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Summary: I hack my HeartGold version of Pokemon, and get a surprise of the lifetime…I get sucked into the Johto region. I change the games interface and storyline. While there, I find out something is defiantly wrong with certain species of Pokemon…and huzzah, Team Rocket is the cause of it. Lyra bashing (XD heck yes!), GoldxSilver preciousmetalshipping, and horror?

Chapter 1: Into the world of Pokemon…


Bored with my game again, I closed it even before I could reach Violet City. I turned it on for about the fiftieth time that day.

"My hack is bo-oring. Gosh, all I want is something weird to happen, like in those awesome creepy pastas! But noooooooooooo, my game sucks!"

I watched the opening dully. I was so absorbed in my thoughts that I did not see the eyes of Ho-Oh flash toward me. I sighed and erased my previous saved file. I waited for 7 minutes as the opening started again. I pressed A on my DSi and saw the usual greeting. But Professor Oak's dialogue was a little strange…

"You have neglected your game Nica…you crave adventure? We'll give you one…"

I blinked. Next thing I knew, I fell unconscious onto my bed, and time stopped in my world…

I awoke, groaning. I had the biggest headache EVER. I blinked three time before my vision cleared. I gasped and covered my mouth as I saw all around me looked like I was in a Japanese anime…I pulled my hand away from my mouth and stared at it. It was like the mangas I drew. I leaped up off the floor and shakily stared around the room I was in.

The floor was mahogany wood, with a bright bronze colored rug in the middle. A laptop sat on top of a cherry wood desk. Beside it sat a note. There were several book shelves and a neat full sized bed. The room was painted a light bronze color. A full length mirror was beside the stairs. I walked over to it and gasped as I examined my new form.

I wasn't wearing Lyra's clothing. Nope. I wore my made up Pokemon trainer outfit. I with button up t-shirt and red tie covered by a black button up cardigan. A frilly red skirt flowed down just above my knees. I had black boots that was about three inches below my knee cap and socks that stopped an inch from the hem of my skirt. I had bright bronze colored eyes, and black hair that was flowing past my shoulders. All in all, looked like my made up character, Bronze.

I toppled onto the floor, scared out of my wits, how in the name of Arceus did I end up like THIS? Then I remembered Oak's dialogue. An adventure eh? I'll show him an adventure by punching his face! I growled as I stood up. I noticed the note again and picked it up.

The neighborhood boy and girl sent you an e-mail. Check your laptop!


I glowered at the paper as though it was its fault I was in this predicament. I started up the laptop and clicked the e-mail.

WELCOME TO NEW BARK TOWN! We hope to become good friends to you!

Your neighbors,

Gold and Lyra.

I gaped at the names. Gold and Lyra? I thought it was Ethan? Anyways…at the bottom was a picture of a boy with messed up black hair with a backwards black and golden yellow hat, he had golden eyes, and a brown haired girl with brown eyes so big, it slightly reminded me of a girl in school I hated so much, I wanted to kill her. (true story, will not mention names though… :-)

I walked downstairs to be confronted by a woman who greatly resembled my mom, it was creepy.

"Bronze! Our new neighbor came here and said you may have the last of his rare Pokemon! it's a Totodile, and I know how much you love water Pokemon sweetie!" she smiled at me.

"Ma! I told you before, I love every type of Pokemon!" I couldn't stop the words flowing out. I had said this to my real mom.

"Oh yeah! Sorry, now run along!" she gave me a digital card and waved me away.

I looked at my trainer card. Name, Bronze. Age, 13. Badges, none. Pokemon caught, zero. Money, heck yeah, $3,000! I smiled as I walked into Professor Elm's lab. I was confronted by the police.

"Did you steal the Totodile?" he growled at me.

I stared behind him and saw Gold and Lyra about to open their mouths.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa bud. She's new to this town, and she was supposed to get the little guy!" Gold had spoken up," I was about to tell you I battled a red head by the name of…" he paused for a moment, a dark look flashing his golden eyes, "by the name of umm, Bob. He had a Totodile, yeah."

The police dude looked at me again and huffed, he stormed out and thanked Gold. I let out a breath of relief.

"I'm really sorry Bronze, but the last Pokemon was apparently stolen. But I think I can give you this one." professor Elm walked to the computer and typed into it. A poke ball came out and he handed it to me.

"Make sure to walk with it if you want it to warm up to you," he grinned at the ball.

Hoping upon hope it wasn't a caterpie, I enlarged it and released the Pokemon inside.

I squealed in delight as a yellow mouse appeared.

"Oh my Arceus! An actual pikachu!" I ran up to it and picked it up.

Judging by the tail, it was a girl. She looked at me and smiled. I cooed and hugged it.

"I'm gonna name you Pikataro!" when I was playing my games, I had the habit of ending the names of Pokemon with 'taro'. Example, my bulbasaur was bulbataro. Yup.

"That's quite a mouthful, why not just Pika?" Gold petted my pikachu's head.

"Yeah, ok I guess. Do you like Pika?" Pika nodded her cute head earnestly and jumped into my arms.

"You are too cute!" I snuggled with her for awhile.

"Hey, Gold, my mom wants me, good luck on your journey! I'll train Chiki here." Lyra waved and ran outside.

I looked after her and Pika climbed onto my shoulder. Gold smiled and kneeled beside me.

"Hey, ya wanna travel with me? I heard Pokemon become stronger if traveling with a crowd." he smiled an excited, innocent smile.

"Sure, I would like that."

He grinned and grabbed my hand.

"Come on lets go!" he laughed as I tried to keep up with him. poke gear, check, bag and trainer card, double check.

"I can't do it! Its too hard!" I cried as we climbed the steep slope to Violet City.

He laughed, "Come on, just a couple more trainers and maybe two more miles, and we're there!"

"Easy for you to say…"

Pika and Gold's cyndaquil, Exbo, chased each other around while we made the tedious journey upwards.

Then we met two bug catchers…

"We brothers shall challenge you to a Pokemon battle!" they sent out a butterfree out each. I face palmed as Gold laughed.

"Pika, thundershock!" Pika jumped up into the air and zapped the nearest butterfree.

"Exbo, use ember!" Exbo inhaled and shot out a fireball.

"NO! BUTTERFREE!" we walked away from the two brithers and made it to Violet City.

"Finally! I swear, I need to have Pika rest, she's pooped."

After having our Pokemon healed, we made it to the gym.

And a big fat hill-billy looking guy was blocking our way.

"Should Pika zap him?" Gold chuckled.

"Umm, can we go through?" Gold asked.

"Not unless ya have tha TM Flash there bud. Go at tha Bellsprout Towa to get it an ta test yer skills." he bellowed out a laugh.

Gold and I looked at each other and groaned.

Looks like another long climb Pika…

Pika chuued and we made our way to the tower.


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