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Chapter 2

Ichigo blinked as he was being blinded by light. Slowly, his eyes adjusted to the brightness and his eyes fully opened. He was shocked to see that he was no longer in his room. He was surprised and exasperated to find he was actually inside his inner world, surrounded by the sideways skyscrapers. He stood up and wondered why he was now brought to this place.

He opened his mouth, intent on calling out for Zangetsu, when an annoying and nerve grating voice cut in.

"Yo, Ichigo."

Ichigo's eye twitched as he turned around to face his Hollow. He couldn't believe his Hollow forced him inside his mind when he should be sleeping for his exams.

"What the hell do you want?" Ichigo was grinding his teeth in annoyance. His eyes widened as his Hollow's appearance was completely different. While he usually looks like a bleached version of him, he now had long, white hair and was wearing his bankai clothes. On top of that, he had a mask with horns on the side of his face. "Wha-What happened to you?"

Shiro merely grinned. "Ya like? Hope the cute blond with the tight ass also likes it."

Ichigo's shock turned into rage. "What the hell are you talking about?" He couldn't be talking about Naruto, could he? I mean, yeah Naruto was blond... and he did have a tight ass… a very tight ass.

Ichigo shook his head to rid himself of those thoughts as he blushed in both anger and embarrassment.

"Oh, was' the matter, King? You say ya don't want him. So, mind if I take 'im?" Shiro's grin turned almost feral in its lust.

"What!" Ichigo was shocked. His Hollow liked Naruto? But, how is that possible? His Hollow is supposed to be the personification of his inner most dark feelings. He shouldn't be capable of love.

Shiro snickered. "I can tell what yer thinking, King, and yer right. I don't love 'im, but doesn't mean I don't wanna pound into him."

Ichigo glared. "Keep your hands off him!"

Shiro grinned. "Why should I? You don't want him, right? Ya think he'll think yer a monster? Haha" Shiro laughed at the thought.

Ichigo's glare faltered. "Well… that is…" Ichigo couldn't think of anything. He knew he wanted to be with Naruto, but he just wasn't sure if he had any right to him. Naruto was much too pure a person for him.

Shiro stopped laughing. "That kid ain't got the ability to hate." Ichigo's eyes widened at that. It's true; Naruto has never expressed any hate for anyone, even the people who once treated him like crap, and felt sympathy for almost everyone. So, why wouldn't Naruto love him even if he was a Hollow. "Besides, I'm more interested in that red power he has. When he uses it, he looks delicious, don't ya think?"

Ichigo frowned in thought. "What are you talking about?" Naruto has used the Demon Fox's power since he got here, but only to fight against particularly powerful Hollows. But, when he uses its power, Naruto does look more exotic with his crimson red eyes and wild hair… and tight muscles… and… Ichigo shook his head to rid himself of his thoughts again.

"Ya know, when I first felt that power, I got hard. The feeling of that power was orgasmic." Shiro practically moaned.

Ichigo snarled and suddenly he was donning his Shinigami clothes. "Stop that! Don't treat him like a sex object! He's mine!" He pulled out his Shikai and pointed it in warning at his Hollow.

Shiro stopped grinning. "Oh, bold words, King." He grinned again as he grasped the hilt of his own sword. "Ya wanna back that up!" He pulled out his Tensa Zangetsu.

Both males stared at each other, one glaring, one grinning.

"Why don't we make it interesting, King?" Ichigo remained silent as he waited for the bleached bastard to finish his offer. "Whoever wins, gets ta keep 'im." Shiro grinned maniacally.

Ichigo grinned back, almost as maniacally as his inner Hollow. "Fine by me." He placed his left hand on his right forearm. "Bankai!"

After activating his bankai, both males stared each other down before rushing to each other.

Naruto's Mind

Naruto woke and found himself in a sewer. He groaned as he got up.

"Oh, it seems the warden has finally graced me with his presence." A silky smooth voice resounded in the sewer.

Naruto, shocked, turned around. He really wasn't expecting what he saw. There, in a cage separate from Kurama's, was another, smaller cage. In it stood a man with plain looking brown hair and eyes dressed in a white outfit. He had what looked like a crystal in a hole in his chest along with a purple diamond on his forehead.

"Are you-are you Sosuke Aizen?" Naruto asked softly.

"Oh, so you have heard of me." The man responded. "Yes, I am Sosuke Aizen. And who might you be? That troublesome fox would not answer any of my questions." Aizen gestured towards the adjoining cadge towards Kurama, who was, as usual, sleeping.

"Kurama! Why are you sleeping at a time like this?" Naruto approached the fox's cage.

Kurama yawned as he opened his eyes. "Ugh, must you be loud?" The gigantic fox stood up before looking at the Shinigami Traitor. "Hmph, what mess have you dragged us in this time?"

Naruto glared at him. "You mean you were asleep this whole time? It's been weeks since we got here!"

Kurama sighed. "Huff, all that's happened was irrelevant to my survival. You coming to this world only ensured my continued existence without fear of Madara using me." He explained as he lay his head back down.

"Oh, how interesting. You are not of this world, then?" Aizen asked the blond, almost pleasantly.

Naruto warily turned to Aizen. "Yeah, so what?"

Aizen chuckled. "You have obviously heard of me from my… former comrades. I assure you, they have grossly exaggerated my actions."

Naruto narrowed his eyes at the still smiling brunet. "So, you didn't betray them by pretending to die? You didn't steal one of the most dangerous weapons ever made? You didn't amass an army of the most dangerous creatures to overthrow the Soul Society? You didn't try to sacrifice hundreds of lives for the sake of obtaining the key you needed to attack the Spirit King?"

Aizen continued to smile. "Well, they haven't exaggerated by much, but, to clarify. I didn't steal the Hogyoku, I had created one of my own before it was stolen from me. I also didn't create an army of the most dangerous creatures known. I assure you, Hollows are not the worst type of beings that exist." He turned to the Kyuubi. "And there are obviously far worst creatures in other worlds."

Kurama growled in warning.

Aizen turned back to Naruto. "Yet, despite those inaccuracies, they seem to have clearly explained my intentions to you."

Aizen silently kneeled on the floor in front of Naruto and motioned for him to join him. Naruto sat cross legged in front of the cage, making sure to be at a relatively safe distance from the other.

"Now, why don't you tell me the situation I am in." Aizen asked Naruto.

Naruto turned to Kurama, silently asking if he should tell him. But the Kyuubi just shrugged and turned away from him. Naruto glared at him slightly before turning back to Aizen. "Well, I am Naruto Uzumaki and you are trapped inside me."

Aizen smiled at him sardonically. "Yes, I figured that."

Naruto glared at him. "You asked me to tell you!" Aizen's smile turned into one of amusement making Naruto grumble. "Anyways, you are now sealed within one the most complex and powerful seals in my world." Aizen frowned at that. "This seal, which Kurama is also trapped in," Naruto gestured towards the Kyuubi, "is designed to slowly absorb your power into me."

Aizen raised a brow. "Absorb my power?"

Naruto nodded. "You see, the seal absorbs your energy and integrates it into myself. That means, the more you try to break the prison using your cha-uh your reiatsu, the faster you are depleted of your power. I can also forcibly call upon your power if I need to, but I try not to do that too much. And if you think you can influence me with your power, think again." Aizen raised a brow at this. "I have fixed the problem so even if I were to call upon your power, it would be under my complete control."

Aizen stared at the blond in wonder. 'Hmm, what naïve child. He has all this power and he doesn't use it. That beast next to me is already more than powerful enough to destroy all of Soul Society. With my power added, he could easily overthrow the King. Now, how to use this situation to my advantage?'

Aizen spoke up. "So, does this mean you are capable of wielding my zanpakuto?"

Naruto looked surprised while the Kyuubi looked up in interest. "I…I didn't think of that. Can I use his zanpakuto?" Naruto asked Kurama.

Kurama stared at him. "How should I know? I don't even know what a zanpakuto is."

Aizen was about to speak but was cut off by Naruto. "Zanpakuto are weapons forged from the soul and are the primary weapon of the Shinigami. They are basically a physical manifestation of the soul and can likewise be activated to unleash a hidden ability. Such abilities could range from elemental manipulation to changing shape to fit a specific fighting style, and even," Naruto turned to Aizen, "complete hypnosis."

Aizen smirked. "The way you speak is similar to Urahara. Is it safe to assume you are under his care?"

Naruto nodded.

"So, you're saying this worm is a Shinigami?" Kurama asked. When Naruto again nodded, Kurama burst out laughing. "Hahaha, if he was the Shinigami your father used to seal me away, I could have easily destroyed him and escape."

Aizen looked mildly insulted, yet still fascinated. 'Are there Shinigami in their world as well? There might, but perhaps not like the ones in this world. The way that beast is speaking, it might mean the Shinigami of their world are exponentially more powerful than those of this world.'

After the Kyuubi stopped laughing, he turned to Naruto. "So, this means you might be able to use the 'complete hypnosis' of this mortal's zanpakuto?" Seeing Naruto answer in the affirmative, Kurama glared at the blond. "Try to use it on me, and I'll kill you!"

Naruto just smiled at him. "You know I would never do that to you."

Aizen observed this interaction in interest. 'Hmm, the way the beast is reacting to hypnosis means he was probably control once before. That's good; at least I know if I get out of here, I will have a way to stop that beast.'

Aizen suddenly cleared his throat, bringing Naruto and Kurama's attention back to him.

"Would you be interested in learning how to wield my sword?" Aizen asked, trying to sound as sweet as possible.

Naruto and Kurama shared a look. Since they could both feel malice, they knew Aizen had alterior motives. However, the opportunity to learn how to wield a powerful weapon was too good to pass off. If it came to Aizen trying to escape, it would be easy for them to stop him. Since the seal has become more powerful thanks to Urahara's meddling, Aizen will have a difficult time to escape.

Naruto finally turned to the patiently waiting Aizen and nodded.

Aizen smiled. "Very well. The first thing we should do is contact my zanpakuto's spirit. Since you said this seal was designed to sap my power and transfer it to you, my zanpakuto should already be inside your own soul."

Naruto nodded. "How do I contact it?"

Aizen shrugged. "There are different ways to contact a zanpakuto. Being in danger is one but since that is less than likely in this immediate situation, meditation would probably be the best method."

Aizen paused to see if Naruto understood. Once established, he started explaining meditation to the blond. "Now, meditation is a simple yet difficult task that is designed to enter a state of mind one must work hard to achieve…"

"Hey, numbnuts." Kurama interrupted him.

Aizen turned to glare at the insolent bijuu, even unleashing some of his reiatsu to show he was displeased with the interruption. Kyuubi grinned, showing off his 7 foot teeth to the Shinigami traitor. The little bugs' power was impressive. He could almost feel a strain to his own reserves, much like with Madara himself. However, he could also see that the seal was greedily sucking the shinigami's energy. 'If I can provoke him more, he will be absorbed more quickly. Then, I can use that small gap of time to finally escape from here.'

"He already knows how to meditate." This statement surprised Aizen who turned to see Naruto had already placed himself in a meditative position and was already in a trance.

Aizen was truly amazed. From his initial interaction with the boy, he was almost certain the boy was stupid and obnoxious. However, he was surprised that such an immature child was already deep in a meditative state mere seconds after starting. 'Perhaps there is more to this boy than meets the eye.'


Naruto stood up to look around him. Once again, he was somewhere other than Ichigo's room. But, unlike the sewer décor of the seal, he was now in a beautiful meadow with rich, lush blue flowers everywhere. He looked up to see a full moon, shining bright above him. He suddenly heard a noise and turned to see a boy. He was around 18 years old and had long silver hair that floated behind him with his bang covering his left eye. He was wearing pure silver clothes that seemed to reflect the moon's light in every direction. There was a strange, almost moving pattern of flowers on the clothes.

"So, you are my new wielder." The boy said with a monotone voice. His eye was droopy, almost tired looking and he seemed somewhat disinterested by Naruto's presence.

"Are you, Kyoka Suigetsu?" Naruto asked softly almost afraid to wake up the lazy boy.

The boy smiled tiredly. "Of course you would know my name since you stole me from Aizen."

Naruto blanched and waved his arms around. "That-that's not really…I mean, it's not like I wanted to take you from him." Naruto then blushed at the double meaning behind his words. "Uh, that is. I wasn't thinking about anything when I devoured you." His blush increased. "WAIT! That sounded wrong…"

Kyoka Suigetsu started laughing. Naruto watched him laugh, blush still in place, amazed by the clear sound despite the boy's previously lazy disposition.

Kyoka stopped laughing after a while. "Well, you are certainly more amusing than my previous owner. Perhaps you are more worthy of my power than he was." Kyoka extended his hand, but before it could reach Naruto, it seemed to touch an invisible wall that rippled.

Naruto, suddenly realizing what was going on, turned around to see Kyoka standing behind him, hand outstretched, with a sword floating in midair. Naruto lifted his head to see that the ripples caused by Kyoka were also distorting the moon. He turned back towards Kyoka and noticed that even the flowers on his silver robe had changed position and seemed bigger.

Naruto clutched his head, a little confused by the surreal phenomena occurring around him. He lifted his head as he heard Kyoka's soft laughter.

"It is a lot to take in, right?" He motioned for Naruto to grasp the sword Kyoka was holding. After Naruto did so, Kyoka continued his monologue. "My power, the power to overtake any sense and manipulate them to my desire, is one that requires great skill and imagination." He motioned to his silver robe and Naruto saw the flowers move. In a sudden realization, he turned and saw the flowers around him. He realized that the cloth Kyoka was wearing was reflecting the flowers around him. It was like he was wearing a mirror!

Kyoka smiled as he saw Naruto stare at his clothes in fascination and awe. "So, you have realized." Naruto resumed eye contact with the zanpakuto spirit. "From the moment I saw you, I could already tell you had a distinct and vibrant imagination. That is very important to wield my power effectively."

Naruto looked at his sword, thinking about what Kyoka just said. He looked back up but noticed Kyoka had disappeared. The world around him started to ripple before the world disappeared again.

Naruto opened his closed eyes to see he was back within the seal. He could see both Aizen and Kurama were staring at him. Feeling a weight on his kness, Naruto looked down to see Kyoka Suigetsu, the sword, lying on his lap.

"Impressive. It usually takes a new Shinigami at least a year before even seeing their spirit, let alone learn their name." Aizen said, actually sounding impressed.

Kurama stared at the blade in disappointment. "That's it? That tiny tooth pick is the all powerful weapon of the big, bad Shinigami. I almost feel sorry for the Death God, his kin are such jokes." Kurama turned his head to go back to sleep.

Aizen frowned at the bijuu. It was hard to stay impassive with such an aggravated beast next to him. Not that its observations were false. To such a large and powerful being, even a weapon like a zanpakuto might seem small and harmless. However, Aizen was sure that if his transformations with the Hogyoku were complete, he would have managed to defeat this enormous beast easily.

Aizen turned back to the boy and inwardly smirked. While he was a little annoyed that his own zanpakuto easily gave himself to someone else, he was still happy for this opportunity. Now, he knew what he needed to do to escape this retched seal.

"Now, Naruto-kun, we should start your training now." Aizen smiled at him pleasantly.

Naruto looked at Aizen in suspicion before shrugging off his doubt and getting ready to learn all he could from the traitor before sealing him up even tighter than before.


Naruto sighed as he woke up. He stretched to get the kinks out of his back. He looked at the clock and saw it was 1AM. He had spent the entire night practicing summoning his zanpakuto, activating his shikai, using his zanpakuto and many other, long and arduous methods of using his zanpakuto. Overall, he spent very little time actually sleeping.

"Naruto…" He heard Ichigo's voice coming from behind him, although, it sounded weird. He wasn't sure how exactly but it seemed to be distorted in some way.

Naruto turned around, about to greet Ichigo and say sorry for waking him up when he paused. The Ichigo he was looking at was different. This Ichigo was…


Somewhere, on the banks in Karakura Town, a Senkaimon opened up. A petite girl with raven hair jumped out before collapsing.


Who won between Ichigo and Shiro? Who will be the one to finally claim Naruto?

Sorry this story was put on Hiatus for a while. With the new story lines appearing in both Naruto and Bleach, all my ideas for this story were thrown out the window. But, now I have brand new ideas! At first I just wanted to make a two shot, but because of all the new stuff happening in Bleach, I decided to make a chapter story.

Ichigo will lose his powers!

How? You'll see!

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When? I will have the Zanpakuto rebellion Arc and a few surprise Arcs. In the last surprise Arc, something will cause him to lose his powers. Don't worry, there won't be a return to Naruto's world or a completely different story line that I made up involving hundreds of new OCs that will make everyone confused. They already exist but I want to make them a little more convoluted and long. After that, will be the Invasion of Soul Society Arc and the Xcution Arc.

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