Title: Uzumaki Chronicles: The Swirling Tides
Author: AkashXD
Last Edited: 31 May 2012
Rating: Mature

Chapter 20: Trouble is brewing!

Hokage Office | Konoha

Sarutobi Hiruzen was not a happy man.

While shameful for him to realize, it was an undeniable fact that all t. He really didn't know why he couldn't have had one decent student.

Jiraiya was, quite simply, an idiot. Sarutobi didn't blame him for being perverted as he himself was admittedly a closet pervert, so he really couldn't blame his student there. What he did know though was that Jiraiya didn't realize when he should put his vices aside and act responsible. There is a time and place for everything.

And then there was also the problem of him being too idealistic. Ever since the retarded old toad sage on Mount Myōbokuzan had fed the boy his bullshit about the prophecy child being trained by him, the pervert had been constantly roaming the lands to find someone like that. Only to get a Rinnegan wielder killed (or he was just making that story up), and his second student Minato was already dead.

'The Rinnegan would have surely been a valuable asset to Konoha. Why couldn't he bring those three children here? They'd have been safer in the village and would have helped boost our reputation and defenses. But because of his foolishness, we're deprived of such valuable assets for no reason… And even now he's after that prophecy? Doesn't he realize that Konoha is above stupid prophecies? His loyalty must lie with the village before anything else!'

Then there was Senju Tsunade. Words didn't even begin to describe Sarutobi's disappointment in her. Abandoning Konoha so that she can mourn the loss of two people by gambling and drinking?

'Well sue me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that seem like celebrating? Besides, doesn't she see that Konoha matters more than her stupid dead family? If Tsunade was in Minato's place, would she have allowed Kyūbi to be sealed in Nawaki? I know the answer would be no… stupid woman.

Tch… such a disappointment… She doesn't have what it takes to be a Hokage. I can't believe she's related to Hashirama and Tobirama sensei…'

The only student he was even remotely proud of was Orochimaru, but that pride was crushed too when the snake sannin had betrayed Konoha. Betraying Konoha was like stabbing a spiked pole up Sarutobi's stinky old wrinkly ass. He did not like it.

What irked him most was the fact that all three of them were giving him constant grief.

Jiraiya had some apparently important information, but he had no way of acquiring it right now. 'Curse him! Why did he have to go peeking right before delivering the information? And did that bitch have to beat him into a coma?'

Then Tsunade refused his order to return to the village before the chūnin exams. It was times like this that his 'kind old man' image worked against him. 'She probably thinks 'the spineless old idiot probably won't do anything if I don't return'. The deluded bitch needs to be reminded who her sensei is. Perhaps an interrogation session with Ibiki will take care of that.'

Of course, he won't order it directly. The council will be doing it 'behind his back', and when he finds out he will be furious, but there won't be anything he could do about it. He giggled.

Arranging ANBU teams to retrieve her without her consent was giving him another headache though. Regardless, she will be here soon. Expect her surprise when she encounters a wood user in the ANBU team. If nothing else, the hope of having a living relative will draw her in. Orochimaru's lab rat was such a nifty little thing sometimes, and skilled too!

He would have given his snaky student a pat on the back if he weren't a traitor.

His mood deflated though. Bad things were happening, and he would be more assured if one of his students was here. For all her vices, Tsunade was still stronger than any Jōnin he had. And a major political figure too, thanks to being Shodaime's granddaughter. Having her here would definitely help him greatly.

Of course, Sarutobi could beat her with his wrinkly old toe, so could Orochimaru, or Jiraiya, or any other respectable Kage level ninja. For all her boasting about being one of the strongest kunoichi alive, she was rather weak. Kushina wouldn't even need to try to win against her. All Tsunade had was some medic jutsu and that freakish strength, which was easily avoidable thanks to her sloppy moves… Sarutobi was disappointed.

As if all this wasn't enough, his third student was indirectly creating problems as well. He idly wondered where Orochimaru was or what he was doing, but put that aside to think about later.

Orochimaru's apprentice had gone missing for a day, and then came back. That wouldn't have been so bad, if he hadn't put those tracking seals on her, which had suspiciously stopped working during her disappearance. 'According to Anko she was just asleep from a hangover… but I know better.'

If that didn't scream spy he didn't know what would. Currently, he had an ANBU squad watch over her, as he did not like traitors. So he had instructed Yūgao and her squad to take care of her if she seemed even a little suspicious.

Putting aside his three students, there were still many things that worried him. For example, the problem with the genin teams not having any D-rank missions to perform thanks to the Uzumaki.

Speaking of the devil… Suddenly there was a knock at his door. Sarutobi sighed as he grunted the permission to enter.

He almost relaxed as he saw Kakashi Hatake and his genin team appear. But then he cringed as he thought he would have to tell them about the lack of missions, again. The conversation with team eight had already given him a headache. Not wanting to face it again, he quickly devised his strategy.

Kakashi bowed.

"Team seven reporting for mission assignment, Hokage-sama."

Sarutobi chuckled. "Ah, if it isn't my favorite team! I hope everything is well, Sasuke-kun, Ami-chan…?"

Sakura deflated as the Hokage was apparently not concerned about her wellbeing.

"Um… You too, Sakura-chan…" Sarutobi added as an afterthought. The civilian council member's daughter didn't really matter all that much to him. No skills, and only known loyalty towards her crush, Uchiha Sasuke.


Sakura swooned at the epic coolness of her crush, forgetting about everything else.

Ami on the other hand was nervous. She was now basically a spy in Konoha for Kasumi and her family, and she knew she would be executed if caught. But honestly, after what they had gone through, Ami didn't blame them for hoping to leave the village. She hoped they succeeded, and maybe one day she could join them.

Her disgust for the village had grown ever since she realized what they were really like. But still, she didn't want to actively go against Konoha without provocation. After all, she had her parents here, and Iruka-sensei, and… that was pretty much it.

Sure her parents never really cared for her. She didn't know why, but she had long since come to the conclusion that she was not their real child. Her mother and father both had brown hair while hers was black as the midnight, it just didn't work like that…

She just wondered sometimes what happened to her real parents. But she didn't dare ask anyone. The Hokage knew, and from what she could tell, he didn't want her to know. Her respect for the man had crashed ever since Kasumi exposed his true nature anyway…

That man… didn't he see that a brick wall wasn't 'Konoha', but it was the people within? And they were rotting and disgusting?

His ignorant leadership had let them become too arrogant and self-righteous. And by now they were too far gone to be saved or changed. She just hoped she could get away from this filth before she becomes like them. She shuddered at the thought. God, she hoped Kasumi or her siblings kill her before that happens!

Breaking from her thoughts, she realized that the Hokage was still expecting an answer from her.

"I'm fine Hokage-sama, thank you for your concern." she replied politely.

Hokage's eyes shined in amusement. The girl had no idea who she was, or from where. She honestly believed herself to be the daughter of two civilians from Konoha, but then again, she had no reason to doubt it, did she? She would have died if it wasn't for him anyway.

"That's good to hear my dear, now since you are all such capable individuals…" he gave them an approving nod.

Sasuke puffed out his chest as he heard this. See, even the Hokage admitted he was elite.

Sakura's eyes changed into hearts as she looked at her Sasuke-sama - lord of the universe, while Ami rolled her eyes. Sure Sasuke had a nice face and was famous, but he was an asshole with a duck-ass hairstyle and infinite arrogance, so she had no interest in him. Plus, Kasumi's brother was better in both looks and attitude, from what the redhead told her anyway.

"… I am assigning you to take a C-ranked mission!"

As soon as those words had left the Sandaime's mouth, Kakashi dropped his porn, Ami's eyes widened, and Sasuke smirked. Sakura, well, she looked scared.

Maybe if she had an idiot for a teammate that she can bully to make herself feel stronger than she actually was, she wouldn't have been so scared. But as it was right now, she knew she was really, really weak. The weakest of her class maybe, if the book smarts were to be ignored.

And she wasn't really all that smart either, she just had nothing to do in her life except swooning over Sasuke, belittling others and memorizing books. If a stone block had spent that much time with the books, it would have probably aced the academy as well. Her academy teachers often told her she had great chakra control, but that was to be expected thanks to her pathetically small reserves.

Kakashi picked up his porn again, and resumed reading with a shrug.

'Oh well, I guess I will have to actually start teaching them then…

Nah, too much work. Not like they will die as long as I'm with them.'

Then the Hokage signaled his secretary to send the client in.

A drunken looking old man with gray hair and a beard entered the room, drawing attention of the genin team towards him.

The Hokage smiled. "Team Seven, your mission is to guard Tazuna-san here from any dangers until his bridge in Nami no Kuni is completed."

Kakashi gave the client a once over, noticing the slight hint of fear in his eyes but not really paying it much thought, he nodded as he accepted the mission.

Tazuna looked the kids stunned, before turning around to face the Hokage. "Y-you can't be serious! You are sending kids to protect me? They will probably die!" Tazuna yelled with disbelief.

He was afraid that whoever Gatō will send after him will surely get through these kids, and that will be the end of him!

The Hokage laughed good naturedly at the client. Most people who were afraid of bandits and the like killing them had similar responses on getting a genin team as body guards, but it was only normal for them to be scared.

After some grumbling and convincing Tazuna that Kakashi was an elite ninja, they departed, to Nami no Kuni…

Poor Tazuna reluctantly agreed, hoping against hope that they all survive while team seven was blissfully unaware of the trouble they just walked in.

Tazuna was nervous. When he had applied for ninja protection from the leaf village, he had been expecting a squad of fully grown ninjas for his fifty thousand ryō!

But apparently, hiring ninja was quite expensive, and his payment only qualified for a C-rank mission, which was given to these… kids.

He was hoping for the super ninja guardians he got to take pity on him and just ignore his little lie about there being only bandits and such after him, not a business tycoon. But now, he felt pity for endangering the life of such young children…

As the group kept walking in silence (except Sakura, who was fawning over her Sasuke-kun), no one except Kakashi noticed the misplaced puddle on the road.

Just as they had crossed it, two shadowy figured burst out from the puddle and sounds of sharp rattling chains filled the air.

Kakashi was shredded before he even had the chance to blink, much to the horror of everyone else. Except Sasuke, he didn't really care, as one of the elite Uchiha he was sure he will get a better sensei as a replacement.

Deciding to collect all the glory to himself, and test his strength, Sasuke charged head first towards the two chūnin level opponents, expecting to defy all logic and win.

Of course, the exact opposite happened.

Before Sasuke even had time to realize what had gone wrong, he was wrapped up in chains that deeply sunk into his elite flesh and pierced his elite skin.

A girly scream was released from his throat as he received his first combat injury. Sure he had faced Tsukuyomi before, but he had just watched his clan being slaughtered, and the pain, while great, was purely emotional.

Ami cursed at her team mate's stupidity, but she wasn't going to risk her life and mission to save that arrogant asshole. And even if she did charge ahead, she was a freshly graduated genin, there was no way she could win against two chūnin level opponents, as they had already demonstrated from their speed!

That was when her eyes fell upon the broken pieces of a log where Kakashi's body was supposed to be. 'So much for ''those who abandon their team are worse than trash''… Fucking hypocrite…'

Kakashi's lone eye widened as he finally realized Sasuke might die, he cursed himself. He won't be able to get him out of there in time!

Sakura… Well she did the only thing she was good at. She screeched. "Sasuke-kun!"

The demon brothers screamed as their ears bled, and their hold on the chain slackened.

Kakashi, by now used to Sakura's screeching (and half deaf) used the moment to his advantage and freed Sasuke from the demon brother's hold.

"That's quite enough!" He declared, sure that his mere presence was enough to subdue the two chūnin.

The demon brothers were not to be deterred though. They threw their spiked chain towards Sasuke. Gōzu then ran towards Ami while Meizu charged at Sakura, intent on taking at least one of them out before the Jōnin could interfere.

Kakashi was taken by surprise as he expected them to either retreat and give him the advantage or attack him foolishly, but immediately rushed towards Sakura. Knowing how completely useless she was, she won't be able to hold her own against one of them even for a moment.

Poor Meizu never stood a chance against the elite Jōnin, and his back was pierced before he even knew it. Sakura fainted as blood was splattered on her face.

Gōzu screamed in anguish at seeing his younger brother die at the hands of Konoha scum. His accuracy fell, and Ami was able to parry his wild swipes.

Kakashi intervened before it was too late, and after a brief skirmish with the chūnin, he was able to decapitate the black clad figure, never noticing the extremely fine scratch he received on his hand from his opponent's poisoned claw. It wasn't enough to draw blood, but a very tiny amount of poison flowed in him now.

Tazuna stood paralyzed in fear as Kakashi growled. "Is there something you forgot to tell us, Tazuna-san?"

Normally Kakashi was a very laid back assassin, but since one his students, Uchiha Sasuke, had been injured, he was on the end of his patience. It didn't help that he felt he owed it to Obito to help his clan's last survivor.

Tazuna gulped as he started babbling everything he knew.

Despite knowing better, they had continued with the mission. Kakashi just knew this was a big mistake…

Sasuke was too arrogant to realize how close a brush with death he just had. He was lucky that the chains weren't coated with poison, and Kakashi knew a minor medical jutsu to heal his wounds. Not completely, but enough to stop the major wounds from bleeding.

Sakura would always follow her 'one true love'. So there was no use even asking her.

Ami held some sympathy for Tazuna and his family for going through all they had. His sob story had touched her somehow, so she reluctantly agreed with her team mates.

Kakashi, though alarmed with how close his student had come to death, knew it was only because he had been a tad careless. There weren't many ninja out there who could best the copy ninja Kakashi. And once they got to the wave country he could properly tend to Sasuke's wounds.

The only ones capable of fighting on his level were the Kages, S-rank nin, the seven swordsmen, ANBU captains, and the best jōnin of each major village.

There was no way Gatō was able to hire one of those to kill a bridge builder. The assassination mission of a commoner classified as B-rank, which meant chūnin level teams would be dispatched for it. Hopefully, Gatō will never realize just how powerful Hatake Kakashi was, and thus waste his resources.

Then as soon as their mission was over, he and his team would be back in Konoha. Oh, that sounded so nice right now…

He was feeling slightly dizzy…

After taking a boat, team seven and Tazuna were very close to approaching Nami no Kuni, that's when everything went wrong.

"Get down!"

If they had lagged even a moment, the giant sword that came flying would have slice right through them.

The sword lodged itself into a tree right behind them, and a man who wore bandages and had a slashed mist hitai-ate landed on the sword's hilt.

Zabuza grunted as he recognized his opponent. "Copy ninja Hatake Kakashi. No wonder the Demon brother's lost…"

Kakashi immediately stiffened. He just had to think nothing could go wrong! Damn it…

Zabuza's eyes swept through their group. There was his target, a pretty raven haired girl, a not so pretty pink haired girl, an arrogant looking duck-ass boy, and a strong cyclopean opponent. 'Hm… who should I go for first?'

Now, Zabuza had a very naughty habit. A habit that had nearly gotten his balls melted in lava, literally, when he was a shinobi of Kiri. He liked to taunt pretty girls and scare them by making them think he was going to brutally rape them. Of course, he never actually did it, but their expressions were hilarious!

Yep, his left testicle still suffered from trauma after being nearly introduced to Mei's lava globs. He shuddered. That bitch was only thirteen at the time, and had him screaming like a little girl. He was glad he became a missing-nin.

But still, he didn't want his right testicle (the only one that worked like it should) to be frozen by his apprentice. So he somehow refrained from making stupid crude jokes.

Thus, team seven got no warning except his moving hands and murmuring. He raised his right hand high in the air, and formed a hand seal with the left.

"Kirigakure no Jutsu!"

Kakashi cursed again as he raised his headband to reveal his sharingan eye.

"I-I can't see anything…" Sakura fearfully murmured.

"That's what the technique was for you idiot!" Ami hissed.

Before Sakura could yell back, Zabuza's killing intent flooded the area, thick as the mist they were in.

Sasuke was shaking like a leaf from the intense feeling of dread that overwhelmed him, his blood loss from the previous skirmish was taking its toll. Ami's eyes darted from side to side in alarm as her heart pounded in her chest. Sakura just stood there, too scared to do anything.

Zabuza discreetly created two water clones, and sent one in the center of the genin formation.

"Hello kiddies…"

The genin's blood ran cold as they felt the presence behind them.

But before he could chop them all off, Kakashi's water clone appeared in front of him and dispatched him, who was in turn sliced in half by Zabuza's second water clone from behind, making it dissolve into a puddle of water.

Believing the one who killed his water clone to be the real Zabuza, Kakashi held his kunai over the clone's neck. By the time he realized his mistake, it was too late…

"Shit!" Kakashi wheezed as a powerful kick sent him flying.

In blind panic, it was only luck through which he was able to parry Zabuza's sword with his kunai, but the force was enough to send him staggering back a few feet.

Before the jōnin could regain his bearings, Zabuza was already in the middle of hand seals. Kakashi's eyes widened as he realized the seals Zabuza was going through.

He appeared in front his scared team with a shushin no jutsu, intent on protecting them from the attack, and started going through his own hand seals.

A giant water dragon shot out from the lake. "Suiton: Suiryūdan no Jutsu!"(Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique)

If Kakashi hadn't been slowed down by the poison and his wounds, he would never have let Zabuza finish the forty four hand seals required for the rather powerful jutsu. But as it was now, he had to counter the attack.

The giant dragon roared at the small group, scaring the living hell out of them, and charged towards the team.

Kakashi's mind was in a whirl. The adrenaline rush and increased blood flow had spread the poison in his bloodstream far faster than normal. It was a wonder he was still standing.

There was no way any of the genin could counter a jutsu that powerful, nor could they dodge out of the rather wide area of damage it was sure to have.

Ami didn't know any impressive ninjutsu, and she sure as hell knew weapons or taijutsu were not going to work on that huge ass dragon. Sakura? Well, she was standing there looking scared.

Sasuke finally snapped out of his fear induced stupor. "Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu!" [Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique]

A medium sized ball of flames shot out from Sasuke's mouth and impacted the water dragon, evaporating a part of it and thickening Zabuza's already thick mist. But that did nothing to hinder its progress, just slightly decreased its size. Nevertheless, it was still powerful enough to snap all of them like twigs.

Even as his body protested, Kakashi looked defiantly into the water dragon's eyes as his hands slammed into the ground, channeling most of his remaining chakra into it. "Doton: Doryūheki!" (Earth Release: Earth Style Wall)

Zabuza watched without any hint of surprise as his water dragon impacted the wall that had formed out of the ground in front of the little group. He already knew it won't be easy to take out the copy ninja.

But so far he had been somewhat disappointed. Kakashi's moves were sluggish, the kind which only belong to rookie jōnin, not legendaries like Hatake. 'Oh well, I guess the bingo book exaggerated about his capabilities, won't be the first time a bingo book entry's been wrong.'

Meanwhile, Kakashi used this little time to order his client Tazuna to move away from them so as not to get him caught in crossfire. Now physically and spiritually exhausted from both the poison and his fight, he was close to fainting.

He never sensed the axe kick from Zabuza that sent his face crashing into the ground, dust flew up from the ground as Kakashi's bloody face impacted it.

"Sensei!" Sakura screamed in terror.

Sasuke and Ami looked fearful and somber, but prepared to defend themselves. They couldn't believe their jōnin sensei was defeated, and now they had to fight this monster of a man, alone.

Zabuza winced at the pink haired girl's volume and backhanded her for being an annoyance. Sakura went flying before she fainted as her head hit a tree with a loud 'wham', the genin and Tazuna winced at the sickening crack. She gave one last bloodcurdling screech before succumbing to unconsciousness.

Zabuza paid her no mind as he progressed towards the remnants who were still standing. He decided to deal with the one that damaged him most later, personally. She did make him bleed (from his ears), something the copy ninja failed at doing.

He watched as the two remaining genin prepared to defend from him, and scoffed. "How foolish, you think you can escape from me? You are nothing but kids playing 'ninja'.

I was the one who fought the Yondaime Mizukage and lived, the person who had full control of his bijū, something only legends have achieved!"

He paused. What the hell, was he boasting about his great achievements in front of two kids? He shook his head. Sometimes he had to question himself if Sanbi's mist illusions had actually affected his sanity.

Then he remembered he didn't have sanity, so he was okay. "Suiton: Hahonryū!" (Water Release: Tearing Torrent)

Water flew in from the nearby lake into Zabuza's hand. Before anyone could react, Zabuza swung his arm out towards the group, sending the giant vortex of water crashing into them.

With no way to defend themselves from such a powerful ninjutsu, they were painfully thrown back from the great impact of water.

Zabuza walked towards the black haired girl, as he was closer to her. Standing upon her menacingly he chuckled without humor in his voice.

"I would say I'm sorry I have to kill you, but I have too much blood on my hands to feel sorry anymore. I'll make sure you are reunited with your team in the afterlife though." He grinned at the fear evident on her face. He loved making people afraid! Especially pretty girls, their scared faces always turned him on (and sometimes cost him a testicle or two).

Bringing up his sword, he made a downward slash at the downed girl. The sound of a sword moving was followed by a scream.

Uzumaki Compound | Konoha

Kushina Uzumaki was happy. She never had all that many goals in her life. All she ever wanted was to have a loving husband and a happy family (and they all live happily ever after!). She would have done anything for that dream. But until Naruto came into her life, it all seemed impossible.

Her son… he had brought her all that she ever wanted. Even the daughter she had once lost, his elder sister! And he was a wonderful, wonderful lover… 'Mhm… Yes, he is…'

Sighing happily, she wished he was her first, but that wasn't possible, how sad. Still, this was good enough. The only thing she wanted now was for her family to live together happily from now until forever…

She sighed dreamily at the thought. Oh what she wouldn't do for that to come true!

But for them to live happily they first had to get out of this village, and then collect loads and loads of money and allies. And then they would create a new hidden village for their clan over Uzushiogakure's ruins. And then Kasumi, Natsumi, Nina, Hitomi and herself will marry Naruto and will have lots and lots of kids!

Lots and lots and lots of kids! She squealed in delight.

"Kaa-chan, stop day dreaming…"

Kushina snapped her head towards the voice, angry that someone had dared to interrupt her perfect dream. But her eyes softened as she realized it was just her daughter. "Oh, sorry musume, I spaced out for a bit there…" she chuckled at her daughter, who shrugged. Ever since Naruto had come back, their days had kept getting better and better. And the nights were even more enjoyable…

Kasumi bit her lip as she thought about her time with Naruto. Still, in the back of her mind she couldn't help but think things won't always be like this. That thought scared her.

Kushina adopted a confused expression on her face before her shoulders sagged in defeat. "So… what were we talking about before I started fantasizing?"

Kasumi sighed happily as the thoughts of her brother ravaging her assaulted her mind, spacing out of the conversation temporarily.

Natsumi pouted. "Am I the only one who doesn't know what exactly you two are talking about?"

Kushina and Kasumi giggled with a blush on their cheeks. Natsumi had no idea what she was missing.

"One day, you will know exactly what we're talking about, Onee-chan!" Kasumi winked with a smirk on her face.

Natsumi blushed as she realized what they were implying. 'Don't they ever think about anything else?'

"Anyway," Kushina interrupted, getting the sisters' attention. "I think I was going to help Naruto and Nina out in the library with organizing all the new techniques that we have saved from Konoha."

Seeing their confused looks, she gave them a triumphant grin.

"Since all the scrolls of the Uchiha clan belong to Itachi, who is next in line of being the clan head, as his mother, Mikoto supposedly has certain freedoms. Besides, she said she will somehow make Itachi join us, so leaving all those scrolls here is a waste, right?"

All three of them smiled deviously at her. The Uchiha had probably copied a lot of ninjutsu, taijutsu, kenjutsu and anything that they could with the help of their eyes.

They were right. The Uchiha archives had started from the clan wars, and have been constantly updated till the Uchiha massacre.

There were thousands of techniques, from E-rank to S-rank in those scrolls, ranging from one to clean your nose, to one to clean a town. While most of those techniques couldn't be performed by most Uchiha due to not having the required affinity or chakra reserves, they had still copied all they saw for the future generations.

Obviously, moving so many scrolls was a pain, and none of them wanted to appear suspicious by being sighted taking scrolls from the Uchiha compound. So Kushina had just given Mikoto a master scroll with a modified reverse summoning seal placed on it. As soon as Mikoto was done sealing the entire Uchiha library into the scroll, she will simply channel some chakra and poof, the scroll will appear back directly in the Uzumaki library, where the destination seal was placed.

All that would need to be done after that was to organize those scrolls properly.

Sure they would have to move from here in a few months, but they will have plenty of time to pack everything properly by then, so it wouldn't matter really.

"Oh, also… I was going to see if I can give Nina a little 'push' in the right direction, if you know what I mean." Kushina giggled perversely.

Kasumi grinned at her mother. "…Sure, Kaa-chan. Would you need any help?"

Kushina's eyes widened before she hastily nodded.

"Yeah that's right, but not with Naruto. I can't believe I forgot this, I want you both to go look at the security barrier of this compound and study its structure. Then I want both of you to come up with seals and ideas of your specific sealing specialties and show them to me when you're done.

Keep in mind I want the ideas for two versions. A big one for the village of Uzushiogakure, and a smaller one for our compound there."

She grimaced. Currently, she was working on creating a barrier far advanced than any she had ever designed before for their village in Uzushiogakure. But she wasn't sure they could do it.

The previous barrier was a stuff of legends. Something not even all bijū together could hope to bypass.

Yet, it fell.

She had to do better than what had been done by hundreds of seal masters from multiple generations. It seemed impossible.

The most frightening thought that haunted her though, was how that barrier had been bypassed was still unknown. How could she prepare for something she didn't even know?

Which was why she was taking any help she could get, no matter how insignificant.

Tossing a scroll to them, she fixed them with a hard look.

"In that scroll is my current plan for both type of barriers, as well as some of the secret workings behind Kekkei Fūinjutsu. Go through it carefully, and no matter what, don't lose it."

Natsumi and Kasumi gave identical nods to their mother as they left to fulfill their tasks.

Library | Uzumaki Compound

Naruto was entranced. Ever since the master scroll had arrived he had been all giddy as he skidded through techniques.

No matter how many he had, Naruto always craved more ninjutsu, especially the ones that caused mass destruction. And there were literally more than a hundred thousand techniques that he and Nina were sorting through and adding to the Uzumaki archives.

Sure it was a bit unfair, but except for Mikoto, all the other Uchiha were too arrogant to be called friends. Except Itachi maybe, Mikoto-chan said he was a cute baby, but Naruto had yet to see. As it was, with Mikoto joining the Uzumaki clan, the Uchiha clan was no more.

He didn't tell Mikoto, but he knew Sasuke was most definitely not going to be with them. With his current attitude, he would be lucky if Naruto didn't kill him. He grinned as a cruel glint entered his eye, oh he would enjoy taking Sasuke down a peg or two whenever possible. 'I don't care if he is Mikoto-san's son. The bastard dared to call my sister his bitch?'

He chuckled. Getting back to work, he skidded to a halt as his eyes fell upon particularly interesting little scroll. 'How to make yourself as awesome at taijutsu as me / By Uchiha Izuna'

Right by its side was another scroll that almost made him burst out in laughter. 'My personal notes on how to kick Madara's ass (and the pole in it) / By Uchiha Izuna'

He raised a blond eyebrow. Huh. Who knew Madara's brother was a taijutsu genius? And those notes will definitely help a bit, though they were really outdated right now, so he knew they won't help that much. Madara was by now probably leagues ahead of what he used to be during Izuna's time.

'Naru-kun, I think you should go through that scroll carefully. Madara and Izuna were equally talented and hailed as prodigy's that appear only once every few generations.' Hitomi's voice quipped in his head. She always supplied him with interesting things, so he listened.

'Madara was Hashirama Senju's equal in every sense of the word, and trust me when I say this, I have seen Hashirama Senju fight through various dead Uchiha's memories before I was sealed, and your biological father had nothing on him… Him being the strongest Hokage is a mere delusion.

Sure he could teleport anywhere his kunai was instantly, but I don't think any of his kunai would have made it near Hashirama with all his trees and vines there to take them away before the Yondaime could even throw them.

Through the generations people have forgotten just how fearsome people like Hashirama and Madara could be at full strength. I dare say Madara can fling you around like a rag doll if he wanted to right now. But hopefully by the time he notices you, you will be strong enough.

The only reason Izuna is dead is because he never expected to be attacked by his own brother…

I want you to study Izuna's style, but don't completely copy it! Madara will be too familiar with it for it to be effective against someone like him…

Combine Izuna's style with Ryū-ken that the dragon lady taught you as well as my personal style, and you will have a formidable taijutsu style at your disposal…' Hitomi finished with an approving nod at her own plan.

Naruto shrugged. Well, his taijutsu did need some work, so why not? 'Alright Kyū-chan, I'll do as you say…'

He felt the foxy demoness smile approvingly from his mindscape, in turn causing him to smile, they were slowly growing closer and closer to each other.

As time went by, more and more of her soul was being absorbed into his, making him stronger and more demonic, while weakening her at the same time. By all rights, Hitomi should hate him for this, but she in turn only helped and encouraged him.

His resolve to find a way to get rid of the seal never wavered though. Hitomi was as important to him as his mother and sister now. Well she had been like a mother when he was away from Kushina for about four years…

"Naruto-kun, I think you should take a look at this…"

Snapping out of his musings, his eyes fell upon Nina, who held a small black scroll in her hand.

Walking behind her, he looked over her shoulder to see what she was talking about. His breath got caught in his throat as his eyes widened more and more with each word he read. "T-this is… how in the hell did they… How could they do this?"

Inside Naruto, Hitomi was equally shocked, unable to believe the Uchiha had those weapons in their possession. She was speechless at how they had acquired them. It was unbelievable what some people wouldn't do for more power. And they call her a monster…

Nina bit her lower lip as she nervously looked back at his angry face. His lenses had deactivated due to his aggression and his dōjutsu was flaring, making him all the more intimidating.

She had never come across someone more powerful than her for quite a few years now. Kushina was maybe her equal, and might defeat her with some luck. But right now she felt as if she was truly and completely outclassed… the feeling was the same as when her mother had started training her when she was just four.

Oddly enough, it excited her, but she pushed that thought aside. Though she knew that it was just raw power and potential Naruto outclassed her in, with her experience she was still a better warrior than him. But still, she also knew it won't stay that way for long.

Her voice wavered as raw fear ran through her. "I don't know Naruto-kun… Please calm down…"

Naruto looked at her in anger, causing her to flinch back.

'Naru-kun, calm down. She didn't do anything to you. You shouldn't take your anger out on her. Though I never expected the Uchiha to do such a thing…'

Naruto sighed, knowing she was right. Though, she didn't really have the right to say that as she did go on a rampage when she got pissed.

He gave her an apologetic smile. "Sorry for that, I was just too surprised at the revelation… It just came so unexpected that-

Never mind, that's no excuse. I shouldn't have snapped at you." He admitted gently as he snaked his arms around Nina's waist.

Naruto's yōki flared briefly. No one but Hitomi noticed.

Nina grinned as she closed her eyes, feeling oddly comfortable all of a sudden. "That's okay, I don't mind… But you are a little too young for me, don't you think?"

Naruto pouted, but then chuckled. "I didn't know you were into old men?"

Nina huffed, but she guessed she called for it. "It's not that I like old men, but you were just eight when we first met, and I was like eighty…

I mean, I admit you are a fine young man that many… most women would kill for… But I don't want to give myself to you without knowing what you really feel for me.

Is it just the need of pure blooded Uzumaki offspring you feel, is it pity, is it lust, is it Lo-… Love?" her throat went dry in anticipation at the end, but she didn't get her hopes high.

Naruto hummed in thought for a while, rubbing her toned belly unconsciously. Nina squirmed around in his grasp as his slightly rough hands slid under her loose shirt, and started rubbing her bare belly. A tint of pink appeared on her cheeks.

After a while, he had gathered his thoughts. "I have to admit, when the first time I met you, I was impressed with your strength, nothing more. Then as we traveled together, you were so cold and distant… I didn't really like you much, but thought you were okay. To me, at first you seemed just like an ideal Hyūga, kinda stuck up…"

Nina's lips trembled as her eyes watered up. Just when she was finally starting to develop feelings for someone after years and years of being closed up… This is what she gets? What did she do to deserve this rejection?

Naruto held her tighter to himself and sighed as he felt her stiffen, almost ready to fight back against his touch.

"Relax Nina-chan. Let me finish… That was before I came back." He whispered soothingly into her ear.

She would have melted right there if she wasn't so angry right now.

Seeing danger in delaying his explanation, Naruto continued. "After I returned though, my feelings for you started to change. When I saw you training Natsumi to the best of your ability, I knew I was wrong with comparing you to a Hyūga. They wouldn't be so helpful, or fuss over a girl getting hurt after the training.

But the more I saw you, the more I noticed how much you cared about us. I know it's because you don't have anyone else you can relate to, but that doesn't change the fact that you care so much about my family, and through the years…

You don't realize this Nina-chan, but you are by now an irremovable part of our family. We all care about you a lot as well. To Kaa-chan you are like a best friend, and to my sisters you are an Onee-chan they can look up to. And for me, well…

Let's not forget that if it weren't for you, we would never have had the chance to bring Natsu-chan back. We all owe you… You're like a guardian protector of our family, we all love you, and you love us back. And you're probably stronger than Kaa-chan… "

Nina sniffed as she shook her head. She was slightly moved by his honesty to her.

"Sorry to burst your bubble, but I don't think so… Your mother is a rare genius, I can't absorb techniques like a sponge like she can. I'm strong, I'll admit, and I can smack weaklings like Tsunade around without trouble, but you can't compare me to your mother, or any other SS-rank shinobi, like Madara.

Yes I know your mother only has S-rank, but she is as strong as Yondaime was, but since she mostly works undercover and hides her true skills, not many know…

Besides, Kushi-chan is still developing, and once she realizes her true potential, I won't be able to hold my own against her for long."

Instead of looking envious at her junior's progress, she smiled.

Naruto chuckled lightly as he rested his chin on her shoulder.

"Alright, geez, don't worry though, you're still pretty damn strong! And I respect you for that too… I think you are a beautiful girl Nina, and deserve someone to love you. I can fill in that role, if you allow me to, of course."

He smiled coyly at the end.

Nina felt shivers run through her as his hand brushed against the lower part of her breasts.

She sighed in happiness as she let his hands roam on her body, sparks flying in and out of her vision at his touch. This was the first time she had let a man touch her outside of a spar (in which most men seemed to lose the ability to reproduce), and it felt… good.

Feeling him hesitate a bit, she put her soft hands over his and guided them to where they wanted to go.

She moaned throatily as she felt him squeeze her breast with left hand, his right hand slid down lower, and lower…

He froze as he heard Hitomi's voice.

'You're influencing her decisions Naruto-kun…'

Naruto's eyes narrowed as he growled.

'What are you talking about? We had a perfectly normal conversation and she's not protesting!'

'I-I didn't mean to offend you, please listen…

You are unconsciously using a demonic technique, 'Lure' - can't you feel your yōki flickering every few seconds? It makes everyone within its range feel attracted towards you…

I don't want this to mess up your relationship with anyone. Who knows what she might think when you're done.

Oh I know, what if she thinks you trapped her in a genjutsu and raped her? You remember what she does to rapists, right?' Hitomi reminded him sweetly.

Naruto paled as he quickly reined his yōki in, stopping the technique that had unknowingly been influencing Nina, but she never noticed.

She still had his hands all over her and was purring in delight with every little squeeze he gave.

Naruto smirked. 'See? It wasn't the technique that made her do anything! Hehe…'

Hitomi rolled her eyes. 'Yeah well, it probably only increased her attraction to you for a while, making her more confident in her feelings for you, so I guess it's okay…'

She pouted though. Now there were going to be four people who were getting a taste of her mate before her.

Nina grinded herself against him as she felt him poke into her from behind.

Naruto smirked at her action, and gave her a long lick from her shoulder to collarbone. The lavender eyed girl's breath got caught in her throat as fireworks seemed to cloud her vision. She leaned into his touch, surrendering herself to him.

She felt his fingers linger over her abdominal area, teasing her, but never directly touching, ,uch to her frustration.

Naruto inhaled deeply, and decided that he liked the peach scent Nina seemed to radiate. While he loved how Kasumi and Kushina both smelled like strawberries, a little change was always nice.

His mind wandered for a moment, it was rather interesting actually, the flowers of the peach fruit were lavender in color, like her eyes, while the fruit itself was red like her hair. Oh, her skin tone matched the inside of the fruit. He chuckled as gave her a love bite on the neck.

Nina felt her whole body heat up on response to his advances. The odd excitement that his display of power had made her go through combined with the fear of his rejection and anticipation had all left her in a mess.

Lemon Warning

Nina breathed heavily as she felt the sharp pointed claws roam over her body. 'So this is the demonic mutation he goes through while using yōki… feels wild… not bad actually… I hope he's careful with those though, they can easily slice through me!'

She didn't protest as she felt him using his claws to tear her shirt apart, trailing kisses on her smooth, pale back. Her heart thumped at each kiss. She felt like a sixteen year old virgin on her first date! 'Well, I am a virgin. And I've never had any conversation like this with a boy before, so this can count as a date… I think. But I'm definitely not sixteen!'

She felt slightly embarrassed as she felt his claw go through the strap of her bra, making it fall to the ground. Having never been completely naked in front of a man, she felt embarrassed and vulnerable…

Her mind blanked for a moment as his fingers touched her nipples. They were already hard the moment he had started playing with her, and what he was doing right now made her lose focus.

The blond gave her medium sized breasts another squeeze, his hands then unlatched themselves from around her, earning a moan of disappointment from the girl.

Before she had the time to blink, the blond had hoisted her up like a bride and started carrying the redhead to the large table at the center of the room. It still had scrolls all over it, but a carefully guided Shinra Tensei took care of most of them and threw them away. He will deal with them later. It was about damn time this virgin became a woman.

A mischievous grin etched on his face as he looked at the girl he was carrying. His look only served to make the lavender eyed girl more flustered.

Laying her gently on the table, he moved in towards her lips.

Nina drew in a sharp breath as his lips neared hers, preparing herself for her first kiss. The smell of peppermint assaulted her mind as she breathed in deeply. He smelled so good!

She closed her eyes as his lips touched hers, sending powerful jolts through her body. Moaning into him, she caressed his tongue as it entered her. She enjoyed his fresh taste as she started sucking on his tongue.

Naruto's hands trailed down her back, enjoying the feel of the soft, smooth female skin, they rested on her lower back. Moving them a little down, he caressed her curves as she started squirming once more.

It had been a while since Naruto realized he could change any part of his body into something more demonic by channeling his yōki through it. Using this ability, he lengthened teeth into fangs as his claws moved up and down the girl's smooth back.

The whole while Nina's sexual arousal grew to new heights, sweat started covering her heated body as Naruto finally withdrew from her mouth. Her womanhood ached almost painfully with a need she had never felt before. 'My god… fangs?'

As she took gasps of air, breathless from his oral assault, her eyes once again widened as his claws kept scratching the delicate skin of her breasts.

Sucking on her soft skin on his way down, he chuckled as she shuddered and moaned under him. There was also the slightest scent of fear of his fangs piercing her delicate skin. 'Mhm…'

"W-where are you going? Come back here, I wanna kiss more…" Nina muttered with her half lidded eyes filled with need.

Naruto grinned at her. "Oh? But where should I kiss you? You never specified the place…"

"Here?" he asked before kissing her smooth abdomen.

Then he moved lower, ever so slowly, accentuating each kiss with a question.

He paused just above her woman hood.

Blowing from his mouth directly over her pussy, he took delight in the increased boldness his partner attained as she used her hands to try and pull him towards her.

She had a small thin strip of red hair right above her pussy, which seemed neatly maintained.

Nina looked into his his pleadingly. "Please… Take me now…"

Before he could respond, the door opened to reveal Kushina, whose jaw dropped at the scene.

"Okay… Wow you work fast Sochi-kun! Mind if I join in?" Kushina asked with an impish grin.

Naruto mirrored her expression as Nina blushed. She was so embarrassed at getting caught being intimate with a boy. And by the boy's lover too, this was so embarrassing!

Before she could firmly deny Kushina and run away to hide her embarrassment, Naruto beat her to the punch.

"That would be great Kaa-chan. She has been a virgin for so long, that the process might be too painful for her. It would be great if you could help me with her and make it easier…"

Kushina giggled lightly at him. "… Sure, I'm certain your reasons are purely selfless…"

Naruto just grinned at her. Seeing Nina about to protest, he quickly latched his mouth onto hers, shoving his tongue down her throat. The short haired girl seemed to flinch slightly when her tongue touched his fangs, but submitted soon enough.

'I'm enjoying him having power over me? It's so… strange… I've always tried to be stronger and stronger… but I like these dangerous claws roaming my body, and these fangs threatening my lips… mhm…'

Kushina didn't bother undressing. She had stopped wearing underwear when inside the compound, along with Kasumi, as Naruto liked to take them whenever he wanted. In the kitchen, on the dinner table, and practically anywhere he felt like he could, any time of the day. Just yesterday he had taken them both five times during the day, and then the whole night, together.

They both enjoyed the feeling of being filled with his essence and how it sometimes trickled down their thighs. Kasumi was even considering making seals that would take all her clothes in a pocket dimension with just a faint thought from Naruto, letting him fuck her more thoroughly and conveniently whenever he wanted. Kushina had politely requested to get a copy for herself when she was done making it.

Natsumi and Nina were slowly getting used to their activities, though they still got embarrassed whenever they walked in on them. Though, Nina would be joining them after today.

Kushina leaned in towards Nina and trailed her tongue from the base of her stomach to the valley in between her breasts, leaving a trail of saliva behind.

Naruto, seeing his mother begin moved upwards and captured Nina's nipple just as Kushina licked the other one.

Nina's back arched in delight as the two Uzumaki continued kissing and licking all over her body, covering her in their saliva.

Kushina slipped in a finger in Nina's now extremely wet womanhood, wincing slightly at the tightness. 'Naruto will have to pay extra attention to her.'

Nina's eyes almost rolled back as she felt Kushina's slim finger slide inside her.

She pushed back against it, enjoying the feeling of someone else pleasuring her. She had masturbated a few times, but none felt this good! 'Someone else doing it for you is… such an amazing feeling!'

The smell of peppermint and strawberries overwhelmed her as both Kushina and Naruto started nibbling on her neck. Kushina herself enjoyed licking her slightly sweating peach flavored body.

After continuing this for ten more minutes, Nina was breathing heavily as she thrashed on the now not so cold table in pleasure. Her mind temporarily stopped processing anything as she felt Kushina hover over her so that her pussy was right over Nina's, and kissed her best friend, much to her surprise.

Nina unconsciously moaned in Kushina's mouth, even as she noticed Naruto getting in between her legs. Just as her heart started beating faster at the thought of him finally claiming her as his own, a loud moan from the red head over her told her otherwise.

Looking back over her shoulder, Kushina gave her son a sexy smile as she lay down on Nina, pressing their breasts together and nibbling on her neck. Nina activated her byakugan in an attempt to see what was going on, and was not disappointed.

Naruto had slowly started entering Kushina, not bothering to give her much foreplay as she was already quite wet. Nina watched as her clan sister kept shivering at the sensation of her son stretching her to her limits. Ever so slowly, his tip bumped against her womb, two inches still sticking out.

Kushina pressed back upon him, leaking more juices than Nina thought possible. Naruto groaned as a thick glob of precum was released, eliciting a moan from Kushina and further increasing the wetness between her legs.

Nina couldn't believe that Kushina, who Naruto had been fucking every chance he got still couldn't completely contain him without being stretched beyond natural. It made her nervous.

Then Naruto withdrew all the way out, and pushed back in, enjoying the warm, tight, velvety wet embrace of his lover along the way.

As he continued to thrust in an out of her, he held her tightly at the waist. With every thrust, Nina felt his balls slap against her pussy, some of the lovers' combined juices drip on her own womanhood, and Kushina's breasts rub against hers uncontrollably.

Sounds of flesh slapping and rubbing against flesh filled the air as Nina felt more and more desperate with each passing moment.

As Kushina looked up, another thrust made her lips crash into Nina's. After recovering from the moment of shock, they both passionately engaged with renewed vigor. Nina's hands wrapped around Kushina's body as she pulled the girl more tightly together.

As she did so, she noticed she could feel Naruto's cock moving in and out of Kushina as it was so thick and stretched her enough to be felt through their touching bellies. 'Whoa… such a weird feeling! But I kinda like this too.'

Twenty minutes of continuous pumping later, Nina felt Kushina's thrusting back became more urgent and Naruto's thrusts came faster and shorter. With a grunt, Naruto buried himself hilt deep in the crimson haired girl and held her tightly as he released his seed in her.

Kushina's eyes rolled back as her pussy started spasming and her body seemed to thrash. It was clear the lovers were sharing a simultaneous orgasm.

Nina's eyes closed in delight as she felt their combined juices flow freely and fall on her pussy and trail down towards her ass, some sticking on her thighs and some flowing towards her belly.

Kushina's ecstasy reached its peak as she finally felt the now familiar feeling of having her womb completely filled with her son's boiling hot seed.

Oh how she loved the feeling of being completely filled with his thick hot cum… She was sure that both herself and her daughter would have been pregnant ten times over if not for the double anti-pregnancy seals they had placed on themselves, one over each ovary. They could have used the jutsu instead, but doing it every time before Naruto filled them was damn annoying, this was more permanent.

Nina felt Kushina go limp, and her tongue that had been thrashing in her mouth was retracted. She gently withdrew as she let the red head rest on top of her.

All thought left her as she felt Naruto's slick but rigid member rub against her entrance. Thankfully Naruto used the anti-pregnancy jutsu, seeing as she wasn't really thinking clearly.

Her breath hitched as she felt him slide an inch inside her before withdrawing again.

"Please…" she begged.

Naruto gave her a small smile before slapping Kushina's ass, causing said redhead to groan.

"Kaa-chan, would you be a dear and comfort Nina-chan through her first time?"

Kushina groggily pushed herself up a bit to look into Nina's eyes, before looking back at Naruto and giving him a tired smile and nod.

As Naruto entered her again, Kushina kissed Nina deeply, capturing her scream before it could escape her throat. All the while Naruto rubbed her legs that had slightly gone numb from pain. Tears trickled down from her lavender eyes and down her pale cheeks as she lost her virginity.

Naruto closed his eyes at the intense warmth and tightness he felt inside Nina. While she was initially tighter than both Kushina and Kasumi, she stretched more easily, so it wasn't painful for him, just pleasurable.

Her insides were more flexible as well. With Kushina he often had to breach the wall of her womb to enter her completely, Kasumi was his perfect fit, seemingly custom made for him, but Nina had accommodated him completely without him having to breach her second barrier. Still, they were all extremely good, just different from each other, unique in their own way.

Kushina finally recovering her strength got off from her and made her sit. Nina wrapped her legs around Naruto's back as he was still impaling her completely, and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Naruto licked her slightly salty tears away, while Kushina started massaging her shoulders. The pleasant feelings slowly overwhelmed her pain and she found herself pushing against Naruto soon enough.

Before she knew it, they had a good rhythm going, with Naruto's tip bumping against her womb with each thrust, and his balls slapping against her ass as he bottomed out inside her.

Kushina and Naruto's eyes met for a brief moment, and they both shared a lover's kiss before Kushina stood up on the table.

As Nina looked up, she saw the crimson haired beauty grinning down at her. As her eyes trailed down, she noticed thick globs of Naruto's seed leaking out of her and trailing down her thighs.

Before realized what she was doing, the older Uzumaki was already licking Kushina's inner thighs, slowly making her way towards her pussy.

Kushina's pleasant shudders and moans only seamed to encourage both Nina and Naruto. As his pounding increased in intensity and strength Nina felt like she was losing the feeling in her legs, but an explosion deep within was just waiting to happen.

Ever so slowly, she kept lapping up Naruto's hot spicy cream from Kushina's beautiful thighs, swallowing whenever her mouth got full and savoring his taste.

Eventually she reached her destination, and as she inserted her tongue, she was rewarded with a shuddering moan and a thick glob of Naruto's cum.

'Just how much did he give her? I hope he gives me this much too…'

Kushina felt her knees go weak. "I- I can't stand anymore. Please let me lay down…"

Naruto nodded as he picked Nina up, catching her by surprise. As he continued to fuck her, he looked at his mother.

"Lay down on your back where she was, with your face towards us."

Kushina did as she was told, and Naruto gently placed Nina on top of her such that their bond was directly in front of the redhead's face. Moreover, Nina's head was now comfortably in between Kushina's legs where she delightfully continued to feast on Naruto's cum while she was being pounded from behind by Naruto.

Kushina squirmed under them as her sensitive womanhood was stimulated by Nina's tongue as she continued licking Naruto's balls and dick, occasionally lapping up the fresh peach flavored juices of the lovers above her.

Within ten more minutes, Naruto found himself unable to hold himself any longer against Nina's milking and Kushina's tongue. With one last final thrust, he buried himself hilt deep and started blasting his boiling hot seed inside Nina's virgin womb.

Nina's eyes blanked as fireworks seemed to explode inside her. She wanted to scream in ecstasy as her womb seemed to literally catch fire from Naruto's semi demonic seed. But the sight of Naruto filling up her best friend proved too much for Kushina as she closed her thighs, trapping Nina within them and letting her orgasm take over.

Thankfully Nina lapped up all her sweet juices and the spicy cum that came with it.

With his desire temporarily sated, Naruto slowly withdrew from Nina's now completely full womb, still spurting.

He was caught skillfully by Kushina's luscious lips as she sucked on him and drank all he could give her for the next three minutes.

She smiled lovingly at him one final time before dozing off for a while. Feeling satisfied now that both her stomach and womb were completely filled to the point of overflowing with her lover's sperm.

Naruto leaned down as he gave them both kisses on their foreheads and left them to recover for a while.

Lemon End

After his session with Kushina and Nina, Naruto had visibly relaxed and started thinking rationally over the issue that the forbidden Uchiha scroll contained.

He sighed as troubled thoughts raced through his head.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Aradace no Ryū!" (Summoning Technique: Aradace of the Dragons)

In a small puff of smoke, the golden clad blond beauty that was the queen of the dragon clan appeared with a mischievous glint in her eyes. "Hello again Naruto-kun. I was thinking you had forgo…"

Her melodic voice died in her throat as her eyes fell upon the cum covered and thoroughly fucked forms of Kushina and Nina on the library table.

"… I can see you've been busy." she added with a blush covering her face.

Naruto chuckled nervously. "Yeah, well… I'm sorry if that makes you uncomfortable…"

The dragoness shook her head with a small smile. "No that's okay. A summoner is usually very close to his summons. So you shouldn't feel the need to hide anything from me. In fact I'm glad you feel comfortable enough to summon me in this situation."

She winked. "I can see you have exhausted your rather beautiful lovers, so you wanted me to help huh?"

Naruto choked on the air he was breathing. "W-what… No I didn't! I swear! I never even thought about it!"

He quickly tried to explain himself to the dragon queen, not wanting to offend her by thinking he wanted her to be his sex slave or something…

Aradace frowned. "Why, am I not attractive enough for you?"

Before he could respond, she started speaking again. "So what exactly did you need me here for, master?"

She giggled. "I can't think of much else with you standing there naked and summoning me like this. So sue me if I came upon the most logical conclusion."

That was when Naruto noticed with a groan, he had forgotten to dress up. "Please forgive me, but there is a rather urgent personal request I need to make."

She giggled again playfully. "I can see its urgent, and it's certainly personal."

Naruto groaned again. She frowned when he remained serious.

"Aradace… I need you to arrange a summoning contract for my sister. With your influence over the summoning realm, I'm hoping you will be able to do that."

Aradace's expression completely changed as her face lost all playfulness. "Do you know what you're asking for, summoner?"

Naruto couldn't help but flinch at her cold tone. "Is it not possible?"

She looked at him without blinking for a while before speaking. "No, I can try, and probably succeed. But you will owe the dragon clan an irreversible and unrestricted favor."

Naruto looked into her eyes as he nodded. "I accept, as long as the favor brings no harm towards me or my family."

Aradace's features softened as she gave him a sad smile. "Don't think so little of me Naruto-kun… We care for you, you were but a little kid since I helped you grow up, do you think I will ask for anything that will hurt you or your family?

Don't worry though, I will try to get a contract for your sister. Goodbye until then."

With a small poof, she was gone, not giving him the chance to apologize for his rudeness.

"Damn…" he muttered.

'It's not your fault Naru-kun, you were just looking out for your family.' Hitomi tried to comfort him.

Naruto smiled at her. 'I know Kyū-chan, but I hope I didn't offend her… I will make up to her later.'

His thoughts then drifted back to the reason he had snapped at Nina. That cursed scroll…

The black scroll was from the forbidden section of the Uchiha library, and was disguised as empty with a weak but self-sustaining yōki based genjutsu.

It was only through the unconscious use of the demonic technique and the brief flares of Naruto's yōki that the genjutsu had been broken and Nina took notice of the scroll. The genjutsu was so weak that even with dōjutsu he had to concentrate really hard to notice the minuscule amount of yōki in it, and sensing it was simply out of the question.

It was probably an extremely skilled minor demon who had cast the genjutsu. But more importantly than that, the scroll contained a log of deals the Uchiha had been making with fallen angels and devils.

From what Hitomi had told him, the gods like Shinigami and Tsukuyomi all had several dozen angels and demons serving them each. The demons that disobeyed their master and went rogue were called devils, while the angels who did the same were called fallen angels.

More often than not, the gods didn't consider it worth their time to seek their destruction, and let them go, but if they ever stumbled across those rogues, their life was forfeit.

That was why all fallen angels and demons settled down together in a separate dimension known as hell. This dimension was created and maintained by the fallen angels of the goddess of time and space, Kamui. In return they were treated as nobility in hell.

As opposed to common belief, the demons were actually created by each and every god to act as their enforcers and soldiers if needed during a conflict. While the angels were the god's servants, messengers and objects of sexual gratification.

Usually when an angel or demon broke their connection with their deity, they became far less powerful by losing the main source of their powers, but some were still formidable.

The bijū were an exception. Kyūbi for example far surpassed any demon in strength and cunning, and could be considered a demi god, before her sealing anyway. Not all demons were that powerful, or even close.

The strongest could perhaps equal Shukaku in terms of raw power, but even that was stretching it. However, over time, due to the ignorance of various deities, the hell now housed so many powerful fallen angels and demons that even the gods feared going there. Even they would fall against the combined force of thousands of those.

As a result, the fallen angels and devils have been growing bolder as of late. The deals with Uchiha described that a thousand souls had been sacrificed for each weapon, they had three of them. But it didn't mention where they were.

The weapons were of such strength that they could slay gods, which was only fair since they did used to belong to gods.

The sword of Totsuka, Yata mirror and Magatama jewel necklace… Those three items. At the cost of three thousand souls, which the Uchiha got from who-knows-where…

The sword of Totsuka was the perfect offense, Yata mirror was the perfect defense, and the Magatama jewel gave the user such vitality and benevolence that even a human could then wield such godly weapons indefinitely.

He shuddered to think of the possibility of Madara possessing these items.

For the first time in his life, Naruto felt true hopelessness seep into his very being. How could he counter something that made gods tremble in fear? And since the Uchiha were on good terms with the fallen angels and devils, he felt truly fucked.

Chapter End

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