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Summary: Gabrielle Delacour is unhappy with her life. She wants to be with her savior, her idol. Her newly awakened Veela magic reacts to her love and inward pleas sending her mind and magic to the past. Being Veela she will age to her current age ie. 11. Pairing is Harry/Gabrielle. Want to make this story more realistic than JK Rowling so rating will be M for Duels, Language and slight lemons in much later chapters.

AN: Sorry for those looking for an update for my other two stories, I just discovered a few good Harry/Gabrielle stories and couldn't help but try my hand at it. Since JK Rowling talks about Harry's ability to love so much in the book I felt a creature built for love is the perfect match for him. But she made Fleur too old and Gabrielle to young. If this gets a decent response I'll try to update as regularly as my other two HP fics.

Gabrielle Delacour was excited. The boy she had fallen for would be attending Fleur's Wedding so she would finally be able to see him once more. Tomorrow was the day they take the international Portkey to some place called the Burrow? The childhood home of her sister's love, why Fleur fell for him she had no idea. He had nothing on her hero, brave, kind, strong. Isn't that something every girl wants from a man? She had tried for the last few years to beg her parents to let her stay with Fleur in England but they just scoffed at the idea. They didn't understand, they just saw her as a little girl with a silly little crush, not as the young woman who believed she had found her true soul mate. Resting her eyes she couldn't help but smile knowing tomorrow she would see her hero.

The next morning she was very energetic, up early, dressed and bouncing around happily. Her parents mistook it as her wanting to see her sister again. Finally it was time to take the portkey and Gabrielle had to contain the squeal that was threatening to leave. She was never a fan of Portkeys, an international one was even worse, but it was well worth it in this case. Arriving in a foyer of some sort she saw a red headed that must have been Bill's father. She barely heard what her parents were talking about, her mind was elsewhere but when she heard her name she looked over at Mr Weasley and curtsied smiling brightly.

Her parents were making small talk along the way to the Weasley's home, but Gabrielle only perked up and listened in when she heard two names. Her sister Fleur and Harry, her smile almost splitting her face when Mr Weasley announced they were close now. Walking over the hill Gabrielle saw the oddest looking house. It seemed to just have extra rooms stacked up awkwardly. Shaking her head they arrived she saw her sister rush up to embrace each in turn. Gabrielle beamed. She hadn't seen her sister much over the last 3 years. It had been hard being alone at home.

She heard who she assumed to be Mrs Weasley and her Father Exchange pleasantries and then she heard her name. She smiled brightly and gave Mrs Weasley a gentle embrace before spotting Harry. Rushing over she gave him a tight hug and a kiss on his cheek that left him blushing and speechless. Letting go after she heard someone clearing her throat she looked over to see a redheaded girl glaring daggers at her. Swearing internally she realized this little hussy had somehow ensnared Harry, looking over at him at that moment she felt something odd. Her Veela magic flared, everyone starting yelling, she could see concern in Harry's eyes, looking over at her sister and mother they seemed to be hysterical. Body feeling weak all of a sudden her eyes closed and all went dark.

Waking up she heard her Mother and Sister calling her name 'That's odd, Fleur sounds younger' Gabrielle thought to herself. Opening her eyes she saw her Mother's relieved eyes staring back at her. Looking around she was confused, they weren't at the Burrow anymore. She seemed to be at her home in France. "Maman, 'ow did we get back from England?" Apolline Delacour looked at her daughter in shock "England? Why would we be in England dear?" 'What is she talking about' Gabrielle thought before answering her mother's odd question. "For Fleur's wedding of course"

Hearing a gasp her Mother cupped her daughter's cheek to keep her from searching for the source of the noise. Apolline looked at her daughter with concerned eyes before speaking calmly "Did you Veela magic flare just before you blacked out?" Nodding her head "Oui, I saw that girl glaring at me after I hugged 'arry and I felt anger at her that she had somehow captured 'arry's heart. Then I felt something odd" The Delacour Matriarch sighed "I could explain in detail but for now you might want to stay where you are. Fleur darling could you come 'ere"

Frowning at wondering why Fleur was here I saw her approach and my eyes widened in shock, her sister was only around 13. "O-'ow, you're so young, I saw you only moments ago" Gabrielle was going to keep going feeling a little hysterical at that moment. She had no idea what going on. "Calm down darling and let me explain, your Veela magic felt your desire for this 'arry and you believing he was out of your reach. You should know first that this magic cannot happen without feelings from the man or boy in this case to occur. It has sent your Veela magic back through time to a younger you when this 'arry was not unavailable. Tell me how old are you, I could guess"

Looking down she suddenly realized she was naked. Squealing she asked "Maman, where are my clothes" Glaring at her mother then at Fleur who had giggled to the side, she attempted to cover herself up with her arms. Apolline signed at her daughter "Your age sweetheart, I will explain it all" Calming down some she said "11 Maman" Fleur then walked over with some clothes explaining why Gabrielle didn't see her straight away. Thanking her sister she quickly put them on, I guess people weren't lying when they said she was the spitting image of her sister, looking at her now when she is around the same age she could see it too.

"I see, tell me 'ow did you meet this 'arry?" Gabrielle explained about the Triwizard tournament when she was 7 and Harry rescuing her from the lake. Fleur looked upset that she wasn't able to protect her little sister but Gabrielle calmed her down but grateful to this boy for saving her sister. Apolline looked curious so asked "'ow old was 'arry before you came 'ere sweetheart?" Looking at her mother and cocking her head she responded "'e was about to turn 17 tomorrow Maman, 'is birthday is July 31st" Raising an eyebrow that her daughter had fallen for a boy/man much older than herself she then realized that the boy would be the same age as her daughter now.

"That might explain why your Veela magic brought you to this time, today is the 30th July 1991, I believe that means your 'arry turns 11 tomorrow. Now about why you were naked when you awoke, let me explain. Your Veela magic brought your magic and memories back to your younger body. Aging it to the point it left. Your clothes obviously were too small for an 11 year old so when you screamed and fell to the floor and began aging I got Fleur to get you some of hers."

Nodding her head in understanding Gabrielle got an ear splitting grin. "Can I go to 'Ogwarts then Maman" The Delacour Matriarch thought her youngest daughter might ask that, her name would have appeared on all the magic's schools registry all of a sudden, she would be expecting quite a few offerings for her daughter. "Perhaps, what do you think Fleur?" Fleur looked over at the sister that was now closer to her age and asked "If you allow Gabrielle to go to 'Ogwarts then I would like to transfer there too?"

Laughing lightly the woman felt that might happen, Fleur has had a rough few years at Beauxbaton's Acadamy. Her Veela traits make many boys flaunt after her and the girls all hate her for the attention she receives. Perhaps her sister coming back was a blessing in disguise, someone she can relate to. Putting on a show for her girls she could see both had hopeful looks in their eyes. It was then that she realized that Fleur placed her marriage and England in the same category. She must believe they will be much more accepting at 'Ogwarts'.

Believing her daughters had suffered enough anxiousness. "Of course darlings, I will contact Hogwarts now and speak to Madame Maxime about that transfer." Smiling at her daughter's two squeals of delight they hugged her and then Fleur dragged her sister off to talk about the future. Specially she wanted to know about the man she would marry but Gabrielle didn't know Bill that well so Gabrielle just said "It's a secret, you will know 'im when you meet 'im" Sighing in frustration she asked about Hogwarts and Gabrielle began talking about the foods they served. The nice people she met and the tasks her sister faced.

Fleur paled when told she had to fight a Dragon and Gabrielle refused to say what she did to beat it. Truth was she didn't think her sister would be too impressed with being told she put the dragon to sleep. They talked all the way up to dinner and came into the kitchen to get some food. Sitting down at the table still chattering away in French they didn't notice their father come walking in and gasp when he saw two Fleur's sitting at the table. Giggling at their father's reaction "Hi Papa" Gabrielle greeted happily, Jean Delacour was gaping like a fish, this girl looked just like his Fleur and Gabrielle, looking around and not seeing Gabrielle anywhere it began to sink in. "Gabrielle?" Giggling as she nodded her head "O-'ow can this be?"

The girls explained to him what had happened and he accepted it quite well in the girl's opinion. He was a little upset that they would be so far away for school but he accepted that too in the end. Apolline finally arrived just as they began to dish out the food and she smiled "It's all sorted darlings, we will take a international Portkey tomorrow to get your school things" Squealing once again the girls hugged their Mother and began muttering in very fast French once again as they ate the meal.