Title: Beautiful Mess
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya
Disclaimer: I own none of these characters!


NOTE: Based off the movie Pretty Woman, however, it will have MAJOR changes. And smut.

Heiwajima was a highly prized and important name not only in Japan, but around the world. Born into a rich family, Shizuo Heiwajima had always lived a life of privilege and prosperity, growing up to inherit his family's business as an investor of many sorts. Unfortunately, word within the business world swore Shizuo would never be as great as his father was, due to constantly mixing emotion with business.

Simply put, Shizuo was highly impatient and prone to getting angry, fast.

And that was exactly why, at nine-thirty-three pm, while visiting Shinjuku to try and strike a deal with another prominent man in the business world, Shizuo was seen briskly walking out of a dinner party without so much as saying one word to his potential business partner.

"Shizuo! Shizuo, you can't just leave-"

"I can, and I am," Shizuo replied gruffly, not breaking stride as he walked out of the meeting hall. Tom, Shizuo's right-hand-man, was right on his heels, protesting in relish.

"But Shiki-san isn't even here yet! You need this deal-"

"Too bad one of his business partners already pissed me off, huh?" Shizuo interrupted again, stopping on the edge of the curb and looking this way and that.

"I know you get irate easily, I really do. But this is a very wrong decision. Shiki-san is not a patient man, you know this!" Tom exclaimed, slapping his hands together as if he were praying, "Please don't go yet. Your limo is in the back of all the cars here anyway; you won't be able to leave!"

"Then give me your keys," Shizuo spoke promptly, turning to him and holding his hand out expectantly. Tom's jaw dropped.

"M- my car? Shizuo, do you even know how to drive? Do you know how to get back to the hotel?"

"Yes. Now give me your keys," Shizuo responded impatiently, flexing the fingers on his outstretched hand.


"I will fire you," Shizuo threatened, his eyebrow twitching violently. Tom gulped and gave in rather reluctantly, shoving his hand in his pocket and resurfacing it with a silver key. Shizuo snatched it from his hands, and started walking down the rows of cars, "Where is it?"

"Right there," Tom answered, sighing, "Please reconsider this."

Shizuo slipped into the leather interior, and felt the engine roar to life when he turned the key in the ignition.

"See you tomorrow, Tom-san," Shizuo bid farewell with a tight nod of his head, and then sped off into the night.

Izaya Orihara had a fairly normal childhood and was raised in a middle-class family. His life was dramatically changed, however, when he decided to cut off all ties with his family and run away with a wealthy man because he was 'in love.' That 'love' was cut short when the man got married, and Izaya, too ashamed to go crawling back home, tried to make it alone.

Despite the fact he was highly intelligent, it was a rough world, and no one wanted a kid with no money. Which was why Izaya had turned to prostitution. It was a dangerous game, but Izaya played it well, and after meeting good friends and establishing a life for himself, Izaya was slowly forgetting how to live any other way.

One of those good friends, though, was screaming for a punch in the face at the moment.

"Hey, hey, I needed that money!" Kida protested, arms up in defense and managing to look apologetic. Izaya's red eyes glared fiercely at him.

"Yeah, for drugs. Kida, you just spent our rent. I had to climb out a window so the landlord wouldn't ask me for it!" Izaya admonished, beyond irritated.

Kida rolled his eyes and ordered another drink. The bar was packed full, and bodies were brushing past them every four seconds.

"It's my apartment anyway," Kida replied, shrugging.

"Yeah, it's your apartment, but I need somewhere to live too," Izaya answered, sighing, "Just let me know when you want to steal my money, kay?"

"Chiiiiiiiill out," Kida said, waving his hand in the air until his drink was placed in front of him. He took a long sip, relishing in the taste, before turning back to Izaya and pointing a finger at him, "Just go make some money tonight. Pay the landlord tomorrow morning."

"You should be the one going out tonight," Izaya said in rebuttal, but Kida merely shook his head.

"No can do tonight. I have both drugs and alcohol in me, dude. I'm not that fucking stupid, there are sickos out there!" Kida exclaimed, taking another sip of his drink. Izaya's top lip curled disgustingly.

"Remember, this is on you if I can't get enough money tonight," Izaya hissed before fighting his way through the throng of bodies to make it to the exit.

The clean, fresh air when he got outside was heavenly, and he breathed it in greedily. Decked in his tightest black shirt and blue-jean shorts, Izaya had already been ready to make a round tonight. He just wished he didn't have the pressure of possibly not having a place to stay tomorrow if he didn't make the money.

'Stupid Kida,' Izaya thought, walking up the street toward the livelier side of town. It was already pretty late, most others had probably already claimed their spots on the sidewalk. That knowledge just annoyed Izaya more.

The sound of a car from behind him entered his ears.

Izaya glanced behind him cautiously. He was always weary of walking the streets alone at night. Like Kida had said, there were some 'fucking sickos.' And he was still a couple blocks away from the populated section of downtown.

He brushed his fingers over the knife in his pocket when he heard the car get closer and slow down.

Izaya turned when the car was parallel to him, and was momentarily shocked to see a shiny red corvette.

'What the hell is a fancy American car doing way out here?' Izaya couldn't help but think. He watched with rapidly growing curiosity as the window slowly rolled down.

Shizuo really didn't want to admit it, but he was one-hundred-percent lost.

How he managed to get from a bright, populated rich area to this deserted, dark part of town, well... he'd like to know that himself.

Whatever the answer was, it was pissing him off.

Irritated thoughts about the dinner party, the man who had pissed him off, and the constant reminder that his father would surely ridicule his brash move tonight slowly divested into an inner monologue of 'killkillkillkill.' Though this would cause alarm for the average person, it was a pretty common occurrence in Shizuo's mind.

He was tired; extremely so. And after driving for nearly two hours, he was ready to do anything just to be back in his penthouse suite and bundled up in silk sheets.

Stupid GPS system was completely useless to a man who was driven everywhere for most of his life. And Shizuo was never really good at technology anyway.

So, that left two options.

Either stop some place and risk getting mugged or stabbed (he really didn't have high hopes for this place) or stay in the car, ultimately having a quick way out should something go wrong, and ask that one guy up ahead for directions.

Option two it was, then.

Driving closer to the man was making Shizuo have second thoughts, however.

What kind of man would wear that little of clothing in public?

Shizuo was appalled by those tiny shorts, but told himself it didn't matter. A few questions and he'd be on his way.

Pressing on the break and rolling down the window, Shizuo bent down to be able to clearly see the man. One thing was for sure, he was a pale, skinny thing.

"Excuse me? Can you give me directions to the Park Hyatt in Ikebukuro?" Shizuo asked politely, despite his throbbing head. He watched as the man raised a brow, walking closer to the car.

"I can," Izaya answered, bending down and resting his elbows inside the window. Shizuo leaned back just a bit, uncomfortable with the closeness. Izaya's lip then curled up into a smile, "For a thousand yen."

Shizuo blinked. Then grit his teeth, silently cursing these bums on the streets while reaching for his wallet.

"Whatever," Shizuo growled unhappily, flipping his wallet open.

"Just went up to two-thousand," Izaya challenged, shrugging playfully when Shizuo paused and gave him a look of death, "How'd you get way out here anyway, salary man? Better watch it, this baby is going to get jumped."

Izaya patted the so-called 'baby' with his hand.

Shizuo ripped the money out of his wallet and shoved it into Izaya's chest.

"That's why I'm trying to get out of here," Shizuo reasoned, waiting for the man to have a proper hold on the money before snapping his hand back like he didn't want to touch such an offending creature, "Now give me the directions."

Izaya pocketed the money, still smirking, and not making a single move to back away from the car.

"Go up two blocks, take a right, go to the fourth light, take a left, then a sharp left-"

"Whoa, whoa," Shizuo interrupted, gripping the steering wheel and sighing exasperatingly, "Don't you... know street names, or something?"

There was no way Shizuo was going to remember all those directions.

"Only know the names of the streets I work on, babe. Want to know some of those?" Izaya asked slyly, staring at Shizuo expectantly.

Shizuo was trying hard not to gape, and was becoming increasingly more uncomfortable. In all his life, he had never been exposed to something like this. Wasn't prostitution illegal or something? It definitely wouldn't score points for classiness.

Izaya was trying very hard to hold in his laughter at the scandalized look on the blonde's face.

'Man, this guy needs to get out more,' Izaya couldn't help but think.

"... just, run those directions by me again," Shizuo finally said with a frown. Izaya was just a tad bit disappointed that his question was being ignored, but his facial expression didn't change.

"Uh uh uh," Izaya chided, waving a finger in the air and standing up straight, "Already tried to tell you and you rudely interrupted me! Good luck, mister!"

With that, Izaya gave him a small wave and started down the sidewalk.

Shizuo was left stumped once again, watching those pale legs strut down the sidewalk. When the fact he had just gave away two-thousand yen for absolutely nothing hit him in the face, however, Shizuo quickly put the car into gear and followed after him.

"Hey you little shit!" Shizuo yelled out the window. Somewhere deep inside, he understood that calling the person you wanted help from a little shit wasn't exactly the best way to go about things, but he had an anger problem, remember? "You can't just walk away like that!"

Izaya chuckled, folding his arms behind his back and tossing his head over his shoulder to watch the car trail after him.

"Oh, is the little rich boy used to getting his way?" Izaya taunted, loving the red flush that overtook the blonde's face. But really, even though this was entertaining, Izaya was still worried about being able to get enough money for the rent tomorrow. He knew the uptight bastard in this car was not interested in the least, so he just wanted to get up to the main district and look for a potential-

Wait a minute.

Izaya stopped in his tracks, swinging around and putting his hands on his hips.

"Tell you what. Twenty-five thousand yen, and I'll show you exactly where the Hyatt is," Izaya proposed.

"Twenty-fi..!" Shizuo exploded, stepping on the brake so hard that he lurched forward a little, "It was just two-thousand!"

"Twenty-five thousand yen or you can just wander the streets and get car-jacked," Izaya said like he really didn't care, when in fact, he was practically leaning forward on his tip-toes. Twenty-five-thousand yen. That was the exact amount for rent. If this guy was truly that directionally challenged, why shouldn't Izaya take advantage of it?

Shizuo was going to gnaw his teeth into sawdust if he continued to grind them like he was doing. Of all the people he could have possibly run into tonight, it had to be this guy.

"Fine. You know what, fine," Shizuo replied gruffily, throwing up his hands in defeat before reaching for his wallet again, "Twenty-five-thousand yen."

Really, it wasn't a big amount for Shizuo. But the situation alone made it difficult to hand over the money.

Izaya was beyond elated. That was a lot easier than he thought! And he didn't even have to sell his body for it! Though, he was a little curious about how a hot-tempered man like this guy would be in bed. Probably totally dominating. Now that was a major turn-on.

"Great," Izaya responded, surprising Shizuo by walking around the car and opening the passenger side door.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Shizuo yelled, instantly gripping Izaya's arm when he sat down. Izaya tensed from the man-handling, but managed a smile.

"I said I'd show you exactly where it was. And you are clearly not good with directions. So I'll come with you," Izaya explained, still, waiting, for Shizuo to let go of him before even thinking about making a move to shut the door.

Shizuo was not up for the idea. At all. In fact, he was already worried if Izaya was marking Tom's car with dirty shoes. The idea alone made him cringe.

But, once again, he was left with two options.

Either continue to roam these unfamiliar streets and hope to eventually find a place that seemed safe enough to stop at, or let this man show him exactly where it was, and be able to be curled up on his bed within the next hour.

… and once again, option two it was.

And if you are following the kink meme, I out myself here. Not in first-person POV oh GASP.

Anyway, so this is my next major project. Pretty Woman is an AMAZING movie that you should go watch RIGHT NOW if you have not seen it.