Crossovers that Shouldn't Be: Familiar Agito, Chapter 3


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"What is it you seek, Lady Longueville?" The dark creature asked resplendent in its spines and reminding her of nothing so much as as a large spider despite its vaguely humanoid form. Its voice was still completely and utterly unnatural in ways she couldn't properly describe.

"The... staff of destruction." She stuttered out. A small more rational part of her was her that was normally dominant was screaming this was a bad idea. The normally controlled part of her mind however was screaming and running around like a wild woman at the fact she continued to survive at this things sufferance, particularly given she was hanging in mid-air and just a cancellation of the power tht currently supported her away from plummeting to her death.

Fouquet, as she had been dubbed in her thieving career, felt her stomach drop out from under her, and was blinded by an unnatural light that forced her to blink. The first thing she felt was cold hard stone under her. She blinked her eyes a few times until they finally cleared and found herself looking at a city sprawled out before her. And not just any city, for as she began to take in the landmarks she found in intimately familiar. It was the capital of Albion.

"Do you truly just wish for the staff or is this what you truly desire, mortal?" The cautious part of her mind recognized that no one simply gave you power, and that she was no longer on a hair trigger from death. Or at least not in a way she had to acknowledge.

"And what price would you demand for it, demon?" She shot back. She could swear the thing smiled, although it had neither lips or mouth with which to do so.

"You will do." There was another blinding flash of unnatural light and a feeling of her everything dropping out from under her. Her stomach decided it had enough, and left her retching until it was completely and utterly sure it had purged any remaining hint of anything that may have been in her system.

"Miss Longueville." A voice said while someone started rubbing her back. It felt nice, and helped with making the world stop spinning. It was particularly nice they were thoughtful enough to physically support her. She allowed herself to relax.


Longueville, as she was known in her current position, woke up in her room. What a weird dream that had been. What was going on with her life that her subconsciousness would conjure up such a thing. A demonic humanoid spider able to casually travel great distances in an instant was the height of absurdity.

She noted a neatly folded note on her nightstand.

Dear Miss Longueville,

It appears you had a little too much to drink last night. I took the liberty to return you to your room so you could rest, and have the mess discretely cleaned up after you passed out.

I also want to let you know that if there is anything you'd like to talk about, I am there for you.


Agito Makashima

That must have been it. Eliminate the impossible and whatever remains however improbably must be the truth. Something must have happened she succeeded in suppressing and forgetting about with the alcohol, which meant she shouldn't dwell on it. Still she twirled the note thoughtfully. Louise Francoise de Valliere's Familiar was actually a very interesting person. According to the rumors he had implied there was a lot more to him then was immediately obvious when he had been summoned. After his defeat of Guiche de Gramont many had taken that to mean he was some kind of trained fighter, but still just a common human underneath it all.


"Good morning." Agito looked up to see Longueville walking up to the staff table he normally ate at. She seemed, happy? He had seen a look like that look a few times before when he'd been student president. Why Longueville would be wearing it, apparently towards him, he was at something of a loss to explain. His plans had not accounted for this, at all.

"Good morning, you're looking cheerful this morning." He responded.

"I am." She said sitting down with no indication she was about to provide details, her body language was such if she animal she'd be wagging her tail. So that was how she was going to play this. She was interested, but she wanted to hold all the cards. Always with the little games, although he had to admit she was very attractive while not being a self important airhead. That counted for a lot.

Still the simple reality was he had never actually pursued a woman, or a serious relationship. The relationship between him and Shizu had been different from that and the War had always taken precedence until Abaddon had insured there was nothing to fight over. Since then things just hadn't hooked up that way.

He mentally drummed his fingers for several minutes. On one hand she was a very attractive young woman. On the other to him this was a queen others saw merely as a pawn. Someone who could easily transition between the commoner and noble realms, and while gaining her trust as himself might help with that, that required things to go perfectly. It could just as easily backfire for some nonsensical reason, and then he'd wish he was back at square one. Along the same lines there was a reason there was a well known line about scorned women, given she clearly was interested to some degree already... He had been outmaneuvered by someone who didn't even know what the game was.

Longueville's eyes seemed to be laughing merrily at him. She held all the cards in her much smaller game, and was enjoying seeing him off balance in response to her. Agito mentally sighed. The nature of his upbringing tended to make him view powerplay through a jaded light that in this case was excess and not really appropriate.


Kirche drummed her fingers on the desk within her quarters. She had slept with just about every boy in the school. It was a means by which she could get back at her parents and the political arranged marriage they delivered her into. She'd flirted with the boys before and caused trouble, with her various games, but the scheduling multiple boyfriends thing had started when her parents had decided they were going to try to reign her in. She wasn't about to have any of that, and so went even further to rub their noses in it.

Louise's familiar had represented both a new potential conquest to rub her parents face in it and something she could rub in the nose of the hated de La Valliere. It was like killing two birds with one stone. It didn't hurt he was actually a legitimate catch worth pursuing. He however had successfully evaded all of her attempts to capture or corner him so far. The only consolation prize to which was that he seemed to disapear on Louise as well. It however wasn't much of a consolation prize as he was there when it mattered, and apparently had been tutoring Louise in how to use his magic despite having none of his own. Or maybe he did, and he simply didn't make a point of flaunting them. His little speach when he had first been summoned implied as much.

Agito Makashima was a walking enigma. There was clearly more to him then all of them had first presumed. The way he'd just manhandled Guiche's Valkyries was evidence enough of that. Through her various active boyfriends she also knew that there had been attempts to put Agito in his place following that involving discrete use of levitation spells. That never seemed to work out quite right and had apparently stopped almost as quickly as it had began. Filtering the particulars from their boasts and otherwise was beyond her capabilities.


Agito looked at the women who had fallen asleep against him. Exactly how this happened continued to vex him. Yes, he'd put a positive spin on helping her with her unexpected issues with Hyperspace travel. Yes, they'd had a pleasant conversation about a wide variety of topics over the course of the day as they had met off and on between duties. Yes, he had invited her along for a stroll through the nearby forest to a nice scenic little pond that was amazingly devoid of biting insects. Yes, she had sat close to him while the sun had set in a rather impressive demonstration of colors. That did not however explain why she had felt comfortable enough to simply lay her head on his shoulder and fall asleep.

He was Zeus, Scourge of Chronos and commander of an army that had, had to sacrifice everything and dramatically reduce their lifespans in a desperate attempt to usurp the callous overlords that had overthrown the rightful governments of Earth. He was the one who had brought victory at the cost of everything he held dear only to be reviled for making the hard choices that had been necessary. He was the one who had bet everything on a dream only to have it smashed in front of his face. And watched a man who had sat on the sidelines and paid nothing except for the loss of a father that he had allowed to be captured despite Agito's best efforts to prevent and remedy the situation. A favor for which he had never been repaid and had almost ruined everything.

And this woman just treated him like he was a big teddy bear or something. Him, the man who had arranged for his adoptive father to be executed and then stood by while said adoptive father and what was potentially his biggest pawn had fought it out with both apparently perishing. He who had allowed the last vestige of his former life to sacrifice herself for his sake. Shizu... It was strange the way you never really appreciated things until they were gone.

She'd been a much more plain girl then the woman now resting against him, and utterly loyal. He never had really understood why she felt a sense of obligation towards him. He had been glad she and her father had stayed with him after his parents had commited suicide. It had kept him from falling apart after that and his subsequent adoption by a ruthless madman who had himself ended up being a mere pawn in a mech larger game, and the recognition that society simply didn't care. As long as it wasn't in their little circle or shoved in their face the world could burn and be filled with injustice for all they cared. Stability and petty interests were valued above the bigger picture, and Chronos was able to become what it did thanks to that. And then there was Shizu who had sacrificed everything even though he would have never asked her to, for some reason he had never truly understood.

And now like Napoleon he had a second chance to change the world for better or worse.


Agito couldn't deny it was a pleasant sensation to carry the dosing Miss Longueville although he didn't particularly fancy this becoming a routine occurrence. He clearly wasn't thinking straight on this issue. He could have gently woke her up and walked her back, but there had been something about it all that had made him decide to gently pick her up and carry her instead.

As he approached the school he noticed a child standing there. While silhouetted against the lights of the academy the darkness still rendered it impossible to make out enough details to make a guess as to who it was or even what their gender might potentially be. Then his eyes picked out the silhouette of a well endowed woman who seemed to be talking to her. That led him to guess Tabitha and Kirche, although why they would be outside the gates at this hour was a mystery to him.

"Why can't I go to school too?" That was definitely not Kirche and didn't make sense to be spoken by Tabitha.

Agito moved yet closer and beheld a well endowed, naked, blue haired woman talking to Tabitha. Who sounded like a rather young child...


Author's Notes:

Well still no real new Louise interaction or general light interactions in this chapter. There's just not much worth really worthy of creating a scene for going on in that area during this time period, although there will be more soon. For the past two chapters most of the work has simply been developing who this man called Agito Makashima, and there isn't really that much going on in the background at the moment. That however is very much subject to change.