Naru hadn't wanted to leave the safety of the crowd in the bar, but had been told that she was being silly by Haku. And so after several lengthy mental arguments with herself she decided to try and leave the bar without someone with her.

But not before she had cornered Sakura and Ino in the ladies room and gotten a can of pepper spray, a taser, and a cell phone from them just in case. Then she had gathered all of her presents into a large bag and then had said goodbye and stepped out into the darkness, hoping that she was merely imagining the sense of foreboading that had settled like led in her stomach.

But she had been wrong. Haku had been wrong too. There was someone following her to her car. She could sense the malicous intent rolling off of him in waves. The intense feeling was making her nausious enough to drop everything in her hand and double over and puke.

Leaving her defenseless and vulnerable to the attack that seemed to come out of nowhere.

Her attacker was a clever man. He'd been waiting for her to show a sign of weakness and like a shark scenting blood in crystaln waters, he'd found his opening and was now making use of it. Naru never had the chance to scream, or grab the borrowed self defense tools in her jacket pockets.

She never heard him move and didn't seem very aware of what was happening until she felt a large rough hand on the nape of her neck, shoving her head into the side of the red brick building she was standing next to once, twice-

Naru felt her head connect with the side of the wall and blinked back tears of pain as the rough stone scraped her forehead and her cheek. By the time her head connected with the wall a second time, her awareness was fading.

Flickering in and out in vivid images of the world tilting, then nothing at all but darkness and spots behind her eye lids.

It was horrible. He was horrible. But once her head connected with the wall that second time, there had been nothing that she could do. She was done for and in some foriegn part of her mind the knowledge of what would happen next pissed her off.


Kakashi was on his way to the bar where Naru worked when he stopped cold in his tracks, his entire being shifted and focused on the smell of a tainted soul just a little ways ahead of him. He sighed and tugged on his sweater sleeve nervously and looked around.

Of all the times when his work had to interfere with his life, it would be now when he was trying to do something important. Damn it all. Sometimes he hated his work as a death fae.

He sighed again and started walking, a strange sense of urgency driving him to walk faster. His mind practically screamed, Hurry, hurry, hurry! This way! This way! He heard the faint sound of what could only have been flesh and bone, hitting stone and started running. His long legs eating up the distance between himself and his target.

He saw a large bag laying on the ground ahead of him and paused long enough to look around. He didn't miss the little bit of blood on the stone above the bag, nor did he miss the puddle of vomit.

His mismatched eyes scanned the area anxiously and found a shoe and a scarf several feet away just at the end of an alley. He moved closer to the alley and was about to pick up one of the shoes when he heard the faint sound of fabric bring ripped and let a predatory smile curve his lips as he stepped into the alley and blended in with the shadows.

He found his prey hovering over the still figure of a young woman, alternating between tearing at her clothes and letting his hands roam over her body. Kakashi glared at the man's back and bit back the growl that was threatening to escape his throat.

Disgusting human filth. Kakashi thought as he stepped out of the shadows directly behind the man and reached out and hooked an arm around his prey's throat while putting a hand over his mouth and jerked him up off of his victim and into the darkness.

The human thrashed around in his grip and tried to scream, but Kakashi stopped him by crushing his throat with his arm then snapped his neck using a military style that his father had taught him, then let his body fall to the ground and stepped out of the shadows and stretched his arms over his head to work out some of the tenseness in his limbs before shifting his attention to the woman.

He knelt down next to her and shrugged off his jacket and laid it over her partially exposed body. He would have felt for a pulse, but he could plainly see the rise and fall of her chest under the dark fabric of his jacket. But that didn't mean that his work here was done.

He couldn't simply leave her in this filthy place unconscious. She may need medical attention.

He hadn't seen any blood on her body before he had covered it, so that meant that she must have a head wound. Unfortunately he couldn't see her head or her face very clearly due to her hair and the angle her head was turned. Reaching out he carefully brushed the soft ash blond strands away from her face as he used his other hand to carefully tilt her head so that he could see how hurt she was and froze in horror when he realised that the woman he had just saved was his bride to be.