Derillium was always lovely during the summer. Flowers blossumed all around as the towers sang with the wind that was always whistling through them. They seemed to know exactly what tune to play. The moods of the songs were always perfect for any occasion.

This day was chosen, because it was the best of all. It sang the song of joy, but also a song of sadness. He'd said they would come at night. The flowers around them glowed bright, and the stars twinkled. You could see the Milky Way, which stood out brighter than the rest of the solar systems. Even with all of that, nothing, nothing on this planet or any other, could outshine her light.

The light around her made the ring on her left ring finger glisten and make tiny rainbows that stretched as far as they were able to see. Her eyes were alive with a new sence of joy. She'd waited for this moment ever since she'd been told of seeing this place. He finally offered to take her.

Everyone called him The Doctor. Only she was allowed to call him anything different.

Everyone called her River. His River Song.

That she was. She was his song, the thing that made him get up in the morning, the only thing that could make him truely smile. And here he was, with her for the last time. He still remembered the Library, though he'd tried many times to forget. She remembered exactly what she had told him.

Earlier that day he'd gone out and got a new haircut, and a new suit, though these things no longer excited him. He'd shown up on her doorstep holding a boquet Tulips and Marigolds, and told her she was taking her to heaven.

This was heaven. Standing here with the fingers on her left hand slid perfectly in between his. The heavens had opened up and given her a sneak peak. Spoilers, she would hae said, if it hadn't been for her being totally speachless. Of course he'd never taken her here before. Before it might have just about stopped her heart. Even now, she was having trouble breathing.

Behind the amazement, she heard her Doctor sniffling. She looked at him with her bright eyes, breaking his hearts further. Meeting those eyes was like accepting that this was his last day with her. Last day of ever seeing his wife. She was still young. Inside and out, she was still every bit as beautiful as she was the first time she'd met him. The first time he'd met her, she'd taken one small piece of his hearts along with her into that hard drive. Now, she was taking the rest.

"Sweetie... why are you crying?" Her soft voice asked.

"You... You look so beautiful." He said truthfully, though that wasn't the reason for his tears. She laughed quietly, nudging him.

"I mean really... whats wrong?"

"Spoilers." Just saying that word broke his hearts further.