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Harry looked up and was surprised to see Hagrid, Apolline and Fleur with tears flowing down their faces. Looking to the young girl holding him he expected to see another crying person but was surprised when he saw a young girl looking quite angry. Instinctively he shut his eyes believing that it was his fault somehow so he said "I'm sorry, don't be angry because of me, I didn't mean it" Hagrid looked even more furious, Apolline and Fleur were surprised by the statement.

Gabrielle snapped out of her inner rage to look at her crush surprised and asked gently "Why are you apologizing 'arry?" Harry opened his eyes and was shocked to see kind eyes looking back at him, he didn't know what to think. Seeing no hostility at all he timidly replied "S-sorry, whenever someone has that look in their eye it's my fault, it's always been that way, why aren't you yelling." Said girl got the look back in her eyes but at Harry's flinch she removed it instantly "It's not you 'arry it's those muggles you live with, I don't care what anyone says, you will not return to them"

Harry stared wide eyed at the Gabrielle and then Apolline who outwardly smiled warmly but inside she was cursing up a storm at the stupid fool who placed what they considered a hero of the age to such cruel people. What Apolline had offered him the one thing he has wished for since he was a small child, he didn't know what to do or think? The initial shock was gone and now he was thinking of whatever reason he could think of that they would offer such a thing to him, none of them good. But the look in their eyes was genuine, the look in Hagrid's eyes who he considered his first friend, he couldn't for the life of him figure out why they wanted to help him.

No one in his life had aided him when he needed it so he learnt to fend for himself. When Harry first entered school he thought that would become a safe haven but Dudley quickly stopped that, the teachers always turned a blind eye when they saw him being chased down during breaks. He learnt not to rely on others but for some reason he felt the need, a deep desire to put all his faith into these new people in his life.

They actually seemed to dislike the Dursley's, but he had been extremely mild in what he'd mentioned, he didn't mention the beatings, never getting fed for days and so forth. Yet just from what mentioning his cupboard it got a big reaction. He never wanted anyone to know about that, stating such a thing meant a severe beating and no food for a while but when Apolline said she'd let him stay even after hearing about the cupboard. Even if he said it by accident he was glad that he did if what Apolline offered came to pass.

When Gabrielle comforted him he felt something odd, a pull towards his new friend, a desire for something he couldn't place or understand. But realizing that she didn't hate him was amazing for the boy, she liked him not like the other wizards and witches he met during the day for something he didn't remember, she liked him for him. She was his first real friend, Hagrid was nice but he was big and old, Gabrielle was his age. A real friend, something he had always wanted but never gotten because Dudley and his friends would chase them away. But there was no way for them to chase away Gabrielle who was a part of this new world he discovered, a world where he was treated by everyone but the 4 people in front of him as some sort of hero.

Forgetting everything he just dealt with he took off his glasses, wiped his eyes on his overgrown worn out shirt before looking up at Apolline he asked with a slight edge in his voice "Why would you help me, is it because of who I am?" Fleur's eyes widened, what could be seen of Hagrid's face was red in fury. Apolline inwardly sighed, this boy was treated far worse if he believed this was all a scheme to hurt him somehow. Looking at him calmly she stated "Non 'arry, I don't offer you my 'ouse because of who you are or your new friendship with my daughters. I offer you this because it's the right thing to do"

Harry gazed into her eyes and smiled brightly "Thank you, you have no idea how much this means to me." His eyes widened when he heard a squeal and something latched onto him, he panicked for a moment before he caught a flowery scent that he recognized from moments before. Returning the hug he said "I take it you want me to come then Gabby?" She pulled back and beamed at him "Oui, you will love it at 'ome. We can -" Pausing she went into a thinking pose that Harry couldn't help but think was cute. Gabrielle then burst into an animated discussion of what they could do once they got there and Harry was watching her in awe.

While her daughter had Harry distracted Apolline went over to Hagrid. "'agrid, I wasn't lying when I said I would take 'arry but considering who he is if I were to just take 'im it would be seen as kidnapping. Also since 'e lives with muggles and as such our laws don't come into effect unless 'e does something. Tell me, who would place the wizarding world's saviour with muggles? Also is 'e the last remaining Potter alive?" Hagrid took a few deep breaths to calm down since his giant side currently wanted to go pay those filthy muggles a little visit.

He gruffly replied "Ay he is the last Potter. Professor Dumbledore ordered me to bring 'arry to the muggles as a baby. He didn't want 'im raised in the wizarding world." Apolline nodded, it was a logical option. Anyone would gladly take in their siblings children if something happened to them and raise the child as their own. Somehow that wasn't even close to reality in Harry's case, somehow she felt Dumbledore was either ignorant to all that happened but considering how smart the man was surely he would have the boy monitored by someone on a regular basis to make sure he's safe.

That meant that he would have known full well how Harry was treated but did nothing, did he want Harry weak for some reason. Considering the man's power politically and magically she knew she couldn't just take Harry with her back to France if he for whatever reason needed Harry with his relatives. That was why she needed to know if Harry was the last living Potter, being old enough to learn magic he could claim the title of Head of House but won't be able to do much with the title until he turns 17. It would however legally make him emancipated and he could willingly choose who to live with of his own accord and no one could stop his decision legally.

The problem was how far Dumbledore may go to get Harry back even if he was legally emancipated, she gazed at Hagrid and knew being Half giant would make him naturally resistant to Legilimens users and against Veritaserum. Could the man really be trusted to keep such a big secret against the so called leader of light, looking at him she stated "'agrid, if I take 'arry with me, would you be willing to take an unbreakable vow?"

Hagrid looked at her in shock "Why would I need to do that?" Thinking quickly while mentally sighing she responded "My 'usband is quite high up in the French ministry and if it was known we 'ad 'arry then 'e as well as my family would be in potential danger from the Dark Lord's former followers. The fewer people that know where 'arry is the better, the vow would stop you revealing the secret to anyone and ensure 'arry's and my families safety"

Hagrid's eyes widened when he realized he could potentially threaten Harry's life by accidentally revealing where he is, something that he knew full well he was prone to do after a few pints. He closed his eyes before opening them and looking at Apolline "I'll do it, I couldn't live with myself if anything happened to him." Apolline merely nodded her head walked over to Fleur and whispered in her ear for a minute. She then walked to an alley nearby with Fleur and motioned Hagrid to follow, once he reached them held out her hand before stating "Very well, let us do it now, Fleur will perform the bond"

Hagrid looked nervously at the 13 year old before he steeled himself and grasped Apolline's hand. Gabrielle was too busy explaining their future potential adventures to notice what was going on near her and Harry was too busy watching the animate girl. Fleur cleared her throat, pulled out her wand and held touched the tip to their joined hands. "'agrid, do you swear never to reveal the true location of 'arry Potter to any who ask?" Hagrid chanted "I will" As a small flame encircled their hands.

"Do you swear to tell those who ask that 'arry Potter returned to his relatives" Hagrid looked startled for a moment before stating "I will" As another flame encircled their hands to state the vow was complete "Do you swear to never drop any hints in any form to any who wish to know 'arry Potter's true location?" Hagrid looked extremely nervous but remembered Apolline's words and repeated "I will" As another wisp of fire ran along their conjoined hands. Fleur removed her wand and the three returned to the still babbling girl and wide eyed young boy.

"Gabrielle darling that's enough, you can decide once we are back home. 'agrid would you like to stay until we leave or leave now?" Hagrid stroked his beard before checking the time and his eyes widened "Is that the time, no I better leave, have to deliver this package to the Professor. I'll see you three at Hogwarts" He stated to the three, ruffling Harry's hair almost causing Harry to drop to his knees from the force before handing over the things he was carrying that Apolline placed into his trunk before shrinking it. Hagrid started to run off before stopping again and rushing back handing Harry a ticket "This is the ticket that will get you onto the train to Hogwarts, don't lose it" Then he was off running towards the Leaky Cauldron. Apolline watched him leave with a curious glance "'arry why did 'agrid leave in such a rush and what package?"

Harry shrugged his shoulders "No idea Apolline, he took a tiny package from a high security vault and said it was for Professor Dumbledore." Apolline didn't show it but she was suspicious of such an obviously powerful or dangerous object being taken to a school rather than Gringotts. Shaking those thoughts away for the moment she stated "I see, 'arry our portkey isn't due to leave for another couple of hours but I would like to do something before we leave. I'm sorry to say but you are the last living Potter and as such you 'ave the right to claim the 'ead of 'ouse title. The reason I want you to do so is it will make you emancipated, this means no one can make you return to the Dursley's or force you to leave us if you do not wish to. Basically the title will allow you to live wherever you wish"

Looking around nervously he replied "If I became head what else would it mean?" Apolline smiled softly "Nothing that most heads do until you are of age. You would be able to access you're family vault but I would recommend not doing so until you're older. You won't 'ave to vote in the Wizengamot which is the wizarding body that carries out the major decisions in our world until you leave Hogwarts and the financial side of things will remain in control of the goblins unless you specifically state otherwise." Harry got a glint in his eyes "Alright then I'll do it, if it will let me leave the Dursley's and spend more time with you guys."

Apolline smiled at the boy before beginning to walk towards Gringotts, Fleur walking in step with her mother while a bouncing Gabrielle continued to what she was talking about before the interruption. Once through the doors Ragnar rushed over "I wasn't expecting you for another few hours, I'm afraid that the portkey isn't prepared for an early departure" Apolline bowed "It is fine Ragnar, we are 'ere for another reason, something that we do not wish to be discussed in front of witnesses" As she did a quick glance of the room, Ragnar nodded before asking them to follow him to his office.

Once inside Ragnar began chanting and waving his hands around as runes around the room glowed for a moment, Harry glowed too slightly before fading that got him wide fearful eyes."Nothing to worry about young sir, I just activated powerful wards that removed any tracking or listening charms that may have been placed around the room or yourselves since you seemed serious about what we wished to discuss. It appears that someone from the glow I saw placed a powerful tracking charm on the young lad, it's gone now so I'm afraid I can't tell you how long it was there. Now what is it you wished to discuss?"

Apolline couldn't help but wonder if the charm was placed on Harry as a infant so he could track him down easily if he ever ran away from home but shook her head before stating "We are 'ere to discuss Mr Potter actually" To which the Goblin simply nodded and quirked his head as he saw the state the so called wizarding saviour was in "I take it you wish to make him head of house so he can choose his own living situation?" Apolline smirked slightly with a nod, Goblins were always kick to pick up such things.

"Very well I will leave you for a moment to gather the required items for the ritual, don't worry Mr Potter all we will need from you is a few drops of blood to confirm who you are and to bind your head of house ring to you. I won't be gone long, by the time we are finished it should be time for your portkey Madam Delacour" Seeing the elder Veela incline her head he rushed out of the room.

Gabrielle gazed at Harry with a judging eye that made the boy slightly nervous "Maman we need to take 'arry clothes shopping as soon as we return to France." Harry stared wide eyed at the girl "Shopping, b-but-" Gabrielle interrupted however with a certain glint in her eyes "Then maybe I can get new clothes too" She didn't say it out loud but the only clothes she had was the ones she was wearing and that was Fleur's. Harry just kept staring before stuttering out a "S-sure I guess"

Apolline quirked an eyebrow when she saw her daughter blast a small amount of the Veela charm and would have reprimanded her but she saw nothing change in Harry's demeanour, he remained tense and nervous, those affected by the charm would have relaxed at least slightly if effected. She walked over and whispered to Fleur that got the girl wide eyed before nodding, they both looked at Harry and let out a full blast of the charm.

"But Gabrielle, what money would I use?" He seemed to temporarily forget that he had a vault and would soon have another one "Well 'ow did you pay for my wand then" Harry blinked before chuckling nervously as he remembered the mountain of gold "Oh forgot about that, I'm so used to having nothing" Gabrielle just smiled and kissed his cheek and her smile widened when she saw him blush "Well you have things now, I won't go anywhere" Harry beamed at that statement and was about to respond when he heard.

"Merde, you're completely immune" Fleur was staring wide eyed at the boy in front of her, she had never met someone who was immune to her charm, maybe a few who were resistant but if she concentrated it when she had to she still affected them somewhat. But it was way more than just that, he was immune to both her and her mother's combined concentrated charm. It's why she appears so cold to any males, believing them being nice was just because of either her beauty or charm. Truth be told she was thinking the same with Harry up until now, this changed her entire view of the young boy.

"Immune to what Fleur?" Gabrielle asked her sister cocking her head the side, her mother answered however "Immune to the Veela charm darling, we noticed you blasted him unintentionally hit him with your charm before but he wasn't affected by it from what I could tell. So I told Fleur to release hers concentrated and I did the same, he remained as if we did nothing at all" Gabrielle didn't look surprised and Apolline realized during her stories Fleur always spoke highly of Harry in the future, a boy that was completely immune to her charm and beauty was the only thing that could do that.

"Veela charm, what's that?" Harry asked innocently. Gabrielle thought about how to answer but it was Fleur that did "We are all part Veela 'arry. A Veela is a creature of love which can ensnare the 'earts of most men due to our beauty and the charm we release. The charm is naturally released unintentionally all the time in very small doses and weak minded men are drawn to at least stare at us wherever we are within their eyeshot. When we use it in concentrated doses like what we just tried to do with you makes most men focus only on us so we are frowned upon as many see it as a form of mind control. I'm sorry to say I thought you were under my sister's charm for most of today since you seemed prone to staring at her, now I realize the truth so I'm sorry 'arry."

Harry looked to be trying to work it out but replied "That's alright Fleur, I guess I can understand how you feel somewhat, I get stared at for being forced to wear these clothes at school. When I came here everyone stared at me and rushed over trying to touch me and all talking excitedly. I hated that feeling of people wanting to get near me or talk to me for something I had no control over. It made me uncomfortable seeing them all look at me hungrily and all the quiet whispering"

Fleur eyes widened again at the boy's statement, he was right, being the boy-who-lived he would get stared at in a similar manner to how she would, those in awe of him, those afraid of him, those who want to get close to him all because of who he is and something he had no control over. Just like a Veela, her respect for the young man increased quite a bit once again.

Fleur gave him one of her genuine smiles and Gabrielle beamed knowing that her sister truly accepted Harry now. Any futher discussion was ended when Ragnar re-entered the room levitating a stack of parchment, an expensive looking box and a bowl of a clear liquid and a rune covered dagger. Placing them all upon his desk Ragnar motioned the others to come forward to the front of his desk.

"Ok Mr Potter, first off I would like you to slice your finger lightly with this dagger and let a few drops fall into this bowl. Don't worry the wound will heal shortly after." Harry nodded his head before nervously slicing open his finger and letting a few drops fall into the bowl. The small wound glowed and healed itself as the blood moved around in the clear liquid as it began to form words. It read:

Harry James Potter

Son of Lord James Harrison Potter and Lady Lily Rose Potter

Heir to House Potter

Heir to House Gryffindor

Heir to House Black

Magical Heir to House Slytherin

Before the words faded and it was just a bowl of clear liquid once more. Harry looked up confused "Sir, why am I the Heir to more than one house? What does Magical Heir mean?" Ragnar stared at three of the four houses the young boy was heir too in surprise. Before shaking his head to answer the young man's questions

"Well House Potter is obvious I'm sure. House Gryffindor must have somehow come from your mother's side of the family. The only explanation to that is a squib must have appeared in their line and started a branch into the muggle world as the main line died out, you being the first male heir with magic became the new heir. As for House Black I believe because you were named by the current head of house before he ended up in the wizarding prison of Azkaban, with your grandmother being a Black and since he is unable to furfill his duties you being the next in line get the position become the new heir. If you didn't accept that right before his death or you become of age it would have fallen to the next eligible male from the Black line which would be Draco Malfoy I believe."

Harry nodded to show he was keeping up with the information so Ragnar continued "As for what does Magical heir mean, basically it means you defeated the current heir in a duel that left the loser unable to claim or fulfil his duties and having no heir of their own. Since it was due to a duel and not natural causes the winner receives the spoils. I believe that Lord Voldemort must have been the former Heir of Slytherin and his defeat by your hand has made you the new heir. Unfortunately thanks to the beliefs of the Slytherin family over the centuries you would claim nothing but the title and the extra vote with the Wizengamot."

Harry sat down with wide eyes, Apolline masks shattered for a moment to gape at what she just heard while Fleur looked even more in awe at the young man. Politically he now held 4 votes in the council. Gabrielle for the first time that day was openly shocked, Fleur never mentioned anything like this before "What happens if I claim all these titles?" Harry asked after he processed what just happened. Ragnar gave a toothy grin "Well you would gain all the gold the houses do possess, you would gain extra votes in the wizardgamot when you are older. You would also gain the other three titles to your name, thus you would be known as Harry James Slytherin Black Gryffindor Potter in order of least to most important name."

Harry took a moment to think "Would I have to use that name all the time?" Ragnar shook his head "Only if you sign a contract, state your name during a oath or the day you claim your seats on the wizengamot. For now you may remain as just Harry Potter to the world if you wish, the house rings have ancient magic that hide them from anyone you do not wish to see them. So you won't have to worry about that."

Taking a deep breath he nodded before saying "What do I have to do now sir?" Ragnar shook his head at this young wizard's politeness, especially considering what was just revealed to him. "Well this box here is linked to that bowl, it has retrieved the house rings required, if you open it up you will see them." Harry did so and saw four rings simple in design each with their own gem and insigia representing their family. Slytherin was a bright green gem, Gryffindor a red gem, Black a black gem and Potter a gold gem.

"Alright Harry if you place all the rings on the fingers of your choice than I need you to sign this contract here, that will bind them to you until you die." Harry nodded before doing so placing the Gryffindor and Potter rings on his right pointer and middle finger respectively. Before doing the same with the Slytherin and Black rings on his left point and middle finger, taking the quill from Ragnar he looked at it before looking around for something to dip it in to.

"That's a blood quill Mr Potter, you do not require ink, just write your new full name here." Harry wrote his first name and flinched when he felt it cut into his hand, but he kept going and upon writing each family name the ring of that family would glow. Once he finished with Potter and said ring glowed Ragnar grinned "It is done, Lord Potter. Now would you like all your gold transferred to the most secure vault which in this case would be Gryffindor?" Harry nodded "Yeah that would be good thanks, please just call me Harry though. Oh I'll be going to the Delacour's until the start of term and I was wondering if there was a way to etrieve money from my vault without needing to come here every time?"

Ragnar gave another toothy grin "That's fine Harry and yes there is, you will only be able to take out 200 galleons or 1000 pounds a day, any more than that and you will be charged 1 galleon for every 50 galleons you go over the limit." He pulled out a black bag and a muggle looking credit card. "Just drop a few drops on the insignia of the bag and the Gringotts sign on card. The card can be used at any muggle facility that uses credit cards and is charmed to make them think they are seeing one. Now these aren't linked so you could essentially use 400 galleons or 2000 Pounds a day but you would need to come to Gringotts to exchange the money anyway so would be just as easy to visit a bank, most wizards don't enter the muggle world so have no need for the card. Now since you will be staying in France I believe it might be a good idea to set up a trust vault like the one you've seen at the French branch so that you don't have to travel via international portkey during holdays."

Harry agreed and dropped a few drops of blood to both the bag and the card, Gabrielle squealed when it was done and gave the boy a dazzling smile. He just beamed back before pocketing both into his pants. "Both are now keyed to your blood so if anyone steals it they won't work, also they won't work if you are under any mind manipulations" He sent a amused glance towards Gabrielle who just smiled back innocently "Now if that is all I do believe that your portkey is scheduled to leave in a few minutes, follow me and I'll take you to the room."

The group did so with Gabrielle now talking about all the places she was going to take Harry shopping, the boy just chuckled nervously at the girls enthusiasm. Truth is Harry had never really been shopping, he had no idea what to expect. Would it be like the robe fitting at that robe store, would they make him strip and see his scars. He shook those thoughts away as he gazed at Gabrielle animatedly talking. She wasn't acting any different towards him now she knew of his inheritances, she didn't change when he broke down in the middle of the street, she didn't change when she heard of his cupboard. She wouldn't change if she learnt his darkest secrets from his past, he was sure of that fact and couldn't help the smile that came upon his face.

He was snapped out of his musings when they arrived at a room, he was slightly confused that even though he was silently keeping track of where they were going he couldn't remember how he got there. Shrugging assuming it was some form of magic he turned to Ragnar and bowed as he saw the Goblins do when he entered the building with Hagrid earlier that day "Thank you for all your help Ragnar." Ragnar's eyes widened in surprise at the young wizards respect, he vowed to serve this new wizard as honourably as he could, he knew it would be beneficial for him in the end as well. "Not at all Harry, please if you need anything at all do not hesitate to contact me here." Harry beamed at the goblin before stating "I will, thanks again."

"Alright everyone take hold of the rope, the portkey will leave in 30 seconds." Apolline instructed the others, Harry had no idea what a portkey was and was looking at the rope oddly before following the others and doing the same as them and grabbing the rope. He felt a strong pull and he had to close his eyes as the images were hurting his head at the speed they were travelling. He felt the spinning stop and opened his eyes to see Gabrielle beaming at him "Welcome to your new 'ome 'arry"