October 31st, 2038 CE

Harry and Ron rushed home from the Ministry to be with their family. Harry, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and Warden of Azkaban Prison, changed his shirt as he ran through the main wing of the Ministry.

Ron, Head Auror and Auror in Charge of Recruitment and Training, sprinted beside his best friend and brother-in-law. He was fumbling for his wand to apparate and he narrowly avoided running into Luna Lovegood, Ministry Correspondent for the hugely popular Quibbler.

"See you at dinner, Luna!" Ron yelled.

"See you!" she replied, waving absently.

They arrived just as Bill arrived with his wife, Fleur, and their children. Greetings were exchanged. Harry's own grandchildren ran out to greet him.

He missed the grandkids he'd had before. Things had turned out differently. Different children had blessed his life the second time around. He was not sure whether that was good or bad.

Albus Remus, born two months before Albus Dumbledore past away of a second stroke, had come first. He had Harry's black hair and mischievous grin.

James Severus was born a year later, with his mother's red hair and sweet disposition.

Another year later, Sirius John was born.

Then came twins Molly Lily and Minerva Grace.

With five children, the Potter house was a busy one. As they grew, Harry grew to appreciate them and their unique attributes, so different from James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna. He mourned the loss of his first three children, and their children, but learned to move on.

His five children brought him many, many grandkids. The Potter/Weasley clan grew to more than seventy-five people with only four generations. It seemed as if a new one was popping out every month.

Harry's marriage to Ginny was happier than it had been the first time. Harry had not suggested executions as a punishment. Instead, he reworked the entire judicial system and cracked down on crime.

Ron never became Minister, because he never had any important legislation to push through. He and Harry were content to live quiet lives with their ever-growing families.

Albus Dumbledore died five years after Voldemort fell, and was Headmaster until Harry's last year at Hogwarts. He retired and moved in with Harry, due to his failing health. Harry took care of him and learned a lot from the man who had lived more than a century. In fact, together, they wrote a book about the wizarding world, dark lords, and families.

Albus' first stroke nearly sent Harry over the edge. Ginny had just told him she was pregnant when it happened. When Albus Remus was born, Albus Dumbledore held him with a look of pure joy. His passing was peaceful, and his funeral was huge. Harry was devastated, but his family and newborn son helped him cope.

Minerva became Headmistress after Albus retired. She worked hard to unify the school, and did a damn fine job of it. The old Gryffindor died at much the same age as she had the first time, surrounded by friends and loved ones.

Severus Snape became Headmaster after her, and was actually very good at it. He was on speaking, first name terms with Harry, and they occasionally shared tea.

Remus married Tonks, who changed her name to Tonks Nymphadora Lupin. They had thre children together, two boys and a girl. Sirius was Godfather of the oldest, Ted. Harry was Godfather of the second child, John. Ron was Godfather to the youngest, Andromeda Lupin.

Sirius married and had two children, whom Harry and Remus were godfathers for. Regulas was the oldest, and Felix was his little brother.

Fred and George waited to get married, but when they did, they had a boatload of kids each. It was hard to keep track of who fathered who, because all of the children look so much alike.

Harry entered the house that Halloween day, feeling old and worn out as he carried two grandchildren. He was fifty-eight again, or, more accurately, one hundred and two years old. He and Ron were known as 'wise beyond their years' at the Ministry. If only those people knew.

"Honey, I'm HOME!" Harry bellowed as he entered the Burrow. The old house, which had gone through many renovations and modifications, was filled to capacity.

Ginny Weasley Potter, smiling tolerantly, entered from the kitchen and shook her head at her dopy husband. Her vibrant red hair, graying in some spots, fell into her eyes as she laughed softly.

"It's about time, Mr. Potter. I feel I've waited a lifetime."

The Beyond

Lily looked at all those that surrounded her. Missing this time was Sirius, Remus, Tonks, Severus, Colin, Fred, and Cedric. They were all with Harry, happy and leading rich, fulfilled lives.

Lily turned to James, the only one that had been present when she had made her announcement to fix things.

The others, who had lived longer than previously, looked at her as she drew a deep breath. "Told you so," she said to her husband.

He stared at her as she strode away, confounded.