Masqueraded Attentions

Warning: This contains yaoi, boyxboy love, gayness, etc. All homophobes and haters should leave now. This also contains more than just hints at twincest, so if you think twincest or any form of incest is wrong, you should also leave. This contains lemons (sex) and limes (near-sex), so if you're uncomfortable with mentions of sex, you shouldn't even be in the M section, really.
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This chapter is the limey one, I hope you guys enjoy it, I'm not sure if it's too good. I'm much more of a crack!fic and drabble writer, honestly... And this was going to be a three shot, but I overestimated myself, so you guys get two chapters. Enjoy!

Chapter Two: Panic! On The Dancefloor (aka Linkin Ankles)

Hikaru runs like a mad man away from the clubroom. It's the day of the masquerade at Ouran High, and Hikaru looked guiltier than usual.

"What did you do this time, Brother?" says Kaoru through clenched teeth as he drags his twin back into the clubroom.

"I just put Tamaki's dress into the closet, and I didn't want to be seen. But I guess running ruined that, didn't it?"

"You know, it's tough being the smart twin."

"Everybody!" calls out Honey. "It starts in less than an hour, so we all have to get dressed now!"

The club members were all wearing their school uniforms, so that no one had the chance to ruin their irreplaceable tuxes and dresses. Now with forty-five minutes left until the masquerade, they all had to use the club's dressing room and get dressed before the fangirls/customers grew impatient.

"Come on, Brother, let's get dressed," whispers Kaoru to Hikaru seductively.

Hikaru groans, "You're going to be the death of me..."

Kaoru just giggles sweetly and gently tugs his brother to the rooms with their tuxes in his other hand.

"Oh, Haaaa-ru-hiiiiiiiiiii!" shouts a familiar voice. "I know the club was going to let you borrow a dress of theirs, but I'd much rather you wore this one," Renge hands Haruhi a dry cleaner bag.

"Um... Thank you?"

Renge blushes and puts her hand to her face, "No need to thank me, Haru-chan, just follow me. I'll help you put it on."

So Renge stalks off to a dressing room with Haruhi in tow.

Honey and Mori are already in the dressing rooms and dressed. Once Mori goes to one knee to fix Honey's bow tie, he stands and helps the smaller onto his back. They leave the room and Mori sits in front of cake so Honey can eat to his hearts content. Once three cheesecakes, two sheet cakes and seven cupcakes disappear into Honey's black hole of a mouth, Mori stands and they leave for the Ball also.

"...!" emotes Tamaki every few seconds, afraid of wearing the Hitachiin creation to a masquerade. Despite the twins' rather positive response to the ball gown version, Tamaki still didn't know how Kyouya would respond to a club member wearing a dress. And how would the glasses wearing teen act when he saw that it was Tamaki? Would he only care about the raving fangirls that they are forced to call "customers," or would he let him do as he pleased, just because Tamaki was the club president?

The blond didn't think for a second that Kyouya might like him back and love the dress as much as he did Tamaki. Or that Kyouya might be horrified that his love is wearing a dress when Tamaki's figure much better suits a tuxedo. All of Tamaki's thoughts consisted of apathy or anger from Kyouya, never love.

Afraid of looking in the mirror, Tamaki dresses and runs out of the mirror-lined room so fast one would think there was a fire. Just outside the door, though, was Kyouya, who Tamaki ran into hard enough to make them fall over.

"Hm?" sounds Kyouya as he adjusts his glasses. "Oh, I see you're dressed. And that you've lost a bet." He smirks, making Tamaki's face do a fairly good impersonation of a tomato, or his dress.

"Y-yeah. Mommy, those twins should be punished!"

"You know, you're more flamboyant than I am, you should be the mother." Kyouya waits a few moments to let this sink in, but Tamaki is too busy trying not to make even more a fool of himself, so he doesn't notice the albeit, subtle, hint. The silence is beginning to get awkward, so Kyouya continues, "Let's go, or we'll be late."

Even though all of Tamaki's weight is on top of him, Kyouya easily gets up with Tamaki in his arms. The closeness burns both to the touch, so Kyouya almost drops Tamaki at the first opportunity, figuring otherwise he'd never let go. Tamaki just suppresses a whimper as he's let go and follows, sadly noting Kyouya never even looked back to make sure he was following.

The music isn't even on yet, but teens are waving hello to their friends, dancing with their partners, or chatting over punch that has managed to last more than five minutes without getting spiked.

Kaoru is walking hand in hand with Hikaru towards the music equipment, ready to start the party early. They both refused to wear masques, but Kaoru's collar was flipped up to barely hide a new hickey that would make any fangirl want to know just who it was with the love bite, so the masque would end up stolen by one of Renge's scarier friends soon enough anyway.

Honey is wearing a bunny masque while getting his happiness/innocence flowers all over the freshly cleaned floor and Mori has on a traditional male opera masque. Haruhi is dancing to unheard music with Renge, both smiling and laughing and wearing identical overly-feathered European masques. Tamaki wasn't allowed to wear a masque because according to the twins "it's not part of the bet." And suspiciously, Kyouya is nowhere to be found.

With the music started, the Hitachiin twins moved onto the task of spiking the punch, even with the full knowledge that it was already spiked twice. With that completed, Hikaru silently lifts his hand in askance for a dance with hesitation and eyes full of questions. Gladly, Kaoru takes his hand, smiles, and leads his brother onto the dance floor. Honey and Mori are giggling and eating cake... well, Honey is. Mori is just watching over his cousin with over-protective, but loving, eyes. Renge and Haruhi are still dancing, this time closer and with more smiling than laughter.

And poor, poor Tamaki is hiding in the corner behind some balloons as he secretly wishes to be saved. Ah, but doesn't Tamaki know? Be careful what you wish for.

A slender figure looms over Tamaki. It's wearing a tux and a masque of unknown origin, but it looks very expensive, even by Tamaki's terms. The figure, who seems to be a male teenager, extends a hand to Tamaki, who freaks, but figures the boy won't take no for an answer and accepts.

The dance is slow, matching the music, but also contrasting with Tamaki's beating heart. His left hand is in the strangers right, and his right is on his shoulder. Tamaki feels a hand inch closer to his bum and turns red. Seeming to notice this subconscious movement, the man's ears turn red and he shifts his hand higher.

"Tamaki," whispers the stranger into Tamaki's ear.

Unable to respond, Tamaki just turns more red. 'That sounds like...! No, no, nonono. I need a therapist."

"I know you know it's me," he continues, "Why are you afraid? Nervous, I'd understand; but not afraid. If you want me to leave, if asking me to the dance was just another bet, I'll go away and this will have never happened."

"I...! It was a b-bet, but it was the only way I'd ever ask you... Kyouya."

All Tamaki did was say Kyouya's name, and not even in a particularly sensual way, but it was enough to send chills down his spine. Seeing that Kyouya had stopped moving, Tamaki grew bold and removed the masque to kiss the brunette.

The masque lay forgotten on the floor as Tamaki was pulled closer by his hair and eventually slammed up against the wall. A split second before his eyes closed, Tamaki thought Kyouya's eyes seemed hungry, like a horny wolf. Tamaki would have gulped, but Kyouya's tongue was currently in the way of this throat and tickling his tonsils.

Tamaki found himself walking backwards towards the exit, led by Kyouya. The hallways were empty save for themselves and another pair of lovers, holding hands and running off, each with his shirt over his shoulder. This was all Tamaki could see, though, before he was shoved into a bathroom and bent over the counter.

"You don't know what you do to me, Tamaki..." whispers Kyouya as he grinds against Tamaki's clothed entrance.

"Ah! I think... mmm... I can TAKE! a hint," Tamaki says, breathing uneven and voice hitching from the sensations.

Kyouya flips Tamaki and pulls his pants to his knees, Tamaki's dress up to his chest, and forces their cocks together, creating the most friction yet. "Heh. I'm restraining myself."

Kyouya could feel Tamaki gulp as he nipped at his throat, marking his territory. Tamaki moans into the air.

The blond wraps his legs around the brunet and links his ankles, grinding closer to his lover.

Tamaki's eyes flutter open as Kyouya stops suddenly. "Whyyyyyyy...?" he whines.

"I have the entire mansion to myself tonight. I want you to spend the night," replies Kyouya.

"But it's cold outside! Isn't there someplace else we can go? An empty classroom, perhaps?" rushed Tamaki.

"No," says Kyouya, making it clear that was to be the end of it. He pulls down Tamaki's skirt, and then his own before giving Tamaki a slow kiss.

Just as it begins to get heated, Kyouya rips away from the kiss to call his limo. Tamaki is left with a dumbfound look and puckered lips as Kyouya drags him out of the restroom.

The limo was waiting in the parking lot before the lovers managed to exit the maze of a school. After hurriedly getting Tamaki and himself in, he commands the chauffeur to take them to the mansion.

Kyouya forces another kiss onto Tamaki's willing lips, letting a trail of spit hang between them as the limo stops at the door of the mansion.

Stumbling out of the vehicle, Tamaki doesn't let their lips separate. A maid opens the door and closes it behind them, following them into the mansion to help them with the bedroom door. She places a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door and resumes her duties.

Inside the room, Kyouya and Tamaki consume each other's necks, lips, chests. Dress forgotten in passion, a part of Tamaki sighs in relief, until a hand grabs his arse.

"Kyou!" moans Tamaki.

"Hush, hush. I'm looking for it now," he replies, hand in drawer.

Finding the lube, he pours the tingle-inducing jell onto his fingers and rubs his fingers over Tamaki's chest and groin, before moving onto his tightness.

Tamaki involuntarily bucks into Kyouya's touch. When the first finger is inserted, he cries out in pleasure and pain, bucking more to encourage his love.

The second and third finger are shoved through his muscle ring, which he presses upon for friction and pressure.

"So... eager..." pants Kyouya, ready to get down to business.

Tamaki's already flushed face would turn more red if possible. Seeing this, Kyouya kisses away his nervousness.

Kissing his beloved's eyelashes, he removes his fingers to pump Tamaki's shaft.

Moaning, Tamaki tries to maneuver himself closer to Kyouya's cock. Seeing this, Kyouya does the work for him and presses himself inside Tamaki's warmth.

"Nnng!" they groan in unison.

Just as it begins, just after the first few pumps, Kyouya cums, finishing off Tamaki soon after.

"So... short..." whispers Tamaki.

"I hope... you're not commenting on my size," replies Kyouya, regaining his breath.

Blushing, Tamaki replies, "N-no! That was just fine! I meant... that didn't take much time, did it?"

"I'm assuming it was your first time, as it was mine. It's normal for it to end quickly."

After hearing no responce, he continues: "But, we have all weekend to take care of that."

Tamaki smiles, "I'd like that."

Kyouya wolfgrins, "Don't go complaining to me if you're sore then."

The blond hides his face into a pillow, "Shut up! Y-you... Meany!"

"Hmm..." smirks Kyouya. "I say we start now..." He trails a finger down Tamaki's side.

Tamaki's only response is a nervous squeak.

Two teenagers walk, hand-in-hand, out of the garden's maze. Their Cheshire grins and red hair could tell even a commoner that it was Hikaru and Kaoru.

Despite their pleased grins, Kaoru was limping.

"Brother! Slow down!" he whines.

"You're the one who wanted it dry," smirks Hikaru.

"I said I wanted it now, not dry. You're the one who forgot the lube," pouts the other.

"Why is it my job?"

"Because it's my ass you're loosing if you forget it again," states Kaoru, smiling tauntingly.

"Fine," his twin pouts. "But you had to agree that was better than even pornos make it out to be!"

Kaoru only gives a smirk in response before running off into an abandoned classroom and giving Hikaru a "come hither" look through to slowly closing door.

"I knew it, Kitty likes it rough."

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