A/N: I know I already did a 4x07 fic, but this is something different. This will be a multi fic but I'm pretty sure it won't be that long. Its basically what happened at the end of 4x07 but after that it veers off into AU territory. It won't follow the show. This is just a prologue thing to get it started.

Summary: There was no moving. Not just yet. Not when the warm body next to his had squirmed and contracted and made him yell things that he couldn't remember

Disclaimer: I've done CB fics to Buffy quotes but this is something different. If you find similarities to Season 6 Buffy, that's because there is. Beta-ed by comewhatmay.x so it should be pretty good. She said she didn't hate it.

Chuck Bass stared at the grand ceiling of the Waldorf penthouse. He knew exactly what was pressed cold against his back, but there was no moving. Not just yet. Not when the warm body next to his had squirmed and contracted and made him yell things that he couldn't remember. But as he stared at the ceiling, refusing to look at the perfect form by his side, he couldn't help but think back.

He couldn't help but remember that exactly three years ago he was in this exact position. Not the literal position which he was looking greatly forward to accomplishing again, but the position where he had just done something and he didn't know what it was. He didn't know what he was doing. All he knew was what his hormones and his wants and his desires were telling him.

He wanted her.

He needed her.

He knew there was a third part but he just couldn't admit it to himself. Not when they exchanged I hate you's instead of the other things he used to proclaim to her. She hated him. No matter what he felt for her. He knew it wasn't just hate. He knew it wasn't just love. It was something like it used to be. In the back of limos and hiding from acquaintances. And he couldn't help think of it. He knew what was coming. He knew that she would pretend it never happened as she had years ago.

He also remembered that he had extreme powers of persuasion and just like before, he didn't know what this was but he wasn't letting it go.

He remembered her haughty expression after Thanksgiving and how easily she had crumbled to his will.

Because it had been exactly hers as well.

He remembered how her mask froze into immediate indifference as soon as she saw him.

Are you we really going to play this game, Waldorf?

I have no idea what you're talking about.

His smirk had been lazy and smug and he felt her tremble.

Fine by me. Do want to just jump straight to the fornicating, then?

I told you the events of that night would never be discussed.

Sure, he had acknowledged admittedly. But you failed to specify about the events that succeeded it.

Don't touch me.

Alright, he had answered. At least until you ask me to. And you will ask me to.

Not in your life, she had answered succinctly.

You can't brush me off just like that. Not to the man who so selflessly accepted your womanhood.

Selflessly? Her bitter laugh had been clear and concise and it made him want to kiss her.

Right, he had sneered, knowing exactly how to hurt you. Because I just want you so much?

You're the one who's propositioning me. Not the other way around.

You're the one who slid onto my lap and threw her virginity at me.

I was drunk.

You weren't. And you were the one who basically prostituted herself just for those shiny diamonds I procured for you.

Like you didn't want it.

He loved how she didn't even bat an eyelash at his accusations. And he knew this was dangerous. He knew that he was falling dangerously into that trap that dear Nathaniel had for that blonde tease. He was lusting after his other half who would never accept his advances.

This, however, was different. Because unlike Nathaniel, he would get what he wanted. He wouldn't be tied down to loyalties, ethics, or values.

This time, he would have her.

I do.

He also liked how he could make her face drop.

I suppose that wouldn't have any semblance of meaning to a tease, though.

A tease? She had asked as though in shock. I slept with you, Chuck.

Twice, he smirked. You get me hot for you and reverted effortlessly back to the subservient housewife. You're a tease. It's only a matter of time before you realize that you and I are a matched pair. There's no one like us. And there never will be.

It hadn't been a manipulative ploy. It was just him. And that was how he knew. This was for real. Because he had spoken his feelings and she had kissed him back.

But right now, Chuck knew that this was a different circumstance altogether. They were more complex people now even if one constant could never change.

They could never be without each other.

It was why he had lunged for her. Her lips parted as he tore their treaty to pieces and all of a sudden she had grabbed him back, thrusting and writhing with him. He saw how her eyes clenched and her mouth opened in needy moans as she threw her head back and all he wanted to do was get closer.

Her lips were painted a delicious blood red that he could taste as his tongue thrust against hers and it fueled the hatred mixed with something he refused to identify.

Her breath shuddered around him as he propped her on a piano that he was sure was bought more for decoration than actual use. The piano that had been played while the Archibalds bestowed the Vanderbilt diamond on her and he got some sort of perverse pleasure out of being closer to her than any husband she would ever have.

Her hand had been at his belt buckle and he let her hand undulate with him as his own eyes clenched shut, trying to ward off the coming storm, attempting to prolong every torturous second. No one could ever feel what he was feeling and how he was feeling it. No one but her, at this very second. No one could know pain and pleasure like he did with her.

His hands grappled with the back of her dress, tangling in her hair as she ripped at his own jacket before he thrust it away with hasty frustration just to get back to her again. Just to rip at the garter attached to the lace underneath before he could meet absolution.

And they did.

Again and again.

They met each other with passion and heat and her legs wrapped live a vise around him as they both cried and purred and screamed.

They rode out waves of desire and pleasure as the house fell down around them.