time now." Naruto asked him with a concerned glint in his blue eyes. Ichigo almost blushed at the gaze but resisted the urge.

"Yeah, I'm just worried about the exam today, that's all."

Naruto laughed, the sound sending a jolt down his spine. "If anyone has to be worried about the exam, it's me. If it weren't for you tutoring me, I'd have probably failed history and chemistry by now." It's true, while Naruto wasn't stupid, he didn't try if he wasn't interested in the subject. "Anyways, can I stay at your house tonight? Stupid Kisuke is trying out a new experiment and I don't want to be his guinea pig."

Ichigo started to panic. 'Shit, if he comes to my house, dad will embarrass me. Maybe I can convince Karin and Yuzu to stop him from saying anything perverted.' Yes, Ichigo's dad knows of his attraction to the little fox, in fact, he keep teasing and annoying him about it and saying perverted things like when was he going to grow a pair and assert his dominance over Naruto. If Naruto came over, his dad would scare him away with talk about marriage and adoption. But, he couldn't say no to the hopeful look on Naruto's adorable face. While he was pondering the pros and cons, he didn't notice Uryu and Chad smirking at him in the background.

Finally, he agreed. "Alright, just don't complain if my dad starts attacking you again."

Naruto cheered before giving Ichigo a hug. Not expecting this, Ichigo froze. He could vaguely hear snickering in the back coming from Uryu. Just when he was about to hug Naruto back, the bell rang signalling the start of class. Naruto let him go and started walking into the school, not knowing the effect his hug had on Ichigo.

"Come on guys, we don't want to be late for our chemistry exam. I just want to get the stupid thing over with." Naruto called back to them.

The exam went horribly for Ichigo. He couldn't concentrate on the questions. All he could think about was how he was going to protect Naruto from his father's harassment, and how he was going to protect Naruto from his own desires. He didn't know if he could restrain himself with Naruto asleep in his room. Ichigo was both exited and anxious when the school day was over. As he waited outside the school for Naruto, he couldn't help but fidget at the thought of having Naruto as his. Naruto, despite having suffered a horrible childhood, was such a warm person. When he first arrived to school, everyone was immediately attracted to him, much to Ichigo's ire. Naruto always smiled and never back down when someone hurts his friends. If Ichigo was honest with himself, Naruto would be the person he would like to spend the rest of his life with.

"Hey, Ichigo." Naruto just got out of the school and spotted Ichigo, who looked deep in thought about something. "Wow, your head is in the clouds a lot today."

"Oh, umm, Naruto, you ready to go?" Ichigo asked, leaving his thoughts behind.

Naruto smiled and eagerly nodded his head as they started walking. "Yeah, it's been a long time since I saw Karin-chan and Yuzu-chan."

Ichigo smiled at that. Ever since meeting him, his little sisters have liked Naruto. Karin likes him because he doesn't take crap from anyone and Yuzu likes him because he likes to cook just like her.

When they finally reached the house they barely got in and taken off their shoes when they were attacked.

"ICHIGOOOOO" Isshin cried as he lunged for his son, ready to kick him in the head. Ichigo reacted quickly and tripped his father, making Isshin fall and slam into the front door. Naruto's light laugh reaching his ears made Isshin smirk as he got up.

"OOOHHH, Naru-chan. Ichigo is so mean to his handsome daddy. How can such an ungrateful, mean, repulsive monster have such a sweet kind soul like you as a friend?" Isshin cried as he clung to Naruto.

Naruto sweat dropped and tried to placate Isshin while Ichigo started yelling at his father. "Shut up you old goat! HANDSOME! YOU! Yeah right! And let go of him you sick pervert!" Ichigo yelled as he tried to pry his father off his secret crush.

"NARUTO", "Naruto-san" came from two girls that walked out of the kitchen.

Naruto looked up and when he saw the two girls, his face broke into a grin. "Karin-chan, Yuzu-chan, it's been so long."

After finally being free from Isshin's hold, thanks to Ichigo and Karin gently kicking him in the face, Naruto followed Yuzu into the kitchen to help her make supper. Karin followed them to wait for dinner to be ready. This left Isshin and Ichigo still at the entrance, Ichigo's eyes following Naruto's happy figure as he went into the kitchen.

Isshin got up, suddenly serious. He looked over at his son before speaking. "So, are you going to tell him tonight?"

Ichigo looked startled at his father's serious tone. He glanced at his father before looking down. "Maybe, I don't know. I don't think it's a good idea. I mean, what if he doesn't like me back? What if he thinks I'm weird or disgusting? Besides, he could never love a monster." Ichigo said with sadness. His biggest fear was that people would hate him because of his Hollow. Already people were wary of him. Uryu looked at him with distrust, Rukia and Renji looked at him like he betrayed them, even Orihime sometimes looked at him in fear. Only Chad never looked at him weirdly, and that was because he discovered his powers were also Hollow-like.

Before he could delve deeper in his angst, his father hit him squarely in the jaw. "WHAT THE HELL?"

Isshin looked at his son calmly while folding his arms. "Do you really think that Ichigo? Do you really think that Naruto, the boy who was hated by his village because he was a prison for the Kyuubi, would hate you because you had a Hollow in you? Do you really think that he would hate you if you told him you loved him, when, from what he told us, no one ever liked him in his old village? If you think that, then maybe you don't love him like you thought you did." With that, Isshin walked into the kitchen to wait for dinner.

Ichigo stared after him, knowing his father was right. Naruto suffered so much during his childhood because of bigotry; he wouldn't judge him because of his inner Hollow. But still, he didn't deserve someone as nice and kind as Naruto.

Ichigo sighted as he got up. 'It's gonna be a long night.'

Dinner went by pretty fast considering the amount of fights Isshin and Ichigo got into. Naruto was talking with both Karin and Yuzu so he never noticed the longing gazes Ichigo threw in his directions. However, every other member in the family did, and they couldn't help but tease Ichigo at every opportunity.

It was finally time to go to bed. As Ichigo was setting up the futon for Naruto, he couldn't help but think he should tell Naruto.

Gathering all his courage, Ichigo turned to Naruto. "Hey, Naruto…?" 'Shit, how am I gonna say this? I didn't think this through.' He saw Naruto look at him, waiting for him to say something. Finally, Ichigo just shook his head. "Haha, never mind. Good Night." And with that, he went to his own bed to get some sleep.

I know Ichigo's a little OOC, but bear in mind that he is a 16 year old boy who discovered he turned into a monster Hollow and almost killed his friends.