I sighed as the plane descended, I was in Georgia and there was nothing that I could do about it. I hadn't been here in years and now I was going to be spending the whole summer in the little hick town of Epson where my father had grown up. We used to spend every summer there, up until I turned eight and then we moved to Los Angeles and after that the visits got shorter and further apart. Now I was seventeen and I could barely remember anything about the town. I guess things would come back to me when I got there; I mean small southern towns basically stay the same.

My grandfather had suggested sending me there for the summer when I got in trouble again. I was always in the tabloids; the rebellious daughter of a famous rock star. My father was Raife Davies and I was Ashley Davies, trying to get out of my father's shadow. I guess I had pushed it too far when I got drunk and then got pulled over and got a DUI, I was lucky that I didn't crash and kill myself or others. I got off with a warning; I guess Daddy's money is good for something. Now though I was being exiled to the middle of nowhere to spend the summer with my grandparents who were more than a little out of touch with the 21st century. I landed in Atlanta where my grandfather would pick me up for the two hour drive to Epson.

I looked around the airport for my grandfather after getting my two suitcases off of the retrieval rack. I was going to get my sister Kyla to send me some more of my things once I got settled on the farm. Yeah, you heard right; farm. I was going to spend the whole fucking summer on a farm. I mean, it was prosperous; my grandparents were far from poor and their vast amounts of land attested to that but it was still frustrating. There was little to no cell phone service, let alone wireless internet. They a desktop that still had dial up and that was it.

I finally spotted him standing in the reception area, looking nervous. Benjamin Davies hated large crowds; he was the strong silent type. He had many workers for his land but he still did a lot of the work himself, preferring to spend all his time working. He was very generous and everyone in his town respected him but he wasn't so good at showing emotion. He was huge, standing at about 6'5 to my 5'3 and though he was older you could still see that he took care of himself. His faded jeans and plaid shirt were neat and I smiled when I realized that he had tried to look nice for me. His gray, thinning hair was parted perfectly and neatly combed to the side. His tan skin was spotted with freckles and you could still traces of the handsome young man that he used to be.

His face split into a wide smile when he saw me, taking a couple giant steps and meeting me halfway. He paused awkwardly before leaning down to hug me, pulling me into the comfort of his freshly laundered, soft shirt. It had been too long since I'd gotten any sort of comfort by family and I found myself sinking gratefully into his embrace, going back to the six year old girl that used to sit in his lap and fall asleep while he told stories of fairies and princesses. He had been my father while my real father was on tour and there had been no question that I was his angel among all his grandchildren.

"How have you been?" He asked in his gruff voice, taking my suitcases despite my objections.

"Good," I said, though we both knew that I was lying for his benefit. I knew that my father had given them the low down on my alcohol and drug abuse. I'm sure that he could see the bags under my eyes and the fakeness of my smile. He had always been good at discerning my mood. He nodded as he loaded my bags in the backseat of his black Ford F150. The thing was huge, I wasn't even sure if I was going to be able to get into it. There was mud on the tires and on the bottom of the truck and I certainly wasn't going to ruin my new flats by climbing up on it. Grandpa laughed and helped me up, sparing my new shoes. I gave him a smile as I buckled in, looking around the nice leather interior.

"New truck?"

"The Chevy broke down and I let Spencer help me pick out a new one and we both liked this one." He answered, making me laugh. He had had the same truck for about 50 years and we always wondered what he would do when it finally gave out. I figured Spencer was one of the guys that worked with him on the farm but I was grateful to whoever he was. That was one thing that I was going to hate about this summer. My grandfather hired a lot of the college guys to work on his farm during the summer to help them pay for the tuition and whatnot. There was a small college in the next town over and it was easy for him to find willing workers. It would be every other girl's wet dream, being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of muscle bound cowboys but not me. I would rather be stuck with a bunch of cowgirls; if you catch my drift. I somehow doubted that I was going to be getting any of the girls that lived in Epson. The small southern town was lacking in the lesbian department from what I could remember.

The rest of the ride was made in silence; but it was comfortable. Something about my grandpa just relaxed me in a way that no one else had ever achieved. We drove through the mountains, one of the things that I'd always loved about Epson was that it was right near the North Georgia Mountains and it almost always took my breath away. We finally hit the familiar dirt driveway and soon enough the house where I'd spent so many summers came into view. It was a huge plantation style house that had been in our family for years. It was amazing and would always be my idea of the perfect house; painted white with bright blue shutters and a red door. There was a huge wraparound porch with porch swings and rocking chairs. The inside was beautifully furnished and was airy to make up for the lack of air conditioning, along with several fans.

"I've always loved this house," I said, as I jumped down out of the truck, tossing my carry-on black book bag over my shoulder as he grabbed my suitcases. He nodded, leading me up through the side door and into the kitchen where my grandmother was fixing supper. She dropped everything to gather me to her ample bosom as I grinned and hugged her back. She was the typical grandmother; bad perm and cheesey lines that made you feel great about yourself.

"How is my beautiful angel?" She asked, holding me at arm's length to look me over. "Still gorgeous, how was your flight? Good I hope. I'm fixing your favorite foods. I don't think they're feeding you right up there in LA, all that raw fish and whatnot. Whoever heard of eating raw fish? No ma'am, I made you some good home fried catfish." I smiled at her small rant, looking at the stove where all sorts of pots and pans held delicious looking food. "Spencer's been helping me cook all day," she informed me. Who the hell was Spencer? I wondered. It was evident by their tone of voice that they adored him.

"Who's Spencer?" I finally asked, as Grandpa carried my bags out of the room.

"Oh that's right! You haven't met yet. I can tell that you two will be great friends. Spencer? Can you come in here honey?" My grandmother yelled through the door that led to the living room. A beautiful blonde girl came into the room, making my eyebrows rise. Spencer was gorgeous; with long blonde hair that she had down so that it was hanging around the middle of her back. Her blue eyes were the color of the Georgia sky on a hot summer day and she had the tan skin of someone who spent most of their time outside. She stood at about 5'4 and had a fantastic body; with a flat stomach and obviously toned legs and arms but enough curves to make my mouth water. Maybe this summer wouldn't be so bad.