Title: Not an Other Fan Death

Written: Rasei

AN: I don't own Supernatural or related in any shape or form. This spawn from a review I made of Shiny Happy People by Morkhan. I suggest reading it as it one of the best crack stories on this site. The last lane is not based on any story out there. Also kudos to anybody who can tell where Dean and Sam alias come from. The names come from two different series.

AN2: This story was slightly edit on 1/8/2014

In a library at a random college a student was dead. This college was haunted which was why our favorite pair brothers came to investigate the death. The victim was laying died on the ground. There is cops surrounding her. Sam goes over to the cops near a sobbing girl to find out what they know.

The victim was in her early twenties, with dirty blond hair. Her face was blue ting, like she didn't have enough air when she dead. Also the grin on her face was scary, like she died from some Joker Laughing Gas.

Dean shook his head. He watched as the CSI guys start moving the body to take it to the lab. Sam came back over, frowning slightly.

"What did the vic died from, Sam?"

Sam replied, "Apparently the victim died from laughing to hard. There is a witness over that saw it all. Witness's name is Hailey Perkins and our vic's name is Rasei."

The brothers walked over to the witness. The witness was tanned skin, with brown hair and big brown eyes. Dean asked,

"Miss Perkins, right?"

The young woman nodded her head.

"I'm Daniel Jackson, FBI. This is my partner, Kyle Hyde. We wanted to ask a few questions. First of all did you know the victim?"

Perkins shook her head. "No, Agent Jackson." Her eyes start watering. Sam reach out and touch her shoulder.

"Miss Perkins, can tell us what happen?"

"Sure, sir. I was studying quietly at that table in corner when someone came in," she whispered, staring at where the body had been.

"Was it the victim?"

"Yes, Agent Jackson. Anyway she took out her laptop. It was quiet when all the sudden, the girl burst out laughing. I asked her what was so funny. She said 'I'm reading Shiny Happy People.'"

Dean laugh quietly. "Shiny Happy People? What is that? Some kind of porn?"

Perkins lets out a giggle. "That what I thought too. I ask what it was. Her reply was. 'It's the best Supernatural fanfiction I ever saw. It is pure crack and full with humor.'

Sam lets out a groan and thinks, 'Not another one.'

"Then she start reading again and I went back to study. About five minutes later, I hear this weird noise. I look over and see she turning blue in the face. I tried to save her but…" Perkins continues. The poor girl start getting tears in her eyes.

"I know it's hard but did you see anyone near her?"

"No, Agent Hyde."

"Miss Perkins, you can go now," said Dean, rubbing his face. She walked off taking out her cellphone. Sam sighed.

"So what do you think? Supernatural or not, Dean?" Dean shakes his head.

"Lets rule it death by fanfiction, Sam. I'm going to call Chuck tell him he lost another fan to fanfiction. Though I do want to see what is funny about this fanfic. Shiny Happy People sounds like it's funny."

Sam rub his face. "Dean, remember the last time you read a fanfiction story? You had nightmares for weeks after. No more fanfiction for you."

"That's only because that person had us having a foursome with Cas and Bobby." Dean shivers thinking about.

"Think about this, Dean. How did they know about Cas? Chuck never published any books about Cas." The horror appeared on Dean's face at Sam's words.