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I'm hating school today.

I can't move without pain.

The effect of the warm vervain bath I took last night to soothe my aching muscles is wearing off, but Damon's words haven't.

I'm exhausted and confused; this is the last place I want to be right now.

I try to focus on Alaric's lesson, but my mind just isn't there his words sound distant.

I tell Stefan I'll see him later.

I manage to get through the day somehow…

"Elena" someone calls my name… Bonnie is looking at me…

That's right; she talked me into going to the Grill before heading home.

"Yeah Bonnie."

"What's with you? You've been in and out of it all day."

"I'm sorry. It's nothing. I just didn't sleep well last night."

"Of course Elena, you went through hell yesterday."

Bonnie reaches across the table in an attempt to comfort me; she grabs my hand.

A strange look comes over her face. I know she's seen something; I'm not sure what.

She opens her eyes shock etched all over her features, "He loves you."


"Damon, he thought he made you forget but he didn't. You remember it all."

I sigh, "Yeah. I guess I can't keep anything from you Bon."

Bonnie says, "I can't believe I am saying this... I didn't think Damon was capable of loving anyone else but himself.
But I can sense it; I know he was sincere. He didn't want to be selfish but if he didn't say it… He thought he would go crazy.
He didn't want to be that unstable. He was afraid he lost you yesterday. He had to tell you somehow."

"I know."

"It's all you've been thinking about since he came to you. His words, his eyes… the tears in them have been haunting you."

I try to hold back my own tears, "I don't know what to do."

"Oh Elena…" Bonnie gets up and hugs me.

She looks at me, "You have feelings for him don't you."

She states it as a matter of fact, not a question.

"I… what makes you say that?"

"I just saw everything… when I hugged you. You thought it was over yesterday before they found you. You weren't sure you'd
be coming back. But when Damon looked up to you after the fight, what you really wanted was to run to him. You were so
happy to see him. You weren't thinking about Stefan then. You wanted Damon to hold you; you were grateful and wanted to
thank him with more than mouthed words. You love him Elena."

"He can't know."

"And I won't tell him, but I think you should. He deserves to know; you deserve to say it."