doctor horrible meets alton brown

authors note: by the way you guys its important to know that i am not tryin to steal anyone's copyrights okay! dr horrible belongs to neil patric k harris and the joss whedon and those guys! alton brown belonds to alton brown and so does all his food! CHAPTER 1

one morning, i woke up and got out of bed to go make some food. making food is a thing that i like to do a lot. i got dressed in a shirt and some dark pants and also put my slippers on. the morning is pretty boring for me until i get into the kitchen! then i got into the kitchen. i decided to make some scrambled eggs so i got eggs and milk and butter and other things and i made the best scrambled eggs for myself to eat, but before i ate them i also added some hot sauce because i like it spiecy.. along with those i made rye toast with butter and jam.i ate all these foods with incredible gusto because i am passionate about my food and i guess other people's food too if they do it right!
after i ate m y break fast, i heard a strange noise. there was a tapping at my kitchen window! my kitchen window was over my sink, and there was a noise coming from it. i looked toward the window to see a face! the face had goggles and blonde hair and also he was sort of pale and very handsome. at the moment i didnt quite realize he was so handsome becuase of the fact that he was being creepy at my window! but i decided to go over the window, and so i did. on the way i fed my fish in a fish tank their names are lucy and davy. i opened the window a little bit and the man with goggles said words to me.
'hello, i am a villain, will you let me inside your house? i know you make good food i saw you i am hungry.' and i thought he may be a hobo! i have deep sympathy for hobos i always bring them things to eat when i have extra because i am a charitable man. my name is alton brown. also i shoulod probably not call them hobos because that is a very disrespectful term! i will refer to them as homeless people, and i thught the window man was maybe a homeless person. so i let him in. little did i know that he was... a VILLAIN!