So ring! Ding! Dies the father king.

He swings upon a branch tangled and low at the end of a goblin's glow.

He swings.

Ring! Ring!

He was nervous. To be perfectly honest he had every right to be. Tonight marked an important time in his life. Tonight was his eleventh birthday, the night marking his growth into his powers as a fae. And tonight was also the night that his father, The Goblin King, the strongest, most cunning and ruthless and frightening of their kind, had decided to give him a job to celebrate his coming of age as a young fae.

He had sent him to the human world to hunt down a criminal even among his kind. The prey in question had a taste for small children, and as such it was necessary to dispose of him. His job here tonight was what his father would commonly call, a necessary evil. And thought he was nervous about killing for the first time, he knew that he would do it just the same. After all his father was watching out there somewhere in the inky darkness, measuring his worth as the future king.

Which was part of the reason that he was currently stumbling around singing the ancient lore of his race. He needed to distract himself some way or he just might run from this cold, damp, dark and smelly place screaming. And how much would that disappoint his father, hm? So he took a second or so to try and collect himself, not wanting to look weak or timid in front of his father and started to sing again.

Back in the mountains cold and black, the changeling is hatched.

He calls in dissonant chords full as mournful rings as ding.

In a ring the goblins sing, 'Ring! Ding! The Goblin King!'

He heard the faintest whisper of movement from about a hundred feet from where he was standing and stopped singing and cocked his head slightly to the side. His baser and darker instincts flaring to life with in him. Demanding that he make himself more noticeable, to entice his prey to him.

His heart thudded in his chest as he opened his mouth and started to sing again.

He ratains every scary part of fairy.

He keeps every unkind part of mankind.

His eyes, cold and silver, never close.

He has skin like the moon and a long strait nose.

He has fire and spiders-

He paused as he heard the heavy foot steps coming closer and smiled, a quick silver flash of his pearly white fangs, his mis matched dark blue and deep red eyes glowing eerily in the dark then started to sing again.

Inside of his hands.

They help him weave unspeakable plans.

His voice is a fugue full of sorrowful notes.

They float in dim rings.

Ding! The Goblin King!

His prey stopped several feet from him and looked at him curiously. Obviously wondering if tonight was his lucky night. Kakashi lifted his head a little bit and looked at the man, letting his prey fall under his thrall without speaking so much as a word.

The man-the pedophile, looked him over with more intrest than any mere man should have towards a child, causing Kakashi's blood to heat up in his veins as rage boiled in his blood. His stomach lurched dangerously and he had to remind himself to wait, just a few minutes longer to kill the man. If he acted too soon the prey would get away and hurt more children like himself.

Well, maybe not like himself, but close.

"Are you lost kid?" The pedophile asked kindly, but Kakashi could already smell the scent of arousal on him and he was reacting to it badly. His body becoming overly warm, the nerves in his body already tingling pleasantly. Damn his fae blood.

Kakashi figured that it would be in his best interest to hurry things along and kill the male before he let himself be ravished by him. Again, damn his fae blood. He looked at the man and gave him a shy smile meant to make the male drop his defenses. The man smiled back. "Yes. Will you help me find my way?" Kakashi asked innocently.

The man grinned at him-looking like a shark that was about to take a bite and Kakashi wondered how any child could fall for his traps, they were just so painfully obvious. Kakashi lifted his hand and reached for the guy, and the man bent down and started to grab him and pick him up, sealing his fate.

He struck hard and fast, slicing open the man's throat with his sharp claw like finger nails, splaying his dirty blood all over himself and the ground. He stood there covered in blood, staring down at the twitching body with a dispassionate look on his face as his father stepped out of the shadows and clapped his hands, Kakashi's head snapped around so that he was staring at the man as he walked over to him with a smile on his face.

"Good work, son. Very good work." Sakumo said as he stopped right in front of his blood soaked son and handed him a piece of linen to clean the blood from his face before it dried. Kakashi took the linen from his father and wiped at the deep red liquid staining his face.

"Thank you dad. What do we do next?" Kakashi asked wearily. Sakumo reached out and ran his knuckles across Kakashi's cheek, then threaded his fingers through his son's soft shoulder length silver hair.

"What do you want to do son?" Sakumo asked curiously and smiled a little bit when Kakashi rolled his eyes and slapped his hand away from him.

"There is a time and a place for your bad jokes father." Kakashi said in an irritated tone as he thought about the subtle invitation that he had just gotten from his father. Even if the man had only been joking, things like that, just weren't funny.

"Who said I was joking?" Sakumo asked curiously, wanting to know why Kakashi would turn down something that was normal to their kind.

"I did, cause it's not ever happening." Kakashi snapped as his father laughed.

"Very well son. Next we go to his latest victim and tell her that she's safe now-" Sakumo said as he the dead man's wallet out of his back pocket and flipped it open and pulled out a picture of a little girl with mid back length pale ash blond hair, wearing a violet purple shirt and faded denim pants. There was a man in the picture with her, a blond like her with a kind smile. Sakumo let out a low whistle as he looked at the photo.

If there was one thing that he could say for the dead man, he certainly had good taste in victims. The kid was hauntingly beautiful for a child. He wrinkled his nose and handed the picture to Kakashi to see what he thought. Kakashi looked at the photo for a second then frowned. "Is something wrong, Kashi?" Sakumo asked curiously as he stood back up to his full height.

Hell yes something was wrong. The child in the picture looked like she was no older than him, and he could already feel this weird nagging sensation in the back of his mind telling him that this girl wasn't normal or average. She looked like she was part Fae. She also looked like she was a fighter. "She looks..." Interesting would be an understatement since she looked like she was more than interesting.

"She looks like what, son?"

She looked...fascinating. And he suddenly couldn't wait to meet her in person.


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