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I pulled Pegasus to attention under me as I kicked her into a trot, following my grandfather. For some reason we had been riding everywhere around the farm on horses and I had quickly figured out that it was my grandparents' way of attempting to make me feel better. It was sweet of them but I couldn't really bring myself to care about a horse at the moment. Spencer and I had not talked since last night. We had stayed silent after my question and both laid there in awkward silence until five that morning when my grandmother had knocked quietly on my door to wake me up. Spencer had drifted to her room after lightly kissing my cheek and leaving me to get ready alone. I had been frowning all day and I could see that my grandfather had given up on trying to talk to me. I did my job, helping any time he needed it but I was not going out of my way to make the best of it. I just wanted to get through the day and then bury myself in my bed and not think.

My grandmother had lunch waiting for us at the house but I just pushed it around the plate and took bunny bites until it was time to ride out again. We stayed outside until the sun went down and I had never appreciated a sunset more. I was so ready to get back to the house; I was sore, sunburnt, and dirty. For some reason though, it almost felt good. I felt productive. In LA if I'd have already been in an alcohol induced stupor on my floor. At least I was doing something in Georgia – even if it wasn't of my own free will. When we got back to the house I immediately went upstairs to take a shower and change out of my work clothes – which had consisted of jeans, a ratty t-shirt, and tennis shoes.

By the time I had showered, dried my hair, and changed into pajama bottoms and a wife beater I was exhausted and hungry. I was relieved when Grandmother called that supper was ready and I ate every bite of chili that was doled onto my plate, all while avoiding Spencer's questioning eyes. I had managed to avoid her that entire day. She had eaten lunch before us and she must have been helping grandmother with supper when I got back to the house. I could feel her staring a hole into the side of my face but I didn't make eye contact with her, I just continued to shovel the hot chili into my mouth as fast as I could.

"Slow down Ashley, you're gonna get a stomach ache if you keep eatin' that fast." Grandmother scolded from across the table, "You and Spencer will have plenty of time t' hang out tonight, there's no need to rush." I paled at these words but slowed down considerably. I hadn't thought of the fact that the sooner I got done eating the sooner I would have to face Spencer. I mumbled an apology and took a long drink of my sweet tea to soothe the burn that the spicy chili had caused.

I managed to drag out my meal for another twenty minutes before I literally could not eat another bite without vomiting. Spencer had finished eating almost ten minutes before I did, but sat patiently at the table, watching me take bite after bite. I could almost feel the resolution coming off of her in waves; she was going to talk to me after dinner even if it meant tying me up somewhere. That mental image distracted me for just a second but I shook the dirty thoughts away and put my spoon down, wiping my mouth with a napkin and taking the final drink of my tea.

"Are you done stallin' yet?" Spencer asked me, eyebrow raised and stare unforgiving.

"I wasn't stalling," I defended weakly; "I was just hungry." I heard her scoff in disbelief right before her chair scraped across the floor in protest of her standing up. I didn't fight it when she grabbed my empty bowl from the table and took it to the sink before coming back and holding out her hand to me. I made the mistake of locking eyes with her and couldn't resist the pleading, blue orbs. I pushed my hand into hers and let her pull me from the table and out the side door. I didn't question where she was taking me; I just walked along with her until we reached the creek and she sat down, patting the ground beside her. I obliged, ignoring my protesting muscles as I lowered myself to the ground.

"I know you've been stewin' in your questions all day, go ahead and ask 'em." Spencer prompted, making me chuckle despite myself. I didn't try to object though – instead diving right in.

"You don't think we're gonna make it past this summer, do you?" She sighed as the question left my lips and tilted her head to the side as she observed me.

"Do you?"

"I asked first."

"I'm not sure Ashley." She shrugged. I pursed my lips and looked away from her – staring at the slowly moving creek as I tried to formulate my next question. "Your turn." She prompted, and I bit my lip – fighting the words that would change everything. My stomach was turning violently and I could not keep my heart from speeding up as I locked eyes with the blonde.

"All I know, Spencer, is that I l-love you." I stumbled over the word but I could tell that she didn't even notice. Her mouth was slightly opened as she stared at me – shock evident on her face. "Surely it's not that surprising." I teased, trying to break the tension. She shook her head as if to clear it and tilted her head, looking bemused.


"You don't have to say it back." I hastened to assure, reaching out to grip onto her wrist. "I just… needed you to know." She nodded, her brows still furrowed.

"Just… give me a little time." She requested, looking up to lock eyes with me. "I… yeah, I just need to process for a little while. Is that okay?" She looked unsure and I just nodded, shifting to stand up. She quickly grabbed my arm and pulled me back – I caught the briefest glance of panic in her eyes before her hand was gripping my jaw and her lips were crashing over mine. I sunk into the kiss easily, taking every ounce of passion that she was pouring out and giving it back ten-fold. Finally the kiss came to its natural end and I pushed her hair behind her ears, kissing her forehead in a goodbye and stood up. I brushed the dirt off the seat of my pants before making my way slowly back to the house.

Spencer never came to sleep with me so I eventually drifted off, my grandmother waking me up before the sun came up. I didn't protest, I just slipped on the same jeans from the day before and pulled on a new t-shirt before walking down the stairs and indulging in the hot breakfast that was laid out on the table. The day passed like the one before it, we stayed out all day in the sun and I didn't see Spencer again until supper that night. She smiled weakly at me and I nodded back before biting into the hamburger that Grandmother had made me. I wasn't going to push the blonde – she would talk to me when she was ready. But, there was a certain level of dread building in the pit of my stomach. I knew that we were young but I thought that we could make it work. Possibly. Maybe. We just had to get through a few more months. When I turned eighteen I would receive my trust fund and then I was free. I could move to Atlanta or fly Spencer out to see me in LA every weekend. We would make it work and then when she graduated she could go to school at UCLA or wherever she wanted. I would follow her wherever she wanted to go. Money was no issue. In two weeks I was getting on the plane that would take me away from her. We had to get it figured out before then.

"May I be excused?" Spencer's voice cut the silence – bringing me out of my confusing thoughts. She stood up, cleaning off her plate before putting it in the sink. She turned and gave me a pointed look before walking up the stairs and I hurriedly finished my hamburger and went after her – finding her sitting on my bed. I cautiously walked up – looking for any signs of hesitance as I stood between her legs. I took her hand in mine, entwining our fingers and leaning in to kiss her.

Her response surprised me; she buried her hands in my hair and pulled me closer, effectively deepening the kiss. I let out a surprised moan but responded positively letting go of her hands and wrapping my hands around her waist. Her kisses were searching and deep but I didn't question it – letting her pull me closer and closer until I was on top of her on the bed. She started tugging at my shirt insistently and I obliged, pulling it up and over my head. She copied my actions with her own shirt and we both let out a moan as our skin rubbed together. Our actions were getting more frenzied as fingers were exploring skin and ghosting over bra clasps. Her eyes were pleading as she reached back and tugged at my simple black bra and I didn't object as she unclasped it with fumbling fingers. I didn't waste any time returning the favor and I could barely contain my excitement as she easily took my hardened nipple in her warm mouth.

"Fuck," I whispered, running my fingers through her soft hair encouragingly. She knew exactly what she was doing and it was driving me wild. I was flooded with want and I couldn't contain myself much longer. I pushed myself off of her and moved down her body a bit, leaving kisses all across her stomach and letting my fingertips drift under the band of her shorts. Her hips were searching for purchase and we both moaned when I slipped my leg between hers. It didn't take long before she was riding my thigh and I attached our lips again with fervor.

"Ash," She gasped into my mouth, gripping onto my back as her hips rocked against me.

"Tell me what you want baby," I encouraged, using the bed as leverage to push my thigh into her more firmly.

"I need –" she cut herself off, moaning a bit as I nibbled lightly on her earlobe. She was moving more rapidly against me now and I could feel her nails digging into my back as she rode my thigh like her life depended on it.

"Yes?" I teased, digging my fingers into her hip as I helped move her up and down on my thigh. This was possibly the hottest thing I'd ever been a part of. Spencer was laid out underneath me, sweat beading her forehead as she humped my leg feverishly. Her running shorts were bunched up around her thighs from our efforts and her eyes were screwed shut in pleasure.

"Touch me. Please." She finally managed to say, making me growl into her ear. One of my hands was holding me up and off of her and the other was attached to her hip, guiding her. I slipped my hand off of her hip and smoothed it across her stomach, dipping under her shorts and toying with the band of her underwear. I pulled my thigh away from her softly but she didn't have time to protest too much because a second later my hand was there and I think we both lost our minds just a little. I had yet to actually slip my hand into her underwear but I could feel how hot and wet she was anyways. She gasped as I let a few expletives slip out of my lips as my fingers pressed experimentally against her core. She was pressing herself against my hand desperately. I wasn't providing her with much friction, just barely ghosting my fingertips over her wet heat.

"Please, please, please." She chanted, rocking her hips up and how could I resist? I slowly moved my fingers up and over the front of her underwear until I was at the band again. I hesitated for only a second before I slipped inside. I nearly collapsed when my fingers first came into contact with her folds.

"Christ." I mumbled, practically collapsing next to her, my fingers taking a mind of their own as they slipped through her folds easily. I buried my face in her neck as my fingers explored and both our breathing took over the room. I was so hot. My skin felt like it was burning off and I could not get close enough to the blonde. I had fucked a lot of girls in my time but it had never felt this intense. My forefinger finally found purchase on the small bundle of nerves at the apex of her folds. "You're so wet," I mumbled into her ear in amazement, but she couldn't respond as she was distracted with the small circles my finger was making in just the right spot. I could feel her small spasms and took them as encouragement, moving my finger just a bit faster and even adding my middle finger to the mix – pinching her clit lightly between the two and rolling it slightly. She muffled her cry in my shoulder as I increased my pace ever so slightly. She was so close, I could feel it, and I was losing my mind trying to push her over.

I slowly moved my fingers down, teasing her entrance with a finger, slowly pushing just the tip of my finger in before moving it back out again. I wouldn't be surprised if my back was bleeding at that point from her nails and all that was coming out of her mouth was nonsense mumbling that sounded a lot like pleading. I took pity on her trembling form and finally pushed my finger all the way inside, covering her mouth with mine to muffle her keening cry. I quickly added a second finger, sawing in and out of her tight confines and struggling against the confines of her shorts.

"I'm so close, so close." She slurringly encouraged, her hips jumping up to meet my fingers. I finally had had enough and pushed myself up and off her, tearing my hand away just long enough to rip her shorts down her legs and throw them across the room. I grabbed her legs and pulled them apart just long enough to fit my body between them. She easily threw my legs around my waist as my fingers found her entrance once more and slipped easily inside. We were rocking together easily and she was taking everything I had to offer. I knew it wouldn't be long before she reached that sweet relief so I decided to help her along, my thumb finding her clit expertly. She clenched hard around my pulling fingers and I vaguely felt her teeth dig into my shoulder as she went hurdling over the edge, my name on her lips.